Maryland's Homeland Security Goal

Uploaded by StateMaryland on 19.03.2012

Since 9/11 the landscape of Homeland Security has changed.
If you don't know where you're going you'll never get there.
So as a State we declared a number of goals.
Twelve core capacities, if you will.
The Governor I think picked
what he believes with consultation with law enforcement and homeland security
advisers. What he believes are the top important things that we need to
accomplish to ensure that Maryland is a leader in the Nation on homeland security.
Those of goals like interoperable communications, bio-surveillance,
uh... intelligence sharing
which again a huge priorities in that fight on homeland security. The
assistance of Federal funding
and State funding to local law enforcement has made a huge difference
in our ability
uh... to to accomplish the goals that we'd like to do.
I'm Lt. Matthew Gorman of the Regional Autotheft Task Force.
I receive the auto theft
uh... the region. Baltimore City Balitmore County uh... contingent with
the State Police as well. The unit also receives the lisence plate reader program
for our jurisdiction.
um... basically it's a system that uh... takes very rapid pictures of license plates
let it run... it cross-checks it with a data base or a known source
that's provided for items such as wanted people or stolen vehicles.
It ties into homeland security because it gets really a great tool for
capturing data. Obviously it's an effective enforcement tool as well
such as a stolen vehicle or an insurance violation but all the data is captured
and when it is captured with a date, a time, and a GPS stamp
wherever that picture is taken.
Its an immense amount of data, I know just from just Baltimore County's element
We captured about 6.6 million reads last year, with just 24 readers
uh... over you know a one year period.
It's really, uh I think something we hadn't seen before 9/11 and obviously
in leaps and bounds since then where communications happening between uh...
local, state, and federal jurisdictions.
Whether it's in responding to a terror attack or a big hurricane or some big
multi four alarm fire or worse. We need to have
our first responders
uh... able to talk with each other
on the radio station, the same radios they use everyday that they attach to the to their belts
As a Nation we've taken huge step forwards
and I think for Maryland I think we're definitely on of the leading edge of
what we see across the country.
The twelve core capacities that we pursue as a people
are all about making our State not only better prepared but also
more resilient.
Each demand is important and the pursuit of all twelve of those across
the spectrum of law enforcement,preparedness, and first response in our State
has given us a leg up on the other States
who are still struggling with the concept of
how to engage in taking meaningful action to protect lives in this post 9/11 world.
Every citizen can track the progress that we're making again together as a State
on the strategic goals by going on to
and just click on the goals and delivery section.