Raw/Cooked: Shura Chernozatonskaya

Uploaded by BrooklynMuseum on 26.01.2012

I am Shura and I am the third person to be showing with the Raw/Cooked series at the
Brooklyn Museum. I was born in Russia and I came to America when I was 15. I studied
music for 20 years and music is still the biggest motivation for my art. So the piece
that I am doing for the show, the domino piece, is based on a piece of music. It is a sonata
by Ginastera, Argentinian composer and the whole piece is based on rhythmic clapping.
So I am using double square format which is basically division of a rectangle into two
and using the traffic light, the three circles, to divide that. It relates to this piece of
music. The domino pieces will be placed in the lobby of the museum and of course they
form a game, a domino game. And that's how I worked on them, kind of playfully. And that
is how it also relates to music. Then I am doing eight large scale paintings that will
be shown at the Beaux-Arts Court. They could be called diptychs because for each side of
the court there will be two paintings that relate to the pieces in the museum. So when
I was thinking about the portraition and looking at all the portraiture that is there I thought
that of course the portraits should present the people in time that they were painted.
So I thought for my work I would use the images that everybody knows about in New York. The
image of a woman is taken from a sign of a man and a woman throwing stuff in the garbage.
The man is a man from a stoplight, so it is something that everybody sees and sees often.
This is the first time I am doing work specifically with the idea in mind of space and the work
surrounding it, my work.