Arrival of first fast response cutter

Uploaded by USCGImagery on 10.02.2012

The Coast Guard Cutter Webber arrived and she is the first
of six new Coast Guard cutters that will be coming to Sector Miami.
We're very excited and very proud and honored to have the first
six of the fast response cutters come to Sector
Miami. What's really unique about today is we were able to take
a photograph in the air of the legacy 110-foot
island class patrol boat that the Webber will be replacing.
And it's very interesting for you to see the distinct lines
and the modernization and state of the art vessel that the Webber is.
I'm very proud both to be associated with Bernard C.
Webber, who the ship is named after. He's an enlisted hero, the 60th
anniversary of his rescue off Cape Cod is coming up and
our crews really have taken it to heart to try to honor that legacy.
and really have that as part of the ship. That's something to be proud there.
I'm also very proud of the crew, having been gone for five months. They
came to work everyday enthusiastic, ready to try to learn and
get as proficient as they could so we could safely operate this ship.
The model of the Coast Guard Cutter Webber
is, "determination heeds no interference."
It really epitomizes Bernard C. Webber and the spirit
that we are trying to get the first crew, to also have that same
spirit of determination and courageous
feats that they will be able to accomplish despite
the interference that they may come across such as heavy seas,
such as a casualty to maybe an engine or something. And it will be
very important for this crew to have that esprit de corp and spirit
of Bernard C. Webber, of determination heeds no interference.