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Translation credits to Amicus and dancinhomer and Rxgoodleaf (Pattaya Scenes)
Subtitled by: shortboy and angelix
Ever since her first appearance being loved by all the viewers, Chae Yeon!
In order for love to succeed, you must aim for her parents.
Right now, here at Miyasaki, Kim Jong Kook's mother is with him.
This is the first time saying something like this, but give a warning to Kim Jong Kook's mom.
Mother, I will try my best.
Next to her, that cute crab dance and cool song. And the smile. He really has everything. Shin Hye Sung
However, I'm sure most of you couldn't see this...
but while Shin Hye Sung was singing his song, Jang Hui Jin was singing along by herself.
-It seems that you know all the words to the song -No no.
Sing it, sing it...
We'll listen to Jang Hui Jin's song.
Why'd you stop?
His outfit is pretty cool too.
If we wore that, it'd be like our punishment.
If we were to wear it, it's a punishment, but if he were to wear it, it's good fashion.
Jung Ee Chul
Was there someone you wanted to meet her today, that you wanted to hear something warm from?
Ji Sang Ryul
Did he ask you for money?
You've all waited, and she has finally returned. For the first time in a year and a half. LEE SOO YOUNG.
Lee Seung Gi returns.
Is there someone that you want to play a particular game against?
Chae Yeon
She's quite older than you.
Like seriously old. You can't even count that far.
It's Jinsuk-noona.
Jong Kook already met her 10 years ago.
She's in the 21st century text book of beauty,
Shin Ae.
Is there someone you wanted to meet today?
Kim Jong Kook
They always say "KJK, KJK, KJK"...take him.
Why are you being like this?
She's here for the first time in awhile.
This is the first time in awhile for me too.
A lot of people say they always wanted to meet Kim Jong Kook.
So to you Shin Ae, what was it about Kim Jong Kook that you really wanted to see?
His smile is very soft.
Myung Soo's smile is pretty smooth too.
Do you have any idea how bright my smile is?
Show us, Park Myung Soo.
[You call that a smile?]
Do you have a song you wanted to hear from Kim Jong Kook?
-Yes -Which Song?
One Man
You noticed that Kim Jong Kook only looked at me, right?
This is the group that's always bringing us entertainment.
The comic group. Ha Myung Kook.
From now on, in order to get rid of this awkwardness...
Our feast. Our party.
You're now watching X-Man special.
All the contestants are in their rooms,
but I'm sure some of them are so tired that they’re already sleeping.
We will now undergo picking the X-Man.
We will see who gets picked.
Dad, who's the X-Man?
I don't know, but...
it's not Park Myung Soo...
Hot Spring Wars!
Sitting in a chair inside the hot springs, you have push with your hands. Whoever falls, loses.
-It's salty isn’t it? -It's salty.
Usually you can't wear clothes to come in this hot spring.
Should I take it off?
Shin Hye Sung
Just like in the first X-Man Special, she's trying for Shin Hye Sung again.
Today is our 100th day anniversary
Today is the 100th day that we became bloods brothers
Because of my personal reasons, I was a little late yesterday.
I asked the staff members to hand over the tapes that they filmed yesterday.
After watching the video, I noticed a little tension between Jang Hee Jin and Shin Hye Sung and I saw a little pink light between the two of them.
So I'm here to cut that off between the two.
So if I'm able to cut your tie with her now, then I will over look what happened yesterday as if nothing happened.
It's not something you can cut away that easily.
A song you want to sing for him
"Even until the end I can’t give you up"
Even if she's falling into the hot springs, she's not giving up on you
Even if I'm falling in, I can't just fall by myself.
Wow that's a scary song.
Be cute to each other.
It's salty isn't it?
Jang Hui Jin
I'm sure you're well aware but Park Kyung Lim's expression isn't very friendly.
Usually it's not too bad, but right now... her face is slightly red from the hot springs,
so it looks even more evil.
A warning to each other.
Don't be like this.
It's not like she has a punching bag
You despicable thing...
You should have been satisfied with Kim Jong Min. How dare you look at Shin Hye Sung!
What Park Kyung Lim is saying is how dare you look at Shin Hye Sung.
A song for Park Kyung Lim
"If it's not love, then give up."
Park Kyung Lim, please smile a little while you're playing these games.
I wasn't going to say anything but you have an image to keep. Please smile a little bit.
You can't be like this.
It's someone that we want to get rid of.
Park Myung Soo
Ji Sang Ryul
Even though you're all famous stars, when we arrived in Japan, besides Shin Hye Sung,
the person that all the Japanese fans cheered for is Ji Sang Ryul.
I saw Dae Jung Gum
Ji Sang Ryul is not the only one. Why not me?
That's why you should stay here and become a star here.
Just stay here. You got your foot in the door already.
Korea or wherever, take care of yourself first.
It's like the two of them are having check up comedy.
Sing a song for each other
Coming here reminds me of Lee Seung Chul’s song,
Feel The Heat.
Why don't you check if you have a fever first.
Do you want me to call a doctor?
Your face is pollution.
Take your mycin eyes elsewhere.
Don't be a star in Korea anymore.
Your face is like yellow sand.
This is not a battle of the wits.
You yellow sand. Park Hwang Sa.
I got salt water in my eyes,
I got my contact lenses on right now.
I need water.
Get some cold water.
If you add the age of both of you. You are over 70.
I will now play the accordion for everyone.
I'm sure the music is playing right now.
What's wrong?
There's a stone right there.
You gotta look at these things.
Did you hear him? NAHHH!
What he means is I'm falling down. NAHHH
Lets get this going already.
Hey little kid, go over there.
Yeah, it's like a little kid followed us in here
Yeah and he's walking around with a cap on.
Hey little kid go home, ok?
Go over there so I can work.
You're too grown to go into women's bath tubs.
Chae Yeon
Shin Ae
Looks like you have a lot to say to each other.
You little thing.
Mother, I will try my best
Kim Jong Kook
His smile is very soft
Where did you come from anyways?
I've always watched you on TV.
Oh you saw her. How was she?
She was a little ridiculous.
Why isn't this ending?
You can use water a little bit.
Stop it now. I’m starting to not like you anymore.
Lee Seung Gi
"I always want to see you, and I can't be close to you like I want to be"
Because she's quite older than you are.
Oh Seung Gi, you've grown up, you're a man.
You were so shy you couldn't do something like this before.
The weird thing is because we're sitting in the hot tub.
My heart is beating faster.
But I can't tell if because of the heat, or because I'm nervous.
It's because you're old.
Act cute to each other.
Be good to me
Wow, you really are like an older sister.
A really rich older sister.
I wanted to see you.
Wow, you're pretty good at dancing now too.
Yeah, you want to get a little closer now, don't you?
Lee Min Ki
Kim Jong Kook
They finally meet again since the Pattaya episode.
Have you been happy so far?
In life, you see that there are things you want but can't have.
One thing you want to say.
It's not something I should be telling you.
What exactly is it?
How does love change?
I wonder if we should get to this mood with this atmosphere.
But act cute to each other.
It's a set program so I hope there's no misunderstanding.
You still shouldn't change like that.
Still love should not change.
Why do you care?
Lee Min Ki is shocked.
Now you've turned into another old lady.
Get a little closer.
Sing a song for each other.
"My love's leaving me, leaving me my love behind"
Just in case Kim Jong Kook is going to hit him again, as soon as the song is over he stares at him.
"Because my heart is hurting"
"my throat is clamping"
"I will try my best. But it won't work"
Kim Jong Kook never had a chance.
I didn't think he was going to come that quickly.
Lee Soo Young
Even from before, Lee Min Ki has his own unique vocal style.
It has sudden endings.
A little more smoothly this time, try again.
Hold on. Hold on.
Hey Lee Min Ki, this song is turning cute all of a sudden.
Should we move you guys a little closer?
I really want to win.
We'll see men vs men.
Why did you push me?
What are you?
Myung Soo, this isn't about stealing towels off their heads.
Lee Seung Gi, if you fall in, I'll let haha go.
Just throw him away.
We'll see what kind of drama unfolds like it did in Pattaya.
Lee Min Ki
Oprah Winfrey of Korea...Park Kyung Lim
Still trying for romance in 2006.
We'll see how Park Kyung Lim does.
First of all, congratulations on winning the new entertainer award for the end of last year.
and I was watching you, and you seem like a pretty good friend.
Park Kyung Lim always says something like this in order to try out romance.
Looking at you, you don't really have any faults.
Wow, he's really a kind person.
It really feels like you have no faults for me to pick at.
like short legs, narrow shoulders, wide waist.
But Lee Min Ki is saying you have no specific faults to pick on
There's no faults, but picking out my short legs, and narrow shoulders...did you say my shoulders were narrow or wide?
Narrow shoulders and wide waist line.
Looking at you, you're face is pretty handsome.
That's basic. You're tall and you're very polite.
But what's with youur singing?
Kyung Lim! What's with your singing?
You're in no position to be making fun of other people’s singing.
You too.
Have you not gone on the train? Chul (Boy from Galaxy Express 999)
Setting everything aside.
If you want to become a good actor after appearing on X-Man,
not only acting, you have to be good at singing and dancing.
and as a person who already has an album.
I will teach you how to sing.
I sang a song love me.
but when you sing it.
You have too much vibration.
Just sing the song straight.
Try that!
So don't shake.
By expressing vibration right down to his core.
Dangle dangle dangle.
I'm not all that bad at singing.
*~Theme Song to Galaxy Express 999~*
You should get on your train.
I'll just tell you honestly and not think of this as a show.
I like you.
I'm your style right?
What can you do for me?
What do you want?
Do you have a comb at home?
I want to study.
So Lee Min Ki is saying I want to study, just leave me alone.
My boyfriend will avenge me.
Kim Jong Kook
Do you like Eun Hye?
Do you not like Eun Hye?
Of Course
Must you have everything?
I sent Kim Jong Kook a cheer.
It's good to see you.
It hurt me earlier.
That's why I did it.
Earlier when I mentioned the love that changed.
Was that the short legged, narrow shoulders, wide waist Kyung Lim?
You really need to worry about your future here.
Kyung Lim is the easiest.
I thought of you as a man.
In Seoul, and even in Pattaya,
You looked a lot bigger than me, but not anymore.
"You were always a little taller then I was." (Line from the movie, Friend)
Oh I've never seen Kim Jong kook use a line from a movie
-Yeah, he can do quite a few things. -Oh yeah?
Just that he only shows them to me.
Ah, you have a great boyfriend.
Stop it.
I just thought about this.
Last night at the hot spring, why were you always underneath the spotlight?
Everyone was at the hot springs together.
I will explain then.
Kang Ho Dong said he wanted to compare MC Yoo and Kim Jong Kook's bodies.
and underneath the spotlight was the only place this could have happened.
Near the end, Kang Ho Dong said Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook to stand under the spot light.
We just stood there.
We couldn't do anything. (Perfect Kang Ho Dong Expression)
That's the first time I've seen anyone whos butt keeps on sagging down to their knees.
Yes, I've put on some tape today as usual.
I don't know why you keep saying that my love has changed.
Do I look like my loves changed to you?
Even you saying that,
doesn't it look like your eyes have any truth to them.
So if your eyes are small, there's no truth in anything?
You can see my eyes?
After I've appeared on X-Man, you've become a lot funnier.
Yeah these are the guys I'm doing comedy with. Bow to them.
I hear you're going to appear this spring on "Ootchasa" (A gag show)
So this spring we can expect to see you at ootchasa.
Lee Soo Young
Shin Hye Sung
When I was on the plane,
I asked you because I'm not really friendly with anyone here. That we become a couple.
but why...
Did you pick someone else?
Not specifying anyone she said someone else.
A person's heart cannot change because someone asks you to.
Do I not look like a woman to you?
We're good friends.
Not a single time you saw me as a woman?
After sharing so many meals together,
and so many eye exchanges,
and not once you didn't like me? Even for a second?
I think once.
About 2 seconds.
Was it when you were paying for your meal?
When she was swiping her card.
So what you're telling me is, that you're not going to pick me?
who through all this time… has built up my beauty,
cleansed my thoughts and became a great woman.
Do you have like a piano stuck in your throat?
You arrogant bastard (pun)
Because the song was so passionate.
I will respond with a powerful song.
I guess I was too calm, in treating you.
I'll try to seduce him in my relaxed way.
"Look at me look at me"
What kind of man would fall for that seduction?
Why, I liked it. I was quite direct.
If you don't want it this much. I won't give up on you..
I'll wait.
Jang Hui Jin
It looks like a competition because of Shin Hye Sung.
I just want to say, it's very nice to meet you.
It's very nice to meet you.
So it's you!