The Expendables 2 - Trailer

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Walt Disney Pictures has produced the new adventure movie John Carter,
which will be out in theatres the 9rd of May 2012.
The movie has been adapted by director Andrew Stanton
from the novel by Edgar Rise Burroughs.
Taylor Kitsch is in for the lead role.
The movie looks really epic because they're outstanding visuals
that you can see have been worked on in detail.
But maybe the plot has no substance.
Although Stanton worked at first with Pixar
where the plot always counts more than anything else,
so we'll have to wait for the release date to judge.
The Nutcracker will be adapted by Adam Shankman,
the director of Bedtime Stories.
It seems like this story like Christmas Carol by Dickens
needs to be revised forever.
We saw movies, cartoons, plays.
The script will be Darren Lemke (Shrek Forever After) to write it,
and they say it will go back to it's original roots of the plot,
to 1816 version The Nutcracker and the Mouse of the King by E.T.A.
It will be a more like version of Alice in Wonderland,
which concentrates on adventure and romanticism.
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