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- 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 ... - Enzino!
Chito! Enzino! Enough!
Your mother is sleeping. Is this nice?
How you're sleeping? Mom is dead.
- Antonio, can I play here? - No.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...
Do not you have said yes. He said no.
What does it mean that the widow Corallo is the most beautiful ass of Catania?
- What did you say? - I do not what I said. It was dad.
Does Dad? Yes, I've heard on the landing of the staircase.
Can I explain or not which means?
- When you've heard? How? - Not ...
Have you. the best ... heart of Catania. What I would have done without you.?
Please, we are both widowed.
- In addition, Margherita was like a sister to me. Poor.
Mom is dead. Mom is dead. Mom is dead. Mom is dead.
- Hey! - Who is it?
- Are you, Nino? Let me move on. - No me of the tin.
There can not play, because Antonio will not let me.
In the classroom I can not, because mom was dead.
Where will I play? Neither the I do bathroom.
Uf! So I want to play.
I'm going to lose a moment to the store, to see if I have the inventory.
They are very difficult times, you know?
We must unite as useful with so pleasant.
I do not know what I say. Must making the need virtue.
Oops, that if he could take a look ...
Lower quiet, that I was involved of the deceased. That unfortunately, my mother!
- Peppino Ignazio-Who could have imagined?
- Ten value. - What has happened?
Last night, he found me dead in bed.
How we wanted!
- Poor Margherita! - Thanks.
- Lord, may I go and doing something? - Yes, please. Reza a prayer to Margherita.
- She would have loved. - Yes, but I also ...
Will it go directly Matthew to the cemetery?
I do not know.
Well, we are not going to give you a hurry to have closed the entire month.
- Apolillada is: Does the strip? - None of Tyre;'ll bid.
- And Concettina? Where is it?
Sorry, you need a piece of Batista, what do we do?
What are we going to do? Search!
This is stained muslin Will sell at cost?
What cost? Mandala to the dry cleaner. Price cost!
And you, what you're doing, Lococco?
- By measuring the remnants - And mides well: to eye.
- I wanted to finish fast ... - Ending fast, so cranky.
- How much this measure, according to you? - 2'80 ... 2'90
Does Ah, yes? Let's see it. The subway is to measure.
1, 2 ... 3 ... 3'45.
- Unfortunately, do you want to ruin? - But if I do what I have seen you.
But, do we're a normal person? If when you open your arms seem a level crossing.
We must measure m Memo!
And to see if espabilas that Saturday should be all finished.
Because I want to open on Monday this store, did you understand?
((Reza the litanies del Rosario))
((Rezan las letanías del rosario))
Oh, Holy Mother!
- Come, Enzino - I want the ball, I want the ball.
- The Margherita Brocca was an exemplary mother. - Rest in peace.
- And a sure guide. - Rest in peace.
- Light splendor of love and piety. - Rest in peace.
Enzino, pays a little attention, Do you want?
See it, Child. That is the ass most beautiful of Catania.
Tender watchtower and loving presence always and under all circumstances.
Living closely and solving small and inevitable family crisis.
Rest in peace.
Her husband cries, but there is something that gives you strength.
He knows that if it continue its beautiful example of life,
... sooner or later will meet with her in the glory of the Lord.
Well, the truth is that no I run a great hurry.
- The Brocca But Margherita is not dead. - How it is not dead? It's dead.
She never abandoned that house that was theirs.
There will be no time of day or room in the house,
where his soul is not present, revoloteando as a beneficial duende family ...
... guardian, I dare say those it has left in pain and despair ...
You do not need to be always at home.
The paths of the Lord are infinite. Rest in peace, Margherita ...
... so you can resurrect Judgement Day.
Good. It has been a pleasure power to help. Let rest!
Thank you for everything once again Dona Ines.
But why flames idiot, if there is nobody at home?
- Good afternoon, sir. - Good afternoon
- Excuse me. - Spend.
- Accompanied him on sentiment - Thanks.
Excuse me! He waxed a little soil, because he was very dirty with all the bustle.
Look at everything that is clean!
I helped put a little order. He pulled the flowers; Oli wrong.
The candles are still there. We can bring to the parish.
- He vented a bit. - Yes, he has done very well. Thank you.
- But forgive. Who's you.? - The Agency told me 3 days ago to come.
The poor lady had made a request, because you. needed a girl, right?
Oops, pardon. It's that I believed you. was the daughter of a second cousin of Margherita.
One who lives in Caltanissetta and has a hotel opposite the station.
- What is your name? - I do not know - Ah, if Matteo!
My name is Angela La Barbera.
I dared to prepare a little dinner.
A consommé, a stew and a salad.
Have I done wrong?
- It is a saint! - How Lentini? - No, Caltagirone.
Let ... is as if order made person.
Orderly, clean. Watch Aggatino ...
... if you find a blade of dust at home, I'll give you one million lire.
All perfectly clean and orderly. and you know what's more I wonder?
That I never had so many costumes, or as much underwear.
Wait, Miral yourself. Insurance than ever in life'd seen so many socks.
Neither it was you. a centipede.
Shirts, scarves ... scent of orange blossom.
Even putting flowers of orange blossom, Do you realize?
It reaches to think in the smallest detail.
- A real lucky. - I know who has sent me.
I agradecértelo to you, Margherita.
You've sent me this holy to help us all.
Hardly, you just get to Heaven.
And one could say that without time to undo the suitcase.
Ah, Margherita, something else! Regarding what ...
... said Don Cirilo that your soul and revolotearan your spirit by the house.
Look, you do not need, Do you know?
You rest in peace here ...
... so it touches home, Angelina already occupy.
In addition to this we has the mandate.
Salt out!
It's frost!
- Water. - The left has run.
- It's icy, lady. - Very good.
Then ... Gambino ...
Meanwhile, begins to examine these statements.
- Have you called it your creature? - Most of what you think.
It has laid the Picher in the glass! It has laid the Picher in the glass!
Enough! Silence!
If I had a father with a business like this
would give a kick in the ass to Cole and I would put behind the counter.
Do you know what my father said? That without baccalaureate not sold or laces for shoes.
- And your father, does the high school? - If you have a diploma.
Children, rises immediately, you are waiting.
Now subo.
- Nino, who is that? - The new maid.
- Which aunt more good! - What do you say?
I know what I say. You're a lucky guy.
My mother does not want young girls, because of my father.
That is why we have a chef 120 years and a butler.
And which of them want it pellizque the ass?
Total, you've just always masturbándote.
- Well, goodbye. - Goodbye, Pork.
But what you say? Whenever you're with the same thing.
Come on, you just know think about that. Chao.
This is not TV can see anything.
It is not the TV. It is the wind.
Do you realize? It's the wind which moves the antenna.
Now it begins to see something.
It looks great.
- Okay, Enzino, as well. - Angelina, I shower morning to me, right?
- Shut up already, cretino - But what you say?
Well, well. But what is going on? Leave in peace.
And why you shaved now every morning?
- Presumably! - It grows a lot to me. - Calla!
Come on, Nino! Come on! Hurry!
- Anda! Pásamela! - Come, come. Pasala.
Remove! Remove! That I can not see!
Ninuccio, what are you doing? How you're in college?
No, I have fallen when would walk.
Come, little children, come.
Ven, hijito, ven.
Do not worry. It's just tincture of iodine.
Now blow out a little, so that you do not escueza.
Oh, Mom!
- Put your hand on top. - Where? In the wound?
No, the pilila. If not, I can not get the plaster
- Angela ... - What!
Listen ...
- Do not say anything to dad, right? - Do not worry, do not tell him anything.
It will be a secret between you and me.
Still hurts you?
- Do you have caught, it? - Yes, of course.
- And you have seen - Yes. - Were you naked? - Sure.
And then what? Cuéntamelo.
After ... I have less.
Shit, what luck!
Ah! But now that we have in our hands.
But you, what you believe?
How? I could not say that we do so once the two.
No, what goes! Contigo not.
- Luciana to see you leave. - Your sister Luciana I have the very sight.
- Do Nude? - What?
Wait. Let me see.
What does? Can always Duerme with the door open?
It makes asleep. He likes represent yourself.
- And why do you like? - Why is a whore and all.
- There is too much from here. - Wait, wait.
- But what are you doing? - I noise steps.
- But you will hear. - This is what I want.
Anda, Enzino, angel! Make peepee! Come on!
That is! Now, to sleep, we go.
- What else? What else? - I was very tired.
- Does what you have done two or three times? - Yes, of course.
And she, Will gave cries of passion?
Come on, Child. What are you doing? Do Grit?
But do not be distracted, Child. Is what I am going to count, Child?
Which is crazy that your sister! Dance alone.
I know you're crazy auction. But tell me every detail erotic.
But what you want to have? It was something impressive.
Tell me about some detail rugged, memo.
If I das your pistol, what you say.
Okay. But the next time do so, I want to see it.
Okay. But the next time do so, I want to see it.
- Come, boring! - Stop fastidiar - I do not like to see you, because you're a degenerate.
Nothing. You're a pervert.
Come, Ninuccio. Dance.
Do not stay stiff, as if were of a broom stick.
What's going on? What a view?
Your father and your brother also do so because of those, eh?
Idiot! My brother is a Meon an old and my father.
Also my father is old and yet has a mistress in Palermo and another in Naples.
- And one in Milan, of course. - But I, the Vigil.
And also the monitor, when you're in college?
- To give you by the ass - To you and to your sister cow.
But what? Which is what happens?
What is this boy?
There is fine. Something must have seated ill in the stomach, pobrecillo.
Ah! He has put the thermometer. Do you have a fever?
There is something unimportant. They must be only a few tenths.
- You seem to call the doctor. - No, it is not necessary. Stay calm, sir.
- You see that with a day of rest - Yes, there is nothing. I know that cigarettes are.
- Because I know who smokes. - No! - And you still well, and just watch.
Ninuccio, what do you pass? You have not done homework, right?
Do not you know the lesson? Do not tell me what you want?
What's going on? Have you fought with someone?
Did you past something with your colleagues?
Watch it once I can follow the game, but I do not want me goals in a mess.
Why not have a fever. Only 36 with 2 tenths.
Nino, something to tell your Angelina!
Okay, lady. Tomorrow I will send you to Cole, although you're 40 with fever.
I've heard?
But what does? I spy? - Me? Not. - Go from here.
But why, Angelina! I'm doing gymnastics.
Yes, menuda gymnastics!
Who is there?
What are you doing here? How can I know what they do, poorly educated?
I'm doing inflections, Dad. What am I gonna do?
I know what to do, depraved, degenerated, pork.
- But Dad ... - Neither father nor mother.
Okay. I also spy. Agreed.
Because I have been involved in the head, Do you know?. I can not quitármela there.
Margherita ...
... to the best thing is that I'm obsessed.
Do not you think that?
The truth is that is so beautiful, so female ... Do you understand?
- If you do not want that, another takes over. - Lord ... pastels.
- Oh, well! - Cógelos you.
So, can I go?
Yes, go, go. He did not do wait for your boyfriend.
But what boyfriend?. I will house my aunt and then we will go to the movies.
Come on, you do not believe that I am a girl pretty much like you had no boyfriend.
I am a person tastes very special.
That is true. In very special tastes.
- Don Ignazio. Don Ignazio - Dona Inese
- How is it? - Don Ignazio. It's really a pleasure to greet power.
Why it said. Mrs. Inese? You know ... with so many kids and my job ...
That is true. Incidentally, I decided to renew my wardrobe.
I think it is time to take off all these black dresses.
He is right. This is what I say. The mourning has carried in the heart, not clothing.
Well, whenever Mrs. Agnes passing through the store.
I just send a a lot of gender category.
Wish I could choose calmly and you. help me in the election,
Because you. is a man with very tasteful.
Why not come to my house one afternoon to take a wisky?
That could give me some Council ... and help me.
I bring a sample and we look together., huh?
- Yes, yes, one of these evenings. - Counting on you.
- Angela! Angela, look! - Miss, what does?
- Has there been damage? - There is nothing, a twist.
Let me see.
Enzino not commas with their hands. Ninety thousand lire clinic has cost me the joke.
You've played the salary an entire year.
- Father, we must take care of the body. - The head must be caring, idiot.
Hua, hua! Antonio wants its slurry.
- Calla, stupid. - Yes, wants - It's okay.
Granted in March 1848 and the same month entered into war with Austria.
On July 25 he defeated in Custoza and was forced a. ..
beat him ... also defeated in Novara.
Because Luis Alberto always defeat him.
- Anda, Angela, do not be silly. Come here. - No, please, ladies.
- Come over, Angelina. What else gives you? - Please. Let me or scream.
- Come on, be good. - Hands quiet, he said.
Hands Quiet, please.
Let me!
What? Is it good?
Bébetela! It's fresh.
Did you like the Agüita?
- Let me, let me idiot. - Please do not Peled
- Foul, let me. - And what stops you: go, go.
Once finished, hacedme the favor. Enough!
No, do not stop. We Nino, Dale you too!
Shut up, Enzino. You also has lost consciousness?
What are you doing, great imbecile?
Come on, Nino, a paste punch in the mouth.
Enough! No more!
It is to say when dad come. Enough already!
Enough! Enough! And you be quiet.
Enough. No more.
Dale in the eye. Come on.
Enough! Enough!
And you Enzino, come here. Come, come.
By making the cock, right? Do you think that I have not noticed?
Like, right?
But even you're a pichoncito.
Go to meneártela, which is the only thing you can do.
I however, will be leaving tonight to his room and I fuck her.
What do you want?
Ninuccio not what you spend too well. Antonio is not bad, is just disrespectful.
No, it is not disrespectful; is a son of a whore.
I know evil. I do not want I fight for my fault.
You do not have anything to do.
I have affection and also to you.
You've seen how I put a flower every morning.
What do you say you've seen?
Go to the kitchen to wash dishes.
What do you want?
Which pig!
I've Seen the vejete!
I hate, hate them, hate them!
At the thief! At the thief!
Police! They entered thieves in my business!
- So you learn. - At the thief. At the thief.
Excuse me.
Are You can not do This silent alarm?
I, too, sergeant, took three hours hearing this flasks; three hours.
The truth is, sergeant, from tonight I do not feel safe either in my own room.
- Have, I made a little coffee. - Very good. Sergeant keep.
His men also want a little coffee. Here are!
We needed this coffee! Bravo, Angelina!
It is my duty, sir.
What is this?
Anda, go to bed and not harass, please.
Why come when thieves Dad and you oléis both perfume?
Enzino and just once!
Why you dad and you put a new pajamas, when thieves come?
- At last! - I do not think possible.
So, are you sure that you have not stolen anything?
It seems to me that I am not lack nothing, sergeant.
What thieves so rare! Break glass, rather than the lock.
Actually, it is very strange.
They must have had fear.
Lord, do you want to submit a complaint?
Report to whom, Sergeant: a ghost.
Margherita, just missing us now Nighttime adventures! Is it not true?
This is going pedrada to leave expensive.
One hundred thousand lire had cost me the showcase.
One hundred thousand lire, only for taking pleased to break something, Margherita.
I do not think it is fair.
In short, Margherita, I need a little understanding.
We will say once and for all, Why go with more tapujos?
You, in regard to the erotic act and sex, my daughter, uf ...
I ... things when I say, I say to the face.
Angela, Angela heard, I hablarte ...
Chito. Nino .. What's happening? - Is looking. Child?
Nino, make me the favor, low a moment to the store.
And tell you Lococo of the specimen by Mrs Corallo and took him away ...
- ... To choose which you like. - Dad, I have to study.
What does that mean that you have to study? But since when studying?
What is all this story? Tomorrow is Feast; studying tomorrow. Come on, move.
- Tomorrow we are going to see grandma - Very well, then studying tonight.
Whenever you put the stick slightest thing that you're asked.
Come on, get up and put on happy face! Whenever discussing everything.
- What are you doing? - Nothing, passed through here and I said ...
- I will spy a bit. - What nonsense: spy!
- I was going to meet a friend - CERDI ...
- But you do not live here. - I have to bring these fabrics to a client.
- Already understand. Bye. - Goodbye.
- Wait, cerditos - Yes, what do you want?
Can expect at home. I give you hurry and in a few minutes I will finish.
All right. Do not be rushed.
Chin-chin, Ninuzzo. Baby, baby!
Maybe it, but ...
I do not know, perhaps with a little more light.
This is not wrong. What do you think?
Ninuccio, will not be a bit Youth, too chillona.
What do you think? Actually, I am not more so.
Yo, how many years I dare, Ninuccio?
How old? Guess. Dímelo.
That if this is a preciousness.
Is it not true, Ninuccio, which can not be see how you feel, with all these clothes?
Almost, almost true Probe penalty.
What you say, Ninuccio? Would I try it?
- Yes, yes. - What I subjects with some pins.
So it will be easier to prove.
Meanwhile, we will a little music.
So do not be bored.
Again in an open and close eye, Ninuccio.
- I'm here. - What are you doing?
- Your father told me to go and help. - What you have left alone?
How could not have said to me expected, as you had said?
It seemed that he was bothering.
- Do you know that reeks of wine? - I know what I do. Come on, come here.
Eat what you want and tell the lady that again immediately. Do you agree?
But who is this lady? What the know?
- Do not worry. - Who is it? What would you say?
And now what do I do?
Hello, Nino's you!
- Nino, do you've already finished? - Yes.
- And the specimen? - Does the specimen? It is what it has been.
He says he wants to think better.
What? Do not you find good?
What would you pass?
How do I have?
- But do not you're Ninuccio? - Effects not.
- But who are you? - I am Pugliese, to serve it.
- I call piglets. - But what you doing here?
He spent and I said ... maybe I see ....
But do not worry.
We must talk. I assure you that a marriage will be sounded.
- But, Mr ... - You only have to say yes, I ordered the rest of me.
- But how? - Do not think about it. Do what you say.
- It is not possible. What will people say?
People! People! Me importa un bledo people.
Angela, my mother will their consent, and you'll see.
- And the boys? - Kids will what I say. No more missing.
No, no, no. Let me, driving me. Come on, get up.
- Uf, Dad! - Uf, Dad!
- Would you like to finish this car wreck? - And tomorrow?
Neither past nor tomorrow. Angela!
Angela! Enzino!
- Post, Enzino. - I had a grandma do not kiss; stinks.
- What education! What manners!
You, Dad never put the direct and the engine casing.
Your brain is that is packed.
Enough! The car is mine and I do with it what I want.
And if I want to go home from grandmother reverse, I will go. Is that clear?
You see, because what you said.
Camilo! Camilo! Since arriving! Salt outdoors, Camilo.
Welcome! Welcome!
- The car, Dad, reduces - What I'm happy!
- Ignazio, to see what the taste. - Adela, how are you?
- Portato well, please. - Hello, Camilo
Holy God! Holy God, my son!
I'm not where I grow. You are you, Adelina, which makes you increasingly small.
- Adela, how is the mom? - And how has to be?
Beginning in the fifties, an annual new evil. A Ninuccio see it somewhat weak.
- No. I say humor. - Ah, humor! Today cierzo blows.
- I do not want to kiss the grandfather. Smells bad. - Calla child, which is not the oven rolls.
- Huela or not smell. - I do not want.
- Enzino, you are going to receive. - Come on, Enzino, walk. - I did not want to come.
- Please. - I said no. Suéltame.
A kiss, grandmother.
- Mom. - And Enzino, where is it?
Nino, what you're paliducho. Do not you find good?
- Lord - What happens? - I can not find a Enzino.
- This unfortunate. - Is this the new maid?
Too elegant. Okay, fine. Go to the kitchen to help Adelina.
- Mama, I ... - Yes, we are going.
Antonio! We take a hand.
Anda, top!
- I do not understand, Mom, why not ... - Calla ...
Many times you have to say that Wheelchair is paralyzed!
And I'm not paralytic, I'm just tired.
- Yes, Mom. - Calla, silent.
- Get me home from grandmother. - No, I do not want to see it because it stinks.
Were it not because I am hungry, I would have found.
- Do it for me. Besa to the grandmother. - Yes, but I covered their nose.
- Where was this chiquillo? - It had been hidden in the garden.
Greet the grandmother. Dale un besito the grandmother.
Come on, sit. Come and silent.
The next time you go to see the grandmother, you do not bring.
- Estate And still. - Go, go.
What noses trading! That is nonsense.
What you have is what you need to land.
Never has so recognized.
I'm already old and I will not be eternal.
The fact is that a firm needs Hand-eye pattern.
And it is time for you just made losing money with your store.
These cigars are now crap. They seem straw.
- But, Mom, I ... - Calla!
Remember that to a Christian 50 Pope, or is or is Sacristán.
And you certainly are not Pope.
- This already knew that. - And remember that I can die any day.
- How much will you die, grandmother? Do Tomorrow? - Nino!
Come, Enzino, which cools. And remember that before you speak a little older.
Mom, please, at least compared with boys, trátame with a little care and respect.
Does Care and respect? Would you have had care and respect with them or with yourself?
- The cigarette - What? - The cigarette! - Ah, yes!
But what do you think? At the mute child His mother understands it.
Mom, I'm dumb because they never I've left time to talk.
Calla! When you open your mouth, just say nonsense.
And if you make nonsense. - Yes, of course. - Watch that Liars with a maid.
- But what bred? - Would you like to do what pleases you? Well, do it.
The maids are also for that, since that the world is world, but you want to marry.
- And though they were, what would be wrong? It's a good girl, hardworking. - Calla!
- A maid - Employed from home - A maid
- In any case it would be a great saving for the house. - I know.
- But have you thought about small? - Yes, I thought of them. The much want.
- It is like a mother for them. - Calla!
- I see that you are an old chocho. - Enough, we finish. Already well.
I am no child. Mom, if we talking, trátame as I do.
If not, we do not need to talk more, do agree?
- Mom. Are You are wrong? - I'm dying. Calla! Calla!
- Harás that I die. - Adela, Adela! Mom is wrong!
Enzino, Enzino! Enzino, what you have!
What you saw? Have you seen a mom, right?
I have heard how the blaze.
- What mom? - Yes, that mom is dead and has buscarte.
Mourn, because I wanted to his little boy: a Enzino.
You do however suffer mom, because they no longer want as before.
- I want to Mom. I want to Mom. - No, you want to Angela. Cry stronger. Come on.
Mom, Mom!
- Grita stronger. - Mom, Mom, Mom.
- Enzino! What would you pass? - I want to Mom.
- Enzino, what happens you? - Must have been a nightmare,
- Enzino not cry. - Do not you want to you, I want to Mom.
Do not you want to you, I want to Mom. I want my mom.
- Listen, breast ... - Calla!
- Mom is the first time. - Calla. - Never had gone something like this, you swear.
- Even in the early days ... - Calla! - Believe me.
But what are you doing? Adelina want to go to call them.
They are already falling. But, Why go now?
He did not like it, you will not taste anything.
Tell that we had to leave very soon and we have not wanted to wake up.
- Do not worry that llamaré. - The same is already awake. - Child.
- Maybe it has not asleep throughout the night. - How it has not asleep?
How that has not asleep? I have gone ahead his door and hoarse as a double bass.
- Come on, move. Where were you? - In the bathroom. - In the bathroom!
What pelmazo! From morning to evening you'll spend the day in the bathroom.
- But what happens you? What are you doing? - Do not you see, I'm leaving.
- And why do you go? - And what I question? But what I've done, I must leave.
- Are not you happy? - Me? What I have done?
The thieves, the nightmares of Enzino, the ghost of your mother -
What do you think? Do not I find anything. Has Enzino made against me. Poor creature.
Do not worry. I do not want to steal the site to your mother.
Angela, you do not go.
Does Ah, no? So, you know what they want from me?
Nothing, nothing.
Let this be, Dad. You soccer never has understood nothing at all.
"I do not understand anything" - has spoken genius. That nobody understands anything.
But that yes, everyone speaks. It is fashionable in Italy.
They have to go after the ball. But what 're doing? They are wrong.
- Well, gol. Already we have. - The party has not yet been finished.
Yes, okay, but dialing is how you win.
That's better. Take milk, which is the most appropriate for your age.
More appropriate? What you're talking about? Do not you understand.
I do not understand, huh?
Do not you remember what of last night, in front of the television.
Already you have forgotten?
It was such nonsense as that wanted me.
- What is it? - Yes, conceals.
With all these magazines so asquerosas you have on your bedside table.
And leave, which is broken.
- But do not you squeeze? - Do you you mind if I pressed or not?
But ... if you put it, do not you feel freer? Would it not be better?
That's my business.
It is not better than what you put. Tomorrow we will not put, huh?.
Ninuccio, listen ....
Enzino, Enzino, despiTrtate.
DespiTrtate, Enzino. It has become mom.
DespiTrtate. When mom is appears, you must wake up.
Scream! Why not Grit, son of bitch?
To give you by the ass!
I am not what I have. Are you happy?
I've done what you wanted.
00:53:29,218 -> 00:53:33,118 - Very good. And now I want ... - Enough already, huh?
You've already!
I want you remove Also panties.
Let me in peace, Ninuccio! You've already!
I would not ride nothing underneath.
- Only clothing. - I will do what I want.
And tonight, please do sleep and let us sleep on others.
Have I explained clearly?
- Okay, so? - Yes. I can you take the book, please.
Yes ... to me when subo the ladder gives me vertigo.
It gives you vertigo!
It is the thick book with the green lid.
- What are you doing? - Nothing, you endure the ladder.
- No, I think that I was wrong.
It is that other, which has red cap.
Is Red? Is it?
Surely you've become to mislead.
Yes, it may be.
This is ... or it ..
This is ... or it ..
Or is it? Now you tell me, the book you want to see.
No, not me who removed. Are you happy? Want something more?
Maldita stupid!
Mom! Mom!
With delicacy, eh! It is a soul highly susceptible, you know?
Slowly! That, we must being. Here, at the entrance.
remembered by all who come home.
Here is where it should be.
Lord, now I do the installation.
- To connect the flow - I have no outlet. - Find one.
And hurry up then you should go to the store.
Man! Here comes that sees visions. Did you sleep well?
- Hopes - Let me in peace.
Unfortunately. What are you doing? Is that how to answer?
Watch that I give you ... Do you know I ...?.
There must have put together.
It's that I'm desperate. We no longer endure more, you know?
I'm going to see Don Cyril and I am going to speak in front of boys.
If you are convinced, that convince and if not I will give blows ...
Yes, yes, very well. But it would be better think and hope. What do I know?
What I am going to wait, Angelina? What else I have to wait if already creciditos?
Only live once in life.
And when one has been killed, must stay dead, I say. Is that clear?
No, no, is a person exquisite, you know?
- Have you had any difficulties? - No, no.
- Have you been able to speak? - Yes, Ignazio, I could talk.
Ah, I understand! I only is the that not only lets you talk.
Above all, I found that is an honest woman.
Oops! Now we only need to also convince my mother.
But where to go here your mother? What I speak?
Is it that you have not spoken with my mother?
No, your mother or not he ido want to go ... Most Holy Mother, is very discutidora!
- Do Discutidora? - I have to know what I'm going to sell.
What you have to sell, what you have already Cirilo said. Angel is clear as a glass of water.
Yes, yes. But you have a great hurry beberte for this glass of water.
Not that the critique. Things As before, much better.
Because the truth is that you already you are not many cartridges.
Cirilo, let cartridges still I am a complete man.
Yes, yes, but you're not a jovenzuelo and then there are your children.
And your mother does poorly in informing whether the kids get along with her.
- We get along very well. We will tell. - Are all? Even Enzino Do?
Enzino especially. When you wake up at night, the flame: Angela, Angela!
And if she does not come ... - Is pis in bed?
Ignazio, is at stake your happiness and that of them.
And especially the kids and also the future of any creature ...
- True, with God's help. - Of course, just because you ....
- Okay, but first with the boys.
But we, because I am quite hungry.
Dear boys, you ought to give account of the status of your father.
And a man can not fight temptations of the devil without a female hand.
And a man can not fight temptations of the devil without a female hand.
Without a woman ...
Hence his decision to take as a woman to present here, Angela La Barbera,
I mean to take Angela that is ... especially ...
... a chef incredible expertise. This dish is a wonder!
I am glad that you have liked.
I think all this very correct and well thought out a solution.
And I ... and I approve unconditionally.
Although it is logical to expect that decision is ...
... is greeted with joy by you all.
Do you understand? In summary, with a consensus.
- Because this beautiful dove with your father not only marries him. - Yes, I myself only case.
Yes, of course you home you just, but I mean ...
... to receive it as a mother ...
For me, I am happy if Dad is happy.
For me, I am happy if Dad is happy.
Father, we take away with Angela very well. We are accustomed to having at home.
- I agree if she marries with dad. - Bravo, Bravo.
- Ninuccio! - Ninuccio, how you are happy, and so on. Etc.?
- Angela to me, if it were not for ... - Were it not?
Were it not because I see mom at night.
What are these apparitions of your mother?
They are only fantasies, dreams. What do you want to be?
Wait a moment. Tell me one thing, Ninuccio ...
What is ...?
There is a thing of dreams, is that I see as you see it now to you.
- Do you She speaks? What would you say? - I spoke ... cries.
- Yes, that cries. Mourn forever. - Calla!
Not only confuses me. I impedes act as I want.
- And besides, he also has seen. - Is it true that you've seen Mom?
Yes, I have seen. And it was very ugly. More ugly than it was when I lived.
- Fea not, was their appearance. - Are you going to now believe the fantasies of these guys?
It could well be that mom no longer appears more.
I want the Angel to much.
Of course you want. If not, Ser a thankless with everything he does because of you.
Let's see, to summarize all the talk.
These guys see his mother dead crying.
If these were not afraid of apparitions, would agree to marriage.
Clarify that there is no one thing of superstition, it is passed.
But Ignazio, psychoanalysis, the same Freud ...
But what happens? It's my life, not them.
We do not need to Freud for nothing.
Why did you escape? You do not need escaparte of dad.
- Good morning, Mr. The Brocca. - Hello, Stefano. Sal·dame to dad.
- Yes, on his part. Goodbye, Child. - Goodbye. Until the afternoon.
If not fixed on where you put your feet, one day you go from the head.
- Come with me - Where to?
- Would you like to commit a cheesecake? - Yes you want ... - Of course! Come on!
- Then, Nino, did everything goes well?
Does what?
- Well ... Does at school? - Yes, of course. Very good.
- Are you as another? Give us another cheesecake for the boy.
So everything will be alright. Oh, look how you post!
- Last night ... - Want to know if I've seen Mama?
- No, I have had appearances.
Well. Okay, Ninuccio.
You remember that last summer you wanted to buy a motorcycle?
Does Ah, the motorcycle?
- I said no. - Not because you said that you were small.
Now it has grown and dad is happy for you and you is going to buy.
- Are you happy? - It does not want. It does not interest me the motorcycle.
- What I say now, I have removed heaven and earth ... - The motorcycle is dangerous.
You were right.
Understand. So I he was right.
- Hello, Ninuccio! - Hello!
- Who's that girl? - The sister of piglets.
- Hello! Do you want to come with me? - Have you been cited here?
- What you say things, Dad? - Beautiful girl.
Like, huh?
Child? What happens?
What are you doing here? What do you want?
Do not see what time it is?
Go to your room. Go!
Would you like to go already?
Look, that unless you go, call your father.
Tonight, you been around Quiet? Is not nothing has happened?
Everything has been calm.
If it were true that the bloody ghost has gone once and for all!
Do you know what you say? Morning return to speak with Don Cirilo.
But ... it would be better to wait a little more. What hurry?
What hurry? What hurry? Even I will have to explicßrtelo ...
waiting. Everything is quiet.
Nino, for example. I had always thought it was an invention yours ...
you had mania.
- No! - I wanted to buy a motorcycle.
I said no, Do you understand?
It has not wanted to take advantage. Me has given a lesson in honesty.
Nino, what are you doing? What do you play?
Nino, but what you do?
Nina enough. Now you enough.
Simply, Nino!
Enough already! Be it this is the last.
Enough! What you I have done?
But what do you want? Can we know what they want from me?
Want to see me naked, huh?
Is that what you want Me.
Watch me naked.
From everything, right?
Collect the papers and let me explore.
- Stefano. - Hello.
- Hello - What are you doing? Do you expect my brother?
- Yes. - Oh! What most beautiful bike!
- Is it yours? - Yes.
- Do I take them? - It is that man.
So what? SujTtamela.
What scared!
- What should I do? Do pedal? - Yes, but slowly. - Yes, of course.
- Do not look at the front wheel. - No, no.
- I am falling. - Hold, endures.
- Oh, God! - Attentive.
- But what are you doing? - None.
The'm teaching bicycling.
But if it was who taught me to me, when I was three years.
- Goodbye, I will give a return. - But if I ... - For me you can do.
Look! You have brought pistol you promised.
- Do you like? - Is it loaded?
What do I know?
Hey, you have brought the pistol, but if she does not want, what happens?
Yes you want, yes.
- And when, when? - Morning. Dad se ha ido a Palermo.
- Antonio always comes out. - And the Peque? - No, not Enzino account.
Now you have to do what I'd promised.
Do Now?
- You are sure that there is nobody. - No, Enzino is home of a friend.
- Shut up, man. - And who says nothing?
Where do we go?
- Why the window? - Calla!
- But do you want to be careful? - Sorry, I have not done purposely.
Look, now is when comes the good.
Give Me site, which does not I will be able to see it.
What do I do?
Hey These things do not you should do here.
- And now, enough! - How that enough? - Go outside!
- Why now? - I have said enough, pork foul.
- Go now. - But what will happen?
You should go. Go, filthy pig!
What do anything dirty or foul? The idea was yours. Is not it?
In addition I have given you the gun, so you must devolvTrmela.
- Mßrchate!. - Wait, let at least I put shoes.
- You put in the house. Outside! - Give me my coat! - Takes!
Why not tell me that not only were you?
- You are a liar and scoundrels. - What else gives a two?
- How to give what else? - So you've noticed.
- Of course I realized! - And why you followed?
How why?
I am telling you: because you liked. We saw you would have them both.
You're a whore. He did not think you were well.
You are even worse than that Slut Luciana.
Who's Luciana?
And you know because they've had that come with the other guy?
We will tell me. Because you do not have the value you see me alone.
You are a ni±ato; only a chiquillo.
- I am not a chiquillo. - Ah, no?
Nino, what are you doing? Where the has caught? - That's my thing.
- You're crazy. What are you going to do? - Beware what you say.
We want silence! I dream.
Is There has been no novelty. Is all quiet?
- Yes, all quiet. - Then I will go.
- Where to? - To see Don Cirilo.
- Not yet. - How not, Angelina?
For over a week that this holy woman shows no signs of life.
What do I know? It is for be sure.
Is Insurance? Let me make to me, treasure.
- Excuse me, I have to wash clothes. - Yes, of course.
Margherita, look. We swear that if you do not re-appear ...
Well, you know what you I mean ...
... I will make you pray hundred months of prayers.
"Love me, my life! How can I stand it. "
"I would like abrazarte until Death will take us to two. "
"I do not mind your suffering. I do not mind your sadness.
"Why do not you Ibas to suffer? I am suffering. "
"I forget. You will be happy when I am under the earth ".
"I do not tortures to the point be crazy like you. "
- "I speak like you're possessed by the devil. "- is my dream.
To me these things I stir the stomach.
You're right, son. It is a novel of love y. ..
... I spent the same thing at your age ...
These stories to small they bored, do you understand?
- Stupid! - Nino, what you doing here?
Stupid, you think I have not seen when you look tenderl
- You are a couple of stupid. - Do you you care? - To me anything.
But I was so veros penalty.
And also you liked. Come on, Now go to your room.
- Watch that unless you go, call your father. - And what you say?
What you while he looks tenderly, you naked before me?
- Come on! Call them! - Do not provoke me, huh?
Angelina, can I spend?
Lord, I'm naked.
- Already naked? - Leave enter.
What do you want? Need something?
No, nothing. We wanted to say that as Tomorrow comes the colchonero ...
- ... to make mattresses, you know. - Estate still!
Can I come, Angelina? Do not gaze. - For now!
- We are boyfriends. - Let me in peace. - Angelina, did you hear me?
- Yes, I hear you, sir. It's like that -will employees, had thought ...
- I've heard, Angelina? - Yes, sir. Good evening!
Good evening!
Forgive me, you know.
Good night, Angelina. We'll talk tomorrow.
Have you seen? Not even him has ceased to enter.
- Why? - Go to your den!
- Tomorrow, when you bring coffee ... - Go!
... when you bring coffee ...
- Good morning, sir. - Good morning, Angela.
- The guys that do, I still have sleeping? - Yes.
- Do not worry, because what I gather. - Angela!
- Lord, what does? - Angela!
- Angelina. - Stop, please. - I can not dwell.
- I can not dwell. - Lord ... - Angelina! - Enough!
Please, we'll beg ... Enough! Enough! Enough!
- I have done damage - Do not worry. - Excuse me.
You are who you have to forgive me to me. I am what I deserved.
- Excuse me! - You too.
- Have you that you've organized? - Forgive. No, you forgive me ...
You are a couple of pointless. Do not know anything.
Jaleo Menudo! In good time I happens to make reforms at home.
Appetit! Thanks! But a little dense quickly.
That this step will not nor to finish in a month!
- Good morning, sir. - Good morning, but want to hurry.
Close the door, sir, because if not Today, as dust and paint.
Yes, but it will not be any worse than the machine I swallow since the morning.
But enough is enough, by God! I see Don Cirilo.
I'm going to take my mother caught by the neck. So just once.
Or inside or outside? With or without your consent? Clearly!
Yes, yes, I understand. It is better than no return tonight, this time with so crazy.
- You're happy? - How? - Mom said yes.
Yes, yes. Of course I'm happy.
- Will I das un besito? - How? Now, over the phone?
Damelo, come on.
- You have to Tut. - It's not that I get.
- Come on! - It's not that I get.
- We'll see you at home. - Good night. Bye.
- Hang you. - No, you hang up.
- No, you hang. - Not you.- No, you.
- Okay. Already hang myself. - Hang. - Goodbye.
- Goodbye, my life. - Goodbye.
It was your father. It remains to sleep with Don Cirilo, home of the grandmother.
You'll return tomorrow morning.
- Angela is afraid - Yes, I am afraid of the dark.
- He has talked the brave. Well, take advantage... - Are you going with this time?
- There are only four drops, but not tell dad that he left this evening.
Okay, do not tell.
- But Take the gabardina. - Yes, I took her. Bye.
And you Enzino, when to sleep end of the Carousel, huh?
Yes, Mom. What you say, Mom.
The has taken me!
Are you angry?
What would you pass? We dislike I marry your father.
And to me, what do I care?
Watch that it is high time that we finish with this.
Does what? What talk?
Se ha ido light!
Nino, please go to the kitchen trßeme and a candle.
Nino! Nino!
Where are you?
I am not afraid! You know that I am afraid the dark.
Nino, to where he had ido? Quitame that light of the face. Apßgala.
And stop playing.
Nino, just now! Stop doing this.
Nino, enough is enough. Watch if you lame receive, you know? Enough!
Nino, enough, please.
Nino, enough! You've already!
Nino, please. You know that I'm afraid.
You've already! Enough, enough, enough!
I'm scared. You've already with this game.
Please enough. I'm scared.
Watch if you lame, you hit.
- But what do you want? - Desn·date estate and quiet.
This is the last time I do, do you whole?
You're a disgrace!
You are a family of disgraced.
Son of a bitch! Foul!
As you take, you kill, Do you know? Te Mato.
See what I do, to keep you happy.
No more stamina! Only for that the child is happy.
Unfortunately! Pig!
Degenerative! Son of a bitch!
We need to do now what he says this pig.
And looked like a very nice guy ... Degenerative! Pig!
I brought flowers. I brought ... You kill, you know?
Kill you ...
Kill you ...
And that poor man his father ...
Pig! Unfortunately! Cursed!
You are a coward and a trash!
See what I do.
Want to be a whore!
Want to see me naked? Okay!
Well, I have removed everything.
Cursed foul!
We have said to me the return, cretinism.
No, now I turn to play me. We humps.
Come here to cogTrmela. Anda, be brave, Ninuccio!
Give me the flashlight, immediately!
How? We no longer want to play more. Come, Ninuccio!
Come here! Come!
No, I come to you and me 'll return immediately.
Do not move me, if I am not the days. DevuTlvemela!
How can not you move? Come here! Let's play!
Come, come!
Son of a bitch, I caught you!
Now let's play, Ninuccio.
Now you see what you going to do, Angelina.
Enough! What are you doing?
What are you doing?
¡Fóllame, son of a bitch, fóllame!
¡Fóllame, fóllame!
My kids,, fóllame!
My kids, fóllame!
My kids, yes!
Love me!
Fruit and fresh vegetables!
Fresh Vegetables!
- I do not want to go - Come on, Enzino.
But unhappy. Have you seen what I have done?
I do not you come back to go by car.
Cirilo, is emotion. Moreover, has been your fault.
- Hello Dad. - Hello, Grandma 've already given their blessing.
- We now expect only your answer. - Dad, Mom is back tonight.
Oops! He says he is back appear to the mother.
I cago in the bitch!
Are you sure no wrong?
Of course not! I was very happy that you cases with Angela.
Not what you could have said before!
- Ignazio! - Dad, how you're going to die too?
Ignazio, you should feel happy and content.
- Is She approves it? - Yes.
What is beautiful! It seems an angel.
- There seems to be a servant. - How not?
- What seems; what it seems. - No, it's beautiful, elegant and has class.
Sure, it's much younger than him!
Yes, some thirty years.
- By pulling a little ... - Do not know, I do not know.
When will die Angela?
What you say, stupid? Shut up!
Ignazio La Brocca want to take a legitimate wife to here ...
- Will I let you tell me? - Ah, forgive!
- ... to Angela La Barbera here, - Yes. - ... according to the rite ... - Yes.
... according to the rite of Holy Roman Church.
- Yes. - Ah, yes!
And you want Angela La Barbera take a legitimate husband ...
... to present here, Ignazio La Brocca, according to the rite of Holy Roman Church.
- Yes! - Damage his right hand!
Then ... Can we tonight?
Chito! I do not know.
Ego coniungo you in matrimonium, in nomine Patris et Filli and Sancti Spiritus.
- Amen. - Amen.
- Mrs. Carla, take care of small, Right? - Neglected.
Does know? It Concetta Artiera, Matteo's wife.
Sons, now we have to leave. A kiss.
Madam Corallo, can I come tonight to sleep at your house?
- Antonio, now you are the master of the house. - Yes, Dad.
Nino! Come, Enzino!
Please PORTA well.
Antonio, give a kiss to Angela.
You too, Nino, dale Angela a kiss.
Now you have to call it mom. Do you understand?
Congratulations, Mom!
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