How Firstborn uses Autodesk Solutions to Create Digital Media Campaigns

Uploaded by Autodesk on 09.12.2011


DAN LACIVITA: Firstborn is a creative digital agency.
We're working with our direct clients to create
multi-platform, multi-channel experiences, usually rooted in
the digital world.
Could take the form of TV spots, websites, mobile
applications, browser-based mobile
sites, interactive kiosks.
So a lot of different things.
ALEX KRAWITZ: I think because our roots are in production
that it's important to us to create as
much as we can in-house.
DAN LACIVITA: If our creative team has an idea, they can
just walk over to a 3-D artist and they could comp something
up really quickly, as opposed to having to outsource the
whole project to a third party vendor.
Having the resources in house is a huge competitive
advantage to us.
ALEX KRAWITZ: 3ds Max and Maya are pretty much the only tools
that we go to for creating these rich digital
I don't even see it as having another choice out there.
They're just simply the best tools for the job.
JOON PARK: Firstborn will ideate what the concept is,
and then we'll sketch it out really quickly.
And then once we like it, one of our designers will take
that and do a very simple mock-up in 3ds Max and
visualize what we're thinking.
ALEX KRAWITZ: I think that it's important for creative
directors to know how to use that software, because it's
such a great method of communicating an idea.
Figuring out angles, figuring out camera exactly how we want
to move through scenes.
Awesome to be able to do that before a project gets very
heavy and then you don't have that flexibility.
JOON PARK: Max is quick and easy.
It's almost like a little hacking, I could say, once you
kind of know how to use it.
It's that you can make this amazing
visual in like 20 minutes.
DAN LACIVITA: For AFLAC, they came to us and they said,
here's what we need to do, here's what we need to
communicate to our consumer.
And so we sat down and storyboarded everything out,
scripted the entire thing.
And then our 3-D team created the look and feel of this
whole AFLAC world.
And that's what we presented to the client, and ultimately
developed this 90-second CG piece.
ERIC ENG: Scope-wise, I think it was one of the larger ends,
as far as what was involved in asset creation.
And also even the team.
If we didn't use Maya, I don't think that it would've gotten
done as efficiently.
JOON PARK: I think Maya's awesome.
I think Maya's great for a big team to really work together.
You can customize every single thing in the menu.
It's built for a bigger team to work on.
ALEX KRAWITZ: Five Gum reached out to us, and they were the
sole sponsor of the YouTube feed covering the Coachella
Music Festival.
And we wanted to create some user experiences that would
generate buzz on the website.
So we came back to them with the idea of creating a
different experience based on the five senses.
Touch, sight, taste, smell and sound.
And release them once a week by opening a door on the
website and letting users go through these experiences and
send them to friends.
Autodesk products, they're the best tools for creating these
types of digital experiences that we make, hands down.
DAN LACIVITA: We see content creation as something that has
always been important, but even more so in the future
going to continue to be extremely important.
ALEX KRAWITZ: Clients these days are trying to get a lot
more mileage out of their content.
Oftentimes, it doesn't make sense to say this content is
only going to be for a television spot, this content
is only going to live on a website.
The content that we create is ultimately highly flexible.
There's a feeling, when especially working on these
user experiences, where you're really making something for
the first time, where you can do something that you can
honestly say, you know what, I actually haven't seen
this out there yet.
I haven't seen an experience like this.
And to me, that's something that's just really awesome.