Knesset Opening Session: President Shimon Peres Outlines Vision for Israel

Uploaded by Peres on 06.12.2009

Israel’s scientific potential is priceless. Science and technology must hold a central part in building Israel’s future.
A country does not grow, its wisdom grows.
A country with little land must be a country with a lot of science.
And already today, Israel is heading in the right direction in five cutting-edge industries.
In energy, water, biotechnology, teaching, and security, Israel is a global leader.
To take one industry as an example, one that will likely grow substantially in the future, let us look at stem cell research.
I know you will smile when I tell you that today scientists are researching the means of
manufacturing replacement parts for our bodies and minds.
Israel today already occupies a leading position in the relevant research.
Israel is 2nd after the United States, alongside Great Britain.
And from the 20 most important scientific articles in this field from the past year – 10 came from Israel.
Today science is the leading power. It offers solutions that dwarf all dreams.
Scientific achievements surpass all imagination.
And who like us, Israelis, knows how to achieve dream.
“All the achievements of man begin in a dream” said Herzl.
And across the entire world we are known as dreamers and those that achieve our dreams.