geet 2 may part 2 ENG SUBS

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under the lens...
im always saying the even america needs jugnu's sharp brain.
after looking at the item that i brought for you you will never doubt my talent.
what did you bring?
the proof of a very big crime.
mama ji since you have brought it you wont leave without showing it. now show me!
one minute! this hankerchief can have fingerprints
what is this?whose hankerchief have you brought? saying that its the proof of a big crime?
tej! open the hankerchief up and see!
MSK? what is this mama ji?
meaning..maan sing khurana
MSK? what is this mama ji?
meaning..maan sing khurana
mama ji maan sing khurana cant have a hankerchief?
ask me where i got this.
geet...geets room.
one minute pritto one minute.
dear maan jeejaji! tej is calling you inside. he needs you.
ok? one minute?
tej has called brother in law in. not you. you go out and wash the car.
yes im going to wash the car.
one minute! ill come with you. ok?
we have a problem here.
yes what happened? can i do something for you?
yes you can. i dont understand that this is looking like a dump. im thinking how we can get rid of this by tomorrow morning.
yes..why by tomorrow?tomorrow's something special?
the day after tomorrow is karva chot. over here we celebrate karva chot very nicely.
geet is also here so beeji said that this time it will be very big and fun!
the pooja will be here. and if all the things stay here where will the pooja take place?
yes you are right.
jeejaji..according to you what should we do?
according to me? minute.
uh..tej brother mainly there is wood here and iron rods.right?
so we can burn the wood and you can sell the iron rods you'll get good money for it.
wow! thats a good idea!
this job will be done by tomorrow morning right?
yes it will be done.
so jeejaji you get this job done by tomorrow morning.
NO!tej brother how will i do this all by myself? i was just telling you how to do it. i cant do it.
you were giving so many ideas you cant do this small job?
wow tej!! what a statement you have made!
yes.but.. me.. alone?
jeejaji..dont waste time like this. you only have one day. you just hurry up.
khurana are family..its compulsary that you do some work right?
beeji you called me?
yes. one minute.
have you thought about what we are going to do about this place?
the day after tomorrow is karva chot.
the arrangements have been made. you dont worry. are you going somewhere?
yes. i have to but things for karva chot. come with me.
sister 300 rupees.
tej brother...think a little can i do all of this by myself?
look..if lucky and mamaji help me then it will be done.
no no i cant i have alot of work..i dont have time.
i have a 104 fever since the morning.
what are you saying?
10 minutes before you were giving so many ideas and you cant do a small job?
ill tell you one thing. you have to do this job, if you dont do it..then ill tell beeji about last night.
then you will be leaving here with your things in a day!
what about last night?
we told you not to go in geets room. when you went last night you left this as a proof.
you are going to get me killed bro!