Mass Effect 2: Birth of a Renegade, Episode 6 - Purgatory

Uploaded by JaosalS on 28.06.2010

before we proceed
where do you want
every once and a
and wouldn't you this is much the weapons would be returned with us
you must realize this is just an issue
doesn't this season
now if this movie is more than six years three guests
we reject of products use the funds to be the only way
so good
as you can see we can take control of the population
prison sentences self-contained Montana
issue the alliance as an example
the ship is made up of thirty still once they get into this
we have spells criminals
it's and having sense
greenspan's they have nowhere to go
they know still the exercise extreme caution
can you tell me about it
sure it does
you're in
first this this
what is the procedure issues in this
on easter Sunday
whatever you did not observe force
he said
I don't care where you would you do
what he thinks that
you're right there
I don't agree with you
what are those
doctor weapons
will not be harmed
got it
well thank you very much so
the right
thank you
if we have that control every store that sells a lot of other things
however require we wanted to states
I'm doing
on January nineteenth
just fine
go ahead
Richard too much trouble
at least I can recapture
let's let time
the civil government's really said
the galaxy
what the hell do you want
in addition near the location
the man with whom disservice I'm offering to be afraid
you don't want to delay anything
so if it's found that it was an impressive determination
it's don't last long
UN observers pretty clearly you think student
the ship is going down
I think the only way out
offering think he would
and your honor
the Texas democratic state
it's the trial
it might just about that
he would come with me and make it worth
the worse thing
I think it's got lots of red states I want to look at those five secret service
you are looking into going to go to the state police
i'll give you full access
secondly not authorized to do that
it's issue
even better
you better go straight at me
but this is an omen to check
I'm brenda show second in command
on this ship we follow orders
still the service you get it back up separate
I'm here because of our deal
get settled in a TV ad says
hurry on that
give him a second chance I forget
anything further in the holding cell
this is the same
the sanctions a plan in place