How to Make a Duck Tape Christmas Stocking

Uploaded by theduckbrand on 09.12.2011

Hi I’m Kristy with duck brand duct tape
today I’m going to show you how to make a holiday stocking
this is an advanced project that will take about an hour to complete
today the materials I am going to use
are duct tape in the colors of red
White, rain deer print, and candy cane
along with scissors and a marker
the first step to making this is to create a very large
duct tape fabric and by doing that you first lay out multiple strips of duct tape
have them stick together
and on one side I chose red
and then do the same exact thing on the other side
so its sticky side to sticky side and on the inside I chose candy cane
so when it’s together you have ultimately this duct tape cloth
once you have your completed fabric as you can see I’ve already traced and then
I cut out the two stockings
and I use the same template for both so you can just put them on top of
each other
so the first step what I'd like to do actually is
clean up the top part of where I cut it's just a little jagged
and the easiest way to do that is to take a piece of this red tape
and I’m just going to work with half of it so we can just rip it in half
and it's about the length of my stocking
and I can always trim it with scissors after
But put the bottom half of this
right on top
and fold over the remaining adhesive on the back over the candy cane pattern and I’m just going
to trim off the sides because I was a little bit off on my measurements
so it’s much smoother and cleaner
and I'm just going to do the same exact thing on the other side
now that you have both of the edges
Covered in tape
it's time to tape both pieces together
so I recommend working with a piece that’s maybe about three to four inches
start at the top and don't forget
you're going to leave this top portion open so we’re only going to tape
all along the outside edges except for that
put half of the adhesive on the back and
again fold the other half over like that
continue working with about three to four inch strips
all the way around the stocking
Until you have them connected together
I started decorating already what I did was
take the rain deer print
and put two strips
up on top here that overlap each other
it left a little bit of adhesive portion hanging off the end
and again the same thing with the
white on the bottom of the toe
so we're going to do the exact same thing on the other side
both sides of the stocking are now decorated with tape
the toe
portion I just wrapped the white duct tape to the other side
and even to the scissors to clean up some Of the edges
and up top we have
some duct tape
fabric to work with
and I just want to trim this off a little bit
using the scissors again
I'm going to cut it at a slight angle on both sides
and that's how you make a basic holiday stocking
and as I showed you earlier you can actually embellish it
a little bit more and add
Some patterns and designs
this one has a woven or braided duct tape pattern up top
with a cut out sign and even a hook up top so you can hang it on something