Chechnya, Summer of 1996. 2/7

Uploaded by mishacol on 02.11.2009

You see the bandage on my head
The gift from scouts of 166-th brigade
They found it in place where I fired 2 shots
One shot didn’t reach
another one got in the right place
They found lots of ammo there: SPGs, ATGMs.
all ready to use
They found also a lot of these black bandages,
suicide bombers, who fight against us wear such bandages
Actually, they are simple mercenaries
Those men are true warriors
they know where to aim
they wanted to hit a spot under the turret
if they did, the ammunition would blow up
The tank commander LSgt Lavrov
Guys did great job
They moved out from behind houses
Fired a shot and then moved back
Without this crew the scouts of 166-th brigade couldn’t leave the village
Thanks to these men
young recruits, 18-19 years old boys
who did their jobs, who didn’t care about their lives,
who just performed their duties, all what was needed
Igor the driver just drove the tank
He is a cool driver
Vladimir the gunner just fired the gun
And Oleg the commander just organized the crew
That’s it. That was a great teamwork
If not the Crew # 32 “Lisa”,
they fondly call their tank Lisa,
if they didn’t do their work,
the 166-th brigade wouldn’t escape that clash
All of them are going to be rewarded with medals
I have nothing more to say
Your turn guys
Hello, everyone! Chicks, moms and buddies,
I’m going back home soon
Everything’s OK
I’m just sorry about the tank
Yes, we sorry about the tank, but the rest is just fine
The tank was running perfect
All the time we were here in Chechnya
We have been riding that tank like a personal car
Chechens killed it and burned off
It’s sad, but we can do nothing
This is the war. The war is horrible
Yes, it is
At the very beginning it was like a resort, but now…
guns are shooting, people are dying
It’s scary. Nothing else.
It was a nice machine
Didn’t fail a single time
Just fill up the fuel tank and go ahead
Just load more ammo and…
I’m telling you they are very shy
They are young, but I’m older and I’ll tell you
this crew is from my platoon,
they were assigned under my command
I’ve already told you that they are going to be rewarded
These guys are perfect, though the tank was destroyed
Yes, bastards killed the tank
But the war is a war
If not them…you know…
The first anti-tank missile run by
Then the second one
The commander ordered “Out of machine!”
Yes, they heard the missile whistling
And got out of the tank
I remember that:
The missile whistling, then bang
A strong burst at the rear part
Tanks back is not protected well
It was inflamed at once
Like a torch
It was loaded with ammo
I don’t care about those machines, tanks and steel
Fuck it, sorry…
The important thing is that guys survived
These youngsters.
No, they are men, they are real men
They survived
This is the most important
Fuck those pieces of iron, I’m telling you
Fuck it
The guys survived.
They fought and are going to fight
And still are fighting besides me
Last tens of meters to base
If you are going to act like this, you will never succeed