Mr. Freeman, part 6

Uploaded by MrFreeMan0 on 15.02.2010

Yes, I know, I know.
The worst crime -
is to call people
to independence and freedom...
a straight way to chaos
and mutual destruction.
I... I... just didn't know
not what I was doing.
Now I understand.
If... if... you let me,
I will tell them all right now!
Did you really think that my mission
was to awaken your self-dependence?
Are you totally dumb?!?!?!
Mass's destiny is to be obedient,
nourish illusions and fears.
When misused freedom will tear you up!
Fear of freedom!
Have I told all this right?
And now what I really think about it.
The thing is, that there is a small
but very important stuff in life.
One day, kids grow up.
They grow a bit taller,
a bit more free,
more educated than their fathers, do you get me?
They no more want to wait in endless lines,
run for beer
and take the untakable rubbish out.
They want something more!
But fathers answer to their freedom-loving "I"
that the opinion of the last alphabet letter
doesn't concern them.
By the way at our grandfathers time, the "az" letter
was at the top of the ABC and had a real weight.
The idea is simple -
the system controls you while you are alike,
but if everyone starts to think
against patterns,
the system will not have
enough hands or methods
or rules to thoroughly spank
all of them!
You are torn between the romance of confrontation
and desire to adopt and survive.
"Stand last! You are the last letter!"
But note!
The highest and elusive riot is
just to be able,
to remaaaain...
...yourself and
bear your "I"
proudly like a banner.
And this is not the matter of
self-significance feeling.
"One can remain great when being small"
I don't remember who said it.
Yes, yes, exactly!
From simple to difficult! For a start,
everywhere where it's possible,
write "I" with a capital.
In documents, letters,
blogs or articles.
Everywhere. It is so easy,
but very soon you will make sure
how it is complicated.
In many languages "I"
is written exactly so.
For all others I repeat:
fear of freedom! It is capable to destr...