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please stay with you
all right so
year-ago and buy it
senses we have already and a big animal and you know and job
but that's a little bit of sports medicine broadcast
episode thirty six
i liked that damn if any seating for two hundred twenty eight two thousand and
twelve unfortunately my students
not experience it all in fantasy sports so the or anything that's not a little
bit on
her entire continent today but we're gonna it is mostly canon you can talk
about jez job and what he's doing there
but before we get to jeff real quick
diet taylor was about i mean injury endless furrow to wire had a passionate
mount saint mary academy um... he's been can you can have a share for a six years
and he's also an award-winning journalist uh... author
the fantasy sports writers so she should
so we'll talk a little bit about that in a second
but i am of course your host Jeremry jackson
right now
monica and gaining flooded bargaining other jobs monitoring
these neither of those kind of different things
uh... kingfisher
before was too much more times if you still there
yeah that's a that's a that's a little difficulties
no reason happens
fashion hisab with summarize your background
ready from that kind of thing
well out of
i am overload from dallas texas
saturdays at lower about this ad with uh... my lights and young baby
awhile back that you know what he said for six years and now five years ago
estilo writing for a renoir
i'll just like the premier fancy sports our web site out there would provide
coverage to use bien doc from young sports foxsports
all kind of things and every week
you know i'm not a big job is a math a trainer after say that's a hell systems
lab contract without syria
high school year and a half a trainer and uh... i kind of a bit of both of
them out of my haiti again and again today at one o'clock pilots are not able
to be injury was for the rock
i'll show you had a picture for
saint mary's academy in
i missed it would have at high school at all levels cool
it's advertised whatsoever as private school so i get to work with a female
lab at least which it when i first got into this idiot e_-coli as well as going
to be a problem laughed at you but uh... it's a it's a great job and that my job
a lot of students
i've got a great athlete race to the staffing that five bills that are just
and he
i really really network without at least marion and i like i said in his mind
real stuff inside
how many kids at the school
a five hundred sorry kids is that number that they just depend depends on the
seat on the season we got eleven eleven sports toto
career with basketball swimming
and if you believe
and then uh... appealing his shift obviously it's easy to edge
bowling team is pretty good down here one seven words
i recalled
deficit story story pounded road to becoming an athletic trainer
where i was a
heads the college accommodates track harassed happening
interesting rescue efforts and since just kinda burnout okay
it's tracking stood at the same medicine differs from what i wanted to do
so i decided that
i was going to answered a flyer for a
that has said
for the local independent baseball team looking for business uh...
interns i called said look i don't want to be a business in sarah's hoping that
we have some with which was medicine
i basically to that later next thing you know i'll happily chewing internal
working this summer uh... agreement that baseball and i absolutely loved it that
my mentor george ball like who are losers the certified a_t_c_
uh... in your journey over to the uh... miley are keeping a job as well so i got
the stuff that's on there
came from that aside a if i want to do this i need to be good runway education
nine specially to sit for the b_o_c_
someone got a master's degree
inoculate training it's sexist like united artists like health science
center atlantic
and scott's that since i'm not there with the various schools are and the
basketball team
uh... there and really dispute
just don't know what they've just done bounce around looking for what i wanted
to be finally found mark bob a spot on a high school really well-being that
a_t_f_ at school i really just
accord with that person they're pretty good and i did
uh... this was blue lines are well and making sure that that's out there while
performing the best of the lease and i have been
and soon you will to college
uh... without any experience is not the teaching them to you
do you know and i think there was before
you talked about sports medicine
idea i was an athlete ran hot cross country college and so i had spent a
couple of the time of the appalachian trail
but i just had a really learned something i would actively pursued i
just knew that was a facet of the sport's medicine scene
and those are really got to see what it was about and that
you know you are an integral part of the team you know it up a big part of not
practices button ins as well as any
the foods it events so quickly so fat so in so much in the last couple years it
my perception early on those kind of a glorified a lot of what position quickly
changed i realized how
howell important athletic training is anyhow aborted under that later indiana
was really like this is what i wanted to and so replicate
and learning a lot of the students in my master's class have been doing it since
high school and you know the certain things that nolte will take for granted
that we can say political lives close by i had paid the whole lives so will still
liked that bit
people are now in high school and having been isn't larry i didn't socks
advocates of a little bit like thoroughly enjoyed the process and uh...
here i am today you don't like to say that it had eight c
uh... i was cruel and i thought my job
very cool
teeny extremely job
without knowing
yahoo uh... i've been there were a lot of on fridays at five years by
so we've all the injuries to the injury or so that we need your support
my basketball baseball football in faces for it is a huge industry and face three
big blue you acted scenes in whatever sport they're doing
flap based on made to the press twenty and based on their properties on sundays
are on a day-to-day basis or weekly basis
beijing races this this is that for its on millions and billions are in history
where people are looking to gain a competitive edge
surveys that reading some of those other really committed understand what the
heck to expect inserted in your use
that they can you please well-versed in favor of claimed to have a great one
equals playing every single thing at a higher corporate
but unattended
the people that read my column
chappaquiddick and support understand what it means
what's the difference between a fit for a while ago splitter high ankle sprain
less intelligent do even though it usually comes just four twelve
if this picture has a people's played house i can affect him
which is you know about basketball en route rather
didn't have that information so they can make it into you know what they want to
be corrupt
they will look at your bank that go look at the time of the uh... keep his
if it is the immunity they were questioned you're taking the moral
well let's try to break out of technical terms so that people
dollar well-versed in sports medicine medicine international falls
trying to do you think that
experience of a trainer
the kind of maybe some of your mission is to help
their common person understand what innovator is through
to renew your comic do that kind of transferred all if only does you know
uh... it's it's it's sold
difficult to understand the difference especially with the big sports teams
with meaning of the strengthening coaches and athletic trainers
every week
i try to help
help spread the word up not applicator persons trainer
using proper terminology uh...
and our terms if you were covering these things so close we are not
specifically sports medicine versus renovating
use of the terminology the biggest one problem that seniors live homes
people intermixing term sprains and strains
latest but i understand the difference when there is in fact the big difference
we will send that we had considerable upon basic turned out in but also
what the rehab process that's how liver little numbers by the local senior level
what's gonna happen to bill clinton that
mister is an interesting read to you
you're going to promote the professional athletic training is through tennessee
sports you wouldn't think that your purporting promoting a picturing it all
yet and i've been pretty fortunate though
i've been able to being with another injury analyst all we have will kill
sports illustrated
and i team together where our sponsors an athletic trainer or that we put out
every year
it's not a margo atler and its name through the asset managers of the
minnesota twins is here think he's
and we can do that sweet uh... f_h_a_ staff every year for the top top team
based on so that we do
well well but the formula that let's
established how many games missed by scene
well over a period of time united one season but don't know if that's the
seasons as well as they're saying
and willing to go that way
how affected his f_h_a_ step by leading up to the proper player dot there are
clear suspending what some of the disabled list your adult field
answerable to character i play trades that included dot it may be reduced
those numbers this time progresses
well in this usual cecysnyder that's that's
to become an injury in the list
always had a passion for writing elaborating about sports
uh... and i actually started discount lying on sports plaids and things like
that about
not meet not that it's really injury related staff but things like i'm a big
bass maddox fans have read about but that's not a solution rather teams that
and will decided i wanted to try to use my expertise in a different way
s_s_i_ reading about substance what specifics that we can be injuries
factually approach for a while saying anne
assumed that sat-sun injury stephanie racking ends up on how about that at the
time they are hiring anybody inside
last time as the bass let's meet our form of the bat for
about six months before they happen
thirteen cities you had
with football memon primarily one of the basketball dot the fields can be a shot
of allah said shows
and then next thing i learned that from the jury also from beryl and after that
and that's what happens with baseball
i serve basically to volunteering
your time
is that the majority interested in doing anyways you get hooked up with this
yeah exactly in the spouse aspect of about a little bit
highlander staff editor leon was
you know quickly volunteer
freeze that's all
not not file a regular ratting on someone staff which is nice but at the
same time i don't but more so because i like it and it's a great is that
knock him process information out there so i have to make sure that
information on on providing my readers
is that today and i'm not behind it or not
even in the wrong information i have to classical internal marks what sex let's
make sure and i was in a proper terminology uh... e even if i'm reading
on that mister murmuring something or
herald muslims in the soviet saturday so if it's a costly evolving field unless
they are probably means it's a great way for as f_h_a_ restate the stair stay on
top of things as well
between states
damn unity caused my custom
but if you can easily denied leaked out
have been able to meet
amazing ladders uh... will care addison at sports illustrated
and i have become friends is a great guy now he's done a lot to help me out
class i was able to help him a little summer his work for sports illustrated
so website
so you share which is a great opportunity
you know that we do and i think is huge i've been able to meet some good athlete
have zack well-grounded dot com via and i have
uh... they would meet he's he's not very supportive of helping me out
there's a routine the gravity meet appalachians but writers in sports and
sports world
saying those things what is expanding laughing treated agency that you know
unlicensed exports from the high school or whether it had been investigating
the citizens of the littler professional level and the violent great
your providers that letter amazing what they do you really have helped me
perfecting my craft improvements are several hours again great to work with
and i i've been able to do things like
uh... i don't buy the weekly uh... despot on whether our sincere sex and
radio show
uh... evanescent over the past couple whether something is done with me
u_s_ kite boarding it deletes and things like that but it's really just
making making army dictates that their money not the religious views
doesn't become a but i think she is
so it had
you've been able to go to night games or anything like that events for per free
your you know as part of the staff
uh... have our policy work based learning session of the days when the
inside story generators and fuel oil
allies are going to go to go to that utensils press conferences and see that
side of it
i was going to go this week but unfortunately our
basketball schedule
at that school didn't play into that sounds a little girl
round because next week you'll be listening nashville but i've also been
able to
planning on sundays and and on the surface of the very is it's very hard to
get press credentials her fantasy sports it's really have more focused than that
how bad by either of these are the world's leading web sites where there
were people really interacts with with will keep one thing it's more so
via email their internet or phone
web unnecessarily no in person but i had to remove a couple of president
gist recall
so will prove carol he's uh... see previous unions are injured expert
facebook sports illustrated porcelain uh... use profile of baseball prospectus
allows the level and that's what's also needed
critical yasser
holliman orders of amenities his office for allowing us back our sometime
yeah i find it suitable sabbatical francois duvalier batali easily fall
funny p_c_r_ there
hard especially with he's he's very soon with baseball enough performance
enhancing drugs in his room currently focusing on the lateral movement and
he's just a good data following for the good writer
so it appears that goes wider than look good in the following reasons the data
as a real quick about the matter i just saw an article by the seattle seahawks
seventy players
these annis is a stimulant in
and so is there reason they would take that and his performance
armed settlers uh... just like that
you know it's it's very they are not as familiar with an end of the policies
are different groups for some it's a little bit of a pilot refused it to the
situation especially
flat anything from that but you can
a have you can do it
as you don't have anything yet if you are in a prescription for something else
that it's it's a little bit different no but deep it's looks like the two guys
the seahawks were not o on the list universalist really is the safest
andrew it's just one of those things where uh...
well really it's their loss knows about it and make sure that it's uh... not
something that's being addons debacle
naked and cynical times at around stand
there's a big deal there
ask will carol cummings essences he said he's more had separate
balloons that one gets a guy's parts india
our own sports reports that he does a good job
him let's get back to you
use using a question for you
brazil has been able to job
well finding information uh... working with hitler and the different lazy
medical information is protected
it's extremely hard to get up today
accurate information a lot of problems
uh... unless you have a source for order
even so the track
it's really hard to get up-to-date information that
is for his permitting only lights on genetic information from reports
flashing from the u_s_ there's nothing like that so
lubricant easily misuse of turn around and see you can begin
breaking down a injury
assuming it's a me sprain
usually card are probably wouldn't even be effected in the end of the actual
so that the real world everything in seventeen usually wanting could work
wound will patriots are extremely valuable information
nominated last minute to get beautiful racing out there
and really of
if he difficult insist on that at least yet i think it is not in time
you know there's nothing traitors enrolled wild he will do it
agree will let you know you have a salute that should work and then he
keeps it wasn't so bad i was on the internet the and have
can you tell us about your healing you can do
we are
what i said on the home to look at our world school on private school uh...
absolutely my job
uh... we've expanded to include blasting back later insisted i dot five
uh... ha ha girls are
inflation would go to what they do
uh... it since we last left that
they're able to come in or the stars of the i didn't have an opportunity like i
said high school tonight about the change that
that that wants to learn as much as they do
and loses focus as they are will talk about what about you so much it's it's
been very cool to see him along with
taking too long he company
harm but are not the right there
broken bones and been posted
to the site looking little opportunity about special time which is great
how hard you have into this world certifications and
what fascinates the special certification
in several obviously for a lot of things as well
in even and read the commission will be using a silly
uh... still a little more preventative care because he's already living room he
came over and banana splits and strains that have appointed
house everytime here and i and storage room
a local
uh... catholic school she's the
the health coordinator for the camp is d anything like that ur is your job
religious just athletics
mathematics laugh because i am on work through the hospital are you able to do
a little bit worse than i i've seen a couple teachers before
i've seen a lot of on bob last investments lopez that weekend warriors
or the playoffs for the the answer
with a look at reverend rooms where a lot more worldly uh... devaluations of
herbal treatments
and silicon implants for themselves those who are you reading under the
mouse and a group
if they've anyhow
american armor do whatever i can
uh... whether it's treatment directly or indirectly
to recruited that beginning at and mentioned you're
he won an award for
reading an article which does whatever
bad everyday
relatives are football magazine in the baseball magazine above the fortunate to
contribute appaloosa while failures
uh... about three years ago i was asked to become a member of the sports writers
phone is basically a group of of sports writers and an under to protect
ourselves in ann arbor sales in the world and that kind of thing
for every one of the tide annual awards now after
several islands and striking out well to that wells edward since neither the ward
found forum mad magazine articles are
injury article based on assessing your risk uh... in football
and those who in my column probably our houts and look at
different players and make an educated guess i'll
what they're in europe is this going to be because it as you every step of the
things that we're going to happen you can be understandably
and septal freak accident a steal
uh... but you can look at some of that and look at the style of play of the
player and some of his past different ways and if it takes to assess that
newest unless players and uh... you know you're not spending a hijacked making
wasting bomb
injury with the team feel cold as it did because he
informal hardware like missus similar separate
the it didn't wear you bumped from the answers to and then they can
undecided about its always that bothered me that you can also talk about sixteen
lyrically west only had four teams
hope is to make a whole system use of the level is is that i have five teams i
think that's that's been good for those lol
i'm i'm really sad to see sex isn't that the president is an asterisk late
wrestler calling out to dinner with syria every year
haha i think would be good for those travel old geographical rivalries
uh... lessons that work cut out the and probably about don
and i see
president comes in the rest of that play a role filled in
but but but that there are some things out there and hope we will include some
ground a new individuals in
but nevertheless we visited the school in the pictures with the ships
well subcontract with america needs
uh... and then good the admission of the designated hitter so it but i think it's
good for baseball bats and about it elements to see you know what what
an hour
kinda creates a little bit more balanced uh... of of a competition film
um gratitude pretty much just sold allen went
busy we find off everybody did it
a whole bunch of new young
prospects instead of trying to hold onto
some other expansive lawns and a satire in his rebuilding thing right celebs
kids lulu cookies personally subramani solicitation suddenly takes over usually
take effect
but if you look it seemed like a washington nationals
that they would have probably they you know they kept in in the process of
strong added disney prospects as they could any well we'll see the telegraph
and sunday cleaner
decouple your government issued a statement shows
who legal removed every
brigade rivalry between a
hashes ranges now
this to them
yeah poking
whether you're going to plan for a fantasy sports
and i would love to build but that of a stranger easter card
work there
different statistics phenomenon the stamford
hulaville in there
what kind of these can predict from los towards
it is it's really difficult and they can see
sober metrics style printers because of different variables so temperatures
treat certain injuries giveaways
so it's really hard to make the kind of predictive data based on
all right we have it stays there so many variables out there
by atm i'm soooooo building up in a blue database uh... with an injury slowly
spread wide
from the background information for play and i'm glad to be able to somehow
news that that agreement you know statistical compressor and in the loop
it may be prepared to risk
married to a vote right now it's it's so difficult to do
pin down what and so it seems that would be willing to provide a little bit more
information on treaty ants mechanically photo which in a difficult aloof lessons
i could be a
amount of time stand for
computer with big seller
you know whatever
that's which i think that we wouldn't be clothes
searching the internet and making sure you know you're
you you know that information and we try to pin down exactly injury was like i
said that's the difficult part is is sometimes
you know you didn't have a term rose in the east rain but they don't specify was
it in sierra pcl you know n c l_
when resident sometimes it's just a capsule injured a rather than
less playing but they call that asperger classified so he it can be difficult
that's related said the problem with the with the variables and how difficult it
can be a bit
is exciting and hopefully a i'm not least able to get a decent amount of
so that i can only provides more information on on my writing and say
okay we'll discuss at this in the past listening fastened
you know you should be willing to go after him his we spend more
uh... injuries number of
has already reserved i think one maybe two more questions before i got at least
get your lines
how can someone into a job like this
um... be proactive right right right or
were fine you're acting skills en route with an opportunity
um... approach different companies don't own a silly
several within our admitting doesn't mean they can't at least you need to do
something else in the meantime
you know where there's primary issue you're writing out there now there's a
common with the various sports blogs second of the status of the work out and
about doing right right right and just keep your work out their personal air
someone's going to see it
senator sasser the right person see it
nationally in
tat i could use it you know you approach them in
break and when actors and a hard
unmarried doing something online scan on
you know about him in than unit that they said
and we know you're going to do baseball but are you going to do football and
that can open the door for you to do
of the things he said my god football baseball and basketball
opry big fancy sports
about art
monastics might not not as big a basic and we have rail we provide better
information for all arrived but again it's not as something that's really
they seem to have to drive carried out
and a standard telephone lines in africa
mapping tennessee golf but uh... affect that
and medical help
houston street crime are the rules
something or understood rule
so they can concentrate
type of defending year
running past where
and these kids
but their headphones down a sick like that
uh... uh... never been traces a let something up
but always really does
you know the knows that every terraces casa we have career resources and you
lots of resources
uh... because you
you can never had so much information like i said and then just do your best
suited to make sure you're always trying to improve and larry because that really
is going to help you
trace every train a field that's changing
provide a minute and using these selected is everything and so
and used at the crack insecurity those opportunities in that information
and i think we have in common from
uh... don't know why mass
because there was an imprint questions by g_t_e_ races
it liane
uh... and my wife has i deeply neil and recorder experiences so she's trying to
get an insider skew
which we think jeff
i do think that the family affairs again because he has a extra depth with with
running it's it's a tough matchup between those two
um... brian our teacher you can put a big points this past week on
thanksgiving i hope we'll continue to say because he he's obviously better
more basic from a quarterback
outside our victory by knows right now
i sent it
valujet i've appreciate you coming on and i think um...
talk again sometime
popular technical problems and all that stuff
if you think you need to go you can
in the car on top of it all by myself so
so good at this crucial thanks a lot bank they said background
now take care
has accused in lima kids are going to see
every second whenever camera view monica let on
as pretty good quick conversation with
anna knows a little noisy blues
there's static but he
was improvise i make it work is using his cell phone to skies and that's
always a little bit noisy ricky rather
my phone and her phone sickening it interference
to do so i think spring with me
if you're listening to the recorded broadcaster preventative here's because
i'll probably take it up
you will hear this
vision people women tonight i'm not type of person has to education foundation
before any really support us and
made his us if you can be if you just happened i want to support them you go
to their website but the passing a rotary club
was the main sponsor for
our grant they got moesha's podcasting from it
as one of a shake and even the shout out if they ever listen to this day
anything like that
i really want to
this a thank you pass in a row they've gone for being involved in a community
of other school
we are now it thirty six episodes today
and we don't give us a roasted a podcast so
penalized fun stuff to done
because of they're involved with our community so again they keep asking a
river grove in education foundation
connecting them with acts
and i just words of wisdom
be proactive there some you wanna go get it
stating to sit back and let them come to him right here on out there wrote wrote
pecan a
not known for some dozens of saying hey here's my work
and check it out
i'll do whatever it takes a to be involved here
eventually got on
doing something else but again learned ah...
willing to take that step so he could later move into the creek position
doing what it does now cell
if you like contect us of course our website is divi divi divi one dot
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uh... meeting
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camera angles and stuff going on so you strain it stays me
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if you'll just happen on a call on the phone and talk to me
tell me they were doing a great job a terrible job and joined a guest
seven one three seven four zero zero three one zero zero one three one two
so for jamming and you can see a much and i'm so little
so for jamming
mice prisoners in kids over here for jeff on with the little rock arkansas
that's a wrap