Beginner Boxing Lessons : Using Stairs for Boxing Training

Uploaded by expertvillage on 25.04.2008

The last area in our introductory boxing lesson that I usually work with the students on,
and this gives them a chance to unwind a little bit after hitting the bag and loosen up a
little bit, is the four-step step up stairs. What a lot of them will do at first is to
try it with the one step, and then do that for maybe a two-minute round, and then go
back up to two steps and then back down, and then elevate up to three steps and then to
four steps, and that's fine. What these stairs are going to help develop is your peripheral
vision. In boxing peripheral vision is very important because you want to see what's coming
without actually turning to look what's coming. So not wanting to walk off the edge of these
stairs, you're going to develop some peripheral vision, and not wanting to look down at the
steps you're going to develop some peripheral vision. So usually we do it for 3 two minute
rounds, and it's going to help develop your cardio, develop your leg muscles. Nick's going
to show us a little bit on how he works with these stairs.
That's great. Just make sure the stairs are up against the wall so nobody falls out the
window. Thank you.