Bryce Wylde on Anxiety and Stress

Uploaded by wyldeabouthealth on 17.10.2011

Anxiety describes any feeling of worry or dread, usually about events that might potentially
happen. Some anxiety about stressful events is normal. However, in some people, anxiety
interferes with the ability to function. A stressful event is spilt milk for some people
and others don’t feel stress until a major catastrophic event. And some people who think
they are anxious may actually be depressed. Physical symptoms of anxiety include fatigue,
insomnia, stomach problems, sweating, racing heart, rapid breathing, shortness of breath,
and irritability. *Because of all these factors, it is important
for people who are anxious or stressed out to seek expert medical care. Natural therapies
and Natural Health Products can be one part of the approach to helping relieve mild to
moderate anxiety. *Reducing exposure to stressful situations
– without engaging in extreme avoidance behaviours - can help decrease anxiety. In
some cases, meditation, counseling, or group therapy can greatly facilitate this process.
*A form of counselling known as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has been shown to be helpful
in managing the symptoms of panic disorder. *Supplemental B complex, Magnesium, and 5HTP,
is a powerful trio to help battle stress and relieve anxiety. Drinking chamomile tea especially
before bed works for anxiety, particularly anxiety that causes insomnia. Even animal
studies support this idea, due to the herb’s calming compounds.
*In recent research, Fish Oil works far better than placebo in improving anxiety levels for
substance abusers. Inositol has been used to help people with anxiety who have panic
attacks. Passion Flower and Valerian in combination
has been shown to reduce symptoms in people suffering from anxiety. Taking rhodiola has
been shown to significantly improve anxiety symptoms and St. John’s wort has been reported
to reduce anxiety. American skullcap and Hops are part of a group
of “nerve tonic” (or nervine) herbs used in traditional herbal medicine for people
with anxiety. And Bacopa, a traditional herb used in Ayurvedic medicine, has been shown
to have anti-anxiety effects.
*Homeopathic remedies such as Aconite, Gelsemium, and Argentum Nitricum are also very powerful
for anxiety and stress related symptoms but these Natural Health Products require matching
the indicted remedy with specific symptoms in order to see best results.