Gundarr - Doppelgangsta's Paradise (Ep #7)

Uploaded by MondoMedia on 03.04.2012

[Gundarr:] Good grooming's SO important.
[Toddy:] Nyuuuhuhuhu hu hu hu!
Prepare to bite the big one, you filthy foot feaster!
[Gundarr:] Aww, not now.
Gundarr have to look him best for annual barbarian awards!
Besides, one puny wizard no match for Gundarr.
[Toddy:] ONE puny wizard?
Well buckle up, chuckles!
Say hello to my Doppelgangstas!
[All:] Nyuuhu hu hu hu!
[Toddy:] Nyeh-he-he-hey!
That's some real nice harmony, boys!
Lay a phat beat on me.
Sounds pretty good, fellas.
How 'bout some bass?
Oh yeah, I like it. I like it.
Let's get ready to drop a hot one.
[Gundarr:] Gundarr like to thank all the dead wizards who made this possible!
(Gundarr outtro)