Mothers Day Gift Ideas : Mother's Day Card Watercoloring Tips

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.10.2008

Alright, we've already rolled the wheel on our card. Now the next step is, we're going
to add the pretty flowers. And to do this, I'm using the large flower from the Wonderful
You set and I'm going to ink it up with a little of Stays On ink. And I'm using my watercolor
paper, I'm just going to go ahead and press that down, perfect. And I also want a smaller
flower, so I'm going to take the smaller flower from my wheel. And to do that, I just wheel
it around until I see a small flower that I like, there's one. I'm going to ink that
up, and then I'm just going to wheel that so I have my small flower also. And now I
can start water coloring. I'm going to watercolor them with Regal Rose. So, I'm going to pop,
first I'm going to press my stamp pad a little bit to get a little pool of ink in the bottom
base there. And then I'm going to take my watercolor pen here, get a little water on
it. Pick up a little of that color and then just basically, color in like you were working
with a crayon or a pencil. And you can, with this, you can make it as light or as dark
as you like. And I want my flowers to be a little dark because I really want them to
pop. So there's one. And I'm going to do the next one. And the reason I use the Stays On
ink when I'm water coloring, is because I don't want it to bleed. I don't want the edges
to bleed. And again, I can add more colors here; I can use one or two colors. I could
use light or dark, depending on how much water I'm using here. And I'm just going to continue
and color until my flower is the darkness that I like, and it's all filled in. Just
like that.