BSc (Hons) Child Health Nursing

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Many people have a notion that children's nursing is about
nursing sick children in hospital
but of course modern children's nursing is much more than that
and reflects children's nursing in many different environments and our programme
reflects what children's nursing is about.
On our course we study Anatomy and Physiology, Sociology, Phycology, and
also how to care for like children in acute settings and in the community.
All students of nursing
study theory and practise
and it is very evenly balanced in that fifty percent of time
is spent studying
theoretical components of children's nursing and fifty percent of the time is in practice. We
have the clinical skills
laboratory which is the safe environment in which students can be facilitated and
overseen and learn their
basic clinical skills before
going out into clinical practice.
Throughout the three years we do about five six weeks of
theory and then we go into a practice
placement. In our second year its majority community based nursing so
we work with health visitors, school nurses
and in our last year we then do five six weeks at University and then go
into an acute setting like a high dependency
unit or sort of the neonatal units. And it's really nice to put what we've learn
during University into practice and actually it reaffirms what you've learnt as well.
We are a very small course here at Bournemouth University.
We currently are a really small team of senior lecturers.
We have gained a wealth of clinical experience.
Our head colleagues have worked in health promotion
and colleagues who have worked in acute nursing.
So we have a very extensive experience between us all.
The career prospects in Child Health Nursing is vast
you could work in specialist units like in Southampton they have sort of cardiac units and trauma units.
Also in the community they are expanding job opportunities there with health visitors
so you can go on and train to do health visiting
school nursing as well is another opportunity so there are a lot
of different things that you can do.
A career in children's nursing is extremely rewarding it's very diverse
it can of course be very challenging
so it gives people a very
good grounding.
People should choose Bournemouth University because
it provides such a big opportunity especially for nursing and also
the placements here are fantastic and it's such a varied range of different settings
and also the facilities are fantastic as well.