AirPlay on Older Macs

Uploaded by TGTJailbreaksiPhones on 27.07.2012

Hey YouTube today I've got a video on the new operating system from apple OSX Mountain Lion
And it's addressing a couple of issues, alot of people have been having with the AirPlay
uh... the AirPlay feature to Apple TVs.
And basically umm... lots of macs, even ones from
2010, the MacBook air 2010 is not supported
and a lot of people aren't very happy because it wasent really made clear but
it doesn't matter because this thing here "AirParrot" Will fix this all
even add some extra functionallity
uhh for people who actually can use the airplay feature (officially)
would perhaps consider using
just download this it's a small file and it even works on windows
But I won't be going through the windows way because I only have a mac
just download this
once you've done that and you've opened it up
you will have this icon here so,let me just zoom in so you can see
i'd hate to see a call devices almanac took and market my display so might
the six of the slave novelty computer display hiking extend the desktop to my
t_v_'s so um... i could public three displays instead of uh... just the two
uh... which is quite cool and then you've got the specific out things
didn't work does
uh... anyway tell you can enable jury duty skeleton of a drive a flock i've
tried to some uh... a macbook and from twenty ten is now she supported
officially unni were perfectly everything there was no problems
everything was live free but it was great as preferences any looked at these
so i can go from now
with this time
now you can see the understand with addressed it to screen size
and they need to get quality freeways and yes you can
and irritate you key on the later generational t_v_
not all of these things here so yes any uh...
not too exciting
unknowable aren't
and show you in action
looks money
room dot devi
and they can see on screen
uh... is my uh... computer so
i'll just go to some video should go here i think
meet this uh... once again if you did have the
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uh... all of your privacy which you can get easily
it would work fine on sand on the t_v_ i did not come up and get them now to
i'm going to get rid of this state aware of this video and
after so much because i don't do that
the f_e_c_'s everything's very very smooth spends a lot of what so ever
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like stopped
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uh... but mainly ca
all outside this works fine which is great cbcnews
one of the new uh... when the menu features in my opinion calls on the open
system of doing and it all works quite well asiya anyway thanks listening to
common like
unsubscribe privacy base in the studio
applications folder
uh... find demand demand uh... install
then right click on a picture of package cost