AutoCAD Freestyle Feature Overview

Uploaded by Autodesk on 22.04.2010

Hi! I'm Marianne, and I'm going to show you just how easy it is to create precision drawings
with AutoCAD Freestyle by drawing a floor plan for a house.
So we'll begin by creating a new drawing. In this case, I will be working in feet and
inches so I'll leave that setting, and I'll choose a drawing area of 85 by 65 feet.
Then I'll edit my grid settings to space the major grid lines 10 feet apart - and set the
subdivisions to ten to make each grid square represent one foot by one foot. And I'll turn
grid snap on to help me draw. Now I'll zoom in a bit by rolling my mouse
wheel forward and I'll pan by pressing the mouse wheel down and then dragging my paper
to where I want it. If you don't have a wheel mouse, you can of course use the Zoom and
Pan buttons instead. Before I start drawing the walls of my house,
I'm going set my line weight to 4pts to represent the wall thickness. The Line tool is already
active, so I just click to begin drawing, and click again to end my first line, then
I click again for the next line. I can also just type in the length I want. This is a
going to be a 12' wall. To stop drawing, I can right-click or press
the Escape key. Now I'll use the Arc tool to add a curved
patio design. First I set my line weight to two points for the patio edge and then I choose
the Arc tool. I click, hold DOWN the mouse button, drag and then release to set the end
point of the arc, and then I drag and click to set the shape of my arc.
With the Erase tool, I can click to remove these lines or click and drag to create a
door opening in this wall. I can add doors, windows, furniture and more
from the FreeStyle Symbol Libraries. I can even park a car in the garage!
I can add text and I can also add color and patterns with the Fill tool!
How about I use a colored hatch pattern for my patio.
Here's the final drawing, including dimensions, which I added using the Dimension tool.
If you'd like to learn more about AutoCAD Freestyle, the buttons in the Information
Toolbar will take you to our online community pages for more videos and tips. There's also
a gallery where you can see more drawings - or share your own. Happy drawing!