Lyoto Machida interview December 17th, 2009

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For my second title defense I believe I’ll be more prepared
I will be more aware of the things that in fact troubled me
That interfered during the fight, we can’t deny that
And we had a lot of meetings with my team, my family and my coaches also
So that we can correct all of that
and a better performance should be shown
for a better result so that the fans can see a better fight
Well, many new experiences
Up until then, you were the less hit fighter in the history of the UFC
Your game of in and out, your reflexes, your elusiveness.
But this time, your big features were truly put to the test
And in all 5 rounds, there were times that put you in risky situations
You were in fact hit
We have some of the best moments from Shogun
And I’d like for you to comment which strikes were more effective
How were you able to effectively absorb them
In the mid-section, the face and specially the legs
Yeah, that strike that caught me on the neck did not hit me square because it hit the neck
Perhaps if it caught me on the face instead it would have had a better impact
Shogun’s strategy were kicks
But the kicks that were really effective were some of the kicks to the legs
And with the accumulations of all the kicks landed on the legs
It really started to hurt me
But that only affect me midway through the fifth round
I started feeling with each step
There, that one hit me square in fact
Props to Shogun
That one I didn’t feel much
The strikes landed to the stomach and midsection didn’t really bother me
Now that one, the strikes to the legs were really starting to bother me in the end of the fight
in the course of the fight that strike was…
That strike that landed, just kinda scratched, it did not land clean and split a bit my lips
But there were no strikes that had much incisiveness from Shogun
I felt the strikes that were accumulating, strikes that were…
Like that expression “soft water hits hard rocks, it hits until it penetrates”
but not me, I was looking for a fight more... let's say "decisive"
Where I was actually looking to finish the fight