The PiMP Weekly Wrap - #9 - Left For Dead, Wii U, Microsoft, Diablo III, DOA 5 & More!

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>> Janna: Sup gamers! Im Janna
>> Christina: And I am Christina. It's time to talk about some games!
>> Janna: That's right Christina, the news and trailers keep flowing
>> Christina: Just the way it should be.
>> Janna: How about you go first this week?
>> Christina: Let's do it!
>> Christina: Did we ever think that the Left 4 Dead series needed a prequal? No, not really.
But when we see that Valve are helping produce a tie in heist game, set in some of the same
locations we can't complain. Nothing official has been said, other than a leaked trailer
which shows the classic source engine. Some bank robbery and the same hospital featured
in the Left 4 Dead Franchise. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think of
this Payday & Left 4 Dead tie in.
>> Janna: Last week we were hit the
the news that the Wii U is going to support two controllers! Which is awesome, but now
Nintendo have come out and pumped the breaks a little. Not only is this feature not required
by games, but it is likely it wont be ready at the consoles launch.
Sad news really, so we will have to wait a little longer to see what developers can do
with two gamepad controllers let alone one. Oh well. I guess one is enough.
>> Christina: The coin snatching Mario Bros 2 for 3DS has given a release date of August
18th, way sooner than expected. This new squeal is set to pit the player against grabbing
as many coins as possible. Way more than previous games. We love to see Mario mix it up, but
we do wonder if hoarding mass amounts of coins will keep us entertained for hours on end
like it should. Check out the obscene amounts of gold rite now!
>> Janna: Microsoft have caused a torrent of speculation recently after an announcement
they will not be heading to Gamescom or The Tokyo Game Show, two huge press events for
the gaming world. Microsoft is saying they will be focussing on smaller events locally,
rather than organising big presentations.
Naturally this instantly sparks speculation that Microsoft have nothing they want to announce
until E3 next year. While we do love the idea of something super secret going on. We hate
to see TGS and Gamescom go on without the big three! Sony and Nintendo are both set
to make appearances at both shows later this year, as usual.
>> Christina: Diablo 3 real world auction house is live! Can't be bothered grinding
for another armour set? Well Blizzard want to give you the opportunity to hop into the
auction house and shell out real cash to buy up all that you want.
Auctions are already exceeding 200 dollars for some items, with others going for several
hundred more. With all the security breaches going on in Diablo 3, Blizzard decided to
make it anyone who wants to use the new action house to either sell or buy they have to have
an authenticator activated. Better be safe than sorry.
While it is still early days for the auction house experiment, we expect to see this new
addition to change up the game quite a lot, and it if is successful except to see more
things like it in the future.
>> Janna: A lot goes on at E3, so some games always slip through the cracks. Dead or Alive
5 is something we have been waiting for a very long time. DOA 4 was an original release
title for the Xbox 360 way back in 2006.
Dead or Alive 5 is mixing it up with new power moves while still keeping the toe to toe complex
countering system that DOA is known for. This version of the game comes with playable virtua
fighter characters and dynamic levels. Check out the sexy trailer now.
>> Christina: An official reboot of Abe's Odyssey has been announced to be in the works.
A trailer will debut in the next few months with the game expected to release in the middle
of next year. Along side a HD re-release of the Original Odd world game.
One series fans have always wanted to come back was Oddworld, its quirky humour and unique
gameplay hasn't been matched to day. For those that don't remember the original oddworld
games you play as Abe as he escapes from his work. You control fellow escapes rescuing
them for their certain death, you use commands to tell them to stop and start. Slap them
if they go crazy! It will be interesting to see what the developers do to capture the
humour of these games but update it for a modern audience.
>> Janna: Mechs are back in a big way. Hawken a new free to play mech game looks freaken
amazing. While it is independently developed, that doesn't look to be getting in the way
of producing a game that looks Triple A in quality.
Featuring ultra fast combat and even a little bit of strategy. Hawken is pushing the boundaries
of Mech games. This game has been making quite a stir with the developers being vocal with
eager fans and listening to what they want such as crazy control schemes. Check out the
trailer now and keep an eye out when this free to play game drops in December.
>> Janna: I can't believe we are getting free to play games that look like that!
>> Christina: It's amazing, but hey free to play works!
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