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SHEENA DIMATTEO: Hey guys, I'm Sheena DiMatteo, and you're
watching Just Dance for May 12, 2011.
Here in New York City in the West Village, and I'm here to
bring you the hottest stuff that's going on
in the dance world.
Let's get cracking.
America's Best Dance Crew, it's getting down
to the nitty gritty.
Do people still say, "nitty gritty?" Rihanna's
choreographer, Tanisha Scott, came to America's Best Dance
Crew to spend time with every crew, giving them their
choreographic tasks of the week.
Street Kingdom was given the challenge of the Daddy Y,
which is a little sexy, a little grinding.
They had to get the booty going.
They were a little uncomfortable at the start.
But when they came out, they were hitting it hard.
I mean, it was sexy, there was no doubt about it.

Every week, I've been highlighting IME, and I just
can't help it, they're so amazing.
What are they going to do this week with their brain-banging
technique for Spider-man?
Well of course, they gave us this crazy Spider-man web.
And as it started off, you're like, what's happening?
Got to shout out to Chachi, their youngest member and the
youngest girl dancer on the show.
She was surfing on some dude.
Girl, she was giving it, giving you
some optical illusion.
ICONic Boyz were a little worried about their task,
"Only Girl in the World" because--
ICONIC BOYZ: We're all boys.
We're an all boy crew.
There's seven of us.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: I'm not the only one who thinks ICONic
Boyz are amazing.
Check out what my man Mikey Bustos has to say
about ICONic Boyz.
And thanks for the shout-out, Mikey.
I just can't believe 787 Crew got voted off.
They were awesome with all their flips
and their crazy tricks.
We'll miss you, 787 Crew.
Crews are about to take on Justin Bieber and it's going
to be like, [SINGING]
baby, baby.
INSTANT NOODLES: We got "Runaway Love" by Justin
Bieber featuring Kanye West and Raekwon.
ICONIC BOYZ: "Baby" by Justin Bieber.
PHUNK PHENOMENON: -"Eenie Meenie Miney Moe Lover."
Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, and never say never.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: I had an awesome time reliving my prom
vicariously through all the characters on Glee last week.
There was music by Adele, Christina
Perri, and Rebecca Black.
Maybe their prom was held on a [SINGING]
Friday, Friday, got to have your prom on Friday.
Everybody's looking forward to dancing in the
gym in pretty dresses.
I want to know what you guys think about who was crowned
Prom Queen.
Do we agree?
Let me know below.
Next week's Glee episode is entitled, "Funeral." Now we
just had so much fun at the prom, I'm just kind of
worried, why is it called, "Funeral"?
What's going to happen?
Hellcats has been dance, dance, dance, dance, dance,
dance, and more dance.
They brought back legendary choreographer, Debbie Allen,
to direct their latest episode.
And Paul Becker was giving us some fierce choreography.
And also guest starring Ciara.
She loves it when you one-two step.

Who needs some amazing backwards break-dancing in
their lives?
I do, me, right here.
Sheena DiMatteo.
I found this awesome video, you guys.
The artist is RJD2.
This one will get your blood pumping in the morning.
You're like, I gotta go to work.
Give me some RJD2.
The entire video features Quest Crew who were actually
champions from a previous America's Best Dance Crew.
As you're watching this video, which is called, "Might as
Well Step Forward," at first you're just like, this guy's
just doing amazing, superhuman, ridiculous things
that are not even humanly possible.
And then you realize there are some people in the background
walking backwards and cars driving backwards.
And that's the giveaway that this entire
video is shot in rewind.
So who's heard that saying, "always a bridesmaid, never
the bride"?

I mean, I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
There's a new movie coming out, Bridesmaids with Maya
Rudolph and Kristin Wiig, two hilarious and beautiful people
starring in it.
Judd Apatow has produced Knocked Up and Pineapple
Express so this movie is bound to be hilarious.
I can't wait to see some of the bridesmaids dancing and
all the crazy shenanigans.
KRISTEN WIIG: I'm ready to party.
SHEENA DIMATTEO: That's all the news I have for
you for this week.
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