Is Sugar Bad For You?

Uploaded by OneMinuteSixPack on 04.08.2012

Hi I'm Nick and welcome to One Minute Six Pack. Today’s video is an answer to the
question, “Is sugar bad for you?” The short answer is absolutely, Yes. Recent studies
have linked diets high in sugar with the development of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease,
and even cancer. These finding may be hard to believe, especially since sugar has been
in our ancestor’s diet for hundreds of thousands to millions of years.
Unfortunately though, there’s a big difference between occasionally eats fruits high in natural
sugars, and eating all the refined sugars in products that have only recently been created.
Sugar is not only in sweets like candies, cookies, cakes, etc.; but the sugar content
is surprisingly high in products like salad dressings, tomato sauces, soft drinks, and
even condiments.
Another reason why sugar is bad for you is that it is highly addictive. Another recent
study showed that sugar consumption activates certain rewards centers in your brain, similar
to drugs like cocaine. For more information about why too much sugar is bad for you, check
out this clip from a recent 60 Minutes episode. It goes more into the specific details about
some of the recent studies that have been done. And to learn more about how to lose
belly fat and get six pack abs, visit Take Care, and thanks for watching.