Baman Piderman - Make Da Cards (Ep #6)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 03.09.2009

im baman
im piderman
i com over da hous
[both:] wer best friends
[piderman:] baman is my friend
and im making da card
buhcuz my crayons are dis colors dat i made dem.
gibing my friend dis card
becuz he is my
i hab a suprise to give you!
[baman:] I see you make dis for me?
hi baman.
dis is a card dat piderman gives you
and then you can read it
becos hes your best friend and
its a card for you.
you need to hab your medicine
[piderman:] pumkin be careful!
aww, tanks pumpkin.
[baman:] don be jealous, pumkin.
you can wer my hat!