Backstage Moments after Loreen won Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Uploaded by LoreenDailyorg on 20.06.2012

Sweden has won it all, it’s so crazy. I’m so happy. I whispered in his ear, this can not be true.
It’s sick. And I said: Hey, when will we get the points from the people? Because I only thought we had gotten from the juries.
And he was just: Loreen, this is all the points gathered. Aha, I said.
This is for you. You’ll take it now.
This is, like, the world’s biggest press conference. What do you say?
Yes, yes. I don’t really have that much to compare with, well I have the final press conference before this.
What was it like having all those cameras pointing at you?
Standing there as the winner.
It still feels surreal. But I’m standing on the ground, I’m very happy but at the same time on the ground because I know that this…
Or this is everyone’s prize, this is your prize, this is my prize. We have all fought really hard for it.
You have believed in me and we did it!
We have won a competition, we have won a competition. Damn, we’re so good.
What is the greatest of this, for me, is that this is not a random victory.
Last year’s winner, with two twelves was one of those that win because there really isn’t a big favourite. We have those from time to time.
Then there also are those huge winners. The ones that take it all. And I mean really take whole fucking Europe. And you did that tonight!
Congratulations Sweden! Now we are going to enjoy this for the entire night and tomorrow. I hope that Sweden is partying too.