Folge 4133 .... Rebecca + Marlene

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I see... That stunt needs some practice..
What are they doing here? Are you travelling?
I thought it's about time to leave my parents home.
Have you already found something new?
Well..I ..
I thought I'll move in with you?
A double espresso, please.
In May we'll marry..!
So it's normal I..
Say something already!
I think..
It is an outstanding idea.
I am ready to go.
Go home?
Is it terrible if you leave alone? I want to look for a wedding dress.
Just as well, I'll help with the choice.
Absolutely no way, it's bad luck.
Oh no, don't tell me you're into that.
Let's put it this way, for important things I'd rather play it safe.
Give it to me.
Besides, I know exactly who will help me.
Boring. They look like promo pictures for the drug store sector.
Aren't you being overly critical?
You should have heard the holy Elisabeth.
Hey you, traitorous tomato, avoiding my calls is so not done.
We'll talk later, okay?
Marlene, my love, has no one taught you it means something if...
.. someone pushes away your calls?
She doesn't know how her cell phone works?
What makes you so intrusive that it's irritating?
I need your help.
Ah, and this will be my reward? Generous.
Wedding dress alarm, please, you have to advise me right away.
Eh, that means, between you and Tristan all is well again?
Marlene.. to be honest, that is the best news of today.
I have a solution to your problem.
- You'll go shopping with me, right away. - Wrong!
I'll have LCL design your dress for you.
What do you think?
Only two words: No, thanks.
No, thanks?
You're kidding me.
LCL exclusively designs the fairy tale wedding dress for the musical star Marlene von Lahnstein.
- You can't refuse it. - Yes, I can. You forgot a itty bitty thingy.
Who would design the wedding dress?
Right! Rebecca.
She's a pro. She'll have no problem doing so.
You've lied much better at times.
Except I, myself, have an issue with it.
- Tanja, she was in love with me! - And you an itty bitty with her?
It's completely insensitive and tasteless!
For each of us. All right.
- For Tristan.. - Forget about it..
I still can't go shopping with you.
I.. I have to find a strategy to lift LCL up fast.
It sounds at least as if I have the more pleasant trouble.
It isn't right that you of all people will buy my wedding dress.
- If we ever get around to do that.. - Not one was yet perfect.
Maybe it's better this way.
It's really a bad omen if the groom sees the dress before the wedding.
You and your superstition.
Print campaigns and bill boards should be more in focus.
The question is however: when will they start to work?
It's not enough. We need an immediate profit maximum.
I always thought Elisabeth would understand the issues during the last months.
I have a meeting with a fabric designer. If you can manage without me?
I.. don't want to pick a fight, but..
In one thing Elisabeth was right. You had more grip before.
The incest campaign was tasteless..
.. but succesful.
Clarissa ..
.. time is running out. I suggest you start the positive remarks.
No, I just provided you the chance to find the easiest solution.
- Can you be clear, please? - What do you think?
New chef designer..
.. designs wedding dress for her lover.
It will blow our sales high!
What do you think?
I think you will look like a half wedding cake tasting like pistache.
What are you talking about? The dress is like a dream come true.
You mean a nightmare, I hope.
- Pearls? - Yes..
How nice, so you've received my images.
I did. Whoever forced you to wear that epitome of atrocity, sue them
Wait a second, I've got another call.
Kim, I let you join.
Well midget, did you like my outfit?
So cool! I laughed so hard.
I think you don't understand, Marlene is dead serious!
No way, you can't do that! It will give you eye cancer.
And in one move you'll loose all your friends.
And your sisters as well.
- Ah come on, you're just envious! - No!
Too bad I have stop, we must continue.
They have marvellous bridesmaid dresses for you!
Bye to you, sweeties.
- Wicked girl. - You think?
I didn't want to evesdrop, but I love to show you the bridesmaid dresses.
Yes. {Coughs} That is very kind.
Unfortunately we have no time left.
I understand, Mrs. von Lahnstein.
You are Marlene von Lahnstein, aren't you?
Yes. But I won't comment on the article in the Glitter and Glory. I love my fiancé.
Of course, it's just... we are huge fans.
And we're delighted you'll marry in one of our dresses.
Did you take the time to reflect on my proposal?
Without the interference of feelings?
My "interference of feelings" are called friendship.
A pity you don't seem to have them.
Are you talking about us?
God help us, that would be too much.
Marlene is my friend.
I don't want to offend her just to get in the news.
If you're that close, she knows what makes you tick.
She will understand.
- Clarissa, end of discussion. - Now you're not behaving very supportive.
Later on we can get together if you want.
This evening I have a family meeting, that has proirity.
Elisabeth expects a solution from YOU.
Something will come up.
Well, then..
See you tomorrow. Best of luck.
All your fault!
Hey, what's that?
Many people call this a wedding dress, but I'm not so sure.
Please take it to my office.
What should I have done? Break the hearts of two fans?
That will happen latest the moment they read in the paper you changed your mind.
I didn't have the heart to do it.
- So it's best to stick with this dress. - Out of the question!
We were completely out of order, you know, exactly what I love you for.
And I love you because you join this foolishness.
"Provoke Marlene?"
{ Sigh }
Who are you calling?
Well, I've got suitable shoes, a suitable groom, now I need the suitable maid of honor, Tanja.
By telephone, how romantic, why not per text message?
Yes, right. Good point.
I'll tell her in person.
Tanja von Lahnstein, yes.
I would like to talk to the editor in chief of Glitter and Glory.
- I don't want to be disturbed. - Not even by me?
And I'm not even wearing my wedding dress.
Marlene, what are you doing here?
What's that?
Don't you even read your messages any more?
I told you I was coming over and that you should cool some champagne.
It's good I brought one myself.
My goodness, Tanja, you look totally stressed out.
LCL is wearing you down.
You really should pay more attention to yourself.
Marlene, I honestly have no time at all..
What is to celebrate now?
I found my maid of honor..
Nice for the maid of honor and for you.
I'm referring to you of course.
Oops. And?
What do you say?
{ Sigh } Tanja, what am I to do with you today?
What's that? Something secret?
"Lesbian ex-lover designs wedding dress for Marlene von Lahnstein."
Tell me you had nothing to do with this.
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