Acayip Kitap - كتاب قيم - An Amazing Book

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Affarin to you, Gul. May you always smile (Gul means smiling in Tr).
It is an astonishing book, an astonishing book...

Ya'juj & Ma'juj (Gog & Magog), Sayyidina Isa (as)..
appearance of Dajjal (Anti-Christ).
Ashratu s-Saa'.. This is.
"Ashratu s-Saa'". This is what I am looking for.
Allah bless you. May your akhira be happy.
(Put it) in a good place...
(#26) Shaykh Shuyukh Muhammad al-Masum.

This is printed again.
But it is a good print. the paper quality, etc is good.
Letter #132 (Chapter).
None who can read this remains nor who can understand it.
Even if they can read, no one left who can understands them...all rubbish..
(#26) Muhammad al-Masum, Sh Sayfuddin, Sayyid Nur Muhammad, Habib Allah
Sh Abdullah (Dahlawi), Sh Khalid al-Baghdadi, Sh Ismail, Sh Has Muhammad
Sh Muhammad Effendi al-Yaraghi, Sayyid Jamaluddin al-Ghumuqi al-Husayni
Abu Ahmad as-Sughuri, Abu Muhammad al-Madani, Sayyid Sharafuddin Daghestani
Shaykh Abdullah al-Fa'iz ad-Daghestani, our Grandsheikh.
I don't have this book. I have the other book but not this one.
"A person will be with whom he loves" (Hadith)
May Allah makes us love good ones. Affarin to you, Gul.
Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Haqq. Hasbuna Allah wa Ni'ma Al Wakil .
La Hawla wa La Quwwata illa Billah Al Aliy' Al Azim.
Allahumma Thabit'hum 'Ala Al Haqq. Allahumma Thabit'hum 'Ala Al Haqq.
Allahumma Thabit'hum 'Ala Al Haqq. Bi Jahi man Anzalta Aleyhi
Suratul Fatiha.
Your children? G. They are there. M. Are they studying?
G. They are studying. M. Teach them handcrafts.
No more jobs left for college graduates. There is none left.
They said, there are 10 000 job applications waiting
who have university diplomas, college degrees..
No jobs left in the government anymore. "Give us your papers, we put here.
Thousands of people waiting before you". The world can end
before they give me a job, one said.
They have left handcrafts.. The people's
power is in handcraft. There is no craftman left.
If you give them a broom, no one left who knows how to hold a broom.
O son, what do you do?
G. He is my brother. He doesn't do anything. He didn't go to school.
M. Put him through handcrafts.
G. Insha Allah. M. What is your name?
G. Omar. M. Omar? Strong, good...
Try & work to be a carpenter. It is a good art.
People need to nail something, they don't know how to do it.
They may call you & you may do it for them.
They may give 3 or 5..Don't say anything. Don't bargain with them.
If they ask you "how much should we pay"
say "pay the amount you like", don't say anthing.
Don't argue about how much they pay you, you pray?
G. No, I don't pray. M. Are you Armenian?
G. No. M. Are you Greek?
G. No. M. Jewish? G. No. M. Why do you not pray?
Do you not know how to pray? G. I know. I know the duas as well.
M. Is it too much for you to thank Allah, even a bit?
Where is he staying now? G. With me, he is my brother.
We stay in Degirmenlik together. M. He does not work. G. No.
G. He could not go to school. M. Learn a handcraft, o son.
Do you not take a shower everyday? G. Yes, I do.
M. Ok. Right after it, pray 2 rakats. Finish.
You understand? Come, I will read to you. This one is clever.
He is smart but he has not found his fountain yet.
He is good, if he comes to me it would be good.
I will make him a shepherd. Can you be a shepherd? G. I can.
M. Send him to me. So many young men like him here.
He may come here & see. I can pay him monthly, or daily.
I can also get him married.
Because he is a good boy, your son.
G. No, he is my nephew, her brother.
Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim. Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim(36:58)
He is good. Is he 18? G. 16. The right time for him.
We have found Omar Affandi.
He can be a shepherd as well as a farmer for me.
He is hardworking.
Is he Kirmanchi? Kurdish? G. No, we are Laz, from Trabzon.
M. Trabzon is my grandfather's homeland.
My great grandfather has come from there.
Therefore, whoever sees me asks me: "Are you from the Black Sea region?"
I look lile Black Sea people.
I say: "There was a storm in Black Sea which threw me to Mediterranean".
M: Are you married?
I'm working as a police
G: I'm an officer. M: Take this.
M: Needless, needless!
There are many corrupted ones
Wicked, they are all
When your destiny comes, take it.
or your duty. Mehmet, take them downstairs to drink soup.
G: Make dua for us!
Put your hands here.
I may give this side.
Put like this. Bismillahi ar-Rahman ar-Rahim. Allahu, Allahu
Haq, Allahu Allahu Haq, Allahu Allahu Haq, Hasbunallah wa Nimal
wakil Ni'ma al Mawla wa ni'ma al Nasir. Allahumma thabit'hum 'ala Al Haqq
Surat al Fatiha.
M: Omar! Yes, sir. M: You see our place.
If you like it, come, stay. I pay you, there are people like you..
here serving, you are a gentleman. I like Omers, your name is good.
He is majestic. If the night is 9 hours,
after passing 6 hours, the tajalli is in the remaning 3 hours.
They call it xxxx. The last 1/3 of the night has power.
My son in law used to buy 20 breads in the past,
until afternoon they were finished, he looked around the shops, buy again.
We built this garden oven, 1 bag of flour is enough for 3 days now.
M: How many kg? 50 kg? R: Yes.
If it is 50 kg, 10-15 kg of flour feeds 300 people.
Allah's wisdom. R: They also take it to their homes.
There is Barakah (abundance).
When you put bread it is finished. Everyone eats. Men,
women, children. Shukur Allah. We are never needy.
We are not in difficulty.
We have 1 follower, there is a municipal market
in the afternoon, isn't it?
people quit work, they load whatever they find inside the car,
they bring. Those vegetables are sufficient here for 1 week.
You can take, it is your barakah. G: It is your barakah.
Shukur Allah we have no need.
Shukur Allah. The barakah of Haji Anne.
She has so much barakah.
Hj. Rukiye Sultan also has barakah. MashaAllah!
Sometimes she even shouts at me (joking).
I may run inside. I say "Rukiye's temper changed"...
May Allah give all of you good life. May Allah not leave you needy.
Ya Rabbi Shukur! Ya Rabbi Shukur!
Ya Rabbi Shukur! I like the trotters (feet) of the lamb.
It is good for the knees.
The moving parts of the feet (cartilage) dries as people get older,
When you eat this, it give strength. G: Like gelatin.
I went to Kutahya 70 years ago, when I was a student.
I went from Istanbul, there was a great person there, in exile.
It was a small town back then. Now it's a city with millions of people.
I come from Simav, there was an earthquake 5 months ago.
Why? Beacuse women just opened up too much,
men became terrible. They went far away from Islam.
Stick is coming on their heads. Tell them. Are you in Istanbul?
G: We are from Istanbul. She is from Kutahya.
Do you lead zikr? G: I'm a new student in the tariqa.
Do you recite Qur'an? G: Yes. M: I permit you can do it.
Lead the zikr for ladies. Don't start before reading mawlid.
First you read mawlid then zikr. You make zikr then read mawlid.
Serve them soup. Do you have money to cook soup?
G: I see you in my dreams, buy can't see your face.
When you see my face
You will be out of your mind. It is better you don't see.
When there is a need. He shows, we don't know. They know.