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Based on the novel "The Dagger" by Vuk Draskovic, inspired of a true story
Occupied Yugoslavia, Herzegovina 1941.
Here comes brother Bratomir!
Grandpa, here is Bratomir!
Who could hope that he would come?
The country has collapsed in two weeks. It has broken like falling a water melon.
Betrayal! Betrayal, my grandpa. We push Italians to Scutari (border city in Albania).
And just before taking Scutari... ours declared capitulation.
There, I saw with my own eyes, three officers took pistols.
Ö killed themselves.
Just like that... capitulation.
Where are you?
We in the war and our godparents in the woods... to escape from mobilization.
They came back. And they are moving borders.
What borders?
Godfather Hussein is measuring something on our land.
He is saying that the Turkish borders are going to be valid again.
Leave that.
We won't die because of two meters of land.
Nobody has power until the end of time.
I donít give a single piece.
Why are you bringing your cattle in our meadow, godfather Husein?
It was yours, now it is ours.
You know good that the place of this border is not here.
Other state... other borders, my grandfather.
Your state is dead.
Leave that, brother. Did you know that Husein is since two days Croat?
Not Croat. Croatian flowers.
Listen to me. The place of the border is here! You can be whatever you want.
Orthodox Christmas, 06 January 1942
What are you looking at, my sweetie? What?
Sleep now. Come on.
Help us Christ.
Ljubice, give that food.
Here it comes, its looks very good. Everybody is going to enjoy.
God is going to give us health and beauty.
Thanks to God. Itís going to be good.
Christ was born, brothers and godparents Yugovich!
Christ was born, godparent Nichifor!
With what good are you coming? ...If you came in good, grandparent Kemal.
What good can bring us here, on this Holly day?
We came here to define borders, once for all?
Until where is our "Empire"?
Didn't you expect somebody else?
Huso, fast. Gratulate the grandparents.
Christ was born, brothers! This morning and never again, if God gives!
We are going to do like this.
How many sparks, is how many Yugovichs head are going to fly off.
Ljubice, my daughter, bring socks and shirts as present for our brothers and godparents.
We are not going to fight for one simple border, no?!
Sit down, to drink. These are the customs, godfather.
Don't tell me "godfather", like I come on your wedding feast!
Tie them down!
And now like godfathers, slowly.
Like Hodga was saying, like humans, not to complain.
Ljubice, have you brought what I told you?
Like that, my daughter. Now, give everybody presents... our godparents, socks and shirts.
For Husein and kerchief!
I shit on your kerchief.
Customs are demanding, and you do with it what you want, my son.
I want Ljubica. Fuck the kerchief and socks.
Fuck you!
Don't shoot! With knife, bullets is for humans! With knife!
Look, how she likes! Don't worry, you will come too!
She killed me, whore!
Slaughter them! Slaughter them!
Not him! Leave him to me.
Come to the church, my godfather. To praise Christ from the part of Yugovich.
And to pray for my Husein.
Go back, in the house. Check if there are some more papers from Nichifor.
God sees everything. You will come to him too.
To your God or mine, Nichifor?
Merry Christmas, my godfather.
We forgot the child.
Hodza, should we throw him into the fire?
Kemal, you lost a son, but you got one more grandson.
Give it to you daughter-in-law Rabia. She is going to raise him with the one of Husein.
Its good. Its good, merciful God.
Oh Serbs, your seed will be lost!
Don't Rabia. Itís not good. You are not some Serbian wife to cry like that.
He is now in Heaven, where the souls of all those who died for faith go.
You lost your man, but you got a son. Still not baptized, not crippled.
Take it Rabia. From today you have two to rise.
Itís not breathing.
Why to raise Serbian bastard, instead to revenge?
Do you need some greater revenge than to raise their son and to see how he hates them more than you?
Serbs were all the time saying that we were made from them when...
... their grand-grand Ilija has been Islamicized and took name Alija.
If itís like that, we should join in brotherhood once again.
There is no better Muslim than a Islamized Serbian.
Come on. Come on.
He's alive.
Now, he's hers. Forever.
You called me, Hodza.
Sit down.
Keep this paper. I am ill, Allah can call me.
If it happens, you will give this paper to the Hodza who comes after me.
Somebody needs to know what was written in the book of Yugovich.
Isn't that a secret?
There is no secret if nobody knows about it.
And nobody knows when this secret will be needed. Do you understand me?
Not a single word.
In the hands of the new Hodza. Nobody else. It's important that new Hodza would recognize Janissar.
To know what happens in Yugovichi.
Go away, Rabia! Hide the children. The Chetniks are coming (monarchist anti-fascist movement).
Take the child and go away! Go!
Please don't! Please, don't! Exempt my child! I will tell you everything!
I will tell you everything! Everything! Just exempt my child!
-Here is one of yours! Serbian, from Yugovich! -Where?
-There! -Bring us there!
That is yours, as I have told you. Just exempt my child!
Please! I beg you with relics of Holly Saint Vasilie!
This hero is going to fuck all your mothers!
Rabia won't give you. Mother won't give you.
Alia. Fuck you and your mother!
Mother, when is this going to be Turkey again?
The one the grandpa is speaking about.
It will be, but you should just be healthy. Here, put this.
What is this?
Hodza¥s paper. Put it, you will feel better.
Ask Hodza, can this paper help me to find my brother?
So that we can again revenge on the Serbs.
Leave the Serbs alone. Satan takes them in Hell!
Why should I leave them alone? They are not stronger than me and my brother.
No they are not, but there are more of them.
Why are they throwing rocks on us?
Because they are blasphemers. They didn't believe neither Emperor or Allah.
Why didn't Turks kill them all?
Because Satan brought them from Hell.
You can do nothing to them. They are reproducing like animals.
From the day they open their eyes, they start to bite.
When they are from Hell, why are we speaking their language?
Mother, do you speak Turkish?
How, when I never went to school?
Does the uncle know?
No, like everybody else.
Does anybody speaks Turkish in Osmanovichi?
Rahmetli Hodza Velija did know. He would learn you, but Vlachs killed him. (miss-reference to Vlachs)
But mother, why are we speaking Serbian language?
Come on, go to sleep. It will hurt you less.
Sarajevo, 1964.
Come on, sleepy, wake up.
What time is it?
-Half past 7. -Why so early?
-This is already cold. -My practice is at 10 o'clock.
-I must give my diploma theme. -Is that today? -Yes, today.
-This is clean. -Put it inside the bag.
-Do you want me to buy something for lunch. -No, I will go to the market when I'll be back.
-Ok, see you. -Where do you go? You want to be seen by the keeper?
-I forgot it. -Wait, you didn't take the stuff, anything.
-Good morning, neighbor. -Good morning.
Heart is the middle organ of circulatory system, it is represented by a hollow muscle - myocardium.
Its shape is like triangular pyramid.
Outside is overlayed with pericardium and inside is endocardium.
It is divided in four empty parts. Two antechambers Atriculiacordis and two chambers Verticulicordis.
-Professor! -Colleague, please! Take her out. We continue.
-Breath deep, colleague. -What are you doing?
-I am bringing you to life. -Itís enough, I am alive.
I have to be sure.
-See you tomorrow. -Bye.
Sorry colleague, I hope you won't slap me again. It still hurts since I helped you.
-And how are you helping me this time? -I am bringing you student book back...
... it fall down during... -Last slapping. Thank you.
-And? -I thought. -To take one more student on your list.
-I thought in beginning, and then I didn't sleep three nights. -Only?
-What do you need? -I need... I need only you.
-You need only me?! -Only.
Let's see... 1st year students I don't count... 2nd year... seven, 3rd... year three. Demonstrator?!
You are the first one. Wait for me in front of the faculty at half past seven. You are written in, colleague Osmanovich.
-I am written in, written in, Lady. -He's not normal!
And how long it lasts? It will pass you, yes. I know... like Mersiha and that Jagoda.
-A month or two months. And it will pass. I will wait. -Don't wait Ambra, don't wait.
-So, six years thrown away. And the promise. -And the promise. Mine and the one of Rabia.
-How are you going to tell this to her? -I donít know... and also to your parents.
You have nothing with Nusret and Vezira. I will tell them.
Give it to me, I will do that.
-Is she worth? -Ambra, please.
Do I know her? Do I know her?
Is she having a crown on her head?
Just tell me that the crown isn't Serbian. Where is your soul going, my Alia?
Here, this is washed. And this also.
-Se... Sel. -What? -Selim... Selim.
Wake up. You were dreaming. Who was chasing you in your dreams?
I just touched you, and you started to defend yourself.
-How happened that I haven't heard it? -It didn't ring, I had turned it off.
-Really? - I didn't want to wake you up. -Nice from you. Quick, take the clothes and we go. We are late.
Faster, Milica, please!
When you were flirting with me, you didn't rush anywhere.
All the time you were approaching me. Now I don't want to rush.
I see that I need to give you that slap back.
I cockerd you too much.
Punish me, Bayezid. I am your slave Empress Olivera.
This time, it doesn't work.
Tell me, was Olivera, daughter of our Emperor Lazar taken with force...
...or she gave herself to your Emperor Bayezid.
Your history tells that she was taken by force and our history that she gave herself.
What do you think?
I don't care for your history or mine.
It's not nice from you that you have forgotten our anniversary today.
-What anniversary? -185 day of our relationship.
-What anniversary is that? -Small one.
It doesn't matter, every day of our relationship must be a holiday.
It's noon.
-It's noon to us too. -The cathedral is always a little bit late.
-They are always late. -Or you are always rushing.
We go to eat some cakes, for our small anniversary.
Are your parents writing to you?
Yes, they are trying to convince me to go to them.
-I can study medicine there too. -Will you?
No, here is more nice for me ... with you.
Why are we all the time speaking about me? It's boring story about a servile girl.
I am afraid that I am going to bore you.
There you are! Take some ... you are hungry again.
-Who is Selim? -Selim?
-You were calling him the whole night. -I don't like to speak about this.
-Neither with me? -I had a twin brother, Selim.
-Had? -When he was baby, Chetniks took him.
-And what happened with him? -I don't know. I only know that he is alive.
-How you know? -I don't know, I feel.
-Have you tried to find him? -If it's destiny, we will meet.
I don't know what have you found on him? He is wonderful to you, that is normal.
But you are two different worlds and there is no help.
Aunt, you call him on dinner. He is a guest and I beg you not to have this type of conversation.
My god, Milica, what are you thinking about?! I just hope he won't take his shoes off.
You are saying that you are the fifth year of medicine. I thought you just started. Colleagues.
Are slippers fitting well? Milica was telling me how you meet.
I was taken out on first year during autopsy too. That's nothing; she will be used to that.
Of course she will. She is coming from a good medical family. An apple never falls far from the tree.
Why should those who are coming in peasant shoes in town be better than she is?
Please help yourself. I made this specially for you. Ah sorry, I didn't change the dishes!
What are you going to do without Milica?
I suppose that you have discussed about that. Milica will soon travel. To her family.
-Aunt, please! -Why don't you go together?
-Imagine, doctors in Paris? -I won't go anywhere.
-It is possible to live nice here, too. -Maybe you cannot leave your mother here?!
-Where is she living? -In Osmanovichi. That is...
Oh yes I remember now. Well, you are on distance from her. For me it is like as I am in Paris.
Osmanovichi seems to me like some foreign country.
My aunt is nervous. I made her nervous.
It's better that I don't say anything more. Milica interprets everything wrong.
Milica honey, would you like to help me?
I personally baked it for you from a special recipe!
Mmmm, very good! Piggy is like ballerina!
Shemsa, can you bring us to Sarajevo? Rabija doesn't see anything. She must have an operation.
-I don't have place for you. Only in the back. -It's ok. Thanks.
-What are you going to tell to Alia? -Nothing. I won't see him. I don't need him.
-He doesn't even know that I will come. -He knows. Prepare what are you going to tell him ... and how.
-I have given him a message that you are coming. -By Ambri? -By Halid.
-Small one, son of Miralem? -Yes, he went back to Sarajevo yesterday.
-What is he saying? How is my son? -Your son is very good, but he is all the time with the Serbian girl.
-They are together like they are connected. -Rabia is going to destroy that, I am telling you.
Mother, it's me. Sorry I couldn't come before. Why didn't you said that you were coming?
I was writhing before but you don't care about that. You have more important things to do.
-What can be more important as you? -That serbian bitch! -What bitch?
I would like that I stayed without both eyes than to see you with her. That killed your father! Brother took from the stomach!
How can you? You have sold such a good girl! So good! It would have been better that you were making child with a dog!
It would be easier to me. Your father is rolling in its grave! If you donít leave her, I am going to hang myself on...
... that dry pear tree, down the house! You know that! Other daughter-in-law then Ambre I don't need in my house!
What? Why are you not speaking now? Alia? Alia? Where are you going?
-You haven't understood her good! Stop! -I won't stop! How can she hate me so much?
-She hates me and she didn't saw me. -You have misunderstood her. You donít know her story and she doesn't know you.
-Would you like to go back to introduce me? -No, not know. It's not the moment.
-When is going to be the moment. It's clear that she hates me. -Your aunt likes me? She gives me pork. Is she better?
-Is your aunt better? What do you want? -What I want?! -What do you want?!
We had many problems because of Selim. Even today she is crying for him. That's why she is talking like that.
-She doesn't hate you. -She is your mother. That's why you are defending her.
She never went out of Osmanovichi. She doesn't believe that in Sarajevo Muslims can freely pray.
They kill all her relatives. That's why she hates them. She hates but she is good.
Do you think it is easy for me? Do you know what is that? I am dreaming of him every day.
Mother. They took me... don't you see, mother? Don't give me!
-You have to find your brother if he is alive. -I have already tried everything.
-What have you heard? -Nothing. Just stories full of blood.
You have to find him, for of you and for Rabia. If you find him, she will hate less.
-What do you think about giving an ad in newspaper? -What can an ad do? -Because of the picture, you are twins.
He would recognize you. He, or somebody who knows him.
Nena. Nena. Don't you recognize me? I can help you.
No. I will do alone. You left such a mother in the hospital...
Mother, that's me mother. I have brought the medicaments from Sarajevo.
-I don't need your medicine. -Mother. -You will cure me when you leave that girl.
You will cure me or you will take me down from pear tree.
Listen to this: Dear Alija, I am touched with your tragedy. My name is Sonja. I study in Belgrade and I would like to write with you.
Leave that, every second letter is like that.
I didn't know it will be like that. This has no sense.
Who knows? Maybe we find some trace. "I am fan of Red Star."
What do you say that we go out? We just read this. Please.
Milica, there must be somebody on this planet who knows something about this.
Italy, Trieste. 1964
-Hello, boss Sabahudin-aga. -Hello.
I see that you are tired... It must be that there were a lot of people in the shop.
Until afternoon... nobody. Trains from Yugoslavia were late. But afternoon... invasion.
-Where are these newspapers coming from? -From some buyer in shop.
-Should all the lights be on in this house?! -Sorry boss. Would you like to have dinner?
-Did you fix this lamp? I would like to read something. -I will do boss.
-I worked all the time something. -I know, legs on table, coffee and cookies...
-I could work like that. -I was cleaning the basement.
-Who asked you to do that? -If I am not good to you I can go.
-Where do you want to go? -Where I was thinking before, where all ours are.
-In Germany. I wouldnít search for a job if I could go immediately. -What Germany? Whose "ours"? There is no "ours". Learn that!
When you cross the border there is no "ours". Foreign language, foreign problems, foreign water, foreign people!
Everything there is foreign! What is "our" there? Donít be angry on the old Sabahudin-aga.
-How can I be? You have taken me from the street. -Make me this lamp, I need to read something.
I will immediately, boss.
Sarajevo 1941.
Do you see Atif, all this beauty? From today all this is yours.
-To whom should I thank? -To Poglavnik (Croatian fascist leader) and to the State of Croatia.
Let's regulate that legalized with Djordje Vilenjak, the ex-owner.
He gave you shop, Atif Tanovich.
Now we are going to play police and bad guy.
On your job, Croatian sons.
Brother Ustashas (Croatian fascists), it is start the day of Croatian mower. We can't believe in Serbian wheat. Scythes is hands and on job!
If you refuse we are going to kill you too.
Milan, Milan my son. You are the only one who's left. Revenge me, revenge your uncle blood!
-I go to Rabia, in Osmanovichi. -Because of me?
Because of Selim. She starts to get some letters. Maybe she has a trace.
"Search him, search where ever I didn't. In search for him you lost yourself."
-What? -Vasko Popa. -Who is he? -One Serbian poetry writer.
-Poetry. Didn't you lost yourself on medicine? -Yes.
-What is happening? -Nothing.
-Milica, I was joking. What? -We are just searching for your nonexistent brother.
-I can't do it anymore. -Wasn't that your idea?
-Yes, but everything we got is foolishness and bloody stories. Maybe he doesn't care about us. -I wonít joke with that.
Who said that I am joking? What if we find him? Are we all going to your Osmanovichi?
-No, we will go with your aunt to Paris! -Why are you yelling?
Who is yelling? All the time something is not good! Am I forbidding you to go to Paris?
-Here is your Paris to me. -I didn't mean Paris. I just want something better for us.
I must go to Osmanovichi.
-Are you Alija? -Yes, Efendija.
-From Rahmetli-Husen? -From Husein and Rabija.
Well, well! Let's drink a coffee. I would like to speak with you.
-It would be good to hurry. You are late, boss. -Work won't go away. Sit, I would like to ask you something.
-Yes boss.-How would you fell when somebody says that you are not you but somebody else.
-I don't understand. -When somebody in the morning says that you are not more Hamdija Nogovich.
I am I, and I cannot be somebody else. How can somebody else be me?
Ok, ok, don¥t hurry. I would like to know how you would fell when somebody proof you that you are not Hamdija...
...that you religion is not Islam, and that you are a Catholic, American, Russian or maybe Serb?
Would you like to say that I tricked you? That I am Serb and that I present myself as Muslim so that you can take me?
No, you idiot. Read this article.
-Did you read? -Yes, but I donít understand anything.
Itís normal not to understand anything. I am the only one who can understand that.
Me and maybe nobody else on this world.
Occupied Yugoslavia, Slovenia, May 1945. Croatian Army is escaping.
-Atif, I am happy to see you in this misery. -Where are you coming from?
From Osmanivichi, Hercegovina. I come few times in the shop with Rahmetli-Kemal Osmanovich.
-Osmanovichi? -Yes. -Tell me is there anybody still alive from Osmanovich.
-No, only me and few left. -Itís not possible that they kill so many.
-They exterminate us to give us back for Yugovichi. -Sundry was said about that.
I am the only one who knows what happened there. Me and nobody else. Letís smoke some cigarette.
On Christmas we slaughtered all Yugovich. Only one male child stayed alive.
-Why? -Rahmetli-Hodza didnt gave us. He order us to Islamize him. We gave him to Rabia.
-To raise him with her own son. -You made mistake. This stopped long time ago.
-Yes. -Istanbul is far, and we are far from Istanbul. -We should slather him too. Few days after Chetniks took him back.
Ones again there will be Yugovich from him.
What paper is that?
This is the only trace on which you can recognize him. If I stay alive I will come back to finish what we started.
Alija should not know that his brother is Serbian. His hate must be against Serbs until his death.
-Why? -How why? You told me that escaped from Serbs. -I escaped but maybe I shouldnít.
-Those that stayed donít have any problem. -They would all change with you, my boss.
-They would escape too, but they donít know how and where. -That is our misery. I would change with them and them with me.
Until you come here I didnít pray at all. Here can you see mosque only in newspaper or TV.
There are no Serbs, but this non-Serbs are more harder.
-This foreign world with problems that I am never going to accept. -Then go back to Bosnia if there is so good.
-I cannot my son. -Why when you said that you didnít killed anyone.
I donít know what the people who stayed spoken about me. Why I didnít died that day with Zulfikar?
-You didnít told me what happened after shooting. -Nothing. I went to Trieste and open the shop.
-Hamdija, maybe this letter has bigger secret? -What secret?
What if Chetniks made mistake, and instead of their they took our child?
-Moment! Come in!
Buon giorno Italia! Buongiorno Alija! Come stai! Buona sera, Parmedjano, partizano!
Letter from Italy. Love? Sorry it came yesterday, but I couldnít gave it to you because I was with some girls.
-Do you have cigarettes? Should I take shoes off? -Thank you. -Better not, legs are stinking.
-Allah imanet. -Allah imanet.
-Yes. -Is good to him? He is speaking with himself Italian. What is happening with you?
Read this.
I donít understand anything.
One letter came. Itís on our language but I donít understand anything. Please read it, itís important.
Halil Barbaric, from today, for all Muslims, after Allah is Ustashas knife is greatest sanctity.
Kiss this.
-I fuck you, your Serbian and communist mother! -Allah is going to punish you, mister officer!
Sikterman. People, this is not our Hodza Halil. This is Sikter-Efendia.
Sikter from me! Sikter! Sikter!
Sikter. I am Sikter-Efendia. I am no Halil for you and your Osmanovichi.
-It was ones and never after. Sikter from me. -I was crazy that I was coming.
-Read me if you want me to interpret. -Here?
I read all and I know the truth. Crescent over Osmanovichi can easily in shape of cross fall down in Yugovichi.
Death is where you should thank to life. You donít even think that you will hate those...
...who you love and that you are going to love the one that other told you to hate.
Donít search what is found and donít loss what is lost. It is sure that you are not what you are...
...and that you are not what you are.
With the letter came this paper also.
He doesnít speak accidentally about Yugovichi and Osmanovichi in same letter. He knows something.
-What you know about Yugovichi? -I know that they were murdered in revenge.
Nobody would touch them if they didnít slaughter in Foca and Gorazde everything. Grandpa told me that Chetniks destroyed Foca.
Who are ìtheirsî? Who are ìoursî? How to see who is killer and who revenges? And who started first?
What do you mean by ìoursî? What are you saying? We were and we are going to be divided.
-They are they and we are we. -Take a cigarette, you are speaking too much.
-When we are the same, why there is no cross next to the crescent? -Do you know to whom the Sultan gave this?
-No. -To my ancestor, to Djuro Barbaric (serbian name).
-What Djuro? You are joking with me. -Djuro. My grand grand grandpa Djuro Barbarich.
He took Islam and he started to be Safetbeg Barbarich. And he did that because one Turk wanted to take his wife.
-And, to save her, he embraced Islam. -I come here for letter and you are teaching me your origin.
I knew that you are stupid and that from one tree you cannot see the woods. I am talking about your origin!
About the origin of Osmanovich. With my Djuro in Istanbul was your grad grad gradpa Ilija Yugovich.
-What are you speaking? What Yugovich? -Ilija. You know that Christian children were forced to embrace Islam and enrolled as JanissarsÖ
-On that way Ilija become Alija. And from him you are Osmanovichi. -How do you know that?
I know, of course I know. When he came back, he built this mosque in Osmanovichi and, for his parents, a church in Yugovichi.
The same that was burn in 1942. About this your Rabija and Nena Hikmeta should tell you more.
They know very good, as I know, that until war Osmanovichi and Yugovichi were godparents.
Maybe they were godparents but I am Osmanovich and my origins are not from some Ilija Yugovich.
-What is name of your father? -Husein. -His father? -Kemal. -Which one is he? -Shefkin. -Further.
-Shefkija Ibrov. Ibro Rushidov, Rushid Ekrem, Muslija, Adem and Alija. -Further. -There is no further.
-There is no further. The last one is Alija. I learn so from my grandpa. -Who born Alija?
-How should I know? Some Husein, some Kemal. -No. -Who? -I have already told you.
He was born from Cvijeta and Spasoje Yugovich (Serbian name), and if you go back you will have just this names:...
-...Veljko, Milan, Dushan, Vidan, Gojak, Momchilo, Vuk... -And so on Serb next to Serb until the Darwin¥s monkey.
-Donít speak like that. -So, we should spit at our religion, and to be what we arenít and we wonít to be!
-We are what we are and there are no changes. -And who are we? Who are you Halil?
I am what I am, and what only can be. Descendant of Safetbeg and Allah servant, but also descendant of Djuradj Barbaric.
If I reject Djuradj, I will reject and Safetbeg and with that Muhamed religion loses its roots and I become nobody and nothing.
Eternal foreigner, however my name is and wherever I be!
-Ooo Milutin! -There he is again, exactly in minute,
-Who is that Milutin? -How should I know?
-What is happening with you? -Ljubos yelling is making me nervous.
Every night at the same hour. Are your parents writing to you?
-Yes. -What they say? -They say that they miss me, that I pack and to come.
-Are you packing? -What do you think?
Herzegovian foul. I will start when you agree to go with me.
-Do you miss them? -Yes. You want go if I maybe...
-I cannot live mother. She has nobody except me. -And you? -What I?
-Do you have somebody else? -I know but she has no life except in Osmanovichi.
Does it mean that there is no life outside Osmanovichi for the two of us?
-Who is this? -Thatís the one: "Ooo Milutin!"
-I was imagining him totally different. -Really? Why did you needed to imagine him?
-Where are you Alija, what is happening? -Oh Muhalem. -What is new?
-Are people writing? What they say? -They want to be friends and to write. I already forgot.
-Hello Alija. -This one is Ljubo Nikshicanin. The one by whom we are turn clocks.
Milica, nice to meet you. Who is that Milutin?
I donít know, but I will tell you first when he calls back. Why donít you dancing?
-Alija doesnít like. -I like. Can I ask her for one dance?
-Ask her. -Why should I ask her?
This Sarajevo is nice. But nothing is so pretty as my village near Doboj.
Did I tell you the story that I should study medicine? But they didnít accept me. And I went to veterinary.
But its ok, I have spent more time with animals than with people.
Hallo, Montenegero, that is no wrestling!
Its enough for this time.
Are we going to go tomorrow on football game?
Fuck football. On the end of the High school ,with one kick I could kill every goalkeeper.
Yeah Montenegro always had good clubs. Buduchnost come to 1st league and next year go out.
Montenegrins are not only in Montenegro. Who is Sheki? Vukichevich? Vasovich?
Why donít they go back to Titograd (Montenegro capital)? Why are they serving in foreign clubs?
That are not foreign clubs. Ours are everything from Kotor to Russia!
-You have mentioned three and itís enough for half of Europe. -Why are you speaking only of them?
Didnít we give two princes and five generals to Russia? Do you know that Kutuzovs brother-in-law is from Rovci?
To Serbs we gave Karadjordje. Is there greater brain than Njegosh? No!
Ehh, only to see Dragosbay. And to see all that beauty. Everything would be clear.
There is nothing there, only hills and rocks. Satan and sheep could break their legs. I donít understand why you all try to be important?
-Because we are people number 1. -Drink a little bit. Just for your throttle.
Every German know that Bismarck is descendant of Serbian people. When Frankfurt newspaper want to say...
...something bad about him they say "slavic diplomat". My granpa Nikola Bozovich has told all this and a lot more...
... to one Holland writer. All that is written in the library in Amsterdam.
-Do you understand why we are so important? -I didnít know that your grandpa was so educated.
Girl, by us children donít go to primary school, they go direct to gymnasium.
-If you are so clever why did you come here by us to study? -Which us?
-Stop you two, we just come to have fun. -You are having fun.
All the time you are defending. He is just speaking fascistic theories about Serbian people as primary and best!
-Citation, citation! I donít care about your complexes! -Stop Alija, Ljubo just made joke with our egotism!
-Which our? -My, your, his! -Donít mess me with that, I know who I am and what I am!
Neither is Katarina my mother in law either is Bismarck my father in law!
-Why are you yelling? -Go away!
Alija wait!
Why should I wait? Why? Stay there and dance all night. Bismarckís grandson is just for you. Your aunt will like him.
Rabia was right. Each of her word is gold. Every!
-There is no more Serbian girl, mother. -Lie? You are lying, just to make me peaceful.
I am not lying, I swear. I am listening to my mother.
No, you are listening Satan. If you are listening to me you would have asked me for that ad in the newspaper.
Everybody saw your picture. Who knows what can somebody do. You want me to loss you too?
-I know that Selim is alive. -How you know that?
I know. I will find you and second son.
Colleague, didnít I maybe by you forgot my student card?
Just one thing. How I deserve this? Why Rabia has right?
-Leave my mother, you know. -Alija, what happened with you?
-What happened to me? -To you, to us. Why did you must insult me?
Dark has fallen down on my eyes. I didnít even dream that somebody knows how I fill be against me.
Who was against you? Dark has fallen down? Should I all the time think how,,, 488 01:26:456,560 --> 01:26:50,880 you dark not to fall down and not to insult me in front of all.
-Can we be under these things? -I donít know what you expect from me.
-I canít go out of this skin. That is my life -But I want that we have our life. Only we are important.
-Would you like to dig all the time in history? -You persuade me on that and you had to understand me.
I thought it would be easier to you. That dreams will be quite but they come in reality.
If I donít understand you I wouldnít want you to stop with that.
Alija you will force me to go out!
I donít recognize you like this. Where is that Alija who stole my Index so that he can bring me back in building.
He does not exist. He never existed.
So, Alija found himself. He knows with whom he should be and shouldnít be.
Exactly. We can never be the same. There exists a border.
-What a border? -No changeable. Rabijas and mine border.
-Rabija and Rabija, border and border, whole civilization... -Fuck your civilization!
I saw your civilization. Fucked aunt. Parents you donít see. Job is more important than you!
Fuck you Rabias and your borders!
Boss this are my cousins from Yugoslavia. They come to see where I am.
-I am Uzeir Veriga. This is my cousin Velija Vitanovich. -Welcome, sit down!
-Velija, you are working in Frankfurt. -Yes.
-How is there? -I am not complaining. Itís good.
My Hamdija wanted to go to you, but I havenít given him permission.
-Better you didnít. He is not for Germany and our business. -Hamdija, what are you waiting? Bring some drinks.
You made my nephew very soft.
-He is very honest and agile. -Itís a pity that you like him so much.
-We came to take him. -Where to take him?
In Sydney, in Australia. Itís time for weapons and that they prepare for Ustash soldiers.
Soon there will be our flag in Zagreb and Sarajevo.
-Hamdija, take them out. -Why like that, Sabahudinaga?
-Take them if you donít want to go with them. -How can I betray my cousins?
I swear on bomb and knife that I will go until end. That I will revenge.
What and whom to revenge, black Hamdija? Everything is revenged. And over-revenged!
-All debs are paid. -No, not all debts.
Atif Tanovich!
The blood and the shop of Djordje Vilenjak are not paid. Three brothers and two sons. Should that be forgotten?
-Who are you? What do you want? -I am Risto Krivodolac from Herzegovina.
-This is Ognjen Barkovich from Cetinje (Montenegro). -What? You donít recognize me without the English uniform?
-Bad luck, British Royal academy. His school, our blood. ITALY 1945
He was there to track you.
-Where am I? -Be brave, there will be some scars but you are alive.
-Where is my bag? What happened with it? -Here it is, it is saved.
Give it to me. Mister, come closer, I have something important to say.
-Are we alone? -Speak free, this man doesnít know a word of Croatian.
Can you do me small favor? For you it is just a move of pencil. For me it is big thing.
-I will pay well. -Everything I can, mister.
I want to change my name. Englishmen doesnít know who I am or where I am coming from. I am just a number.
From today I want to be someone else.
-Why didnít you come before? What did you waiting for? -No. We were waiting you to be rich and Milan to grow up.
-The son of Djordje Vilenjak. -I knew that somebody stay alive.
Why didnít you bring that Milan? He should judge me, not you. I have debs to him.
I am Milan, Sabahudinaga.
Hamdija bring me that letter from safe.
The shop, the house and the money... I have already transcribed. Everything is his.
-To whom, Sabahudinaga? To whom, Atifaga? -To Hamdija, to whom else?
-Hamdija? To Milan you will transcribe. -No, it was mine now its Hamdijas.
What was yours? Fuck your Turkish mother! Take this. Kill the bastard!
-Give me the gun, I will. -He is mine, leave that, I will!
I have to speak with him alone. Alone!
Give me that my son. Let our Hamdija stay with clean hands. Sit down, here is key from safe.
Here are others keys.
Everything is yours. I will please you only to send that letter to that foul Alija.
-I have already did that, my boss. -Thank you, aferim.
Let make us a coffee. With lokum, my Hamdija.
For the soul of my Sabahudinaga.
I donít know anything about that. From Hodza Velija, there have been five Hodzas changed. This is the only thing left from him.
Exams, my Efendija. I donít know why Satan sent me on that medicine. That is not for me.
Surgery on kidneys Ö surgery on tonsils Ö drink this against fever Ö that against insomniaÖ
They are teaching us to be clock masters. But body is not a clock. I think everything comes from soul.
Allah takes care about soul. Not you doctors. Open your shirt.
-Please? -Open the shirt.
Take up your left hand.
My son.
What happened, Efendija?
-You want directly? Can you take that? -I can.
Give me that box. Sit.
-Read this. -I know this. -Read!
The child didnít cry when we douse him. It is clear that it comes from us.
The eyes and the hair are from the mother but the hands and the chest are from the father.
-Under left ... -Put that here and continue. -Under left hand there are three moles one under another.
Moles are on same place as on his father ... Bratomir (serbian name).
Efendija, what is this? What Bratomir?
-What is this Efendija? -This was written by the priest Nichifor Yugovich.
Your grandpa.
I was here hundred times, with the goats. On my own heart stone!
-Where should I go, what should I do with myself? -Like up to now. Like me. I donít see the difference.
You have your name, your father, your mother, your childhood. What I have from everything? Ruins, outside and inside.
What I have up to today has died. Finished! And what I found is foreign. It will never be mine!
-Never! That is difference! I can go in front and back! -Wait, wait. Problems are same, only I used on mine.
On me is the dress of Safetbeg and Djuro Barbaric. On left leg Djuros and on right Safetbeg shoes.
-Only small and poor people think they are no together. -Which shoes should I take?
Yours. The ones youíve use until now. Rabijas and Ljubicas. Donít divide them.
One has brought you on the world, and the second breasted and raised you.
-Breasted, raised and lied me. My leg wonít step in Osmanovichi. -Sikter!
-I will change my first and second name. -Sikter!
-Other blood is in me and blood is most important. -Blood is blood. It doesnít hang from your hat or your God!
-Not from flag, or name! Idiot! -I have foreign name, I learned foreign customs.
-You cannot with move of a brush to cover your past. -I cannot live as Yugovich and as Osmanovich.
One is against another. There is one border! There is no links. All are cut.
There is one link. Strong and unbreakable. You donít see it. You are that link, that bridge.
Here has your grandpa served God.
You are cruise, Halil?
(Orthodox pray)
It happened, and should never happen again.
Letís go son. Letís go Alija or Ilija Yugovich.
Ana, Ana, where is Milica? I canít find here whole day.
-You donít know? -What?
Train to Paris via Zagred and Milano is leaving from second platform.
Milica! Milica! Can you hear me? Milica. Sorry, please! Milica! I understood that I made mistake. Milica!
-You didnít understand anything. -Wait!
Osmanovichi, what have you done to me?
Six years later
-Doctor, we came. Ilija, we came, doctor. -Give me my bag.
-Here. -Donít wait for me.
-We said without coffee and smoking? -You were right; your medicine has no soul.
-You have no soul too. -We said that we want speak about that.
-Take it a little bit. Nena Hitmeta made that. -I said stop with that.
-My leg wonít step in Osmanovichi. -Rabija is not guilty one.
She didnít know that Osmanovichi took you from Yugovichi. She continued to live because of you, so that you become a doctor.
Six years you didnít go to her. Shame! I heard that she cannot see anything.
Something is on her eyes. No purpose that her son is doctor.
-Who is it? Who is it? -I am.
-Alija. -Mother. -Alija, Ilija son, mother thought that she lost you.
-No, you didnít lost anyone. We are going to find him too. -My child, my sun.
-Let me see your eyes. -I have something; I canít see anything on distance.
-All the time something is dancing in front of my eyes. -You should have been to a doctor.
-I was hoping... What doctor? Itís nothing to me. Itís good. -You must have a surgery.
-What surgery. No knife in Rabijas eyes. -I will take care of everything.
To see well and to repair your teeth.
Alija, my eyes are happy to see you.
Hikmeta, bring coffee, take it from somebody. Are you hungry?
-Do you see Ambra? What happened with her? Did she marry? -For Safet. -What Safet?
-That one. -That? -Yes. -She is director of Gymnasium in Mostar.
-People say that black limo is coming to her. She had born three. -Mother, why didnít you say me?
To lose you too?! You would go and not to look back. Rabija lost everything what is possible to lose.
You were the only one who stayed. You and nobody else. There are things about you need not to speak forever.
Itís better. It hurts less, but when it hurts then itís a really strong pain. You and I know that best.
-We know. -And the Vlach girl?
There is no day not to think on her. All these years.
Mother doesnít give to anybody.
-Are you sure that we go on right road? -Itís the right one, I know this place.
-Parents brought me here every summer. -In Muslim village? Is that relatives to you?
Before the war they were people.
If they were people, Tito would make road to him, not this. They are all Ustashes, my doctor.
Thank to God that they come in hands of Milosh. Where he comes there is no more grass.
You know how they are singing?
Be ready for Allah, you Turks, Here come the Miloshs wolfs.
-Doctor, go to front line! -Take him.
When he comes from back you shoot on them.
Moslems, fuck you who persude you! Serbs, I fuck you in your brain!
Sikter, bastards! Sikter! Moslems, Serbs, I fuck you in your wars.
-Sikter, basterds! Sikter! -Efendija!
-Sikter! -Halile, go away!
Come back! Come back, doctor!
Alije, where are you?
Come, come you idiot!
-Who are you? People should die when you are saving Turks! -You killed such a man.
-Who are you?
Ok, doctor, they send you to save my soldiers or Balije? Are you their or our?
-Doctor can not choose whom is he going to cure. -What are you, some dick? Some pacifist?
Why donít you sell them that shit? Serb is going to cure Serbs!
He was killed when he was taking the wounded. Look at this doctor, he was killed for hours.
First in the knees, than few in body. He is laying few meters from you are yell. He is calling, praying.
Or he kills himself, or you kill him.
Do you see this? This is mine.
Do you see this one? This is mine too. For every wound one of their. In the same place.
-Craziness comes from that. -Craziness comes from home for orphan children.
Craziness comes from knowledge that your mother was raped after you were born and that everything is killed and burned.
Craziness comes from nightmares and night pissing. From that too. Is it now same whom are you going to cure?
-This cannot be. -What cannot be?
You can not be the one who is written here. This is falsification.
-You are spy. -What is happening with you?
Check these documents, immediately!
You didnít had luck when you came to me, my friend.
-Name? -It is written in documents. -Donít tell me "itís written". I asked: Name?
-Ilija. -Second name? -Yugovich. -Father? -Bratomir. -You are joking me!
Itís confirmed on phone, they say everything is ok. He is ours. Doctor in the second unit.
-Go directly! Fuck your phone! Go personally! -Yes Sir!
-Doctor Ilija, doctor Balija is... Who are you? -There is no difference. Choose.
There is difference. Fuck you! There is! You are not Yugovich.
From father Bratomir and mother Ljubica. And you who are you Milosh?
You are killing, slaughtering. Ustashes do that too.
Take your words back, you idiot. I fuck the milk that you drunk as a baby.
-Ustashes kill all of mine. -Mine too.
-Yours too? -Yes. -When? Where? -In Yugovichi near Gacko on Christmas 1942. All!
-Donít lie! -I donít lie. -Donít lie! -I donít lie!
-Do you know that I am from Yugovichi? Fuck your bloody sun. -From which?
From Nichifor. The only one. Ustashes took me as a baby in Osmanovichi. Chetnicks saved me. 663 02:04:22,960 --> 02:04:42,580 -You are Selim. -What Selim? What Selim! -You are Selim from father Husein and mother Rabija.
Selim Osmanovic, my brother Selim.
My brother Selim.
-Where should I go now? What am I going to do? -Like me, my Selim.
One shoe Djuro and the other Safetbeg. And where have they brought you?
Wherever they bring me, both of them left bloody traces.
-I'll kill myself. -Whom are you going to kill? Milosh or Selim?
Both. There is no way back, and no in front. Blood is in front of my eyes and which in mine?
Blood is blood. It doesnít hang from your hat or your God, flag or name.
How? How? Not to be the one how I thought I was.
All we are what that we are not and nobody is what he is.
-And what then? -I donít know. Somebody should, I suppose, know.
Translated by Milten and Jidanu