9 Mahine 9 Divas

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9 months 9 days
The holy procession has come.
Villagers. Those daughters who have made a wish..
..to God for a child, must perform the veneration..
..pay obeisance to the Goddess..
..and go from under the holy procession.
The first right is of the Deshmukhs.
It's that of my daughter-in-law's.
Excuse me. Oh! Akka, Akka.
Just wait. Now what are you just standing there watching.
Explain all the rituals to sister-in-law Komal.
Yes? - Yes.
If anything goes wrong, the Goddess may get angry..
Sister-in-law Komal such an opportunity..
..comes only once in 4 years.
Yes. - Come, sister-in-law! Come.
The first right is of the Patils..
..Daughter of the village.
No one should come between the Deshmukhs and God.
No one should come between God and us too.
Come on girl, perform the veneration. I'll see who stops you.
You. - One minute Akka. What l am saying?
The honour of both families is important.
But bigger is the honour of God..
So l think it's best if both together..
..perform the veneration of the holy procession.
Sister Komal, come ahead. - Come.
Akka, you also come ahead. - Come.
Whichever married woman crossed the holy procession..
..of Gaudevi (Village deity), each one of them had a child.
The only exception being the Deshmukh family..
This is the historic mansion of Suhasini Deshmukh.
This is the courageous Limbajirao Deshmukh.
He won many battles.
But he was not able to have a successor to his family.
Then he adopted this one, Pirajirao, watery-eyed..
He too tried to produce an heir but was not successful.
This is Bhole Malharrao. One can make out his doings..
..from his face itself. And this is his adopted son Tatyarao.
Hot-headed! So everything is a problem.
This is Vamanrao. He got married..
..at the age seen from his photo.
And this is Lemanrao. He never was steady.
And this is the seventh adopted son of the family..
..Mukunda Deshmukh. Let's see what he does now?
Why are you screaming?
Hey don't move or else l will be really dead.
There will be a happy ending to this drama. isn't it, Saya?
It's a cent-percent tried out formula.
Oh really, how many times have you killed yourself?
This situation never arose in my life.
Meaning, mother died almost immediately after l got married.
Your mother died, but why has not my mother arrived yet?
You had sent a message, isn't it?
Oh Mukunda, l have already sent a man to the mansion.
Akka must be on her way. Don't you worry!
Listen, do anything but we must remove..
..the obsession for a child from her mind. - Yes.
Convince her to adopt a child.
l already have an idea. You have patience..
Mukunda, Akka is here.
Mukunda! - Hang on! Hang on! - Oh mother.
She has brought the entire village with her.
Oh help! Help!
Come quick! Help! Run quickly! Help!
Saya, don't move.
Mukunda, get down from there.
Saya you move aside. Today l will kill myself.
Oh, why are you doing this? Get down please.
Oh Akka you've come. l tried to explain to him.
l explained to him a lot. l said l will talk to Akka.
She will listen to me. But he is not ready to listen.
With a heavy heart, l will give my child for adoption.
Don't move.
Then won't it be fine.
Mukunda, you better get down from there.
No! - Or else l will climb up there.
You will climb up the tree. Don't! The tree will break.
You don't come up. - Carefully! - Mother.
Nothing will happen. This is his usual drama.
Saya, what l am wondering is how he can..
..think of killing himself when you are around..
Give him a resounding slap.
Why do you say like that Akka?
After all he is my brother.
See, one must think of his state of mind also.
If he is insisting so much, adopt my child.
No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
But then he will die.
Okay! Then I'll adopt another one.
Oh Mukundrao! Why are you behaving like this?
You'll have a child. What do you think people?
Hey! What's this?
A public hanging ceremony of the Deshmukhs. Come on go, you..!
Saya! - l have held you. All of you leave.
Hey! l have held you. Don't worry l have held you.
l told you it was just a drama.
Drama! You say. Drama!
If anything were to happen to you.
It was by mistake that my foot slipped..
..from Sayaji's shoulder. That's why l got strangled.
But what l am saying why to do such a drama?
For mother! l am irritated by all this.
If we can't have a child, is it our mistake.
Are we not trying? But what to do if we can't have a child.
She knows the history of our mansion.
Still she is forcing, why? Why is she forcing?
Are you angry? But l am doing all this for our Komal.
l have experienced the pain of remaining barren.
l don't want her to bear the same pain.
Another thing, if anything happens to you..
..then before you, your mother will be dead.
Come on go to sleep now.
Tomorrow morning we have to go for the wedding.
Babya, today you are playing in this house.
But tomorrow you will play as a prince in that mansion.
He's become prince when he has to. Go inside now!
Eat! l am tired of telling your creditors everyday..
..that you are not at home.
Oh woman! Be a little calm. Just going on talking.
Once they adopt Babya, then all our problems will be over.
What will be over? It's a year that..
..l am listening to your Ramayan. It will be over.
That old woman is not listening. Not ready to adopt.
Thank God! You are saying both things.
Once like this and once like that.
Hey! l don't just speak. l do also.
Tomorrow at Shinde's wedding..
..Akka and Patil will both be there.
Then see what l will do.
This.. - Namaste Akka. - Namaste.
Oh dear! You are Preeti of the lnamdars. - Yes.
But when did you get married?
It's two years now.
Oh really! l didn't know about it. So any child yet?
Not yet.
Not yet. Give us the good news soon.
Oh Patil. - What is it?
Deshmukh lady was asking..
..why your daughter-in-law does not have any child yet?
Oh really!
Oh really! - Oh Mrs Deshmukh! Enquiring so lovingly..
..about my daughter-in-law.
Till today, there has been no fire..
..between the Patil and Deshmukh families..
..and today there's a shower of love suddenly.
This is your daughter-in-law. l did not know.
Oh! Then why were you inquiring..
..that its two years and you still have no child?
But l did not mean that.
Then what did you want to say?
You are from the Deshmukh family that..
..believes in keeping their own things hidden and..
..meddling in other people's lives.
You are from the barren Deshmukh family where..
..for the past seven generations no heir has been born..
And you ask my daughter-in-law why she has no child yet?
Look! You are talking too much.
Then what? l don't fear anybody.
Go ask that son of yours why he doesn't have a child yet?
Go ask your barren daughter-in-law..
..why she doesn't have a child yet?
And then if they do have a child, then come and..
..ask my daughter-in-law why she doesn't have a child yet?
Mukunda! Mukunda!
What happened mother?
Stop this woman or else l will do something.
Mother! - What will you do? Shut my mouth or..
..shut her mouth or shut everyone's mouth.
If she decides, this Suhasini Deshmukh can do anything.
Really! Don't do anything much.
Just see how you can make your son..
..have a child within a year. Can you do that?
Accepted! l accept this challenge of yours, Patil.
Within a year if my daughter-in-law doesn't have a child..
..l will sell my mansion, shave my head and go to Kashi.
But if my daughter-in-law has a child within a year..
..then l Suhasini Deshmukh will shave your head..
..in front of all these people and send you to Kashi.
So start counting days from now..
..for we will meet only after a year.
Oh my God!
Why are you so worried?
What hasn't happened in all these years..
..you think that's going to happen within a year..
..just by taking a challenge.
But still.
Oh shut up! Come!
Mother! Please take back this vow of yours.
Mukunda! Since when do you know your mother.
Since childhood. - What?
My childhood.
Any change?
No change.
Then for a proudly woman, l should bow down.
Okay what l am saying mother..
..Let us modify the vow a little.
Which one?
To break the history of seven generations will take time.
Patil wants to see our child. We will adopt. What say?
Yes! - Driver, stop the car.
Mother! Why are you stopping the car? - Mother.
Get down!
But listen to me! - Get down!
But.. But listen to me!
Get down! - Why are you making me get down from the car?
Come on! You also get down from the car.
What have l done wrong?
Meet me later then l will tell you.
Get down!
Mother! Mother! You will leave us and go home alone.
l will go to Kashi, shave my head..
..and then l will come back.
Oh no! That will look bad. - Huh!
She wants to say that.
After l return, l will shave off your hair. That will look good.
Driver! Let's go! - Mother! Mother! Mother! We'll sit for a while.
Mother! Mother! Mother! - Mother! Mother! Please don't do this.
Lift! Lift! Mother! Mother! Give us a lift.
Has mother made our kashi and gone to Kashi?
We're gone. Oh! She's stopped.
Reverse gear.
That's surprising! This has happened for first time in life.
She's come! Come! Come!
Mukunda! l think we should change the program slightly.
You think so. That's a relief.
Let us call your uncle from Kavdapur.
Better that l walk to Kashi and get my head shaven.
It won't look good.
Mother! You too!
l have decided. No matter what happens..
..l will call your uncle. Now say!
You've decided. - Yes!
Then what to say?
Oh! Who is this uncle?
Doctor! An Ayurvedic doctor in search of a patient.
Oh Gabde! Oh! Don't make a racket!
Gabde! Take them inside quickly.
Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!
Oh! Don't make a racket.
Are these kids or a joke?
Don't make a racket at your aunt's house.
Be careful! You'll fall.
What kids? - Hey! My money!
Hey! There's a big fault in you. You have asthma.
How did you know?
How did l know? l am a doctor. Are you crazy or what?
Look take these tablets. Two in the morning.
Two in the evening. Did you understand?
How much is your bill? - 30 rupees.
My tablets cost 35 rupees. Keep 5 rupees. Now come on!
Oh but. But. - Hey! Gabde!
Oh Akka. Akka. - Hey!
First serve the children.
Hey! - Stop. Put the cucumber down. No more of this from today.
Why? Why no cucumber from today?
What happened sister was that he stopped eating cucumber..
..and we had Chingi.
l want cucumber. - Eat quietly!
Oh Shriram! My husband liked cucumber a lot.
Why didn't you tell that back then?
Then we would not have to see this day.
But Akka where was l a doctor then..
..l was just roaming around here and there.
Don't worry! Better late than never.
Uncle! What and how are you going to set straight?
That's what l am saying. We've five. That's enough!
Hey! l said enough food.
Akka, where's the mouth freshener, the betel leaf.
Oh the bride is dressed, oh the betel nut is broken.
Oh Shriram! What are you sitting here..
..breaking the betel nut.
The honour of this mansion is in your hands.
Akka! You don't worry now that l have come.
If there's no child playing in the rocker in nine months..
..l will change the name. - My name?
Then what? Mine! Mukunda! Let me have a look at your pulse.
There's elastic in my pyjamas, uncle!
Don't crack silly jokes. Let me see you pulse!
Oh my pulse!
How come your pulse is so hard?
Uncle! That's my bracelet.
Then move the bracelet.
Akka! There is too much of heat in his body.
We must reduce the heat in his body.
Komal! Let me see your hand. Am l standing here..
..to look at your future. Show me your pulse!
See! - Oh! Where is her pulse?
Uncle, why are you playing the harmonica? - Move the bangle!
Akka! Your daughter-in-law is very anaemic.
Meaning? - She's become weak. There's no strength left in the body.
You must take care of her. Now l have come.
Don't take any tension. My first patient was 72 years old.
He went all over the world. Doctor! Vaidya! Hakims!
He shouted and went everywhere.
Finally he came to me. - See!
And said to me. Doctor! Give me death.
Doctor! Give me death. l fulfilled his wish.
Within three months, l finished him.
What confidence!
Mukunda! l still have that confidence.
Uncle! What have you served for me..
..in your platter of confidence?
Oh master! Let things happen! Let things happen!
Let things happen! - Oh my goodness!
What exactly is your plan?
Set up an onion shop or what?
Hey Mangala! When you are asked to milk, milk it!
Don't ask what's hanging?
Hey Mukunda! Come on bring the onions!
I'll get it.
My fate is so fantastic.
l am myself carrying the paraphernalia of my death.
Take! - Huppa haiyaa!
Uncle! You!
Mukunda! Take the name of God and drink it up in one go.
No uncle! - Take it! - No!
Take it! - No uncle!
You want a son, don't you? - Yes!
Yes! But mine and not the onion's.
But then drinking this you will have one. Take it! Good!
Drink the onion and sort the problem.
Hey! What are you laughing at?
Mangala! l have filled her dish.
Feed her!
Nine months! Nine days!
Take this Mukunda!
No uncle no!
This is the last glass.
If l drink this, l am sure it will be my last. I'll be dead.
Have it quick! Don't drop it. It will burn.
Don't drop it. It will burn.
Oh my God!
Uncle! What are you doing?
Mukya! Be careful!
Hey! - Uncle! What exactly are you doing?
Mukya! We need to reduce the heat in your body.
For this no better treatment than ice.
It's a sure shot treatment.
There's one similarity between me and Lord Krishna.
What is that?
Both have the same uncle.
Oh dear! That uncle was trying to kill the child.
This uncle is trying to give life to the child.
Mukya take the ice on your body.
Take the ice on your body. Take the ice on your body.
Don't keep it here!
Remember all what l told you. - Yes! - Don't be shy!
Do you understand? - Yes!
l have the experience of 5 children, not just like that.
Today you are looking so good. If your husband..
..doesn't go crazy tonight, then l am not your aunt.
Do you understand? Go! Go!
Happy! Happy!
'It is not possible to spend these nights.''
''What l wanted to say to you?''
''Today l am saying to you.''
''I love you. l love you.''
''There's no one but you.''
''What l wanted to say to you?''
''There's no one but you.''
''What l wanted to say to you?''
''Today l am saying to you.''
''Today l am saying to you. Today l am saying to you.''
A ghost.
Me! Me! Me!
K..K..K..K..Komal! This, what you are wearing, not wearing.
What have you done?
l am the atom bomb of beauty.
There's fire burning in my entire body.
Keep it there. Here! Uncle has made..
..the Himalayan mountain out of me. Every part of my body..
..is cramped to the limit. It's become like this.
Don't take me out of the bed sheets. Give them to me.
Why are you doing this?
What am l doing?
Look at me just once. l have dressed up so much.
All lines on this route are busy.
Wrong! Lazy because of the cold.
Please try again tomorrow.
No! - Yes!
Please give me the bed sheets or l will melt.
Go there!
Mukunda! Mukunda!
Mukunda! Mukunda!
We'll play on the banks of the Yamuna, Mukunda!
My Muku! Where are you? Oh my! Even this patient has run away.
But where will this one run off to?
Let's go. - Uncle!
Caught you at last. - You have still not forgotten..
..your childhood hide and seek game.
Uncle! l am irritated by all this.
Onion is done, ice is done.
Now which glass of poison do you have brought for me?
Mukunda! No poison, no glass today. Today! It's gym!
Uncle! When l do two, do you count only one.
l have done 25 and you are counting only 15.
Uncle! Give me time please.
22! 23!
Good! Come on! Come on! Come on! Run Mukunda!
Hey your feet will become strong.
They will have strength. Sit on this!
Why are you screaming? Listen to me!
Don't get up!
You will get strength because of the massage.
Don't worry! l am there.
You will understand the benefit of this later on.
Oh Mukunda! Get down!
Uncle let me come up or else my expiry date will come.
You are a body builder.
Mukunda! l am telling you.
Show today that you are a real man.
Uncle! Let me come up or else l will die.
No! No! No! Look at that body builder! Go fight him!
Go man go! Go show him! Show him!
My strong man! Look at him in the eye.
What no? Today l need it.
Otherwise l won't get sleep.
Give me! Give me!
No! Today aunty massaged me.
Uncle has completely wrecked me.
Does one have children by exercising?
This is a new discovery for me.
Stand straight you brat! How much are you moving?
Where am l moving? You are only moving me. - What moving me?
Why are you beating my Dhoni?
Dhoni? Behaving like Sehwag.
Child! Don't do that. Don't bat so much.
Mukunda! l will do anything to prepare my nephew.
l would have died of a heart attack.
Don't look for me, uncle! Wherever l hide you find me.
That's why l have come myself. - Yes.
What's the menu? What will you stuff down my throat now?
The menu is different for today.
Bunimbada, kwata, kutajarishta..
..mahasudarshan, chandanasava..
Meaning soul enlightening, arousing drink to be had?
Uncle what is this?
This is also part of my treatment.
But the medication is a little strong.
Look at that
''The garden of my amazing youth is filled.''
''Come in darling, you'll go crazy.''
''The mangoes have ripened, the corn has filled up tight.''
''Come, come now, the season of love is at its best darling.''
''The garden of my amazing youth is filled.''
''Come in darling, you'll go crazy.''
''The fields have nearly blossomed.''
''The birds are going crazy.''
''The birds are going crazy because of the full corn.''
''The fields have nearly blossomed.''
''The birds are going crazy.''
''The birds are going crazy because of the full corn.''
''The mangoes have ripened, the corn has filled up tight.''
''Come, come now, the season of love is at its best darling.''
''The garden of my amazing youth is filled.''
''Come in darling, you'll go crazy.''
''To whom are you giving signs?''
''To whom are you saying sweet things?''
''My life is burning little by little. Give me some sign.''
''To whom are you giving signs?''
''To whom are you saying sweet things?''
''My life is burning little by little. Give some sign.''
''The mangoes have ripened, the corn has filled up tight.''
''Come, come now, the season of love is at its best darling.''
''The garden of my amazing youth is filled.''
''Come in darling, you'll go crazy.''
Mukunda! Let's go home. Show your magic.
Mukunda! Do everything like a man. You are a man.
Yes! - But before that create the atmosphere. - Yes!
Make your wife happy. - Yes!
There should be cleanliness, fragrance. - Yes!
Don't be in a hurry. Go succeed! - Yes!
Hey not this way. There's a chasm here.
You'll fall down. Go this way.
All the best. - Good!
Mangal! Where are you sleeping?
Oh my God!
Komal! - Yes! Mother!
What was that noise yesterday night?
Yesterday night.
Mother! That bed. On it.
That bed! That bed! That bed! That bed! That bed! Nothing.
Yesterday night when we were sleeping on the bed..
..l got a dream.
Really? - Yes! - What dream?
That's what l am trying to remember.
Ah, we have a son and it's his naming ceremony.
Really? - Don't we sing? Someone take Govinda. - Take!
Someone take Gopala. - Take!
Is this medicine?
No! It's God's gift! - Okay I'll take.
So it went on like this.
When it was going on, l once bent down to give Govinda.
But l saw there was no Gopala coming.
l saw Gopala was in the air.
Oh my God! - So to prevent him from falling and to catch him..
..l jumped and fell under the bed and got hurt on the face.
You won't be able to do anything. - Yes!
Not everything has to be told to mother.
No! - Then how do you tell everything. - Mukunda!
Here he comes. The doctor in him is so active.
l had gone to the forest in the morning and..
..got the thing l was looking for so many days.
The roots of the white hibiscus!
Once you have the extract of this, everything will be fine.
Where are you going? Mukunda's uncle has come.
Uncle! Let him come! Is he going to change..
..the history of the past 7 generations of Deshmukhs.
Yes! He is going to change it. - Going to change it!
He is looking for the roots of the white hibiscus in the entire village.
Once Mukunda has a child, then we are finished.
Roots of the white hibiscus! - Yes!
Malti! That's a sure shot treatment.
Something has to be done.
By the grace of God, you will get all medicines.
You will get medicines for all illnesses.
You will get medicine to reduce your sickness.
You will get medicine to improve your life.
Come! Come mister! Tell me!
Show me a root that looks like the root of the white hibiscus.
But should be something else.
Oh sir! Take any root, any medicine from here.
It's something else. Any root will look like that of hibiscus.
Give! Give! Give!
Feeding these roots and medicines..
..uncle has nearly turned my stomach into a hospital.
Now let's see how he makes me eat medicines and roots.
What happened? Did you find it?
You search for it in that room.
What happened? - Did you find the roots?
Shriram! How can you be so careless?
l had kept it here. Where it could have disappeared?
What happened uncle?
The roots of hibiscus, l am not able to find it.
What you can't find it? Oh no! Uncle, how important it is?
If you don't find it, l won't have a root. l mean child.
Hmm! Normally you are running away from my medication.
Today! Why are you bothered about the roots?
Shouldn't l have children?
Hello! - Hello!
You are looking for the roots, isn't it?
Yes? - Does the entire village know? How did you know about this?
No! My wife told me. Take this root!
Hey! - Sayaji, you did a good job.
Otherwise my whole day would have been wasted.
Akka! Take this and keep it safe.
This root is great.
l experimented with this root on my fifth patient.
Within a span of one year, he had two children.
Who do you think was the patient?
Who? - It was me.
Mukunda! Open your mouth.
No! - Mukunda, quickly open your mouth.
You want a child Mukunda?
Komal! Open your mouth. Komal, open your mouth. - Me!
Komal! Quickly open your mouth. - No!
You must also eat.
See what l told you?
It's done. Now enjoy. Come on. Go. Go on. Go to work.
Everyone is behind my life. First uncle and..
..now even that Sayaji is with you.
Go! Go on! Go to work!
Nothing will happen.
Now are you going to come with us into the bedroom?
Go and play. - Our work is done.
Didn't l tell you?
Open your mouth quickly.
Have you gone mad? - Why?
We already have 5. isn't that enough?
Hey! l want to make an entire cricket team.
Go there! - What?
Oh Chingi! - Where will l go away from you?
20-20 has been cancelled due to bad weather.
Still sleeping! Get up!
What are you trying to strangle me? l would have died.
Come see what your medication has done.
What has happened? - Come and see!
The magic of my medicine is seen.
What will it be Mukunda, a boy or a girl?
Shriram! What medicine did you give my son?
See what has happened.
Is it paining? - Oh my God!
No l am feeling ticklish.
Okay l won't do it.
What happened?
Hmm! What happened?
All because of you, uncle. All because of you.
Because of me. How come?
If you hadn't given that root, this puff would not have come.
My medicines never have an effect.
How come there was a side effect here?
Okay, even though at side, at least there was some effect.
But was there something wrong with the root.
It's okay! It's okay! Is it paining a lot?
No! l am feeling ticklish?
See how is it Akka? Every time it's not necessary that..
..only medicines will work. See since..
..last 7 generations why is something not happening?
Shouldn't one think about that?
Meaning not all women and men were barren.
Right Akka?
Then why did it take so long for something like this to happen.
Shouldn't one think of that? - Whatever it is, speak clearly.
It is like this Akka. Someone may have done..
..karni, bhanamati, magic on our house.
Meaning the stars are not in favor. We have to please them.
Otherwise these things will not happen.
But l have never been to someone like this before.
We don't even know something like this is there?
l know a holy man.
What's his name?
Sharad Joshi.
Then let's go to him tomorrow itself.
Definitely! What it is?
Something like this is there.
Okay! So this is the one behind Mukunda's baby.
Your mother's.
Swamiji, whatever it is, tell very clearly.
Yes. We are prepared to do anything.
We prepared for it yesterday itself.
l, we, l, l have..
..already prepared ourselves mentally. - Yes!
Akka, l have examined both horoscopes.
They don't match. Then how will there be a child?
How is that possible, Swamiji?
Please see it properly.
l am saying this after examining both horoscopes.
You are looking with one eye. Look with both.
Yes! Yes!
Still the same!
No! No! Is there no cure?
Cure! It will happen.
After a lag! After some years! Will that do?
Of course it will do. It's more important that it will happen.
isn't it Akka?
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
My son should have a child within one year.
Please give some solution, Swamiji.
I'll give you whatever fees you ask.
There is. Adoption!
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
l will not adopt a child.
Swamiji, please give another solution.
What other solution will he have other than adoption?
No means no! Swamiji, if your solution brings a child..
..in my mansion, then l will cover you in gold.
There is!
There is! - There is!
Second marriage!
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
Yes! - No second marriage, mother! No second marriage!
Mukunda! There is no clause that it has to be Komal's child.
The child of my Mukunda should come in the mansion.
Then it may be from the first wife or the second.
Swamiji, you gave a solution. You are great!
Let's go!
Yes Swamiji! I'll build your tomb. l mean your temple.
Come on! - Oh God!
Now what to do?
Oh Akka! - What happened?
l forgot to give the Swamiji his fees. You all go ahead.
I'll just give his fees and come.
Come! Come! - Give him his fees now.
I'll get fees, gold now. - You came to give fees.
Yes! l have come for that.
Now you tell me what you told.
l told as discussed.
Meaning there will be a child though after some delay.
This is what was decided. Right?
Then who asked you to say anything more on your own..
..about adopting. Why did you suggest adoption?
Why did you suggest second marriage? Shameless!
Will you do like this?
Swollen already?
Your mother's..stay there!
Acting smart unnecessarily!
Now why have you come?
Pay your fees!
Will you really give fees?
Yes. Please bring your face here.
Asking me to get married. Get married for a second time.
For my entire life l have borne the pain of his treatment.
Now your suggestion to get married.
Say, will you tell again. Will you?
Looks like he is gone.
Your father is standing behind you here.
l warn you, if you tell anyone else.
Come! Come! You have come to give extra fees.
Yes! l have come to give fees.
Your mother's fortune teller. Here are your fees!
What had l told you to say?
Adopting a child is what was decided.
Then why did you suggest that he should marry a second time?
l made a mistake. l made a mistake. Forgive me!
Acting smart unnecessarily!
This is gone! That is gone!
Swelling has come to me!
Mother. - l know.
l can't be without you.
You can't live without me, l know.
But l also know this..
..that you can't live even without your mother.
My parents died in an accident. l was small.
l did not understand anything.
May be l would have been..
..raised in some orphanage.
Mother brought me here.
Brought me up like her own son.
She loves me a lot.
Then shouldn't we fulfill her wish.
Komal! l don't agree.
Listen to me!
You marry once again.
It may be of a second wife. But the child will be yours.
If a child will bring joy into this house..
..then what more do l want?
What happened children? Why are you crying?
Uncle! Mother wants to get me married again.
That's it?
Uncle! This is not a joke.
Even l am not joking. l am your uncle. Don't worry!
My mind works well. l have a great idea.
Which one?
Child, will you move aside a little bit?
Good night!
Nine months! Nine days!
l tell you our Mukunda is a very good boy.
Absolutely without any addictions.
Not even addicted to the betelnut's shell.
Look at his eyes like that of a poor dear cow. Did you see?
You are the Deshmukh family. No question of any bad habits.
Yes! But sometimes. Only sometimes. l smoke.
Why to lie? l smoke sometimes.
Otherwise, l am not addicted even to the betelnut's shell.
You smoke? You said.
No! l don't smoke always.
Only sometimes when..
..he drinks local liquor.
Meaning you even drink alcohol.
But you had said. - Uncle!
Not always! Only when friends take me..
..to a dance bar, then l do smoke sometimes..
Otherwise, l am not addicted even to the betelnut's shell.
l drink yes.
Dance bar! Meaning the 'Mujra'.
But sister! You had said.
Papa, now-a-days even girls go to pubs. Drink alcohol.
That's what l said. He doesn't always go to the dance bar.
Sometimes only when he losses in card games.
Yes. - Otherwise! Look at his eyes. Like those of a poor cow.
Meaning you even play cards.
Uncle! Not always! Only sometimes..
..when l get fits of madness then l go to play cards.
l have all these addictions..
..but l am not addicted to the beternut's shell.
Fits of madness!
Dad! Now-a-days everyone has some kind of madness.
That's what l said. He likes the movies.
He likes movies? - Different actors come into his body.
See! He is getting a fit. A fit!
Hey you Samba!
l am not Samba. l am here father.
Just wait for a while. Right now Amjad Khan has entered into his body.
See this. If you don't reply to his question..
..he hits out with his belt.
Oh God! - Uncle, today l don't have a belt. l have a cup.
Then he hits even with a cup.
How many men were there?
Hey girl! He asked you the question. Now reply quickly!
Otherwise he may throw tea on your face. - Two.
Jai and Veeru?
No! Not Jai and Veeru. They were Sandeep and Prakash.
Sandeep from the alley behind and the grocer's son Prakash.
Didn't you find anyone from the alley in front? See, uncle!
Come! Akka! Should we give our poor dear boy to such a girl?
Hey! Do you.. Akka! Akka! Akka!
Have some tea at least!
Put it back in the kettle!
Listen to me at least!
Acting! Acting! They were acting.
All this what l am doing, you think it's a joke.
Why were you lying to them? That you drink! Play cards!
Visit dancers! And you? You favor him!
He is childish, but even you!
But Akka! Give divorce to a girl like Komal means
But where am l asking you to give her a divorce.
Mother! Unless l give divorce..
..l will not be able to marry for a second time.
Also, because we behaved like we came to know the truth about that girl.
Two affairs!
You be quiet! This family should grow.
A child should be born. You don't want it?
l must have to now before that Patil woman.
That's what you wish for?
Me or my words, neither have any meaning for you.
But. - Okay! Wait! Today itself.
Hey! What are you standing there looking? Get the ambulance!
She has had a mild heart attack.
But there's no need to worry. We have already started the medication.
l think she needs to rest a little.
Let us keep her under observation for today.
Don't worry!
Within a year if my daughter-in-law does not have a child..
..l will sell this mansion shave my hair and go to Kashi..
l will have to bow before that Patil woman.
That's what you wish for.
You do not value me or my word.
You do not value me or my word.
Hey! Oh my God!
Lady! Lady! Oh God!
Coming! Coming! Coming!
Hello! Hey who is this?
Uncle! It's me!
Mukya! Where are you?
l am dead, uncle!
But why? What happened?
On way a girl came under my car. l hit her.
Oh my God! Is she alive or dead?
Uncle! She's alive.
No one has seen you, Mukya?
No. - There's no one around you?
No! l can't see anyone. It's dark!
One thing. Put her in the car and come home.
Come quick! Come quick! Come quick!
Slowly! Slowly! Mukya!
Uncle! There's no problem right?
This is minor.
Oye! This is not minor. This is problematic. - Meaning?
What are you asking, Komal?
This means the police..
..the beating, the hanging. - Keep quiet!
She should not have met with an accident in this condition.
What you mean by 'in this condition'?
Mukya! She is pregnant.
Uncle! Is her baby okay?
See uncle, no harm should come to her baby.
Already, we are unfortunate.
..Added to that is the sin of killing a baby.
l don't want that, uncle.
Keep quiet! Don't worry so much.
Nothing has happened to her or the baby.
l have a weird idea in my head.
What's the idea?
Keep the girl hidden in this mansion.
After her 9 months and 9 days are over. - Then?
We give the baby to Komal and tell the girl something..
..and tell Akka that Komal had a baby.
Like this, her wish to have a grandchild..
..this year will be fulfilled and..
..this problem will be off our back. How's this?
My wife has spoken!
Aunty, what are you saying? Is she going to wait here..
..after regaining consciousness.
After regaining consciousness, she will say..
..I'll stay here for 9 months 9 days.
After having the baby..
..I'll give you the baby and leave.
She'll soon regain consciousness and leave.
See! She's regaining consciousness - Has she?
Oh God!
Where am l? Who am l?
Child! If you tell who you are..
..we can tell you where you are?
Look here lady! Actually it wasn't my mistake at all..
You were crossing the road without looking.
l even honked.
Horn! Road! l can't remember anything.
What is your name?
Name! l can't remember.
Don't do this. Please try and remember, otherwise..
..the police will make me remember everything.
You can't remember your name.
But can you remember your address?
Address! - The father of your unborn child?
What do you mean father of my unborn child?
Oh God! Uncle she can't remember anything.
Means something is wrong with her head.
The blind one is asking for one eye and God is giving two.
Think about it. If we hide her in this huge mansion..
..no one will even come to know.
Spoken! My wife has spoken. - But.
Mukunda! It's a good idea.
l go tomorrow itself and..
..get Akka from the hospital. Then our game begins.
9 months 9 days. - Yes.
9 months 9 days.
Uncle! Uncle! - What happened?
Father and aunty have come.
Mother has come? Children, like we decided.
The game of hide and seek begins.
If mother sees her that Akka up there..
..then we are all out. Okay?
Yes! - Komal! Aunty! Come quick. Come on run along! Run along!
Everyone run quickly.
Mother has come.
She's come. Okay l remember everything.
You remember everything? - Komal is pregnant. She should come to know.
That girl Kirti is vomiting. So even Komal should vomit.
Come on vomit. - Yes.
Oh God. Vomit means not turn around.
It means vomit. You say you remember everything. Start vok vok!
Slowly Akka. Slowly Akka.
Mother! How are you, mother?
See how she has pulled down?
Have you set the drama?
Yes! Everything is set. See.
Komal! Vok vok! Vok vok!
l am touching your feet.
Vok vok! Vok vok!
Vok vok! Vok vok!
It's working! It's working!
Move aside! Move aside!
What's happening to both of them?
Nothing mother. Since yesterday she's been..
..doing vok-vok all over the house. l don't think she's fine.
Oh my God! Means.
Means you've been partying while l was away.
First stuff yourself with food and then you will have acidity.
Shriram! Give her medicine for acidity.
Akka! l don't think she has acidity.
l don't think so either.
Oh Akka! l think they've been staying up late recently.
Yes! We've been staying up late recently.
That's why she's been constantly doing vok-vok. See!
Staying awake till late you are bound to get acidity.
Hey! If you speak, my blood boils. Come on! Go!
Oh my God! Means. Even she.
Yes! Even her.
Even she has spectacles.
Oh yes! Before l got spectacles..
..l too used to vomit and fell vok-vok.
Yes! Uncle! Where is he?
Wait! I'll meet you half way.
This is called the history of the mansion. Despite telling her..
..in so many words she is not getting even a doubt.
No one is understanding your vok-vok here.
Oh my God! Means!
Akka! All the time you do 'Oh my God! Means'..
..stretch our curiosity and crush it suddenly.
Then what!
The balloon just bursts and crumples.
First say what you want and then we'll say yes. - Yes!
Then you say first.
Everything is wasted. The vok-vok and all.
Oh Akka! Komal is expecting.
Oh my God! Means! Really Komal is expecting.
Yes! - Oh my dear daughter-in-law.
Come on! Come on! Where are you going?
Let's go to Dr Saroj and..
..get your pregnancy test done.
Come! - Akka! We just came back from the hospital..
..and you want to go back again.
Means! We are in trouble.
Why are you coming? We ladies will go.
Come on! Come!
Child! Mukunda!
Yes uncle!
If we don't reach the hospital before they do..
..then we'll have to be admitted there. Come quick!
''Angare. Dhupare. Vaidyas and hakims.''
''Came and went and gave these words of wisdom.''
''Angare. Dhupare. Vaidyas and hakims.''
''Came and went and gave these words of wisdom.''
''Still it's stuck. Don't know where it is stuck.''
Uncle, not there. This way. - ''Where is destiny going?''
''Someone tell how and when.''
''When will there be an heir?''
''Nine months. Nine days.''
Where are you going there? Come from here.
''Nine months. Nine days.''
Where is mother? - Mother?
Where is Suhasini Deshmukh?
Oh. In the OT? - Whose?
OT means operation theatre.
Mukunda! We must go to the OT.
Do one thing. You go to the OT..
..and ask her to take me into her saree pallu.
Where is the OT?
This way.
This way. Come.
You have kept me alive to see this day?
Mother! Mother! - Akka. - Mother please forgive me.
Get up!
Mukunda! There are tears in your eyes.
Now what will come from my eyes, if not tears.
Right! After so many years..
..you will be a father, there will be tears of joy.
l will be a father? - Yes!
Who? He or me?
Of course him!
How did this miracle happen, Akka?
Shriram! Because of your medicines.
My medicines.
See Akka! No one believed. None of the villagers believed.
But you alone believed in my medicines. See the miracle.
Mukya! You are going to be a father. Mukya!
Enough! Enough! Control yourself.
All this is Lord Ganesha's doing.
l have not said anything.
Komal! You have come. Let's go!
Mukunda! Naughty boy. When did you get the chance?
l don't know. Uncle, l don't.
We don't come to know when we get the chance. Mukunda!
Wait! Wait! All this.. l.
All this is a lie.
Now shout. Mukunda! When did you get the chance?
Then what is all this?
But l thought my medicines worked on both of you.
But instead your family has influenced my medicines.
Then doctor what is all this?
I'll tell you everything. Nurse!
Doctor! Doctor! Please help us.
Mother has already
.. had a mild attack and she is craving for a grandchild.
We had no other way of keeping her happy.
So we did this drama.
Tell me in detail what happened.
Doctor, l can never be a mother.
But let her become a grandmother.
We want to see that joy in her eyes.
We will never forget your favor our entire life.
Doctor! you saved us from big trouble. Thank you doctor!
l can understand your problem.
That's okay!
Uncle! What happened now?
Mukunda! l have made a 72 year old man a father.
Won't lose heart. How old are you?
28 years.
Then you still have 34 years.
Means l will have a child at 72. No chance before that.
Don't crack silly jokes. Come on! - Okay!
Now get down carefully. Slowly!
Come on, Mukkya.
Slowly. - Akka. Today is such a happy day.
On this occasion make Mukunda's favorite foods. - Bitter gourd halwa
and sweet of lady's fingers. Come on! Let's go to the mansion.
No! I'll tell where to go?
Now where to? - Come!
Uncle! What's going to happen?
Patil oh Patil. Come out. Come.
Who is that?
It's me Suhasini Deshmukh. l have come to invite you.
My daughter-in-law Komal is expecting.
So you have to come to the mansion..
..after 9 months and 9 days for the naming ceremony..
After how many days? 9 months, 9 days. Understood?
9 months. 9 months.
''The joy is not fitting in the stomach, on the lips.''
''Let us dance with joy and happiness.''
''The joy is not fitting in the stomach, on the lips.''
''Let us dance with joy and happiness.''
''Our body immersed in this uncontrollable joy.''
''Let us swing to the crazy music.''
''Sweet flute. Dham-dham drums.''
''The entire atmosphere has become intoxicated.''
''The drum is beating on the beats of the heart.''
''The drum is beating. The drum is beating.''
''The drum is beating.''
''The drum is beating.''
''You are my every breath.''
''No one else's thoughts in my mind.''
''You are the queen of this mind.''
''You are in this heart for 7 births.''
''My world is in your eyes.''
''What other happiness is there for me?''
''Sweet flute. Dham-dham drums.''
''The entire atmosphere has become intoxicated.''
''The drum is beating on the beats of the heart.''
''The drum is beating. The drum is beating.''
''The drum is beating. The drum is beating.''
''Oh Almighty, what should l say?''
''Oh God, what can l ask for?''
''The blind man asks for one. God gives two eyes.''
''Krishna will come to Gokul now.''
''We'll forget all sadness after the cradle rocks.''
''Sweet flute. Dham-dham drums.''
''The entire atmosphere has become intoxicated.''
''The drum is beating on the beats of the heart.''
''The drum is beating. The drum is beating.''
''The drum is beating. The drum is beating.''
''The joy is not fitting in the stomach, on the lips.''
''Let us dance with joy and happiness.''
''Our body immersed in this uncontrollable joy.''
''Let us swing to the crazy music.''
''Sweet flute. Dham-dham drums.''
''The entire atmosphere has become intoxicated.''
''The drum is beating on the beats of the heart.''
''The drum is beating. The drum is beating.''
''The drum is beating. The drum is beating.''
Ok doctor! You must examine my sister-in-law carefully.
Examine her properly. A child is going to be born..
.. after 7 generations.
Uncle! Uncle!
What happened? Is the mansion collapsing or what?
No! Look at that! Saya has brought a doctor.
Pull it a little.
Yes! - Not me! The bike.
Yes! The bike.
l think this is a problem not Saya.
Come let's go and see what doctor-doctor he wants to play.
Come! - Come!
Come doctor! Shriram, see Saya has brought..
..this doctor from the city for our Komal.
Okay! - Come doctor!
What's your name, doctor? - Dantale.
Dantale! l understood.
Farole that is why Dantale.
Akka! You see about his tea-coffee. - But.
You see about his tea-coffee. He's a guest.
You see about his tea-coffee. I'll look at him.
At the doctor. Come this way.
Slowly! - Come on! Come!
Come doctor. Come quickly. Examine quickly whatever it is.
Yes. Someone hold the bag.
Hold this Sayaji.
Come on!
Remove the cover from the face.
Oh no! Not to remove the cover from the face.
Uncle will tell you. - Today is no moon day.
A pregnant woman is not supposed to show her face to any man.
Don't you know this, Badsale doctor?
What are you saying? - Who made him a doctor?
The pulse! Can he check the pulse?
Yes! It's okay! He can check the pulse. Show her pulse!
It's okay to check the pulse.
Check! Did you get the pulse?
Yes it's there. There's no problem.
It's okay. Now tell me, child.
Do you have a headache?
Komal, the doctor is asking you.
Yes. Yes.
In this condition, it will pain slightly.
Okay. Tell me child, are you feeling nauseous?
Yes! Yes!
Oh good! Nice! Very good! Okay, tell me child..
..do you feel giddy? Giddy?
Yes a little.
Oh, good! Very good! Nice.
Komal is getting disturbed. Let's talk outside.
No! No! Let him examine her.
Hey! It's enough! What silly questions?
Are you going to wait till her delivery?
Troubling a pregnant woman. Come on! Let's go!
Come on! - But let him examine her carefully. Listen to me.
Come! - Yes!
He brought the doctor to expose us.
But it's like left for London and reached Tokyo.
That means she's pregnant. - No, she's.
What? - Yes!
Congratulation! Have you examined her properly?
What do you mean? I'm a doctor.
That's why l congratulated you. Give some sweets.
What? - Some sweet. - Sweets? C'mon, let's go!
l said sweets? - Keep quiet and let's go.
You won't give? - Now push.
Okay! - Not me. Push the bike.
Okay! Yes! - Yes. - C'mon.
Hey! Who's this beautiful girl in our courtyard?
Let me see.
She's Kirti! - Okay!
What? - My God!
And who's she?
She's my Akka. Akka. l recognize her from any angle.
Akka? - What? - My God!
Oh God! - Hey, uncle! - Akka!
Both of them.. if Akka would see her..
..I'm going to be in trouble.
Akka! - What's this, Shriram?
l was slipping. My leg has got sprain.
Take care! - Are you here to pluck flowers? - Yes!
l thought so.
Komal?! - Komal?
What's this? - What's this?
What are you doing? - What have you started now?
She's Komal.
Are you eating mud?
Mom! She's pregnant that's why she's eating mud.
Yes, Akka! She has pregnant.
Really? Komal! - Yes!
It didn't come in my mind.
You can't understand motherhood by seeing.
One needs to experience it.
How would l know about the changes..
..occurring in the body and the womb, right?
Okay! You come inside. C'mon.. c'mon!
Come! - Now go inside and manage things. - Yes!
Let's go! Who's it?
Eat.. eat the mud to your heart's content. Okay?
Shall l? - Yes, go ahead.
You feel like eating, don't you?
I've brought it especially for you.
Look at it. Reddish mud from Kokan. - See!
And this is the black clay from Kolhapur.
Yes, see! - And this is Khandeshi mud from Khandesh.
Eat! Eat to your heart's content. Okay?
Eat it! - Go ahead!
You please help me.
You crave for eating it, right? So, you eat it.
Do you want me to feed you? - No need. l can eat by myself.
Eat! - Yes, I'll taste Khandeshi one. - Okay!
Mom, you finish your other work. I'll satiate her craving.
Madam Akka! Madam Akka! - I'll feed her everything.
You don't worry. You go.
My God! What are you doing?
Malti! Komal is craving to eat mud.
Akka, you get that to the gram seller.
What are you waiting for then? Go and bring them.
Right away, madam! I'll come in a jiffy.
Eat the mud!
Malti! Listen to what l say.
Look this is fed during craving. You feed her well.
And then watch how she'd be free from it.
Don't come out until you personally feed her everything.
Otherwise, you'll create some confusion.
You're right. But l hope uncle won't come in between..
..and fail your plan.
How will uncle come there?
You can't say anything about him.
Catch Komal alone. And feed her this.
But.. - Go! - I'm very scared. - Go now. Hurry up.
Go! - l don't know what he's up to.
l know what I'm up to. - Hello, Sayajirao!
Hello! - What brings you here?
Just like that. - Like that?
You give frequent visits to us these days.
Yes! - Anything special? l hope everything is alright.
Yes, it's alright!
You look very scared. Are you alright? - Yes, I'm fine.
Take care of your health. You've already lost your hair.
Someday, you may lose heart too. - No.
Bye! - Yes!
Sister Komal!
Sister Komal! - Coming!
Sister Komal, see what I've brought for you.
What's this?
You're pregnant and started craving, right?
l? - Yes!
Started craving? - Yes!
Some misunderstanding. - What? - You don't have.
Yes, I'm craving.
Don't you? He came to know and was telling me..
..why are you taking this mud?
Take away everything properly.
So take this. Now a child will play in this house.
So, all your cravings must be satiated, right? - Yes.
Take it! - l don't want. I'm really..
What's going on, sister-in-law?
What have you brought? Eatables of pregnancy time?
You're carrying from how many months?
Third. - So, you too eat some of it.
Uncle! It's not first time for me.
My wife had five children.
But every time like a kid..
..she starts eating a plate full of these eatables.
It's nothing wrong. You have some.
It must be different in your case.
Sister! You don't listen to him.
Listen! It's never different for anybody.
It's same for every woman.
Komal! Feed her! Give her some. C'mon!
Don't do that. - No.. No, sister. - No, you must eat some.
You know what? Both of you eat together.
So both will have cute babies. C'mon, sister-in-law. Eat!
Please.. - Oh god!
What happened? - What happened?
l forgot. - What?
My mother-in-law is expected to come today. - Really?
l must go.
She'll start shouting, if she won't found me at home.
Sister, you eat it. - No, sister-in-law..
No! Sister you eat it.
l didn't feel like. - You too didn't wish to eat, right?
What he would have done today?
Malti! Where are you going? Did you accomplish my task?
While doing your job I'd have been in trouble today.
What happened?
What are you asking me?
May that uncle be cursed!
He was about to feed me that poison today.
What? - In your enmity with that family..
..if anything goes wrong with us.. - Hey!
Will you keep quiet now?
That idiot uncle!
l don't think l can succeed..
..until uncle is there. l won't spare you.
Mangla! I've taken all the herbs required for Mukund.
Now you just watch. - Uncle!
Who are these wrestlers?
Come, I'll take you home. - Why?
Has Akka changed the house?
Don't ask questions. Just hop in the car.
Why car? l know the route. I'll go walking.
Just shut up! Hey, what are you waiting for? Catch him!
Stand in discipline. Move back.
Make a queue.
Take one step back. Move back. Let's go.
What do you want, madam? - Where's he?
Shit! - Do you want flowers?
C'mon. - C'mon, let's go. - Hurry up! - Yes, let's go.
Hello, madam Akka!
How are you? - Keep distance.
I'm fine.
But why isn't she speaking anything? - Why isn't she speaking?
l want a fish.
No! My..
It's my vow.
Lips are stitched.
Ass! No! Fool!
Yes! Vow to keep silence.
Kicking. No.
Bare footed.. l want to visit all the temples of the village.
This is my vow. - For whom?
For whom? I'm going to murder him. No.
His wife.. okay! She's doing it for my wife. Wow!
Who's she? - She's my daughter-in-law!
Daughter-in-law! Very good.
She has grown so fat.
Ass! No.. Fool!
Not even that. Greatest fool!
Finally he could understand.
Pregnant? With whose child?
She's pregnant with how many months?
Fifth! - Fifth? Very good. Fifth month?
Hey! What's this?
My God!
Then Komal's stomach is straight.
And hers is grown so big.
How's it possible?
Yes, actually.
That reminds me.
Mom, it reminds me of an urgent work.
Mom, you please complete your worship.
By the time, I'll finish my work. Yes.
Mukund! Mukund! No matter how much you insist me..
..but l won't stop. I've some urgent work.
9 months, 9 days.
''Ambabai, Kalubai and Jyotiba!''
''Where it's already brushed.''
l don't know what will happened now?
Oh God!
Who are these people? - Yes!
''Ambabai, Kalubai and Jyotiba!''
''Where it's already brushed.''
''Grandfather, great-grandfather..
..Great-great grandfather will kill and go.''
''Will you kill everyone and go today?''
''Everyone's worried when will they be relieved.''
''How many days to suffer like this?''
''9 months, 9 days.''
Get in! - Yes, I'm going.
Hey, leave my hand first. I'm going. Out!
C'mon, run! - Hey! Where do you escape?
Hey, don't touch me. - C'mon, get in.
Leave me!
That's why you must not put your hand in between.
It's injured, right?
Wait, take these medicines. it'll relieve your pain.
Don't stare. I'm a doctor.
''How can you say that everybody is alone?''
''Like grass in the machine, keep revolving.''
''How can you say that everybody is alone?''
''Like grass in the machine, keep revolving.''
''Without reason..
..why do the innocents get punished?''
''Somebody, somewhere becomes a stage..
..and somebody vows.''
Hey, do you have a digestion problem?
Take these tablets. You'll be fine. Okay?
Let's go.
He has escaped. Catch him!
No! l won't stop.
Come! Let's sit here.
Oh God! - Mangla! - Yes!
After a long time we got some privacy.
You always think of it at wrong time.
Listen! - What's wrong in that?
Aren't you ashamed?
Here they are. - They've come.
Hey! - C'mon, let's go.
What are you doing? - Let's go! - Yes!
My God!
If mother will reach before me, I'll be dead.
''9 months, 9 days.''
''9 months, 9 days.''
''9 months, 9 days.''
Komal! Komal!
Komal! Komal!
Komal! Is she playing hide and seek?
Komal! Komal! - What? - Komal!
Unwrap your sari.
Unwrap your sari. - What? - Unwrap your sari now.
Are you in your senses? What of mother will come?
Unwrap it for her only. Let me see your tummy. Show me your tummy.
See it's so slim and trim. - Oh, yes.
If mother sees this tummy, she'll make our cream.
Where's cushion? Where's cushion?
Cushion? For what?
Cushion? For sleeping. - Oh my?
She's still in that mood.
It's useless asking her.
Do something. Do something.
Towel! - There. - Yes.
But.. - Wait!
Let's tie it like this.
What are you doing? - Don't move.
Why are you moving round and round?
Stand straight.
Before mom returns, the child should be tied up. - Ah!
Yes! - Child is ready before mother returns.
Where's the child?
At your back.
You keep moving. That's why it went back.
If mother will see that, you'll be in trouble.
Hold it properly.
Slowly. - Yes, slowly.
What slowly? I'm in trouble here.
Let me see. Yes.
Will it be like this? - Meaning?
It looks artificial. - Then what?
Where's your gown? - In the cupboard.
Here it is.
Wow, child started speaking. - Mother.
Acting, right? - Mother!
Wait a moment! Oh, mom, it's you?
How did you reach here?
How have l reached here?
How? Actually.. l. What happened you know?
Yes! In the morning, l went for the work..
..and l felt hungry. So l rushed home. Mom!
What's this?
She's pregnant. Fifth month is running.
So much?
Is it too big?
Actually, you know.. It's because of the gown..
It looks bigger in gown.
It doesn't look that big in sari. It looks normal.
But in the morning, it was flat.
And now it has grown this big?
You just tell me once, how much you want..
..so that I'll do it accordingly. It's not a big problem.
Do you understand what you're speaking?
No, l can't understand it at all.
l just don't know what I'm speaking.
Because l don't understand what you're trying to say.
You do one thing. Finish your prayer first.
Break your silence. Then we'll talk. C'mon, let's go.
Mom, you've so much pending work. C'mon. C'mon.
My dear! It's too big. Let's reduce it.
C'mon, take it out!
Come! Come! - Slowly!
Mother is here.
Oh my! - Slowly! Slowly!
Mom, is it correct now? - Oh my God!
It was this big earlier. How did it become so small?
Oh my God!
It was this big earlier. How did it become so small?
I've broken my silence. - I'm used to it.
Let me see!
Something is wrong it seems. - No!
Nothing is wrong, mother!
Actually she was in a gown. That's why it looked bigger.
Now she's wearing a sari so it looks normal.
And mom! How much would it be in just five months?
Yes! - It's only this much. l had seen Kirti.
Kirti? - Kirti! She means to say.
Five month's tummy will be only this much.
That's what she means to say. - Yes.
Only this much.
Shape will increase only this much. - No.
But l saw in the temple. l think something is wrong here.
Actually, the problem is in your specs.
You didn't put it on in the temple. - Yes!
Without specs, you can't see far away things.
Yes! - Problem is in your specs. - Yes!
Is it? - Yes!
No! No! - No! No!
I'm sure, the problem is here.
See.. c'mon, we must consult the doctor.
Why do you want to consult doctor for every small thing?
l don't think it's required.
But l feel it's required.
C'mon, let's go to the doctor. - Stop! Stop!
Let's not listen to you or myself.
Let's ask Komal. Komal, how do you feel?
l feel it's getting released.
What? - No! l feel very nice. Very nice. I'm alright.
Yes, she's fine. - l can even dance.
l can even jump. - Hey! Hey!
It may slip!
Child will slip! Child! - Keep quiet!
C'mon, let's go to the doctor. C'mon.
C'mon. - Still she went to the doctor.
Mangla, drag it.
You idiot, you wanted to hospitalize me?
Now, I'll send you. You.. - No!
Save me!
No! No!
Save me! No!
Mangla! - Yes.
Let's go! I've found the roots l was looking for..
..since so many days. C'mon.. - Let's go!
Playing this drama for 9 months and 9 days..
What happened? - It's slipping.
Who? - Cushion! - Cushion? Where?
From my stomach.
Why do you carry that cushion all the time?
As if you don't know.
Mom's eyes are always on my tummy.
She keeps giving me something to eat..
..or some medicines.
After all she's a mother.
How many times I've told you to order for readymade cushions with belt?
I've already ordered for it.
I've ordered according to the months. - Komal!
Komal! - She's coming.
Come! Come down!
It's not possible. - Why? - It's slipping.
What's slipping? - Cushion! - Child! - Child!
Small child. Small child. - What?
Child. - Small child. Small child.
Small child. - Don't misbehave.
C'mon, take this juice. - Now? - Now what?
I've loved you.
Slowly! Slowly!
Yes, she shouldn't step down..
..that's why I'm taking care of her.
Yes, slowly. Here, drink it. Slowly.
Drink it fast. l can't carry you. It's about to finish.
Finished. Is it over? Shall l go? - Yes.
Let me go.
Sir, I've come. - Cushion!
Here it is. - Cushion! - Mom, cushion!
You just leave.
So many cushions?
So many cushions?
Sir, you had ordered for it, hadn't you?
You had ordered for it? - l?
Why would l order for so many cushions?
I've only one head..
..and not many. Why would l need so many cushions?
You go! Go! Go!
Sir, you had told me to bring the cushions..
..beginning from 5th to 9th month.
These are the five cushions accordingly..
..and one free for 9 more days.
Mukund? Five months? What's all this?
Actually.. Mom, it's nothing wrong.
l tell you. He must be a salesman. - Yes!
Buy one get four free.
These are cushions of one such scheme.
He wants to give us all these and wants money.
Just go away. - Get lost. These people are very crafty.
Where's uncle at this time? l don't understand.
I'm here, nephew. - There he comes.
He came on time.
Shriram! Where were you?
I'll tell you all that later. I'm very happy for now.
But what's going on here?
Uncle, tell me something. Did we order for these cushions?
Cushions? - Why do you lie, sir? You only had..
When did l.. - Yes, cushions. - Order for it?
We did ask for it, Mukund. Right!
Didn't l tell you to order for the cushion that day?
You forget it so quickly. - You had ordered for it?
Yes! - That's why l was wondering. - Why?
For the tummy..
When a woman is pregnant.
Such cushions are kept under her feet..
..and every month, you must keep raising..
..the height of the cushion. That would ease her during pregnancy.
And she'd have a healthy child.
Should l send them away? - No!
l want it. What's the prize? - Rs 500.
It's too much for only this many cushions.
Let it be! - What are you saying?
Let it be. I'll bring the money. - What, Akka?
Hey, give me Rs 100 first and take Rs 400.
Who's he?
Don't speak anything. - Brother, come! Come!
Brother, chocolate!
Uncle, what are they saying?
You're going to give me chocolate today? - Chocolate, Mukund!
Today so many years of my practice will bear fruits.
You're fortunate.
We've found the herbs that..
..somebody would find in 100 years. - Herbs?
Open your mouth! Fast! Open it! Mukund!
Uncle, these are really your children.
They've inherited you. They brought me here by lying..
..that you'll give me chocolate.
Eat! It's chocolate. You too eat it.
No, eat it!
Now go and enjoy.
Sayaji is behind all these? l don't believe it, uncle!
I'm very much sure, Mukund.
l had a doubt when he gave you that herb.
And I'm quite sure he must be involved in my kidnapping too.
But what would he benefit out of it?
That's what is confusing me.
But we must teach him lesson, Mu..
We'll teach him lesson. - Hey..
But we must be assured of his involvement first.
That's my newspaper.
Mukund! - Uncle, what are you doing? - Look at this.
Kirti's photo is in newspaper.
She's legislator Jagtap's daughter? - Yes!
My God! We're doomed.
Now this legislator will come and take away his daughter.
Mom will come to know everything.
I'm doomed. Now l can't think of anything.
Keep quiet! Let me think.
What will you think, uncle?
She doesn't know but he knows.
Number is given here. Wait!
Idea! - What will you do by calling him up?
Keep quiet!
Can l speak to legislator Jagtap?
Hey! Where's legislator's daughter?
l don't know whose daughter you're talking about?
Don't hit me.
Don't hang me. Bring me down first. - Hey!
Bring me down and then hit me.
Where's the girl? - Don't hit me.
Why do you hit me? Please hit me slowly. It hurts.
Which girl you're talking about? l don't know.
I'm telling you l don't know. - Hit him!
Wait! See how it's kicking.
Hey, I'm your father. Do you get that?
Now get up! - Wait!
Kick! Kick your mother.
Kick your mother. But don't delay in arriving.
See, how he's behaving?
How will our child be?
l tell you.
His nose will be like yours.
Fair like me.
Curly hair like Sachin Tendulkar. - Cricketer? - Yes!
Will our dream really be fulfilled? - Yes, sure!
And even if it doesn't, you must not worry.
You must live life. Go on living it.
Somebody suffers from TB, somebody from cancer..
.somebody from tumor..
Likewise we should think we are suffering..
..from childlessness. Take it that way and live life.
Those patients live life, don't they?
Then why can't we?
God is really a charmer. He keeps playing with us.
Sometimes, He gives a child to a mad woman.
And sometimes, He gives a child to a spinster girl..
..and embarrasses her.
l tell you something?
Kirti is nurturing the child.
But l always feel l am nurturing him in me.
There's no such happiest moment in woman's life..
..other than being a mother.
Why? Father don't feel happy?
Will Kirti give her child to us?
From last few months I'm feeling child's existence.
After so much if we'll have to tell mother..
..that it wasn't our child then l won't be able to survive.
Silly girl!
Don't speak like that. Calm down! Calm down! C'mon.
Who's that?
Who's there?
These days l can't see anything without specs.
When did you come here?
Go inside! Komal! Come out!
Come.. come.. come, fast. Come!
Come out! Come! - Komal! - Come..
What are you doing here at late night?
When did you come?
How did you come?
Meaning? - You were walking in sleep, right?
These days she behaves very strange. She walks in sleep.
I'm fulfilling her wish. - Oh, really?
Yes, fulfill her craving. - I'm tired of it now.
Take her inside. - Okay. - Go!
Let's go inside. Come.
Why are you coming now?
I'm fulfilling her wish, right? You go to sleep.
How much do you worry about her, mom? - Okay.
Go to sleep. C'mon, let's go.
l knew you'll wait her. Just don't worry.
Just go. Go otherwise.. - Yes, you too go to sleep.
I'll stand here till you go downstairs. Go fast!
You're still here?
Put on your specs or else you'll fall down. - Yes.
Yes dear!
Komal! Komal!
Mom! - Open the door.
Hey! Hey! Get up!
Mukund! - Who's it? - It's me. Mom is knocking outside.
And Kirti is here. - Open the door. - Yes.. What?
Komal! - Now what?
Shall l slowly open the door?
If you open the door slowly, mom will enter inside.
My God! - Open the door. - You sleep at her place.
I'll put her under the bed.
What are you looking at? Pick her up.
Hey, where's your child?
I've take it out. - Taken it out.
We're doomed. - Why don't you open the door?
Let's do this. Let her sleep here.
You go under the bed. Hurry up! - But.
Go my dear. - Komal.
Mom is knocking the door. Please, go! Hurry up!
Mukund! - My God! - Open the door.
C'mon, get up now!
Hey.. - Sleep well. - Mukund!
Mattress is still here. - It's time for her tablets.
C'mon, get up now. - Keep this.
Open the door.
Komal! - What happened, mother? - Komal.
What happened? - It's morning.
Really? - Yes! - How couldn't l realize?
She's still sleeping?
Mom! - Komal!
Komal! - Mom! Mom!
She's sleeping. - But it's time for her tablets.
Really? But just now she slept. - Just now? - Yes!
She was feeling unwell at night. - Why?
Why.. why.. l mean..
Yes, child was bothering her all the night.
It was moving from one place to other. So.
Okay, let her sleep. - She has just got some sleep.
Let her sleep.
Give her these tablets and milk when she wakes up.
Okay, fine.
Fine, sleep well. - Mom, let her sleep.
I'll look after her. - Okay.
Hey! Hey!
How will the child be?
Child means? He won't have a moustache.
He'd be like any normal kid.
Did you put your ear near her tummy and heard him?
How can l put my ear on other's tummy?
It says child kicks in the stomach. - Really?
Wait! I'll hear him.
Do not open it. - He's going to be naughty like you.
Wonder who will he look like?
You or me? Or she?
Like her.. like her..
Which month is running?
Now seventh cushion means..
Seventh month!
Seventh month? - Yes!
Baby shower is conducted in seventh month.
Really? - We must do it for her.
Mom, why do you think of the functions? Why?
What do you mean?
This is the first heir in our family's history.
We must do the baby shower.
No! - I'll arrange for it. - No, mom! No! Mom!
Hey.. Mom.. Listen!
Her history will expose everything.
Sister, you're coming for the baby shower, right?
By the God's grace my daughter has conceived.
How is it possible that l won't come?
''Come, ladies! Come, friends!''
''Come and decorate the swing for the pregnant lady.''
''Let's bring variety of flowers..''
''..to fill her drape with.''
''This delicate creeper..
..is carrying a fruit.''
''Rock her slowly on the swing.''
''Look, how she's smiling bashfully.''
''Fulfill all her wishes.''
''Somebody is expected to arrive.''
''A new guest is expected to arrive at home.''
''Somebody is expected to arrive.''
''A new guest is expected to arrive at home.''
''Spring arrived, mango tree blossomed.''
''Cuckoo gives sweet notes.''
'It sounds sweet to hear..''
''..that you're a would-be mother now.''
''We'll make all kinds of sweets.''
''Tell us what do you want? A girl or a boy?''
''Somebody is expected to arrive.''
''A new guest is expected to arrive at home.''
''Apply saffron to her fair skin.''
''Now she's going to leave for her maternal house.''
''You'll return at your in-law's with a prince.''
''Do something so that..
..nobody should cast evil eye on her.''
''Do something so that..
..nobody should cast evil eye on her.''
''Now she'll move to her maternal house..
..decorate the car.''
''Somebody is expected to arrive.''
''A new guest is expected to arrive at home.''
''Somebody is expected to arrive.''
''A new guest is expected to arrive at home.''
''Let's ask her. What do you wish to eat? Talk to her.''
''We're with you like your closest friend.''
''Let's sing now.''
''Don't shed tears.''
''Let's sing now. Don't shed tears.''
''A new life is nurturing in your womb.''
''Somebody is expected to arrive.''
''A new guest is expected to arrive at home.''
''Somebody is expected to arrive.''
''A new guest is expected to arrive at home.''
Bye, madam!
Mom! - Yes!
Doctor has given the delivery date to Komal.
We must take her to the hospital.
Really? - Yes!
No! No! No! No! No!
Komal will deliver a child here in this house.
Look! If we go to the hospital, Mrs. Patil will say..
..we've brought somebody else's child.
Should we play with Komal's life for that lady?
I've consulted doctor well in advance.
And I'm much more concerned about Komal.
But mom. - I've decided.
Why your face is so dull, child?
Uncle, mom has again created a tension.
What? - She says Komal will deliver the child..
..at home and not in the hospital.
l know. My wife told me everything.
But our plan is ready, Mukund.
What are you saying, uncle?
Listen, doctor's car will enter from here.
Yes. - And as soon as the car reaches here..
..lady doctor and nurse will get down from it.
And this way, she'll proceed towards Komal's bedroom.
Madam Suhasini, you wait here. I'll see her.
Okay. - Don't worry. Nurse, quick!
Where are they?
They've come. l think he has brought the doctor.
Yes.. Come!
Listen! We'll take the doctor to Kirti's room.
And in any circumstances you'll not let Akka..
..enter either this room or Kirti's room upstairs.
C'mon, let's go! - C'mon, hurry up! C'mon.
Yes, let's go! - Come this way. This way.
And yes, carry on with your drama.
My God! - Now what's wrong with you?
My God! - Oh yes! Carry on!
Oh God! Save me!
''Angare. Dhupare. Vaidyas and hakims.''
''Came and went and gave these words of wisdom.''
''Angare. Dhupare. Vaidyas and hakims.''
''Came and went and gave these words of wisdom.''
''Still it's stuck. Don't know where it is stuck.''
''Where is destiny going?''
''Someone tell how and when.''
''When will there be an heir?''
Come! Come!
You please go out. I'll check her. Please..
Doctor, l hope everything will be fine.
Yes, everything will be fine. I'll manage.
Tell us if you need anything. Okay? - Yes. Now go.
We're here. - Don't worry. C'mon.
Ah! - Doctor, any problem?
Kirti's condition is critical. - What?
Child's position is changed.
We must do a cesarian.
It's necessary to take her to the hospital now.
I'll see what can be done.
Mom! I'll see what mother is doing.
Go quickly. - Yes!
Oh God!
Kirti's condition is critical. - What?
Operation is must. - Oh, God!
We need to take her to the hospital.
We'll take her there. You carry on with your drama. - Okay!
Why from here? - Why?
From there. - Yes, I've to escape from the window.
l forgot. - My God!
Now what's wrong with you? - What's this?
Oh yes! - My God! - Carry on! - Shout!
God, take care of Kirti. - Yes. You shout.
My God! - Keep shouting.
Goddess! From last seven generations..
..this house is waiting for this moment.
Take care of my Komal and her child.
Uncle! Mom is praying to Goddess.
Her eyes are closed. Let's go from there.
What are you waiting then? Pick her up. C'mon.
C'mon, let's take her to the hospital.
C'mon. - Come! Nobody is there. - I'm taking it.
I'll keep watch.
Come here.
Ah! Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God! - Condition is critical. We must take a decision.
Whom to save?
Child or mother?
C'mon. Arrange for the operation. Fast!
Great, Mukund!
You want to save a stranger girl's life.
Without thinking of the result?
Well-done! Child! I'm proud of you.
Why didn't he come yet?
He'll come. You don't worry. - How will Kirti be?
She'll be fine.
Doctor! - Congratulations! It's a boy!
Kirti? - She too is fine. And her child too.
She'll take time to regain consciousness.
But we must make move.
It's so cute, isn't it? - Yes.
Take him away.
No, uncle!
l feel this is wrong.
No! Let's go home. We'll think of what to say to mother.
Let's go!
Stop, brother!
Take away this child.
Meaning? - l knew everything that you were doing.
l was in love with a guy. But my father was against it.
So, l eloped and married him.
We wanted to fly abroad. So, l applied for visa.
But the procedure was too long.
So, l wanted a safe house to hide myself.
Because my father's men were following me.
And accidentally l came to your house.
l heard your conversation.
That made me think of something.
This is the safest house for me to hide.
So l acted as if I've lost my memory.
I've witnessed your sufferings all through these 9 months.
That's why.. you really need this child.
No, Kirti! You're a mother of this child. He needs you.
No, brother. You please take him away.
No, listen to me. - Please, take him away.
Kirti! Kirti!
Kirti! Why are you crying? Where's our son?
Kirti, what happened? Why are you crying?
Tell me, Kirti. Where's my son?
l want to meet my son at once. l want to see him.
Kirti's child. isn't he cute?
How's Kirti? - She's fine. It was a normal delivery.
And doctor Saroj? - She's downstairs.
Mukund, don't waste time in discussing.
Go and inform Akka. Go. - Listen!
Mom! Komal delivered a son. You've become a grandmother.
I've become a father. - What?
Goddess! This family has an heir by your grace.
After seven generations, a child is born to this family.
You came for my help, Goddess.
Today my dream is fulfilled. Always bless us like this.
Let's go! - Yes!
Madam Suhasini, you've got a grandson.
Done with the delivery.
For the first time in my life I've carried out such a delivery.
Can l see him? - Yes. You can see your grandson. - Yes.
Thanks, doctor!
It was possible only because of you.
That's alright.
Everything is done successfully. - Yes, aunty.
Where's he?
See! - Where's my grandson?
Hey! - Seven generations of childlessness is finally over.
Who does he resemble?
Let it be.
Let it be. Even the God is black. - Yes.
Am l right? Am l right, Krishna?
Am l right? Where are they two?
Good! Take this!
Thank you!
Why so late? l was waiting since when.
Uncle! - Who's he? - He's my husband.
l want to meet my son. - He wants to see our son once.
Uncle! l want to meet my son. - Oh, welcome!
I'll just be back.
Hello, Mrs. Deshmukh!
Hello! Hello, Mrs. Patil. - Hello!
Finally the history of seven generations..
..of my family is changed. Right? - Yes.
We too have got a child. - Yes, of course.
Come.Distribute these with your own hands.
Really? - Yes. - Fine.
Kirti, have you come?
Here! Play! - Come! - Uncle, take care of mother.
Here! Take your son.
Thank you!
Oh my son!
Akka! - Yes.
Come there. - What?
Come with me. I'm telling you. Come!
Excuse me! - Yes! - C'mon. C'mon. - Where?
C'mon. C'mon.
What's the matter?
Do you see what's going on there?
My baby! - Look at that African.
Look at the Komal and look at your grandson.
No, l mean. Are you getting what exactly is going on?
Very nice! - isn't he cute? - He looks like me.
Akka is coming this way. C'mon, let's go!
Now who's he? - He's my father.
My God! Akka on this side and papa on the other.
Well here and valley there?
Catch them! - Let's go. Let's go!
''How can you say that everybody is alone?''
''Like grass in the machine, keep revolving.''
Hey, come here.
Go and search for them.
If we'll catch them, we can expose uncle. - Yes.
Then we'll own everything. Now go fast. - Yes!
Hurry up! Where's that uncle? Uncle!
''How can you say that everybody is alone?''
''Like grass in the machine, keep revolving.''
''Someone tell how and when.''
''When will there be an heir?''
Nine months. Nine days. - Run, uncle! Run!
Tell your husband to escape from the darkness..
..so that he won't be visible.
Come this way.
Sayaji! - Wait, Akka. I'll catch hold of him.
But, you.. - Uncle has it! Uncle has it! - Komal! Komal!
I'll just be back. - What's going on?
What are you waiting for? Chase them.
Hey, what happened? - Hold him. - Where are others?
Hey! I'm talking to her.
There are monkeys in the house. Run!
Why were you shouting?
Look at yourself. You're withering.
You've such a good height. Listen..
Take these tablets.
Take it after you go to sleep and before you wake up.
Your health will recover. Now go. - Very good!
And what about me? - This one for you.
Run! Run!
What's going on?
Mukund! Mukund!
Who are you?
What are you doing in my house?
l was.. - Who're you? - Now you came in my clutch.
C'mon. - Hey, leave me.
Who are you?
Tell me who're you? Who're you?
What's your relation with Komal?
l can't understand what you're saying. Don't know Hindi.
No language.. - Who're you? - What you're saying?
Who're you?
l don't understand what you're saying. Sorry! I'm sorry.
Hey! - Kirti! - Hey!
Kirti, where are you?
Hey! - Uncle! - Nephew!
Uncle! - Yes.
We must hide that fair skin fellow from mom.
Who fair skin? - Kirti's husband?
The one who's painted black? - Yes.
What's going on in my house?
Malti, c'mon, run!
What's all this going? - Mom, l..
I'm asking you. Whose son is he?
Tell me. - Mom! - Mom!
I'll tell you about it. - Mukund!
No, uncle wait! Let me speak.
It isn't my child.
It's their child.
Yes, l lied to you. For whom?
For me? For her?
No, mom! It was only for you.
To save your life she pretended to be pregnant.
She acted as if she had conceived.
She suffered through everything..
..that a pregnant woman would go through.
She went through the guilty feeling of being a liar.
So that you'd not get another attack.
And you slapped her?
Just out of misunderstanding?
Why did you do all this? - Because.. - I'll tell you, Akka.
They did this to make you win your bet.
They did this so that you'd not lose by Mrs. Patil.
They did this so that Mrs. Deshmukh..
..should not be disgraced in the village.
And what did they do?
They just took advantage of this girl's memory loss.
But they saved her from her father and his goons.
Although they knew that she's legislator's daughter..
..they still showed the guts.
For what?
To wash the stain that was on your family of not having heir.
To save your life, Akka.
Forgive them!
Akka. If everything that he said is right..
..does that mean we should accept anybody's son?
It's kind of adoption.
What difference would it have made..
..if you had adopted my child?
Now you've come to the point, you rascal.
You've done a lot to make my child infertile.
That fake herb? That medicine for abortion sprinkled on mud.
My kidnapping.
Hey, speak up now. Or want me to punch you?
Madam, it's true!
Akka, forgive me!
Why do you apologies now?
Akka! - Get lost!
Akka! - Akka! - Get lost. - Ah!
You too!
Let's go.
Sister Komal, take this. Take care of him.
Although he was nurtured in my womb..
..you too have suffered for him.
He's yours.
Take him! Take him!
Let's go, papa. - Stop, Kirti.
Henceforth, no matter what happens..
..Deshmukh family will never adopt any child.
Komal, give back the child to his mother.
Komal! Give it back.
Because of you..
..these 9 months and 9 days passed happily.
I'm thankful to you for this happiness.
Let's go, child!
Stop, mom!
Whatever l did was for the betterment.
But if you still feel hurt..
..then forgive me.
Forgive you? For what?
For playing with my emotions?
For deceiving me?
Or disgracing me in the society today.
Shriram! You too?
l had called you with lots of hopes.
Nobody trusted your treatment except me.
And you too?
I've never been sad for my barrenness..
..that I'm today, because of all this drama.
l didn't lose to Mrs. Patil.
I've lost to you. At my own people.
Go away all of you. Leave me alone!
Forgive me!
I've failed in your eyes.
Akka! I'm going back to the village.
I've taken a decision today.
I'll stop my practice.
l couldn't fulfill my sister's wish.
Shame on my doctor's practice.
Mangla! Pack our bags.
Mother! They say Deshmukh family's women are barren.
Some people do remain barren.
Mom, if people would obtain everything easily and at once..
..the joy of living would have come to an end.
And you challenged nature.
You bet with it for a child within a year.
Mom! Somewhere, we're at fault.
Stop, uncle!
Where are you going?
Enough, Mukund!
Enough of making fun of my sister.
I've lost. - No, uncle! You've not.
Let's start with your herbs once again.
I'll take any herbs you say. Do anything that you say.
Let's try at least!
Till now l was opposing you..
..today I'm telling you to stop, uncle.
If not for me, at least for the sake of mother.
Komal! - Komal! - What happened? - What happened?
Komal! - Sit down! - What happened?
Make her sit down.
What happened? - What's happening to you?
What's happening to you? - Komal!
What happened to you? - Shriram!
Check her!
Why are you standing there? Check her!
Check her!
Akka! - What?
Problem! - What? - Problem?
Mangla! - Yes. - Take the bags inside.
Now again we'll have to stay here for 9 months and 9 days.
Meaning? - That means she's pregnant and he's going to be a father.
Do you really mean it, Shriram?
l swear on your God, Akka.
So the tradition of adopted child ends here.
And Komal gave birth..
..to a daughter as the heir of this family.
Whether a boy or a girl, finally Deshmukh family got an heir.
''Ambabai, Kalubai and Jyotiba!''
''Where it's already brushed.''
''Ambabai, Kalubai and Jyotiba!''
''Where it's already brushed.''
''Grandfather, great-grandfather.''
''Great-great grandfather will kill and go.''
''Everyone's worried when will they be relieved.''
''How many days to suffer like this?''
''9 months, 9 days.''
''9 months, 9 days.''
''9 months, 9 days.''
''9 months..''
''9 months, 9 days.''
''9 months..''
''9 months, 9 days.''