Sandra Discusses Obagi Products

Uploaded by parkcitiesderma on 06.10.2010

Hi this is Sandra with Park Cities Dermatology and today we're gonna be talking about Obagi.
Obagi is my go-to system for pigmentation. If you ladies out there are experiencing the
brown spots, the dull skin, Obagi's NewDerm system is what you really need and the secret
to the NewDerm system is Retin-A but I'll get to that in a moment. So what you wanna
do is in the morning you wanna cleanse and tone with the Obagi cleanser and toner, these
are pretty standard- they're a good gentle cleanser and a gentle toner. Then, here come
the magic. The Obagi Clear in the morning is what we call hydroquinone, and it's prescription
strength, and that is really gonna get down in there and really help bleach those dark
spots. The next thing you do is Expederm. That is an acid that turns over the cells
that helps you get that luminosity, that porcelain finish, that skin that reflects light. So
this is your morning routine and you always always always need sunscreen. SPF 30 or plus
for everyday use, a100 if you're gonna be actually going out in the sun and I want a
wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and 100. Because you're gonna be doing a lot of things to make
that skin luminous and and you don't wanna take it back out in the sun and start over.
So the key, the workhorse to the Obagi NewDerm system is this guy right here, Retin-A. And
that is my secret to beautiful, luminous skin. Retin-A and then Obagi, Dr. Obagi combines
this with something called the blender, this takes the Retin-A and makes it work deeper,
harder and more effectively. Now Retin-A is by prescription only, and this line is RX'ed
by doctors only. But you can only get this through a physician . It's Retin-A, it's a
prescription, and It makes this line unique, it makes it more aggressive, and a deeper,
more effective line than anything else you'll get out there. So come visit me at Park Cities
Dermatology and we can go over how to give you luminous skin.