Dance Moms Miami - Season 1 Episode 1 - Get Fierce! - Todrick Hall & Ryan Adames Recap

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TODRICK HALL: What's up, everybody?
It's your boy, Todrick.
This is the moment that you've all been waiting for, the
first episode of Dance Moms: Miami.
I had to call in a huge favor this week and bring in one of
the most talented people I know.
He's an amazing artist and musician and a writer.
He writes his own songs.
He's an actor as well, a dancer.
And his name is Ryan Adames.
TODRICK HALL: I kind of got to say that they might be better
than Abby Lee.
RYAN ADAMES: Sorry, Abby.
TODRICK HALL: And by might be, I mean, they are.
Abby, you're on the bottom of the pyramid.
The very bottom of the pyramid.
The kids in Miami are so talented.
They were so good.
They have the list.
So it's not a pyramid anymore.
It's a list.
But at the bottom of the pyramid was Hannah, who--
we felt bad for her.
RYAN ADAMES: Right off the bat, Hannah was on the bottom.
TODRICK HALL: Lucas was the next person out because they
said he was relying too much on his flexibility.
But he's so adorable.
I was just wanting to grab his little cheeks.
Kimmy is right above him.
And she's a good dancer.
That was a good place for her to be.
She was not the best, but not the worst.
Sammy, who just started in the studio, is already
kind of at the top.
So I feel bad for all the people that
are lower than her.
At the top, we have a new Maddie.
And her name is Jessi.
TODRICK HALL: The moms in Miami are crazy.
TODRICK HALL: I didn't think they could get any crazier
than the moms in Pittsburgh, but they
definitely surpassed them.
The dance teachers are Angel and Victor.
And Victor has got to be my new favorite person.
RYAN ADAMES: Hannah, how come your hair's a mess?
TODRICK HALL: Don't get in my face.
RYAN ADAMES: You need to get it together now.
TODRICK HALL: Hallelujah.
I love Victor.
And the cool thing about the dance moms in Miami, or the
teachers here, is that they can actually do the stuff.
He was doing some bomb fouettes and stuff and jumping
to the ground.
And I was like, yes.
Abby Lee needs get that diet together.
She's got to go to class.
OK, so they took three dances to the competition this week.
They took a solo.
Jessi has a solo, obviously.
Kimmy and Lucas had a duet.
RYAN ADAMES: Tango duet.
And they were all contorting--
RYAN ADAMES: Wrapping.
TODRICK HALL: --and had their legs all right here and all in
each other's business.
And then they took a group number, which
was, like, so bomb.
And they killed it.
It was like--
RYAN ADAMES: He started like this.
He was, like, giving you Sasha Fierce when he came out.
RYAN ADAMES: I was like, OK, OK.
TODRICK HALL: Anyway, they killed at the competition.
The group number won.
Kimmy and Lucas won their division.
But Jessi won second place and about had a breakdown.

My daughter didn't win first place, because she was under
too much stress.
Susan is crazy.
Real crazy.
We had the first drama, because Hannah had the trophy
after they won first place--
RYAN ADAMES: All excited.
TODRICK HALL: And then--
we won.

So then Hannah's mom, who has the worst haircut ever known
to man-- she looks like--
RYAN ADAMES: Abby number two.
TODRICK HALL: Abby number two, dressed for Halloween as Roxie
Hart with a bad haircut.
RYAN ADAMES: Debi was really upset that Jessi pulled away
the trophy from Hannah.
TODRICK HALL: But then Susan was like, no, she didn't.
No, she didn't.
RYAN ADAMES: There was a lot of drama.
TODRICK HALL: A lot of drama.
So much drama.
But I love this show, I think even better.
I was a little bit hesitant about it, but it's
the bomb dot com.
RYAN ADAMES: They brought it.
TODRICK HALL: Anyway, it was a dope episode.
I can't wait to see what happens next week on Dance
Moms: Miami.
I'm Todrick.
And you're watching FYI.