Heartbreak Library (그 남자의 책 198쪽 ) Full Movie (Eng Subs)

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A DSPmedia Production
LEE Dong-Wook
Producer LEE Ho-Yeon
Executive Producer KIM Kwang-II
Have you ever cried because of someone else's pain?
To share the heart wrenching pain of the person you are with.
Is it really possible?
If it is,
someone taught me that it may be that you are
truly in love with that person.
One late summer,
when it started to smell of fall Directed by KIM Jung-Kwon
there was someone who willingly accompanied me on a quest
HEARTBREAK LIBRARY I was uncertain of.
This is our story.
I've been taking your medication for days.
Shouldn't you be telling me if I should
see a doctor or not?
Go to a doctor for a diagnosis.
I just give out medicine.
You are just unbelievable.
For stress related gastritis, stress won't do.
So get rid of the stress.
As we moved the 3rd floor stack out, this space is empty.
The space is too small for book stacks
but it could always be used in a new way.
I want everyone to bring an idea in 2 days.
Whoever has their idea selected will receive a prize.
I want to see fresh new ideas for utilizing this space.
Ms. CHO Eun-Soo!
- Hey, volunteer! - What!
Do you know what a volunteer does?
Providing voluntary service.
But you're always lounging around.
Or sneaking off to the toilet for a smoke.
Keep it up and I'll make sure you lose service credits.
Shh! He's here.
I got you now.
- What are you doing? - I...
Record it!
Who's in charge?
Over here!
Get him!
Stop there.
Be still!
You could've written a memo or photocopied it.
Can I make a photocopy here?
Sorry, I didn't know.
Sorry won't do.
What're you gonna do about all this?
I'll pay for the damages.
And stop treating me like a criminal.
It is clearly unethical to vandalize intellectual property!
Unauthorized book ripping! That's definitely a crime.
That doesn't mean you can beat a person like this.
When did I beat you?
You can't go around beating people up?
- Will you be okay? - No, not really.
He may have cracked his nose.
You need to handle these things instead of calling the police
for no big deal.
No big deal?
These books are all out of print!
Not even used book stores carry these ones!
That's enough, Ms. CHO.
A doctor should see and get it X-rayed.
Just shut up, Mr. KIM!
What a fucking day.
The director was all on his hands and knees.
I've never seen anyone beg so hard
We're lucky that guy didn't take it any further.
If he had pressed charges we'd be in deep shit.
The police think we overreacted.
So we are at fault, too.
You're such a Mr. Know-it-all, aren't you?
He was cute though.
What does he do?
Isn't it obvious?
If you show up at the library in a suit during the day
you could only be a bum.
How's this? I got this as a present.
It's real.
You think he's the one?
At this pace, you'll be at my wedding by next spring.
Sis, this is the last time.
If I don't get in, I'll get a job.
You'll send the $300, right?
Jobs are not up for grabs you know.
You need to learn the hard way.
Every page 198 has been torn.
He must be a major psycho.
Give me a photocopy card.
Cards must be purchased at the store.
Having lunch?
We're total strangers, so please lose the friendly attitude.
enjoy your lunch...
I'm so glad I dumped him.
Top Law School, my ass. He's been a bum for 5th yrs.
He could pass the bar this time.
Forget about it.
Hey, that guy's back!
Don't look at him. He's nuts.
How come?
How should I know? Ask him yourself.
That's a pity. And he's so cute.
Haven't I met you on Pluto before?
I'm so pleased to meet you here.
I still have no news from Andromeda.
Anyway, about this rock
I brought this back from the Berlin Wall.
I had to fight through tons of people.
It was so hard.
Mister, can't you turn it down a bit?
Get me a wet towel.
Wet towel...
- Cold or hot? - Any kind.
Are you okay?
Your clothes are a mess.
He's been here for the past 8 years.
But he's never been like that.
Epileptic people try to be careful around others.
I see.
What is it?
Follow me.
Now it's clean, right?
It's not much but it's for the trouble.
What are you doing?
You think I do this for a living?
You helped someone, so I'm helping you.
It's as simple as that.
Thank you.
Why only page 198 in every book?
Excuse me?
Almost everyone who comes here is pretty normal
while some aren't like that guy.
In fact, I thought you were like that.
Like that as in crazy?
Right now, you seem fine.
So tell me about page 198.
If you're not this, maybe I can help you.
Just mind your own business.
As you wish.
I found this in your pocket.
I thought you were a gangster as you're always in black.
I guess you've been to a funeral.
See ya.
Excuse me.
All my feelings for you are written there...
in page 198.
You can just ask her which book it is.
I can't reach her. She's gone.
Where to?
Not somewhere...
Oh, she dumped you.
She often borrowed books from this library. So...
were you going to go through all the books here?
I guess I have no choice.
I've gone through almost all the
culture and philosophy books near the window.
You are unbelievable.
What's her name?
Why do you ask?
I need to know her name to see which books she checked out.
Is that possible?
She's checked out a total of...
...976 books?
Did she really read them all?
Min-Kyung was such a bookworm.
Books are for people not for worms.
Fine. Since tomorrow's my day off
let's look for this book all night.
- On one condition... - I treat you to a meal.
A meal...
Okay, a meal.
This is it!
You've found it?
Love, like eternal breathing
always smiles at you.
Sounds like lyrics from a cheesy pop song.
Then how about this one?
She treasured him more than her own life.
isn't that too much wishful-thinking?
It's got to be more specific.
For example,
Get lost, you son-of-a-bitch.
I never want to see you again.
My Min-Kyung would never curse.
That's why I said, 'for example'.
Or how about this one?
Whenever she thought of him, it sent chills down her body.
Go do something else. I can do this on my own.
As you wish.
Don't pick them out.
I'll eat them.
I'm more picky then I look.
You do look picky.
We've worked all night, but barely managed 1/3.
Still, we did find a few.
But we need to find something more definitive.
I knew she read a lot, but not to this degree.
Wasn't I enough for her?
She was our library's 'Reading Champion' last year.
I'm sure she received a clock as a prize.
So what do you do?
What do you do for a living?
I'm just here and there, doing this and that.
Just here and there, doing this and that?
Makes sense.
Isn't this radish too big?
So, stop looking for her.
When someone leaves you, it's not just in body
but in soul as well.
But she never gave me a reason.
That's right.
There's no good reason for liking
and for disliking something.
So it's simple...
She just came to dislike you.
I suddenly feel drunk.
- Is it your day off? - Yes.
I'm sorry you have weekdays off.
If it were weekends
you'd be going to church or dating, right?
It's too crowded on weekends.
I like weekdays better.
I haven't seen your boyfriend lately.
Did you two fight?
Haven't you overcharged me for this month's electricity?
It's the same as last month!
No it's not.
I know about your new air conditioner.
I think I left the gas on.
The pot will boil over.
What are you smiling at?
You handsome bastard.
I heard
you spent the night here with the nut.
Mr. KIM's such a big mouth.
They should transfer him elsewhere.
What did you do?
You didn't?
- Hey! - Ouch!
You have such a dirty mind.
Then what were you doing?
I was saving a scarred soul, okay?
What do you mean?
Mind your own business.
Did you empty the self deposit bin?
I'm on it now.
By the way, he's not this.
NEUROPSYCHIASTRIST No discomfort going about your daily life?
Nevertheless, continue your medication for a while.
I'll prescribe you some anti-depressants
so don't skip it.
She even read this?
What a major bookworm.
Isn't that Mr. KIM?
Hey, Mr. KIM.
What's up with you?
I haven't seen you around lately.
I stopped by your place a few times only to miss you.
Where are you going?
Without a car?
Over there.
Anyway, I finally caught you today.
Move your car, please!
It's a pity that the library has lost its true meaning.
A more public-friendly library,
that is the purpose of this call for ideas.
But there's none I like yet.
Inviting writers for a creative writing class.
That's already become a cliché.
What's even more shocking
is the one about a heated floor room
where you can read lying down?
A sauna room would be better.
Ms. CHO Eun-Soo, you think this is a joke?
I'm not joking, sir.
This is your way of rebelling?
Penmanship is a mirror of your heart.
This says your mind is crooked.
Where? It looks pretty straight to me.
Then your eyes must be crooked.
How come they never give me a staff meal ticket?
Don't complain to us ma'am.
Ask the General Affairs Office.
Stop calling me ma'am. I hate that.
Can't you see I'm a 'Miss'?
Then you want me to call you Miss PAENG?
Prof. PAENG's better.
I was teaching until 2 yrs ago.
Okay, Prof. PAENG.
Any title's funny with 'PAENG'.
Hey, he's back.
Just finish your lunch.
Who are you?
Last time...
Ah, yes. I remember.
- Are you okay now? - Not really.
On that day, it was pouring in Neptune.
Since then, I've been suffering from a cold.
It's been terrible.
I see.
Did you get to meet her?
Who do you mean?
I guess since it takes 160,000 light yrs
to the Magellan nebula
You'll have to wait a bit longer.
Actually, Gorby's Perestroika is too premature.
Why are you so hard on yourself?
When it's all in the past.
Why you're right.
Watch the dust.
How come people hide books like this?
To hog the books to themselves.
Happens a lot during exams.
Rookie librarians can never find them.
The upside-down ones are always in the wrong place.
See, this should be in the Nature & Science section.
At least this is better than hiding books.
What's the difference?
They're all acts of selfishness
That construction is making such a racket.
Hand me a coin for some coffee.
I said, give me coin.
- They need money again? - I just wired the money.
Why write it when it's in your bank records.
Diaries are for jotting down upcoming schedules.
It's such a waste writing things in the past.
But it's not a waste.
Sometimes, you wonder what you've done in the past.
So you go back to your diary and recall what it is.
You'll never know the future, but the past never changes.
What's wrong with you?
You need to look forward.
Like what will happen tomorrow.
What man will I meet and where will we go?
Don't these kinds of thoughts excite you?
You want me to set you up with a guy?
Hey, I told you I need a coin!
To register membership...
Press F10 and go to the second menu from the top.
Move over.
Up to three books can be lent out per day.
Would you like to now?
It was this book. Page 198.
6th line from the bottom and the 22nd from the top.
We also met at the boat landing.
198 means 19:08.
The time when the sun sets.
And tomorrow is the exact day of our first anniversary.
Thank you.
Not at all. It's you who found it.
- Due date's in two weeks. - Okay.
- Who buys stuff like this? - People like you.
I'd never buy any of this. There's nothing to buy.
- But then you end up buying. - I'd never do that.
Meet at the boat landing at sunset?
Don't they have anything better to do?
I don't want to.
I never asked you to.
Why are you doing this to me? It's all over.
Can't we start over?
I won't fuck up this time.
I work here, so stop embarrassing me like this!
Why is love driving everyone crazy?
Let me go!
Marriage? That's an option.
If you are capable, there's no need to get married.
Are you listening to me?
What, is there a flood coming?
Come on.
I'm serious here.
I'm listening.
So be prepared.
Start getting interested in financial technology.
Don't keep putting me in the same category, ma'am.
But we are in the same one.
- Women like us... - I'm not like you!
I'm still hot.
I'm no mummy, no old-hag, you know!
As for romance, you have to make the right choice.
That gangster-type guy.
I heard you liked him.
Which fucking loser said that?
It's Sun-Mi, right?
You can stare all day, but no one's coming.
The bus stops running at 7:30pm.
Any small thing gives me a scare these days.
I need to quit this job as the town watch.
Last month a drifter swallowed a bunch of pills and died.
Business here has been slow since then.
I thought you were here to do the same stupid thing.
I'm back.
Please join us at the moving library.
I want to sit.
Stop fighting and be quiet.
Be quiet.
There's nothing to read.
You don't have weekly women's magazines?
The weekly publications are at the library, sir.
Then bring me some next week.
Sorry, but they're prohibited to leave the premises.
They're magazines, not convicts.
I don't mind something like 'Better Homes and Gardens'.
Suit yourself.
Hi. Don't run.
Ah, yes.
- This is great! - Congratulations, sir!
- Is everything ready? - Yes, sir.
I finally get to see your work of art again.
What's keeping you? Start.
From Hokkaido, and of course, Tokyo, right?
Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya.
The only competition to Japanese chefs of 20-30 yrs
is Mr. KIM.
I was truly amazed.
There's no one like him. His sashimi's the best.
What's going on over there?
What's going on?
Sir, try my apprentice's work tonight?
Hmm... good.
Like master, like apprentice, right?
the yellowtail should be sliced this thick.
Morons talk about thin slices but that's not right.
But that's an ara, sir.
- Go get some fresh water. - Yes sir.
Sir, why don't you try this shark.
It was flown in from Japan this morning.
- Let me pour you a glass. - Okay.
I recently heard the news about you.
What can you do but arise from your tragedies.
You're young, right?
I'm so sorry. My deepest apologies, sir.
I just got this suit for my birthday.
The director just passed by.
What the...
I kept to myself
cause I didn't want to disappoint you.
But I knew it wasn't what you were looking for.
The woman who waits at the boat landing at sunset.
That's even too cheesy for TV dramas or films.
Is she pretty?
Yeah. Especially when she smiles.
Well, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', they say.
The weather's great.
We don't have much left, so let's work hard.
Why don't you just go to her home?
- I don't know where she lives. - What?
Did you two really date?
Don't you know where she lives?
Of course I do.
Her home's in Chuncheon, but she has a place around here.
But I've never been there.
I always said goodbye somewhere nearby.
Okay, then let's do it this way.
I'm such a fool.
You really want a good smacking?
- You tend to get so worked up. - Bring it, okay?
Get over here.
I'm off for the day.
He's been waiting for you for quite a while.
It's not like that!
Of course, it is.
You said, she lives in Chuncheon?
She goes back and forth, so she still might be there.
Or at least you can meet her parents.
I really appreciate it.
If this gets out, I'll really get fired.
Don't worry,
I'm not that slow.
I wouldn't know.
Anyway, I think you've done all you could.
So stop this nonsense
and just go meet her.
Go ask her yourself
why you left me
and what page 198 means.
Do you understand?
Then good luck. Go for it.
I'm off.
What now?
Can't you come with me?
Who me? With you?
Are you nuts?
Why should I go there?
I know it's too much to ask
but you offered to help me.
I already did.
You should help me all the way.
You are unbelievable.
I'm scared.
Min-Kyung might refuse to see me.
Yeah, I understand.
So be strong and go see her.
Why are you ignoring me?
- What brings you here? - Coming from a workshop.
I wasn't ignoring you.
I didn't see you, really.
Who's that? Your boyfriend?
No, I don't know him.
Yeah? I see.
Are you going somewhere?
- To get some fresh air. - Okay then.
- Bye. - Yeah, Bye.
Over here. Is he gone?
I'm sorry. For saying I didn't know you.
But you don't know me.
Yeah, I guess so.
Then I take back my apology.
It's really annoying, you grinning like that.
Well they say, 'you can't scratch your own back'.
It's not like that. He's no longer...
The weather's great, isn't it?
This isn't because I've got nothing better to do.
It's cause you begged me, okay?
I'm just responding to a drowning man's cry for help.
I know. You said that before.
You don't seem that younger than me
so stop the 'Mister' treatment.
I don't appreciate it.
You don't think you're older than me?
What year were you born in?
How about you?
Birth year doesn't matter, it's the look that counts.
You look definitely thirtyish.
I guess I'm not that fresh-looking myself.
This place is beautiful.
How come you can't open the train windows anymore?
I just had a $1 bill.
Hurry ma'am. The train's leaving.
Just take two more.
I can't eat all that. Keep searching.
Hurry! Run!
Eun-Soo, a little faster.
Do you know what a book and a lover have in common?
What's that?
One look and you want to lie down.
I've got another one.
They seem to involve some finger-licking.
- One more. - One more?
You want it more in fall.
- Hey... - Yes?
Forget it.
What are you going to say when you meet her?
I don't know.
You must have thought about it.
Or haven't you?
I'll tell her... take care.
That's it?
We're going through all of this just for that?
It means well.
I'll say this once more
this is as far as I can go.
Of course. I really appreciate that you've come this far.
Can't you do something about your gloomy face?
No woman would be happy to see a face like that.
Can you manage on your own?
I can't wait for you to come back.
I'm leaving.
Stop staring...
Did Eun-Chul do well on his exams?
Really? He bragged about it?
I wouldn't be so sure.
Don't have your hopes up.
What do you expect?
He needs to learn the hard way.
How's your leg, mom?
Don't forget to take your medicine.
I was about to tell you. Did you get the money I sent you?
You should have told me.
I'm out of coins. Talk to you later.
What happened?
Did she slam the door in your face?
Or tell you to get lost?
Hey, get a grip of yourself.
She moved away. Her entire family has.
- Where to? - They didn't know.
I'm hungry.
You owe me a meal.
How about Chinese?
Wait a bit.
I'll treat you when we get back.
I hate being hungry.
He's not bailing out on me, is he?
Eun-Soo! This way.
You're not making me pay later, eh?
Don't worry, just enjoy.
This is delicious.
Let me pour you a drink.
This drink comforts your soul and clears the mind.
Hello, you must be the owner.
I'm not. In fact, he is.
- So you're not a gangster. - What?
Thanks for everything.
That's a line when things come to an end.
I'm ending this quest.
Everything was an illusion. And it led to obsession.
Like you said, Min-Kyung just left me.
- Maybe she didn't. - She did.
This is a special dish I secretly made.
Try it.
Can I have some water to rinse my mouth?
I'm just joking. It was really good.
- Really? - Yes.
It's written on her face.
Can you tell?
Next time, I'll treat you to a really special dish.
It's been so long since I've seen Joon-Oh smile like this.
- Let me... - It's okay.
- But you don't drink. - I'm not drinking.
I'm so sorry.
I caused you so much pain.
Let me tell you a story.
The day your father died, he gave something to me.
I might not need it but it was quite dear to him.
We've been rivals for the past 50 years.
But I took it.
But I couldn't stop worrying about it.
I thought about throwing it out.
But strangely enough as time passed
it became something quite dear to me as well.
Do you know what that is?
You said that you caused me so much pain?
Of course, you did.
You, my son was stumbling around in heartache.
But it could never be more intense than your pain.
Don't worry. As time goes by
the memory remains, but the pain dissipates.
She could have helped me.
- What are you doing? - You frightened me.
Let's see. So it's KIM Joon-Oh.
KIM Joon-Oh.
Here he is.
He's in Apt. 1302.
- 1302? - Yeah.
He won't be in.
He went away for a few days.
I collected the newspapers and milk in his doorway yesterday.
I see...
Have you been waiting long? I had work to do.
It's okay, just looking around here again...
- Hello. - Yeah.
- I had something to ask you. - What's it?
I'm talking with a professor now.
Have you eaten?
No. I'm not going to be that late.
Okay, I'll call you later.
Okay, bye.
Suddenly, I've become a professor.
What is it you wanted to ask?
No, it's okay.
I should get going.
Take care.
He was right.
It was all an illusion and an obsession.
The autumn heat will be washed away by this rain.
So, make sure you wear something warm.
Rain clouds are situated in the North Kyungsang Province.
Light rain at a rate of 5-10mm/hr is falling in other regions.
Rain clouds will move down south.
And the afternoon will clear up.
Go away. I can't focus because of you.
You've improved.
Your eyes and mind seem to have found their balance.
That's why calligraphy is good.
How about a blind date with my school friend?
He's single.
That makes him a year older than my youngest uncle.
If we hit it off well, how could I face my uncle?
You go date him yourself, ma'am.
I said 'Miss', not 'Ma'am'.
63% of overdue books are new releases.
Collect all unreturned books by this month.
This meeting is adjourned.
Wait. Get back in your seats, please.
I'll announce the results for the open call for ideas.
The remodeling work will start soon.
CHO Eun-Soo!
Your idea, the 'Read and Rest Lounge' will open soon.
A small token of appreciation will be presented.
A big round of applause, please.
You call this a token of appreciation?
- I'll take it if you won't. - You want a slapping?
No, you can have it.
But on condition you take care of this all.
- What Is it? - A list of past Due members.
Call every single one of them.
But this isn't a volunteer's job.
Do you want to get this and do it
or get this and do it?
When you borrow you return.
It's as simple as that, you asshole!
I said, asshole, so what?
You stay right there. Hello?
This makes me so mad. I can't do it anymore.
I'll do something else.
Yeah. I shouldn't have made you do it.
Just go put those back!
SUH Min-Kyung
Mr. HWANG? I'm CHO Eun-Soo at the Public Library.
Yes, hello.
I'm calling to check
the new address of a long-term overdue member.
Yes, the name is SUH Min-Kyung.
Her ID number is...
Ms. CHO, who're you waiting for?
No one.
That guy...
The black suit guy. I haven't seen him lately.
Can I use your phone?
- Is this SUH Min-Kyung's number? - Who's calling?
- Are you SUH Min-Kyung? - What's this about?
This is the Public Library. Are you SUH Min-Kyung?
I'm so sorry.
Everything was thrown out.
And this is all I've got.
Why are you closing this place so suddenly?
It's Joon-Oh's wish.
There's nothing I can do.
How come?
He wants to study in Japan.
My eyesight and taste buds are not like they used to be.
I might as well retire.
Then do you know where Joon-Oh is now?
He went somewhere to take care of a few things.
What brings you here without any notice?
Just something...
Do you know someone named SUH Min-Kyung?
Of course, I know her very well.
How do you know her?
I just happened to find out about her.
I just...
don't know how to put this to you.
But two months ago,
she died.
I know.
Then why doesn't Joon-Oh know about this?
The doctor said he was cured.
He seemed to be feeling better and talking more.
That day when he cooked for you
that was the first time after the accident.
Calm down.
she loved him so much.
They loved each other so much.
They looked so good together.
It happened on the way to meet
her parents.
After that day, there was something wrong with Joon-Oh.
He was forgetting things like an old person would.
He didn't even recognize me.
The doctor said it was temporary post-traumatic memory loss.
Thank god it didn't take long for him to get better.
The doctor was surprised by the speed of his recovery.
829What am I supposed to do?
Shit, shit, shit...
She's so pretty.
Is this it?
Yes it is.
Sorry. I should have returned it myself.
But with the kids, it was hard.
How much do I owe you?
Don't worry. We don't have that policy anymore.
But there's no lend outs for as long as your overdue term.
I'm so sorry again to bother you.
It seems all over but there're still traces
left behind like this.
I love this place. I often came here back in school.
Did you have a drink somewhere else?
No, I'm about to start.
You seem like a different person.
Then I must've succeeded.
I'm planning to start over again.
I threw out everything in the past.
Even myself.
Once I did so, things looked different.
How so?
Like Min-Kyung, I wasn't in love with her.
You should think like me. It's for the best.
I'm leaving for Japan next week.
I was planning to call you.
Good. Let's get drunk today.
What's that book?
I've been reading it lately.
You said you had something to tell me.
Or was it just an excuse to see me?
I have a favor to ask you.
Do this for me, please.
Cheongpyeong Temple.
The train leaves at 10am.
Since it was founded in 973, it was called Baekam Temple.
It was renamed Bohyun Temple in 1068.
And then again as Cheongpyeong Temple in 1550.
Since it was founded in 973, it was called...
I come here when I'm stressed
but for a woman to come alone...
It's so dangerous these days.
It's not like I'm planning to flirt with you.
I'm a tad disappointed.
This is great.
Haven't you ever been here?
I didn't know about this place.
Thanks for inviting me here.
There's a better place a bit further ahead.
Famous monks and poets
had practiced self-discipline at this temple.
I see.
And there's an interesting legend as well.
Once upon a time, there was a couple in love.
The woman became sick and died.
Out of despair, the man jumped into the water to kill himself.
Then a divine spirit helped him forget his painful memory.
In exchange for taking the body of a snake.
Oblivious of its past, the snake roamed around the woman's house
until it was chased by people and hid itself in the temple.
And each time it rained, it would shed tears of regret.
For a life it could have lived as a human who carried the love
for his beloved in his heart.
That is the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy who absolves
the suffering of all creatures and leads us to happiness.
What's that?
Those who are absolved of pain
and are now resting in a beautiful and peaceful place.
I guess they're enshrined here so they're not forgotten.
Love in the past
Because, it remains in your heart forever.
I'm sorry.
And thank you.
So much.
What a bitch.
No digestion medicine lately. Seeing a doctor?
Too busy to be sick.
This is really addictive.
Are you still looking for page 198?
The guy selling junk in the park has a present for you.
D-20 TO GRAND OPENING I'LL BE WAITING The guy selling junk in the park has a present for you.
How much is this?
I told you you would buy something.
You really want a photo of this?
One, two...
Excuse me.
Welcome. Did you come alone?
This way, please.
- Treat us away. - Coming up
- Have the eel. - It's really good.
This person told me that past love never changes.
She shared my pain
and stayed by my side.
Now I am curious of her pains as well.
This moment I am spending with her
will forever stay with me as a warm memory.
Because as she said
past love never changes.