Beginner Boxing Lessons : The Basic Boxing Stance

Uploaded by expertvillage on 25.04.2008

The next step in our introductory lesson, after we got done the stretching and the jump
roping and the hand wrapping, we're going to be looking at the basic boxing stance.
We want a good stance that's going to feed off everything else from now on. So Nick's
going to help me out with that. What I'd like Nick to do - Nick is right-handed, so he's
going to be having his left foot forward, as you can see, and the right foot will be
back. The right foot is pointed over here at me, almost. The left foot is not pointing
at the bag and is not pointing directly away from the bag, either, like the right foot
is, but is more of about a 45 degree angle, okay? If I took my yardstick, and if I drew
a straight line from the bag through to Nick, what would happen is I'd be touching his left
toe and his right heel, and that shows me a good stance because he's not completely
open. If Nick were to stand broadside, he would be too much of an open target. Okay?
If Nick was to stand directly with one foot in front of the other he would be way off
balance trying to deliver that right hand punch. His body's facing way over that way
and at this point his shoulders not above his knees. So we're going to go back to the
proper stance. Now you can see Nick's shoulders directly above his knees. He's got a slight
bend to his knees. His elbows are tucked in, the left hand is in his cheek, the right hand
is under his chin, his chin is tucked down into his fist. Here we have it, a good proper
stance. Thank you, Nick.