Om Namah Shivaya Part 2

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Narad offers his salutations at Mahadev's feet.
I know that it is not good for me to interrupt in your meditation
...but realising the graveness of the situation I dared to do it.
"Devarshi, when you are yourself feeling that the situation is grave"
...then how can it be your daring and offence?
Please let me know the reason behind your arrival here.
"Lord, Daksha's daughter Sati is very much in pain & anxious."
I could not bear to see that & I came down to your feet.
What is the cause of Sati's suffering?
"This is well known my Lord, that you are the great dancer(Natraj)"
But this is not the right moment to engage in acting.
Your pretensions of being ignorant will only further Sati's sufferings
Will you please tell me as soon how the obstacle in the form...
...of Daksha to your marriage with Sati will be removed?
"Devarshi, observing Nanda fast is the best way to soothe any..."
"...problem in testing times, for any lady. "
Now don't state your ignorance on Nanda fast now!
"lt is strange my Lord, that you can talk contradictory things..."
...though you hold all Creation's responsibilities with you.
It is impossible for me to know the outcome of Sati's meditation..
"...but you only know the mystery of your plays, my Lord."
I don't know where I was lacking in my devotion & worship that... prayers did not reach my idol. He is not understanding my..
"sufferings, which one gets after getting separated from his idol."
"Have patience. Your affectionate worship will not go waste, Sati."
Your Lord will definitely come.
She is right. Your Lord will definitely arrive...
...but he will come only when his time is being fixed by Nature.
Then I will sit here itself waiting for him till he appeares.
"This childish stubbornness does not suit you, let's go home, Sati."
"Mother, you are yourself an woman and a wife..."
..are you not able to realise the pain that I am going through
"l realise it very well, but your father's anger is making me..."
...afraid & I am scared that some inauspicious event may happen
Leave this stubbonness and let's go home.
"There is a message for you from Lord Shiva, Devi Sati."
"Please tell me quickly, Devarshi."
The best way to remove the obstacles in the marriage...
...between you & Lord Shiva is to observe Nanda fast.
"Nanda fast? -Yes, that is the proven way to secure one's..."
...desired husband. This is what Lord Shiva said.
"Ladies, you may also observe the same if you feel like."
"Please tell soon, Devarshi, how should we observe the fast?"
You are making fun of it and I am dying on the other hand.
"Please leave for home alongwith these naughty girls, Mother."
But we also want to learn the rituals of observing the fast!
Yes we also want to learn. -As you wish my daughters.
"Please guide us with the rituals for the fast as soon, Devarshi."
"Don't be so restless, Ladies. You will have to listen calmly."
"l will definitely tell you about the rituals,..."
...but you will have to make a promise to me.
What is that Devarshi?
"That Devi Sati will observe the Nanda fast, first."
And you will cordially help her till she finishes the fast...
...and remind her of the rituals of the Nanda fast...
...because this fast will take one year to get completed.
In this whole year you will have to observe the fast according... the days & worship Shiva with all the materials required.
You will have to keep fasting alongwith staying awake.
I will tell the remaining rituals to your sisters and...
...they will keep reminding you from time to time.
"l will be always grateful to you for this help of yours, Devarshi"
"Sulekha, where is the Queen?"
She has gone to take a bath in the river.
"At this time! -No, she may be with princess Sati."
"She always goes there. There the Queen comes, King."
"OK, you may leave now."
"Queen, where is Sati?"
She has gone for the evening walk with her sisters.
Is that so? -yes. -Or is it riverside walking?
We all were there by the riverside alongwith Sati.
"But Queen, my other daughters & you have already come back..."
...then where have you left Sati alone? I know where...
...Sati might be. She must be playing with her Shiv dolls.
Please don't regard Sati's worship for Shiv as a game.
I can understand that Sati is not mature enough to distinguish...
"...between proper & improper, but you are encouraging her."
You are allowing her to tread on a path inspite of knowing...
...that the path is full of pains and thorns.
"Lord, if you are her father, l am her mother too. "
I have kept her in my embryo for nine months and brought her up.
Don't I want to see my own daughter happy?
"Had it been so, you wouldn't have thought of a husband for..."
...her even in your dream who does not know how to maintain...
...a family life. Who is leading an ascetic life with his terrible...
...companions atop a hill wearing ashes & some strange clothes.
"lt is alright, Queen. I will forcefully bring back Sati here."
No my Lord. I pray to you. Please don't challange the Nature
Don't be a sinner by preventing Sati from her worship.
The only sin of your life will snatch away all your virtues.
Please shed off your worries and let all happen as destined...
...and please let Sati continue her worship.
Listen to the greatness of the Nanda fast you have observed...
"...Sati, you will secure your dream husband as a fruit of this"
This fast has the power to fulfil all one's wishes...
"...and the silence in the fast becomes the language itself."""
"He will come and definitely give movement to your life."""
Om Namah Shivya!
Worship Him on the fourteenth day of Shukla fortnight...
"...offer flower and fruits to Lord Shiv alongwith your prayers."""
"You will be lucky to get Lord Shiv(Natraj) as your husband."""
Listen to the greatness of the Nanda fast that you observed...
" will secure your dream husband as a fruit of this fast."""
"l am blessed by your appearance, my Lord."
I am pleased with your sincere & dedicated worship.
Tell me the reason behind observing this hard fast.
Tell me what is in your mind.
You are eligible to secure the desired boon.
"Will I get my desired boon, my Lord?"
Definitely. Please tell me what do you have in your mind.
"My mind is not unknown to you, who is all knowing, omnipresent."
I have expected to secure you as my husband from my childhood.
"l don't have any other expectations except this, my Lord"
"As you wish. Sati, Our desires are the same."
Your life as my better half will result in the welfare of Universe.
I am blessed my Lord.
Please have a talk with my father and arrange for the...
...marriage as per the boon and my wish fulfilment.
"As you wish, my dear."
"l have secured the fruits of my fast, my worship was successful"
"Sati, come to your sense."
"l am in full sense, my father. And the success of my... "
...meditation has made me more conscious.
"Stop talking this nonsense, Sati."
"Conversation has just started, father."
The conversation that is full of divine melodies & great music.
Lord Shiv has given me the boon to accept me as his wife.
Given you boon to make you his better half!
Will I make that ash-applied one my son-in-law?
"Never, Sati. I will never allow this boon to be fulfilled."
"Rohini -Whatever you have to say, your smiling face is..."
...saying it clearly that your wish has been fulfilled.
"Tell me Sati, have you got the fruit of your Nanda fast?"
"Tell us quickly, so that we can also start observing the fast..." secure our desired husbands.
"Yes, my fast was successful. My Lord apeared in front of me..."
...and told me that He will accept me as his wife very soon.
"But Sati, our father is against this marriage. If it happens...,"
Lord Shiv's word will be never false.
"When the entire Universe regards Him as the Truth, Beauty and..."
"...Eternity,(Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram), His words can't be false."
"Please accept Brahma's salutations, Lord Shiv! "
Welcome to Kailash. There is a good news for you.
Being satisfied with your grand daughter & Daksha's daughter...
...I have given her the boon to make her my better half.
You have delighted me by informing me about this... relationship between you and me. I am grateful to you.
Don't be too delighted that your delight been kept to yourself.
"l did not get you, my Lord."
Your son Daksha does not like me.
It is your responsiblity now to take permission for the marriage.
Please be assured. Everything will be as per your wish.
By accepting my granddaughter to be your life companion... have made both me as well as Sati grateful to you.
"l will request to Daksha myself. And I have faith that,..."
...Daksha will regard my request as my order.
"Never, I will never give my daughter's hand to ascetic Shiv"
Even all the powers of the Universe cannot compel me.
They can never compel me to do that. Never!
Daksha. -Father! Please accept my salutations.
"You will have to obey the order of Bholenath, whom all..."
...powers of the Universe regard as their idol.
You cannot prevent this marriage.
"Father, attraction towards Shiv has already made Sati out of..."
"...her senses & now her mother Veerni, ie. your daughter-in-law..." also out of her wits. You only can make them understand.
"l have come to make you understand instead, my son!"
Don't be an obstacle in this marriage.
And regard this as my order too.
"ls it you that is telling me this?-Yes, it's me."
"lnspite of knowing that your granddaughter, who was born..."
...& been brought up in the royal family will only have to...
...suffer because of this marriage.
This thinking of yours is not proper.
You are a king and you are just one.
Even if you gather all wealth from all the kings in the world...
"...and put them in a scale, still it will be way behind the great..."
...wealth of Lord Shiv.
"Father, even if I listen to you, still I will have to arrange for..."
...Sat's other sisters's marriage at first as per the tradition.
"Sati's marriage is possible only when,..."
I can understand your dilemma. But Sati is incarnate of the...
...Mother Shakti. Shiv & Sati's marriage is pre-destined by law
"Whether you agree or not, you will not be able to prevent it."
Please listen to me & approve delightfully to their marriage.
"Approve for their marriage, son Daksha."
"As you wish, Father."
Be happy. Inform your wife Veerni in the first place...
"...about it, which will bring calmness to her tensed heart."
Calmness & patience are the greatest ornaments of an woman.
"Don't be sad like this, Sati. Everything will be alright."
I am very much anxious & sad. This is causing me a lot of pain.
"Sati, why are you so sad? You should be dancing & singing around."
Our father has given his approval to your wish.
And he has declared your marriage with Lord Shiv.
Should you shed tears when you are getting the fruit of worship?
"Mother, this is not just the fruit of my worship, it is the fruit..."
...of your affection and love for me as well.
Had you not been able to make our father speechless with your...
"...arguments, this moment could have been still very far and..."
...your dauther would have been unsuccessful in marrying Shiv.
How come your face is so much sparkling with delight today Lord
Have you kept Devi Sati hidden in your mind?
"Lord, you gave me a good news that day."
"Today, I am going to give you a good message."
My son Daksha has agreed to the marriage between you & Sati.
Hail Shiv Shankar! Hail Devi Sati!
"Son Narad, I am now handing over this responsibility to you,..."
...invite all the Devataas for the wedding of Lord Shiv & Sati.
As you wish. I will complete this auspicious job very soon.
Please accept Narada's salutation Shri Hari Vishnu.
Bless you. Please tell me the reason behind your arrival
As per Brahma's wish I have come to invite you for marriage.
I am blessed & delighted to receive this invitation.
Everywhere the happiness & celebration is spreading over.
"But at the same time, I am afraid, will this marriage bring..."
...a difference to the relation between Daksha & Lord Shiv!
A living being changes its nature after a great effort.
Only time will speak what is there in store for the Nature.
You are acting as an ignorant despite being all knowing.
Will you tell me the same thing if I ask you when will...
...Devi Lakshmi appear in this place?
The almighty only knows. But it is true that there will be a...
...great change in the future events.
Then only Devi Laxmi's arrival is possible here.
The present time is saying only that we should celebrate the...
"...marriage of Shiv & Sati, the strange union of Man & Nature."
"The Earth is swinging and the sky is also starting to dance."""
"Daksha's beloved daughter is the bride today."""
She is the bride today.
Her black eyes are sparkling & garland is spreading fragrance
...The vermillion on the forehead is also sparkling brightly.
"The flowing time is also very much delighted by seeing her."""
"Shiv Shankar's eyes will become the mirror of her beauty."""
The mirror of her beauty.
The Earth is celebrating & the sky is also starting to dance.
"This humble prince bridegroom is going to bring the bride."""
Going to bring the bride.
"The season is singing & the clouds are playing the drums."""
"The melodies of the Shahnai is making the wind restless."""
Making the wind restless.
The cycle of Time is playing the flute and the Universe is dancing.
"The Universe is dancing to its tune."""
"He is going to bring the bride."""
She is the bride today.
I have seen my daughter as a bride.
How beautiful she is looking. Her face needs no decoration.
"Lord, please bless my daughter. Give her all the happiness."
What is this? You should look delighted as your daughter is...
"...getting married. -No, never!"
"Because whatever is going on, is all as per your & father's wish."
I know that the brightness in Sati's face will be pale soon.
My daughter is going to get only sorrows & suffering from this...
...marriage. -Please don't speak this way. Please pray to Lord... give all the happiness & good luck to our daughter.
You are looking so handsome in the bridegroom attire that...
"...Sati's other sisters will be envious of her luck, my Lord."
"Being Daksha's brother, you always think for his daughters."
Because I & Brahmaji are related to both bride & bridegroom's side
That is why my one feet is here and the other there.
"May I ask you a question if you don't become angry, Sri Hari?"
The meaning of my becoming angry with a devotee will...
...result in my losing the title of devotee's beloved.
Do ask your question.
Even Lord Shiv is looking forward to his family life... giving up his ascetic life. How long will Devi Maha Laxmi...
...have to wait to see you eager for the family life?
Brahmadev always has more information than me in all aspect.
You should actually ask the question to him. -Of course!
"Please tell me Brahmaji, who will be the bride of whom?"
Be delighted by enjoying whatever you are getting in present and...
...don't spoil the happiness of the present by thinking about future.
"But Father,- It is against Nature to speak about the future events."
You might not have the knowledge that it is against...
...Iaw of Nature to discuss other's marriages in someone's...
"...marriage. -Please forgive this ignorant, Sri Hari."
"Narad, we should be in Daksha's palace before the bridegroom."
We are having a great opportunity to welcome...
...Lord Shiv as son-in-law.
"As you wish, father."
"Lord, let us depart as the auspicious time is about to end."
"Congratulations King, on your daughter Sati's marriage."
"Today, Daksha's that dream is fulfilled which takes birth in..."
...parents mind as soon as a daughter is born.
And our King has chosen such a groom who has no enemy in all...
"...the Three worlds and who is handsome, attractive and pure."
Your life is really blessed by having Sati as your daughter.
Your mind must be restless at this moment.
"Yes, my mind is not calm at this moment. If anyone gets..."
...something contrary to his expectations his mind cannot... in peace.
Every parent wishes that their daughter should get an eligible...
...husband and she should get all the happiness in her life.
Salutation father. -Bless you. -Salutation brother Daksha.
"Narad, I thought you will be joining the groom's party."
I am just the obedient son of my father. When he went to...
"...the groom's place being a friend of Shiv, I followed him."
"Now being your father, when he came here to welcome the groom"
...I also came here with him.
But which side will you join when the groom will be here?
"Father, the bridegroom has arrived. -Please come, brother."
Is he the same Shiv who sits meditating on Kailash with ash..
...applied in his body and being surrounded by smoke?
He very much seems like a prince.
"But how is it possible? Ash applied Shiv, a prince!"
"Brother, what are you thinking? You haven't yet seen that beauty.."
...of Lord Shiv by looking at which you will be blessed.
Five faceted Shankar! Am l seeing alright? Am I dreaming?
"No! -Brother, you are sweating. You seemed to be afraid."
"It's so beautiful! Do you want to speak something, Brother."
"Narad, -You need not have to fear the plays of Lord Shiv."
"Your son in law is not just Shiv, he is Truth & Beauty as well."
He will keep appearing in that virtuous form.
Please come in!
"Sati, the groom has arrived. I have seen Shiv as a groom."
"When you told us about him earlier, we didn't believe in you..."
"...but after seeing him, we can see how lucky you are."
Is it so? Then tell us how does the groom look like?
It is very diificult to put his beauty in words.
"When I saw the person who has stolen the heart of our sister,..."
...he appeared so handsome. His eyes are so wide as if they...
...hold all the affection and sympathy in the Universe.
And his whole self is so eager to hug our dear Sati.
"Son Daksha, invite fortunate bride Sati to the wedding-stage."
"As you wish, father. Queen please!"
"Sati, the most auspicious moment of fortune has come."
"Come with me, my daughter."
"Lord Shiv, now please put this vermillion on Sati's forehead..."
...with your own hands and give Sati the divine form of your wife
"From today, you & my grand daughter are husband & wife."
May this union of Shiv & Sati be very good. Hail Shiv-Sati!
Sri Hari! Where are your eyes fixed?
I am looking at the unique form of Shiv & Sati which is...
...universal and eternal.
The marriage of Shiv & Sati took place amidst all Lords & Devas
Then the Devatas decided to go back to their respective places... get engage in wefaring activities & making their...
...positions more stable.
"All the preparations for farewell ceremony is over. If you order,..."
You are really praiseworthy. We just could not realise how did...
...time fly in these three days under your efficient hospitality.
Thank you! -Really these three days passed like three minutes.
Your hospitality is as great as the attractiveness of Shiv.
You are true. Now what do you say?
What should I say? -Would you like to enjoy...
...Daksha's hospitality for some days more?
"Narad, being Daksha's brother you are from the family and..."
...from the groom's party as well as you have joined the party.
But it is against one's status to stay for more than three...
...days in the bride's place for any of the groom's party.
I will request to Brahma at this moment that he should prepare... bid farewell to the bride.
"Brahmadev, as you are the grand father of the bride, I request you" prepare for Sati's departure with son-in-law Shiv.
I have already ordered for the same before your request.
"Daksha, please see that this should not be delayed further."
"Father, although the preparation is on, but I will go & supervise."
"Sri Hari, Shiv-Shakti union will remain the best for ages."
"Daughter, you are leaving your parents home with desired groom"
As a father I'll be worried over your life in Kailash.
"Please don't be worried about my happiness, father."
"Being with my husband, the sufferings that you are..."
"...Iooking at, will turn out to be happiness for me."
"Your happiness & good fortune will make me happy, daughter."
Make your husband's life trouble free with your affection.
Now let's go. Everybody is waiting for your departure.
"You please proceed, I will bring Sati with me."
Be always happy!
"We are delighted that your wish was fulfilled, but we are..."
...sad at your separation from us. Don't ever forget us.
"Rohini, you all will be always in my mind."
"This palace will appear empty without you, Sati."
"Being married, Sati leaves for her lover's place leaving us..."
"...parents, friends, relatives and well wishers all in tears..."
"...and she too with her weeping eyes."""
She cast her eyes downwards out of her shyness...
"...but she is quite delighted in her mind."""
"Lamp has joined the light & pearl & shell met"""
"The thirsty clouds have joined the mountain"""
Your dear one has become someone else's now...
"...the river has consummated into the sea itself."""
"Welcome to Kailash, Mother Sati. "
The auspicious event was completed without any obstacle.
Please allow us to leave now.
As per your request I have to enter the family life.
You must be delighted at this time.
By doing this you have established that ideal of husband
"...& wife which is very essential for creation & man, woman's life."
"SriHari, all events of Nature are definite. Whatever is happening..."
" the past, present & future will result in universe's welfare."
Although Daksha married off his daughter Sati to Lord Shiv...
" per Brahma's order, still he was worrying about her future."
He was getting tensed number of times thinking about the pair of...
...his delicate daughter and strange attired Shiv.
Will Sati be happy in Kailash? Never!
Where will she get the luxury & comfort of this palace there?
"How come you are here, Narad?"
I just dropped in to enquire about your well being.
"You seem to be worried, brother. May I know the reason?-Worried!"
"There is no reason for any worry, Narad."
"Brother, it is natural for any father who marries off his..."
...daughter to someone against his wish.
"But you should rest in peace, as there is happiness everywhere..."
...after your daughter Sati set her foot in Himalaya.
Are you finding it very hard to believe my words?
"lt is not like that, Devarishi. How can't I believe you?"
Then why this sadness in your face?
"Even if I believe your words, l am wondering how long will..."
...this happiness last?
I did not understand the implication of your words.
"Devarishi, Sati will enjoy the company of her husband for..."
"...somedays, but when she will have to bear strikes of cold..."
"...dew drops in Kailash, then she will remember the luxury &..."
"...comfort she was used to in this palace. And then,"
Then she will repent. Don't you want to tell this?
This is only your illusion. This can not be possible. Never!
Sati is life companion of Lord Shiv for ages.
"With Shiv around, Sati can never repent."
She will be growing happier with the passing of days.
The union of Shiv and Sati only gives birth to happiness.
Have I done any mistake that you are looking at me angrily?
Have Shiv himself send you to me with his teachings?
I cannot bear to listen to this kind of insult against Shiv.
I had come here on my own will to give you the good news.
But I am leaving now.
Did you mind my words so much? I haven't told you...
...anything against Shiv. But l can say a lot if I want.
"You may say a lot, but I cannot bear to listen to them, brother."
May Lord Shiv bless you!
What is my fault that you were leaving without meeting me?
I was so engaged talking to Daksha that I forgot about you.
"Please forgive me, sister-in-law."
"Please tell me all what you have said to your brother, Devarshi."
It means you have listened to some of our talks.
"Yes, I have listened just a part. Now tell me what good message"
...were you carrying for us?
"May the almighty fulfill all your wishes soon, ladies. Bless you."
Have you brought any message from sister Sati?
Your sister is enjoying the highest delight of the Universe... being the wife of Lord Shiv.
"And, I am not going to tell you anything more than this."
We also don't want to know anything more.
We only wish that our sister should be forever happy.
"Yes, Devarshi has removed all anxieties with this good news."
We all thank you for this. -We should offer our hospitality to...
"...Devarshi. Please come and have some sweets, Devarshi."
That auspicious occasion will be on your marriage only. Good bye.
"Please wait,-Please arrange for their marriage, sister-in-law. "
Otherwise it will be too late.
"Rohini, whose marriage did Devarshi talk about now?"
How do I know? Why don't you ask our mother yourself?
He was talking about all of your marriage & he is always true.
"Narad has provided the solution for Veerni, Daksha & their..."
...daughter's problems. On the other hand Rati is worried... she could not attend Shiv & Sati's marriage.
Kamdeva comes to her and tells her that although they couldn't...
"...go for their marriage, they must go to Kailash..." arouse the interest for physical desire each other.
Where are you my dear Rati?
"What is the matter Rati, are you angry with me?"
At least tell me something. Your silence is paining me.
"Yes, I am angry with you. -What is my fault?"
"All Devatas, apsaras had gone to attend Shiv & Sati's marriage."
But neither you went there nor you allowed me to go. Why Lord
Because we had been ordered for the same. -Whose order?
Brahmaji's. He told that the need for our arrival there will be...
...after their marriage only.
What is Brahmaji's indication with this?
We will have to raise the amorous urges between Shiv &...
...Sati with our plays and flower arrows.
We will have to inspire them for family life.
Brahmaji has ordered three of us to reach Kailash as soon.
"We will definitely abide by Brahmaji's order, Vasant."
We three will go to Kailash.
"ls Sati, who is used to royal comfort, happy in Kailash?"
"My Lord, can I have any more delight from anything else..."
...than getting a place at your feet?
"The time for union has come, my Love."""
"And the mind is losing all its control."""
"The amorous feelings in the eyes are inviting."""
"And the mind is losing all its control."""
"Desire was aroused and developed"""
"The mind's feeling was aroused"""
"The flowers of hope has bloomed."""
The dream has united our eyes in such a way...
" if they are engaged in copulation."""
"The time for union has come, my dear."""
The creepers are attached to the trees...
"...spreading fragrance in all directions."""
We will get lost in each other in this situation...
"...and will become which we never were."""
"Making time its medium,..."
"...the moment of union has come, dear."""
The time of separation is long past...
"...and the present time is singing a new song."""
See the embracing of the new world...
" is welcoming us."""
Breaking all the rules and bondings...
"...the time for union has come, my Love."""
Welcome Narad. Have you witnessed the delighting play...
"...of Shiv and Sati, orn ot?"
That was an extraordinary experience.
To see the newly wed divine couples was a different feeling.
Have you understand the mystery of this delighting play?
How can an ever bachelor like me will understand this mystery
"Please explain it for me, SriHari."
This is the union of Man & Nature. This union will...
...give birth to new incidences in the future.
Is this new creation related to Vishnu's lover Laxmi?
Have patience and see what the future has in its store.
"This is true, Lord, as future is known only to Bholenath."
But I have understand a bit of the thoughts of your mind.
But it is undoubtedly difficult to understand the mystery behind...
...the plays of Lord Shiv & Devi Sati.
What are you looking at Devi?
I am having a look at the sparkling of love in your eyes.
This is only a reflexion of the love expressed in your eyes.
He gets that much in return whatever one gives.
"l have received a lot from you, my Lord."
I cannot even put in words how much I have received from you.
"Let's go to roam around the earth, Devi."
"Roaming around the earth! My Lord, it seems as if you... "
...have read my mind & then came with this proposal.
"The truth is that, although we are two physically..."
"...our soul, mind & thoughts are the same."
Let's go to roam around the earth now.
"Who is this Sage, my Lord?"
"This is Sage Durvasar, the son of Atree and Anusuya."
He is famous for his great anger.
What is the result of his anger?
He is in great danger towards whom Sage's anger is aroused.
"But one becomes a Sage when he wins over lust, anger & affection"
"But Sage Durvasar's anger,..."
Just have a patient look. You will become familiar with...
...him through his behaviour.
Look at the lady who is coming from that side. She is Chitrangda
Now see what happens next.
Please accept this garland from this humble one.
I am an ascetic. It does not suit me to receive and use garland.
What should I do with this garland?
"My Lord, the pleasure of roaming around world is really different."
"Sage Durvasar! Accept my salutations, Sage."
I want to offer you a gift. Will you please accept this?
How can we refuse the gift offered by you?
"Lord, we are used to wearing the garland made out of flowers"
...from the gardens of Heaven This garland will not suit me.
You should not have accepted this gift from Sage Durvasar.
"You are right, Devi."
You are very kind-hearted and remove your devotee's...
...problems. Devatas also are very much dedicated to you.
To remove their difficulties is your prime duty.
"When those devotees come to me, I will surely fulfil that duty."
But Devatas will not get the comfort of heaven before time.
Hail Demon king & Heaven's king Bali.
Today I am very pleased. Devatas have escaped from here.
This defeat of Devatas is our win.
Now this throne is ours. Heaven is ruled by demons now.
Lieutenant Rahu! -Salutations King!
Please announce in the 3 worlds that Demons rule heaven now.
Indra and other Devatas have run away like cowards.
"Thought they were brave, but lost strength before Bali."
We achieved the impossible by driving out Devraj lndra.
"From now, heaven's throne & rule will always remain with us."
Devatas will never be able to enter here from now. Never!
Now Heaven belongs only to us.
"lmpossible, it is impossible not to allow us to enter heaven."
Heaven is ours and belongs to us by birthright.
Indisciplined Demons can't be bound by any rule & are strong.
To defeat them is not possible for us.
"Don't reduce our mental strength by talking like this, Varundev"
We have surrendered at Brahma's feet so he can show us the way
And take us out of this difficult situation.
Don't know where Devarishi Narad is now. None of us...
"...have the talent, he has of impressing anybody by his words."
"Thanks, Devaraj, at least you praised this Narad for once."
"Come, let us go and present our problem to Parampita, Brahma"
"Father Brahma, Lord lndra and other Devatas have come..." you today with a great problem.
"Creator, a great injustice has been done to us & you would..." sad to know that it was done by Ur creation Atri's son
I am well aware of Durvasar's anger- But Brahmadev...
"Firstly, a sage should have control over his anger."
"Secondly, there should be a reason for getting angry."
But Sage Durvasha got angry with us without reason and...
...has opened the way to heaven for the demons.
"Devraj, are'nt you aware that Durvasar gets angry very easily."
You should have been careful. -Durvasar's anger was only...
"...a reason, but actually your bad situation is due to your deeds."
"But where have we failed in our duties, Brahmadev?"
"Devraj, you all enjoyed your rights, but forgot your duties."
"Devi Saraswati, what do you say?- You are telling the..."
"...truth, Bramadev. In enjoying the comforts of heaven..."
"...devatas forgot that they have to do their duties, maintain..."
...religion and look after human welfare to keep heaven's throne.
"l agree we have made some mistakes, but that does not..."
"...mean, heaven should be snatched away from Devatas."
"And Demons should be allowed to rule?- Patience, Devraj."
"Forget what has been done. But to solve this problem,..." all have to go to Lord Vishnu now.
He cares for Devatas and their welfare.
"lf you can represent for us in front of Narayan, it will be nice."
Lord Vishnu is aware of your problems.
But you have to go to him yourselves.
"l am sure, Lord Vishnu will find some solution for you. Go"
"Lord Narayan, please give relief to these Devatas."
"Today injustice has occurred. -Because of Durvasar's curse,"
"...Heaven is now ruled by demons, ls'nt it?"
"But, you...- I know your problem, Durvasar's curse has..."
"...started a chain of events, which can't be stopped by anyone"
But Brahmadev told us that only Shri Hari Vishnu can only help us
"Lord, you have helped Devatas in their problems many times. "
"We have come to you with great hopes, Lord."
"lt is true, I care about the welfare of Devatas. But..."
"Amongst Tridevs, you are responsible for welfare of all."
"You know very well that, Devatas have right over..."
...Heaven from the time of creation. Demons have...
"...entered Heaven forcefully and without right. And, Lord..."
" remove them, and give back Devatas's right is in your hands."
"No, if there is a solution to this problem, it is with Mahadev Shiv"
So present your problem before Him- Lord's ways are great...
"...Devatas, now you have to go to Kailash for getting relief."
"Please accept our salutations, Devi Sati-Welcome to Kailash"
I feel very sad about the injustice done to Devatas.
"l have discussed this matter with Lord, also."
"What did Lord Shiv say? -Didn't say much, but from..."
"...his words, it looked as if he has a solution for your problem."
"Lord Shiv, these Devatas have suffered injustice."
They have been deprived of their home and wandering everywhere...
"...& on Lord Vishnu's advice, they have come to you for relief."
"Dear Narad, this is not unique. Clash of good and bad is always"
...happening. Sometimes position of evil is high and good is low
"But what is our crime, that Sage Durvasar gave such a big curse."
"Such injustice to us, Lord- Whatever injustice has been..."
"...done to Devatas, has also sometime happened to Demons"
"Now whatever justice is done, now will be done keeping in..."
"...ming, the rights of both Devatas and demons."
You may be surprised by my words. But this problem will... solved together by Demons and Devatas
And the solution is Samudra Manthan (Churning the Ocean)
"No need to get scared. After Samudra Manthan, lot of..."
...things will happen which will be for the good of Devatas.
"Whatever comes out of the ocean, will be divided according..." the quality of Devatas and Demons.
"You have any doubts, Devraj lndra?- No, Lord"
But Demon Minister Rahu is very stubborn and doubtful.
He may not agree to this proposal of churning the ocean.
I give this responsibility to Devarishi Narad
I will definitely try to convince Lieutenant Rahu for this proposal.
I can't accept any proposal from Devatas including this churning.
This seems to be new trick from Devatas
"ln spite of being so strong, you are scared of Devatas.- Never!"
The fact we drove Devtas from heaven is proof of our power
"Yes, you achieved the impossible. Inspired by Durvasar's curse..." tried and won over heaven too.- Definitely.
"You are strong, but Devatas are clever and brainy."
"lf you demons relax in heaven, Devatas will create hundred..."
"...heavens from Samudra Manthan. In truth, Devatas were..."
...not interested in the beginning. But when Lord Shiv started...
...talking about the great things which will come out of it...
...they immediately accepted. -But why did'nt you say...
"...this before? -I could have, if you had only listened."
But you are completely absorbed in your post's power.
We believe in Lord Shiv. But even if we accept this...
"...proposal, what is guarantee that things coming out of this..."
...churning will be divided properly between Devatas and us
"Seems you haven't understood the meaning of my words, Rahu"
"Listen Devarishi- On one hand, you say, you believe Lord Shiv."
"But can't listen to him. Can't decide like this- Wait, Devrishi"
"Even if we accept this churning proposal, we will not leave..."
...heaven before that. -Lord Shiv will only decide that.
You know very well that He is very just. What to call this?
Devata's fortune or Demon's misfortune.
Circumstances are being made when only Devatas are only...
...going to benefit from rare fruits of Samudra Manthan.
"Lord, Demons are themselves knocking the misfortune's door"
"Wait, I would like to talk with Lord Shiv about this once."
Don't delay the good work Lord Shiv and Rahu are...
...well-known to each other. Let us go to Kailash
Wait Demon Lieutenant Rahu -I have to meet Shiv Shankar
"Lord is in meditation now, you have to wait for some time"
"Matter is very important, and I can't wait. Shiv Shankar"
Don't stop me otherwise bad things might occur.
"Be calm, Shivgan, you should not treat guests like this."
"But sage, he is trying to hinder the meditation of Shiv."
He will not be an hindrance. & has come as per Shiv's order.
"Forgive us, there was a hindrance to your meditation."
"Rahu wanted to meet you. Your guards tried to stop, but..."
"Come Rahu, I know you have come here to clear your doubts."
"You doubt, Demons will lose heaven after Samudra Manthan."
Is this true? - Yes -Your doubt is baseless
"That situation will arise only if by your unjust acts, the side..."
.. of Devatas becomes stronger. Your second doubt is... the fruits of the churning will be divided.
Things will be divided according to the capabilities.
"lf things go to the wrong side, they will be destroyed."
"Any other doubt? -No, but how can such a big..."
...event be arranged. It is not child's play.
Do not worry about that. The decisions regarding Samudra...
...Manthan has been taken by me and the concerned persons...
...have been informed. Shrisagar Vishnu will become the...
...base for churning and Snake Vasuki will serve as a rope.
You go and inform the demons & go to prepare for the event soon
After Shiv's order and then discussing with King Bali...
...Demon Lieutenant's doubts were cleared and he awaited the...
"...Samudra Manthan. Same way, the Devatas also came to..."
...the banks of the ocean where Meru mountain and Snake...
...Vasuki were ready for the purpose of churning.
"Devgan and Demons, start the work of churning the ocean."
"Demons, you catch Vasuki at the tail end, and we at the mouth."
"No, we are not less than you in strength or quality, why should..."
...we catch the tail- The reason is you are from Netherworld...
...and the last in creation.
"What chanting are you telling in his ears, Devrishi."
I was telling Devatas that they are zero in front of...
...Demon's strength and can't bear to catch the mouth side of...
...Vasuki which is emitting fire and poison.
"We are pleased, today Devatas learnt that they are weak."
You called us weak. Let us first decide who is stronger.
What are you doing? To save you from the fire and poison...
"...of Vasuki's mouth only, I was talking cleverly."
"Then, Devatas will be at the tail side of Vasuki."
And we demons will be at the mouth side of Vasuki
We have already got order from Lord Shiv to start.
There should not be any delay in starting the good work.
Hail Lord Shiv Shankar
My decision to be at the mouth side was not correct.
But now it is impossible to go back too.
The churning of the ocean was started by Devatas and Demons.
First poison appeared from the ocean which was choking the...
"...whole creations i.e. Devatas, Demons and the human race."
Immediately all the three worlds were surrounded by cries.
Then Lord Shiv Shankar appeared on hearing their cries.
"Devi Sati, I will have to drink that poison or..."
...the whole of creation will be destroyed.
"On Shiv's indication, a vessel came where the poison collected"
Then Shiv drank the poison and stopped it in his neck..
...and smiled slowly.
World was blessed with welfare and...
...Shiv was called Neelkant. (blue-necked)
Then Devi Lakshmi appeared and went near Lord Vishnu
"Accepting him as her husband, she garlanded Him."
Devi Lakshmi showered the world with wealth.
The whole world was blessed to have seen her.
Kaustab pearl came and became Vishnu's ornament
Lieutenant Rahu saw this and nodded his head in anger.
"Kamadhenu, Parijhat, Airawat, also appeared. Then Rambha..."
...Urvashi and other apsaras appeared and went to heaven.
Then Chandradev appeared and went to Lord Shiv...
...who was then called Chandramauli.
Then bow and Shankh came and went to Lord Vishnu.
"When holy water came, the Demons had that."
Then Dhanvantar came out with Amrut (nectar)
Everyone went to him.
"Please do something Lord Vishnu, otherwise worse may happen"
"lf demons have the nectar, they will become immortal."
Then new problems will be created for Devatas.
"Don't worry Narad, Devatas will only have the nectar."
Please tell Devatas to sit in a row.
"Who is this, Apsara? Has come from ocean or from the earth."
Let us have the nectar first. -We will have nectar...
"...afterwards, let us drink her beauty first."
"Beautiful lady, who are you and where have you come from?"
Don't waste time in asking such useless questions.
"Just know that I am yours, & l came for you- Came for us!"
"Lady, tell us why you have come. -To make you drink nectar..."
...And then give you this beauty drink.
Then give us this nectar. -Before taking the sacred...
"...nectar, it is necessary for one to become clean."
"First, all of you go and have a bath and then have nectar."
He is not a Devata. He is the demon Rahu.
"After Rahu was beheaded by Sudarshan Chakra, he felt..."
...he could not have the nectar only because of Surya (Sun)
From that time he has been troubling the Sun in revenge.
The demons went to netherworld and the Devatas got the heaven
Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi were established in Vaikunth
"l am blessed to get you as my husband, what are my orders?"
I have become complete after getting you Mahalakshmi.
All our devotees are anxious to see Laxmi & Narayan together.
I was also waiting to join you from the ocean.
Why did you keep me away for such a long time?
Everything is completed only when when time comes.
Samudra Manthan happened as per Shiv's wish and you came.
"Eyes are blessed to see both of you together, salutations."
"He is Narad, Brahma's son. He roams around the three..."
...worlds and spreads Bhagvat devotion.
Now I will spread Lakshmi- Narayan's devotion.
"Mother, you are the Goddess of wealth. How will your..."
...devotees get wealth & fame without worshipping you.
"Don't praise me so much that I become proud, Narad."
"Pride cannot touch one at Lord Vishnu's feet, Devi."
See how clever my prime devotee is? He has already made...
...arrangements to see that pride does not touch you.
Don't make me shy by saying this.I am like dust at Devi's feet
"You are blessed, Narad, Now tell the reason for your coming?"
"Don't ask me the reason, I came only to see you both together."
Nothing can be hidden from me. You have come with some work.
"When you know, please tell me. Sometimes I don't know my mind."
Lord Shiv saved all the creations by absorbing the poison.
"We have to thank him for that. Is'nt it, Devarishi?-Yes, Lord."
I am just coming from Brahma Loka. He also said the same
He said all the Devatas with lndra are also going to Kailash.
"Then, we also have to go to Kailash. There we will be..."
...blessed to see Lord Shiv and Devi Sati.
"That is a very good idea, Devi."
"My purpose is over, Lord. I had come here only to take you..."
...both to Kailash as per Brahmadev's order.
"You are truly clever, Narad, and Lord knows you very well."
"Then, come, let us go to Kailash"
Hail Lord Shiv Shankar and Devi Sati
"Lord Shiv, you saved the whole creation by taking..."
"...the poison in your neck. We all bow to you, crores of times."
We have to be thankful to Lord Vishnu who took the form of...
"...tortoise and then Mohini, destroyed Rahu and also..."
"...protected the nectar, Brahma"
Samudra Manthan has established religion and law.
Devatas got back heaven and Demons got result of their deeds
But you got the maximum benefit by getting Bhagvati Lakshmi
"ln truth, I got more benefit, as I got Shri Hari, Devi Sati"
"ln this talk, we have forgotten the truth that Brahmadev was..."
...the one who first thought of Samudra Manthan.
If Brahmadev's creation thought had not been awakened by...
"...Devi Saraswati, this would not have happened."
"Enough, Narad, if the poison which first came out, had not..."
"...been controlled by Lord Shiv, we could not have got all the..."
...other things even after Lord Brahma and Shri Hari's efforts.
"Devi Saraswati, Lord Shiv's role in controlling the difficult... "
...situation is beyond any description. He saved all.
"lnstead of praising me, if we learn something from this whole"
"...event, it will be worth it. That is the win of good deeds..."
"...and welfare. Inspite of being stronger, the demons lost."
"You have to be careful and cautious in future, Devraj"
"Lord, your last words indicate as if you are saying goodbye to all"
But my eyes have not seen enough of Devi Lakshmi...
...nor have I talked with Devi Saraswati
"Even if two ladies debate, there will be quakes on earth."
"But here, three ladies are going to debate. Narayan!"
"Narad, put a full-stop to your talk."
"Mother, if I stop talking, how will I chant Shri Hari's name."
"Devarishi, now you will have to chant Narayani's name too."
"Narayani is immersed in Narayan Himself. Is'nt it, Devi Lakshmi?"
All the Devatas were in Kailash to thank Lord Shiv for the...
...success of Samudra Manthan. All the works of Lord Shiv...
...are directed towards world's welfare only.
"ln earth, Daksha Prajapati's 27 daughters, enter into the..."
...palace after doing prayer for their own good.
"From where are you coming, daughters?"
"We had gone to do prayer for Chandradev (moon), mother."
"Why you are praying only Chandra, answer me, daughters."
"Answer me. -You only answer, Rohini."
Like sister Sati got Lord Shiv as husband through meditation...
...we all also want to get Chandradev by doing prayer.
"Saw the consquence of the liberty given to Sati, Queen"
"King, anyway we have to conduct the wedding of our daughters."
Chandra is very beautiful & bright. You should have no...
...problem conducting the marriage of our daughters with him.
Our daughter Sati is very happy in her husband's place.
"lf these daughters also get the husband of their choice, then..."
...we need not worry about their happiness.
But to marry off 27 daughters to Chandra does not look good.
"lf you talk about one daughter, l can go and speak with..."
...Sage Attri and Devi Anusya at this moment only.
"What father is saying is correct, daughters, only one of..." can get married to Chandradev.
But we are all Nakshatra kanyas (girls). Our lives...
...are entwined with Chandra and we can't live without him.
"We all wish the same, mother."
"Ok, I will go to the Sage's Ashram and propose marriage"
"You have blessed us by your proposal, King Daksha"
That 27 daughters of Daksha will decorate our Ashram... our daughter-in-laws is a matter of pride for us.
"You have only increased my prestige, Sage"
If my daughters can get a bright husband like Chandradev...
"...and wise in-laws like you, is the result of their good deeds"
Now allow me to leave. As soon as the auspicious date for...
"...the marriage is fixed, I will inform you.-As you think right."
"When 27 Nakshatra girls come, this Ashram will be glowing."
"Not only the Ashram, even the Chandra Mahal will glow, but..."
"But what, swami?-Our son Chandra's mind is wavering one."
Will he be able to maintain his duty towards all his 27 wives?
"Why worry now, about what will happen after marriage?"
To marry Chandra is written in the destiny of these 27 girls...
...and we have also given our acceptance to that.
Lord has gone into his room along with Rohini.
He did'nt talk to us - Are we not fit to be talked with also?
He went without giving us any instructions.
What is this dear? Why are you turning back when Chandra... waiting to take Rohini into his arms?Am I not dear to you?
Who will say that after getting a nice husband like you?
"But while accepting your love, l feel I am snatching my sisters"'
"...Iove for you?- Dear, being a wife is one's duty. "
But love is a feeling. Your sisters are my wives.
But I love only you.
"This night is not be wasted in like this. Come, let us enjoy."
"Just now, you said being a wife is one's duty."
Similarly being a husband is also a duty & this duty tells...
...that you should give equal rights to all your wives.
You did not do right by leaving my sisters and taking only me.
Their state is like that of girls deprived of their moon.
"lt seems, Lord loves only Rohini amongst all of us."
Marriage with 27 daughters and love only with one.
This is injustice- This is unfair that our life should...
...always long for getting husband's love.
"No, we should try to do something to win husband's love"
I have been trying to get you from the first time I saw you.
"When the time of union has come, you are arguing like this."
I am only telling that it is not right to neglect your other wives.
"l don't know any religion, right, wrong, duty etc except my love."
If you also understand the meaning of love... will also come behind me like a thread attached to me.
Chandradev's ignoring his other wives for Rohini's love is in...
"...a way, success of emotions over religion and duty."
Chandradev is ignorant about his duties towards his other wives
"Maybe, this is also one of the boundless games of Lord Shiv."
But this sort of win of emotions over duty will not be appreciated
"Come, let us enjoy and fulfil our dreams"""
"Let us win the world with our love."""
Let us give a hope to creation & give a shape to our love
Let us expand our love's horizon and experience it every moment.
"Come, let us enjoy and fulfil our dreams"
I am Chandradev and you are Rohini
"lf I am Moh, then you are Mohini."
"l am within you, and you are within me"
Let us accept this truth.
"Come, let us enjoy and fulfil our dreams"
Let us win the world with our love.
"What has happened, my Lord, where have my sisters gone?"
They must have gone to Daksha's palace to cry over their sadness.
"But Rohini, their sadness cannot snatch away my love for you."
"With fire god as witness, Chandra wed all of us. "
But he is giving his full love to only Rohini
"We cannot accept our insult and disrespect, mother."
"We accept, our relation with Chandradev has just started"
And our new life started. But there is no meaning to it now.
We still are deprived of husband's love.
Rohini is our sister. She should atleast feel our sadness.
"Our life has become meaningless, father. A woman left..." her husband is worse than a widow who learns to accept...
...the situation by accepting her husband's death.
Don't talk sadly like this. Your father will try and...
...correct the situation.
"Your mother is telling correctly, only Rohini does not have.."
...the right over Chandra. I will try to make him understand...
...and see that all of you get the share of His love.
Being wife does not mean that one should have a vermillion...
...on her head and is left pining for husband's love through life.
"Along with wife, husband also has a duty towards her."
"That is, he should give all bodily and worldly comforts to his wife"
But your son Chandra neglected his 26 wives on the first night...
...of marriage only. -This is indeed very sad.
"When King Daksha brought proposal for marriage, you..."
...were very happy. But I told you whether Chandra's wavering...
...nature will allow him to be just towards all his wives.
"l had this doubt in my mind, but seeing your proposal and..."
"...Anusya's happiness, I accepted your proposal. I'll call Chandra."
"Come, Chandra."
"Father has remembered us. Come, let us go."
"Rohini, this is indeed shameful. On one side, your 26..."
...sisters are crying and sad after neglect by their husband.
"But without shame, you are enjoying your husband's love."
"Father, I feel very sad, but... -lf this is true, you should..."
"...not stay with your husband, till justice is rendered to Ur sisters."
"You can ask him, father, I had told him to fulfil his duty as..."
"...husbands to my sisters, too. But, he..."
"Let it be, but you will come to Daksha's palace now."
"But, father...- I don't want to hear anything."
"For a father, all his children and their sadness-happiness is equal"
How can I tolerate that one daughter is enjoying marital life
But others are living like widows inspite of being married. No
"Please allow me to take Rohini with me, Sage & Devi Anusya"
"What he says is correct, Lord. -I also accept Daksha's words"
"Rohini, please get ready to leave for Daksha's palace"
As you order -Come Rohini
"Son, if you had loved Rohini so deeply, your marriage..."
...should have been conducted only with her. But now...
"...when you have 27 wives, you should give rights to all"
Love comes from the heart. & I have no right over... heart. It became Rohini's from the first time I saw her.
Now only Rohini's image is there in my heart and eyes.
"Please unite me with her, soon, Lord Shiv Shankar."
"Ashwini, Falguni, Uttara, she will compensate for what Chandra did"
I have separated her away from Chandra- Father
"Your sadness is mine too sisters, I was helpless then also..." also I am helpless.
"Rohini, we don't want to see you sad. We just want justice."
"Till Rohini is with Chandra, you all will never get justice."
"That is why I got her here. -What have you done, Swami"
You have no right to make our son-in-law sad.
You can't challenge my rights. I am Daksha Prajapati (ruler)
To take care of well-being of every citizen is my duty.
"Then how can we ignore our daughters' well being. No, Queen"
"You go back to him, Rohini. We don't want to see him sad."
"Till such time, Chandra does not seek forgiveness for the..."
...injustice done and gives equal rights to all of you...
...Rohini cannot go from here.
"You know, how emotional our son-in-law Chandra is."
"Think Lord, how he must have got hurt by what you did to him"
This talk will have no effect on him. injustice should be punished.
"Lord, can't we take the help of Lord Shiv for this."
"Enough now, I am sure I will never go to Shiv for any help."
Then you go and request your father Brahma to go to Shiv...
...and save our daughters from this bad fortune.
"As grandfather of these girls, he also has some duties."
"Ok, Queen, I will surely think about this idea of yours."
"Mother- Don't cry, I am sure, Brahmaji will find some solution."
"Please open your eyes, father, I have come to say something."
"l am surprised, you have to pray Lord Shiv in spite of being the..."
"...Creator yourself.-Son Daksha, Lord Shiv is lord of all Gods"
To worship him is the duty of all beings.
"Don't give me this advice, I know your Shiv Shankar very well"
I don't wish this argument. Tell the purpose of your visit?
"l am seeing that, all the persons connected with Shiv are creating.."
...some hurdles for me and spoil my peace.- I don't understand
"About whom you are talking -About Chandra, son of..."
"...Sage Attri and Anusya, who is very dear to Shiv."
What has Chandra done? -Chandra has cheated our...
"...daughters and made them sad. -I know this, but you did not..."
...consult me before conducting the marriage of your daughters.
"l knew, Chandra cannot love anybody else except Rohini."
This is the law of nature -lt was also destined that...
...all my 27 daughters become wives of Chandra and...
...accordingly I handed over all the daughters to Chandra.
"Can't change the past. Tell me, what is your wish?"
I wish that you find some way for making my daughters happy.
Tell your Lord Shiv to advise Chandra to love all his...
"...wives equally- This is not in our hands, son."
It is not possible for me or Shiv to change one's mind forcefully.
It will be better if you send all your daughters to Chandra soon.
Chandra will realize his duty and situation will become normal.
I am Daksha Prajapati. To send back daughters who have...
...returned home without their consent and to bow before...
"...Chandra for mercy, is something I will not accept"
Chandra will have to bend before my order.
"By saying this, you are inviting problems, Daksh."
I warn you not to try to change Chandra forcefully
Let Lord Shiv bless you.
"Brother Daksha, why are you wandering here leaving your..."
...palace in earth.-I am being punished for accepting Chandra...
" my son-in-law. -That means, Chandradev..."
"...has saddened you. But Chandradev is beautiful, cool &..." full of love. What harm can he do to you?
Praising Chandradev gives me anger. Talk something else.
"As you wish, brother, but what is your problem?"
It is not possible that you don't know the problem.
Chandra has neglected my 26 daughters because of Rohini.
This news is spread throughout the world and you know...
...the news of every house.
"Truly, I know everything"
But I am not happy with this attitude of yours.
Should one behave so rudely with one's daughters' husband?
You should correct him with love.-That means you also...
"...take his side, Devarishi -lf Chandra begs forgivance &..."
"...takes away his wives quietly, I will also forgive him."
Otherwise result will be very bad. Go and tell Chandra.
"Lord Shiv, there is definitely some welfare hidden in..."
...bringing Daksha and Chandra's mind against each other.
You only know your games.
"Chandra, son where are you?"
"l tried to stop Chandra, he did not listen and left."
He is hurt by Rohini's departure. You should not have let him go.
"l can see that something bad is going to happen, Devi Anusya"
"Daksha's anger and Chandra's love, hope nothing bad happens."
Don't say like that. Let us pray to Lord Shiv that our...
...Chandra should come out properly out of this problem.
Now our hope is only Lord Shiv Shankar. Let us pray to him.
"Please open your eyes, my Lord."
"ln spite of my calling so many times, your eyelids did not blink"
"But as soon as Devarishi came, immediately you opened your eyes"
Compared to wife Lord should be more concerned for his devotees.
You hurt Devi Sati for this humble devotee.
"Me & hurt, no way, sometimes couple's love is increased by..."
"...some jokes, teasing etc. Is'nt it, My Lord?"
"You mean, I should also do this to spread love?"
"Devi Sati, you have the fortune to be with Lord every moment."
But we devotees feel blessed even to see Shiv for a moment
"Are you jealous of me, Devrishi? -No, I am a bachelor..."
...but realize customs of marriage Husband and wife have to give...
"...comfort to each other. If this falls short, it is very sad."
"Please tell clearly, Devarishi. What is the meaning?"
The extreme love between your sister Rohini and Chandradev...
...has become a reason for sadness of your other sisters
"Devi Sati, your parents are also very much worried."
"Lord Shiv, please do something to remove the sadness of..."
... Devi Sati's sisters. Happiness to someone...
"...and sadness to others is not proper, Lord."
"Why are you quiet, Lord? Please tell the end of this story of..."
...sadness combined with happiness.
Happiness and sadness are both necessary in life just like...
Devarishi Narad mentioned about Chandradev's love for Rohini...
...and lack of interest in other wives to Devi Sati in Kailash.
Mother Sati got worried about her sisters.
"ln the midnight, Rohini is sad remembering about Chandra"
"What has happened, Lord? Is there no direction in my life."
"Will I never be able to get Chandra, will he not come."
Even I don't know in what difficulty I am in?
"My life will got waste or what? No, I will not allow that"
I have to think about my life. I can't live without my Chandra
"Lord, why did you create man and give him a heart?"
Why did you fill love in that heart? This is beyond my...
"...thinking, Lord. I still do not know the reason."
"Please show mercy and unite me with Chandra soon, Lord."
"Rohini, we did lot of prayers to get Chandra as a husband."
"But when he neglected us, our hearts broke."
"When we came back like a bird hit by a arrow, we told..."
"...father that Chandra neglected us for Rohini's sake, it was..."
...not correct. We were already sad.
But Father's anger has snatched away your happiness too.
Whatever happened was correct only.
If we sisters have shared happiness from childhood...
...we should share sadness also equally.
I am telling you the truth. Even when I was with my husband...
...I thought every moment that injustice is being done to you
"Ashwini, we are sisters, before that we are ladies."
"lf one lady can't understand other's sadness, who..."
...else will understand. Please believe me and do not think...
"...I am different from you. -Rohini, don't hurt yourself..."
...more like this. Everything will happen as per God's wish.
You take rest -Let us go
Dear-My Lord! -Come with me to Chandramahal
"No, until you give equal rights to your other wives..."
"...I will stay here. -I love only you, dear"
And Chandra can never love anybody else except you.
"Then you forget me too, my Lord I can accept this separation."
But do not want to live with the bad name of a woman...
...who snatched away the happiness of her own sisters.
You go away immediately. -I can't imagine life without you
"Chandra who gives coolness to others, is today burning..."
...with the fire of your separation.
"l will take you away from here, Rohini."
"No, my Lord. You are not aware of my father's anger."
I don't know what will follow if he sees you here.
Please let me go. -Chandra!
"How dare you do that, sinner. Release my daughter."
She is my wife & you don't have any right on her.
"You have your other wives too. If you want to take,..."
...take all of them with you.
Marriage does not take place by merely going around fire seven...
"...times physically, it takes place in the mind."
And I have accepted only this daughter of yours in my mind.
"Let's go, Rohini."
"Leave this stubbornness, otherwise I will curse you."
"No father, please don't don't do such thing."
Then tell this sinner husband of yours to go away from here...
...otherwise the flames of my anger will decimate him.
I will not leave this place without Rohini.
"lf you are that stubborn, then listen, the handsomeness..."
"...on which you take pride in, will be destroyed by decaying..."
...disease. This is my curse.
My Lord!
No my Lord. Please open your eyes.