Noel O'Rourke - Student Testimonial

Uploaded by NUIMAccess on 28.09.2010

My names Noel O’Rourke, and I’m a mature student here at NUI Maynooth.
I’d like to tell you the story of how I got here, and what brought me to Maynooth.
A few years ago I fell into ill health, before that I came from an engineering background.
I decided not to sit at home and moan, I wanted to get on with my life.
So I decided to go back to education. I did a year in Portloaise college on an access
course. After Portlaoise I did an access course in
Maynooth that was run by Emer Sheerin. I was successful in completing the course
and my first choice for college was NUI Maynooth.
I chose to study sociology and philosophy. They sound hard but they weren’t because
I had an interest in them long before I decided to come back to education.
The first year in University is the hardest for any student returning to education.
There are a lot of new things to get used to. You have to get back into the writing
mode. Essay writing Is probably the toughest aspect
because of all the different writing styles. Each department has different rules for essays.
It is important to look up each departments writing styles and to practice them.
In my first year I discovered that there is plenty of help available on campus, and its
through the access office.
Through Emer Sheerin, Simon Ahern and their colleagues in the student services building.
There are great facilities there for everybody doing any course here at NUIM.
There is also great help from the disability office and the chaplaincy
There is no reason why you shouldn’t avail of these supports.
I was mature student president here for two years and it’s a job that I really enjoyed.
I would advise my fellow mature students to get involved in some of the societies on campus.
It will help to take away the pressure that you will have, but there’s a social side
too. You can unwind from the stress of the day
Being involved with and meeting so many new people was a great experience. It also gave
me the opportunity to share my life experiences and knowledge.
I think it’s important for mature students to form work groups where they can get to
know eachother and exchange their experiences.
The friendly atmosphere here at Maynooth would make you want to stay for longer than you
need to. I am going on to do a Masters in Philosophy.
I advise people to chill out while you’re here, do your studies but chill out at the
same time.
Enjoy Maynooth, and enjoy the Maynooth Mature Student experience, its brilliant lads!!