Story Of First King's Four Gods Ep23 (5/5)

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Continue to attack Shilla so that they will ask Goguryeo for help.
It is imperative that we divide Goguryeo's army!
Your Majesty! They have attacked Shin Fortress!
King of Goguryeo, what will you do?
Will you help Shilla, or will you come to take back your fortress in Later Yan?
Either choice is not an easy one. Baekje will be waiting for you in the south.
Make your move.
General, I will give you 50,000 men.
Fifty thousand?
You'll give me fifty thousand men?
50,000 men including the cavalry. Take them and send the enemy to the end of Gaya.
Grind them into the ground!
That's exactly how I like to do it!
Baekje won't be able to do anything unexpected.
- Dal Gu! - Yes, Your Majesty!
Go and get the two generals for me. The White General will be at home.
And the Blue General will be in the forest.
The King of Goguryeo is headed here. He is bringing a small army of 7,000 men.
When they are seen, move the men immediately.
The first wave will be 20,000 men. Every ten days, another 20,000 will join.
Bring them here to Abullansa.
We will set up a trap for the King of Goguryeo.
We need bait and I think you would be perfect.
There is word that the remaining two sacred symbols are at the Guh Mool Village.
Will you fetch them for me?
I hear that you have placed your seal on a few men in Guh Mool Village.
You can control them.
Go and bring them back; the symbols of the White Tiger and Turtle Snake.
I will return the land of the Tiger Tribe that you so desperately want.
Welcome! What will you have?
We are very hungry as we've come a long way. Do you have any food for us?
My nanny is deaf. Tell me!
You can ask me for anything.
- We'll give you the best we have! - Ajik!
Please wait a moment. I've just caught some fresh fish. We'll prepare it for you!
- Ajik! - I'm here!
- Tell Nanny to boil some water. - Alright!
I followed you here because I thought perhaps you would recognize me.
What brings you here?
This is Goguryeo land. The great general of Later Yan shouldn't be walking around so freely here.
I came to deliver a message to His Majesty.
Did His Majesty come here with the forces at Hyundo Fortress?
I don't know the details, but please believe that His Majesty summoned me secretly as a fellow countryman.
Are the children well? Please forgive me for leaving without notice.
Hyundo Fortress - First fortress in southern Goguryeo
There is someone else who controls the army of Later Yan.
As you well know, the Crown Prince you helped many years ago became king...
...but he was poisoned two years later.
The present king is easily said to be their pawn.
- Their...? - The Hwachun.
They are presently behind the powers of Bukwi.
They are also the ones who have sent the Later Yan army as the first wave of attacks in this war.
I heard that the Commander of Bukwi is originally from Goguryeo.
Are you referring to Ki Mo In?
He is said to have made the Bukwi army into an awesome force in a year.
I don't know if he's from Goguryeo,
but I heard that his training methods are similar to Goguryeo.
Was it also his strategy to attack Shin Fortress?
Yes. 30,000 of Later Yan forces all answered to his command.
Your Majesty, the forces at Later Yan are being used as bait.
We have received orders to retreat to Ma Bol when you strike back at Shin Fortress.
- Did you just say Ma Bol? - Yes.
Your Majesty! Abullansa is in that place!
Abullansa is the Hwachun headquarters.
And their headquarters were created on top of the Sacred Tree!
Long time no see!
So you two were the famous Blue and White Generals of Goguryeo!
I was so surprised when I heard it!
And to find out he was the king!
He says we're famous! Did you hear him?
I have missed seeing all of you.
And on the way here, I met the teacher who used to teach my children.
How many years ago was that?
That teacher you were looking for... We didn't know any news of her.
But on the way, I ran into her...
I think she left. There's no sign of her.
It doesn't seem like she's been gone long. If we go quickly, we might find her.
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It is almost over.
Go and bring Damduk's heart.
- I will help you. - Does your aunt still drink a lot?
No, she can't! She can't even drink a drop!
It is said that beings from Heaven live forever.
So will you wait for me?
I never believed the rumor that you were dead. Because I never permitted such a thing to happen.
You're the king! You should be at your palace.
From this moment on, where you are is where my palace is.
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