iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 vs One X specs overview

Uploaded by libertyforgeeks on 15.09.2012

Hey guys what's up Dalvin here and in today's video I'll be going over the specs and comparison of some of the best
phones of 2012,
the iphone 5, galaxy s3 and htc one x.
I'll be going over specs, pricing and much more in this short video.
The first thing to go over is the screens on these 3 phones. The recently
released iphone 5 is the smaller in this comparison with a 4 inch 1136x640
screen meanwhile the other two android phones pack 720p screens, the
one x's 4.5 inch and the galaxy s3's 4.8 inch.
The processors on the phones are somewhat of a tie between
the one x and galaxy s3 both being quad core phones clocked in
at 1.5ghz with 1gb of ram for the htc and
2gb ram for the s3. Although the iphone 5 comes equipped
with an a6 that has quad core graphics but is only dual core with
1gb of ram. Going over the cameras all three
phones have superb cameras, all 8mp capable of recording 1080p, although the
iphone 5 has a new lens on the camera allowing for crisper, more richer photos. Also all
three phones have front facing 720p hd cameras which is also excellent. The OS's on
the three phones is a definite one to choose. Android is by far more advanced in my
opinion with large array of customizability options and improvements
although ios 6 brings a flurry of new features like voice navigation
and facebook integration as well as better security. Finally the pricing and storage on
all three phones are about the same. You can get the iphone 5 for verizon,
att, and sprint for $200 on september 21st
or buy it with the link below.
You can also get the samsung galaxy s3 for $200 and the one x
for $100 on att. That about goes over all the specs in the
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