Destination Guide Video - 10 Cool Things to Do in Second Life

Uploaded by Secondlife on 15.06.2011

Second Life is a busy place where creative, intelligent and just plain curious people
come together. It’s a place to experience the extraordinary -- live concerts, social
gaming, art exhibits, fashion shows and other events.
But, especially if you are new to Second Life, you might not even know that all of this stuff
is possible. So, here’s a guide to introduce you to 10 new things to try in SL...
Are you into music? Then attend one of the many live concerts and performances happening
daily in SL. Lots of singers and bands play regular gigs in SL. So, whether you prefer
rock ‘n roll, jazz, R&B, rap or even a bit of everything -- you’ll find it in SL. It’s
just like a real-life concert, but no backstage pass is needed to access and interact with
the musicians.
Now...if you love the nightlife, then teleport over to one of the many hot nightclubs in
SL. Many feature 24/7 stereophonic streams of dance and electronic music -- but some
also have live deejay performances where mixers from around the world spin classic tracks,
current club hits and rare remixes live as they interact with the crowd.
Get ready for your big night out and make over your look by shopping at one of the thousands
of independent fashion and clothing shops. So, before you hit the dance floor, express
yourself and dress up in style with new clothing, hair -- or maybe even a completely new avatar.
One way to discover and sample the latest designer hot spots is to join a scavenger
hunt. At any given time, there are a dozen or so grid-wide hunts that will have you scouring
the corners of SL to find hidden designer goods and other freebies. At each stop, you’ll
get a clue that you can use to collect the next object -- many of which are limited edition,
rare or exclusive items.
Make sure to capture and share all your adventures by taking photographs using the snapshot button
in your Second Life Viewer. You can then email it to friends or upload it to your favorite
social network or photo sharing sites. it’s not ALL about looks. Brain up and join one of the many discussion groups
and gatherings in SL. No matter what your hobby or interest might be, there’s a group
for you. Connect with others for live book readings, philosophical discussions -- and
even group meditations.
Then, expand your horizons even further with a trip to one of the many art galleries and
museums in SL. You’ll see 3D, interactive artworks that show off the creativity and
imagination of aspiring and established digital and multimedia artists.
So, what’s next? How about catching a cool flick in one of the many cinemas and drive-in
theaters inside SL? You can watch a movie with your friends or go it alone. All movie
selections vary from spot to spot and sometimes change daily...and, just like at your local
cinema, you can even watch the film alongside a live audience!
In Second Life, furry friends can be found just about everywhere. That’s right...there
are many virtual pets that you can adopt, care for...and even breed. Some of these cuddly
creatures even have advanced features and rare attributes that can only be unlocked
under certain conditions. These virtual pets hold many secrets that are worth discovering.
...and, finally, our last pick: Games! There are casual games, role-playing games, mazes,
fishing, card collecting...the list goes on and on. It’s almost worth a top 10 list
of its own....
But, for now, our Top 10 list comes to a close. These suggestions only scratch the surface
of the immense amount of activities and events in SL. Check out the Destination Guide for
even more things to do in Second Life.