Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - Ending Part 1 English Subtitles

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Mickey: Are you okay, Riku?
Riku: Yeah, thanks to you, Mickey.
Mickey: Master Xehanort!
Mickey: I knew it was you!
MX: It's all set now.
MX: Now, my twelve selves will meet, and be restored here as people.
MX: Ahead of us is a yet unseen world.
Mickey: Why have you done this?
MX: In ancient times, they believed that the light was the blessing
MX: of the unseen Kingdom Hearts.
MX: That Kingdom Hearts was protected
MX: by its twin, the X-blade, however
MX: Control of Kingdom Hearts, which was light, was passed around
MX: and a Keyblade War broke out.
MX: In the fierce battle, the X-blade was broken to pieces,
MX: shattered into seven lights and thirteen darknesses.
MX: And then, the true Kingdom Hearts
MX: was swallowed by darkness, where it stayed.
MX: A long time ago, I used a pure light and darkness as substitute,
MX: and tried to complete an X-blade, but that ended in failure.
MX: Caught up in the opportunity, I lost sight of the correct way.
MX: I admit, I was overly hasty.
Mickey: It was your all fault!
Mickey: Those three young people's destinies changed back then, because of you!
MX: Destiny is never left to chance.
MX: Their destinies are still necessary.
MX: One failed to become the X-blade. One fell to the darkness in order to save their friends.
MX: And one became my vessel. That was their destiny.
Mickey: We couldn't save them...
Mickey: But I thought, thanks to them, all your plans had fallen through--
Mickey: I guess I was naive...
Mickey: When Maleficent began collecting the seven hearts of pure light,
Mickey: I should have realised.
MX: That's right. It was all my plan.
MX: I used the sorceress to gather the seven hearts of pure light,
MX: and at the same time, I prepared thirteen vessels to fill with pure darkness.
Riku: What a shame. Sora put an end to that whole thing.
MX: Yes. That average boy over there named Sora,
MX: who was far off being a Keyblade Wielder.
MX: But my plans aren't over yet.
MX: Seven guardians of light, thirteen seekers of darkness...
Mickey: Seven guardians of light--Keyblade Weilders.
Mickey: Me, Riku, Sora... then with the three still missing, that's 6...
Mickey: The last one would be...
Mickey: And, the thirteen seekers of darkness...
MX: That's the Mickey I know. You're quick.
MX: However, both Sora and the last one are on our side.
MX: In other words, three lights are missing.
MX: But, don't get ideas. The protectors of the light are chosen naturally.
MX: And then, the seven chosen lights and the thirteen darknesses will clash,
MX: and at the end of that, it will be born...
MX/Mickey: The X-blade.
MX: First, I'll complete the thirteen darknesses.
MX: Every seat is filled.
MX: I'll split my heart into the one last vessel--
Mickey: This is bad!
Riku: Sora!
Mickey: They made it!
Xemnas: You!
Xigbar: Axel?!
Lea: Axel? Nah.
Lea: I'm Lea. Got it memorised?
MX: What are you doing here??
Lea: Because I promised. That I'd always be there to bring them back.
Lea: You weren't expecting me?
Lea: Didn't you say you knew everything?
Lea: Everything is NOT all set.
Lea: So, what's your next move?
Xigbar: What do we do, old man?
Xigbar: There's no time!
Lea: Isa...
Riku: Axel, why are you--??
Lea: Hey, no, it's Lea--aw, whatever. Axel works too.
Lea: Whatever, let's hurry up and get out of here!
Mickey: Yeah.
Donald: Did we beat him?
Goofy: Looks like.
Mickey: The two of you came to help us, didn't you!
MX: The time has come.
MX: We are each returning to our places, light and dark still short.
MX: However, the seven and thirteen will soon be complete.
MX: So. At the dawn of completion of both light and darkness,
MX: let's face each other in that land.