Using the Net Price Calculator

Uploaded by DavidsonCollegeNC on 04.10.2011

Hi I'm Chris Gruber, vice president and dean of admission and financial aid.
I'm pleased that you're considering Davidson and looking to use our Net Price Calculator
this calculator is designed to assist families in determining their
out-of-pocket cost to attend Davidson
as well as showing you how we award our need-based aid.
It is inclusive of what we call the Davidson Trust
as we meet one hundred-percent of a student's demonstrated need without loans.
There are a number of things that you should know as you complete this and possibly
other net price calculators
each college's and university's calculator will be slightly different
as the methodology and tools to used by colleges to determine what a family can
contribute to these cost will vary.
Be certain that you've entered consistent data on all calculators so your
comparisons will be more valid.
Yes using these net price calculators can be time-consuming but it's well
worth the cost
please do not assume that the cost found from using the net price calculator at
one liberal arts college will be the same at all other colleges. There are
differences. Students who come from some family situations may find that the
calculator is not able to fully address all of their needs.
These could include but are not exclusive to families that are divorced,
where they're noncustodial parent's, unknown family members. If this may apply
to you we encourage you to contact our office directly for guidance. Davidson,
like many schools, awards merit scholarships using a variety of criteria
not captured by this calculator.
I encourage you to use the provided a link to receive more information about our
range of merit scholarships.
We are pleased and excited by your interest in Davidson College. Know that
we are ready to help you at any time should you have questions or concerns just give
us a call. We sincerely hope that completing our net price calculator will be just
one step in your journey to discovering why every day it's a great day to be a