Don't Click 2012 (미확인 동영상 : 절대클릭금지) Full Movie (ENGLISH SUBTITLES UPATED!)

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Enough. Stop disturbing me.
Don't shoot please.
Hurry up and see. Kiding?
Jong Hyun and Shin Se Kyung revealed their relationship.
This hateful woman, she really wants to show off.
I really hate Shin Se Kyung!.
Bitch, go to hell.
How dare they reveal their relationship. She must think that her bust is so big.
Whether or not the reporters are bribed?
It's done.
<i>Hot belly-dance
There are many people clicking on it.
Money is tranfered into account.
How much?
A lot of money compared to amount from my part time job.
If you dare to tell to teacher, I won't forgive you.
There isn't free lunch on the world.
Oh, What is this?
Mystery of adorable girl?
It must be nice.
She gets angry again.
Wait for me.
He's really talent. Not any brag.
While we tossed during a week, he only needs one hour to solve it.
Deserving to be student of KAIST
Joon-hyeok, work there for 1 month more.
Don't worry about salary. I will take care of it.
Then, our workload in one year will be solved just for second.
I can't concentrate.
You brat.
Brother, don't bother him working.
OK. You rotten brat.
<i>Hye-jin message: I don't care. Do it yourself.
Why you do it to me?
What's wrong I am?
Can't you tell Se-hee that we just met unexpectedly?
- No - Hey, Hye Jin
Hye Jin and I have nothing together - Who knows
I miss you a lot, Se Hee.
Let's go watch a movie
I miss you a lot, Se Hee. Let's watch a movie
Go and watch with Se Hee
Thank you Very much
Send again?
It should be better if your skirt is shorter.
Older sister.
I already said that not upload videos wearing that kind of dress..
How can i do belly-dance with such sports clothing?
It's so ugly.
Your hairstyle.
Father is at United States now. Seeing that he must be happy.
Don't be stingy like this.
- You act like a mother. - Rotten girl.
Yes. Go home.
Joon-hyeok brother.
At Network supervising center?
Although he isn't police, but he is student of science computer faculty.
I think he is doing part time at Network supervising center.
I heard that he can access forbided website.
Then, he can watch mysterious videos?
There is a famous web video.
About alien?
A cursed video.
I heard that if you start watching it, you have to finish it.
Is there control program that makes us watch it till the end?
How can video have such a control program?
Older brother.
Are you so busy that you can't make a phone call to me?
Jeong-mi, I...
You want me to tell good things about you to my older sister, you lady-killer?
It's not like that.
Sience computer student don't know about transaction.
Doing transaction needs condition.
What do you want to eat?
I'm on a diet
Do you want some fruits?
I want something that only you can do.
You can watch mysterious videos right?
Youtube videos that were deleted or blocked.
You can say that way. But why?
Could you copy them for me?
- I can't - Then, forget it
Wait for second.
Sit down first
Look at these shoes, so beautiful.
It's so nice.
It's surely suitable you to wearing them.
Many people have to look at you.
Don't sigh. Your smile is so beautiful. Mole on your belly is lovely.
Like you said the CCTV keeper is tracking you, right?
He is maybe tracking me now.
Staff change room also is installed CCTV right?
That is not normal job.
So many thieves are there. CCTV just in case them.
Who knows whether it is normal job or not?
There are a lot of staff, but just only you complain about that.
This could be reported to Ministry of Labour.
Sue? Do you have evidence?
Go ahead if you have evidence.
What rotten brat do that?
Hello. Why don't you go?
- I'm waiting for officer Kim. - I will go first.
Walk slowly.
Is it damaged?
Oh, it's done.
What are you doing here?
Today is my daughter's birthday. I have to return home soon. I already said that.
Brother, he is new recruit.
Right? Please help us to turn off computers.
You brat, isn't anyone waiting for you at home now? I would be great if I were you.
- You're always like this boy. - I also want...
- Shut up. - Hurry and go.
Hurry and go.
Mysterious video of adorable girl.
Older sister. You should knock the door.
Are you high school student?
Wake up.
What's wrong with her? Why doesn't she scold at me?
Take my revenge.
- When did you come in? - Not long ago.
Are you tired?
Because of your work, right?
I'll stay at home for time being.
Why? Did something happen?
What about your relationship with Joon-hyeok brother?
It's over.
Over? How can you find someone perfect like him on this earth?
- If there's nothing... - Jeong-mi
My bust is like our mother's right?
People maybe think I'm your older sister.
Do you remember our mother?
I just think.
It's all right. Anyway, you're also like mother.
What's wrong with our father?
He said he would take me to United States to go to university, didn't he?
He lives there alone, so it must be hard time. You shoud sympathize with him.
After graduating, I'll earn a lot of money,
and pay the tuition fee myself.
You could go to university again and our father could return home.
Everybody 'll be happy together right?
Ok. Jeong mi is the most obedient.
<i>Joon-hyeok brother is calling.
Jeong mi, where is your older sister?
- It' not right time. She still angry. - Really?
What it's about?
I don't open it yet. But all that website is blocked.
It must have something.
Do you really want to watch it?
Jeong mi
What's that? Just one video?
It's not fun at all
What's this? Incantation?
Scare me to death.
- What happened? - Why?
Nothing. How do you have time to chat with me?
Congratulations! Your belly dancing video is the most watched one.
Thank you.
But it's nothing compared with yours.
I was also like that at the beginning.
Does she want to provoke me?
Nothing. I should put more effort in it.
Right. I also have an awesome video.
Like what?
If it's normal video, I already have a collection.
Incantation. I haven't seen yet.
Not bad. We have a deal.
How much do you pay for it?
Let me see goods first.
You know price that I give is not bad right?
<i>You have to watch this video from start to finish.
Not bad.
You want to run?
From: adorable girl 100.000 points as a gift
Oh. So generous.
Bitch calling
Hello Hye-jin, how are you?
Don't be hypocritical. I know you scold at behind me.
Why do you say that? We're friends.
Older sister. Take a look at this. It's so awesome.
I'm busy now. So hurry go out.
Then, you'll regret.
Why do you call so late?
Is it that bitch?
Your boyfriend is really annoying.
He keeps calling to ask me for explaining that we have no relationship.
What does that mean?
Nothing. We just drank together.
Who says that's nothing?
Anyway I already explain to you.
If you two quarrel, so don't pull me in.
There is nothing to do with you.
If you don't want to break up, so hurry reconcile with him.
You have no confidence, just give him to me.
Hey, why do you like to seduce other people's boyfriend?
Who are you?
Is it nice when stealling other people's boyfriend?
Look at your morality and conduct.
Are you Se Hee' sister?
You should respect other people.
I'm my older sister's sister, but not yours.
Respect? Do you want to fight?
Why dare you to seduce Joon-hyeok brother?
Eventhough my older sister don't need, she never give him to you, bitch.
Watch out!
Men that I dated are much more than who you chatted with.
I mean Joon-hyeok is not that kind of person.
Thank you for imparting that love skills for me.
Let's talk next time. Now I have to write CV.
In such a beautiful world like this, why do you waste yourself?
Just watch this video for relax.
How is name of this file changed?
What is this?
Incantation. But it look like so real.
Why it's like that?
Do you start interesting with videos that shot without permission.
Go out.
Change again. Provoke me?
What is this?
I'm deceived.
I know that you will be like this.
Hurry and learn.
It's so frustrating.
Why don't you answer the phone?
Video that you sent must have ghost.
I see myself at the end of video.
There must be someone shooting me, but I can't see anyone.
I haven't seen anyone shooting me.
Are you alright?
Call me.
<i>Elevator door will be close soon.
<i>Here you are 12th floor.
<i>Elevator door will be close soon.
<i>Here you are 12th floor.
<i>Here you are 12th floor.
<i>Here you are 12th floor.
<i>Here you are 12th floor.
<i>Elevator door will be close soon.
Why did you wake me up?
I called you hundreds of time.
Will someone die if you call me one more time.
Don't you have breakfast?
I'm too late.
Jeong mi
Jeong mi, teacher asks you to go to office.
Jeong mi, what to do?
Unable to say you.
I knew early that you'll make trouble some day.
Shoot very well. This angle.
I don't shoot.
If it's not you, so who did that?
It's not important thing.
Now we know name of the girl in belly-dancing video.
And you're famous as you wished.
What is it?
It's her.
Why are you shooting me?
I shoot by my cell phone, it's nothing to do with you.
That means you can use your cell phone to shoot anyone randomly? Want to die?
- Give me. - Let go.
You're crazy?
Anyway, you have nothing to say now.
Give me.
- You are crazy? - What?
Give me.
What is it?
- See Hee, did you watch Jeong mi's video? - What?
Give me. Give me.
<i>If she take naked photos, she must earn a lot of money.
<i>She's crazy.
<i>Earning money to do breast lift surgery?
<i>Are you the girl doing that belly dance?
<i>Go to hell.
<i>How do you know while your bust is not big?
<i>Come here, to my school, or my house. I'll let you see how much you want.
Are you crazy? Why did you upload that kind of video?
Don't make irresponsible remarks.
You want to earn a lot of money for what?
Being famous by shedding your clothes to dance, are you happy?
What kind of life do you want to live?
Kind of person like you is good?
Giving up university to look for a job.
Go into a company, then what?
Try to shed your clothes once, you can make money easily.
Who knows. You also could be on TV.
What are you saying?
If you want to ruin your sister's life, you should be better to go to die.
Go to die.
It's not me. It's not me shooting it.
No matter what people said I don't care. But why are you also like this?
You have to trust me.
How coud I believe in you now?
If it's not you, don't tell me that the computer uploads itself.
That's right. The computer.
It shot and uploaded itself.
That's right. After watching this video, I feel something so weird. It's really weird, older sister.
You really...
That video. Where's USB?
Where is it?
Jeong mi, what are you doing? Calm yourself down.
What is that?
Give me. Give me.
Let go.
Adorable girl.
Anyone's there?
Help me! Help me!
Today she's so sad at school. You properly comfort her.
Are you, older sister?
It's all your fault.
Older sister.
Do you remember what our father said?
If you hear something hit to wall at night.
Absolutely must not follow to hit.
Ghost will appear. Absolutely must not follow to hit.
Why are you saying this?
Now also like that.
It seems following to hit
It's not real.
Older sister.
I don't want to die.
I know you're tired. We together try our best.
The rumor that people said,
will be forgotten.
It's ok. I'll help you.
Older sister.
You can't.
All people who watch this video have to die.
But you don't believe in me.
Then how could you help me?
You really...
If you keep doing like this, I'll ignore you.
Don't leave me.
I'll listen to you. I'll do all what you want.
But don't ignore me. I'm so scare.
Older sister. I'll do all what I'm told, please don't leave me.
Jeong mi
Jeong mi
Don't bother me. I have to hurry to eat up. I'm starving.
What is wrong with you? Like you are deranged.
Deranged? This is normal at all.
If want to play just play.
Want to sleep just sleep, and want to eat just eat.
Everything is forbided, that is abnormal.
Let me go.
Why do you push me with much power?
It's so hurt.
Jeong mi
I'm begging you, steady yourself.
Jeong mi. Jeong mi.
- Se Hee - Joon-hyeok
What's wrong? What happened?
Jeong mi, she...
What's wrong with Jeong mi?
Please help me.
What happened?
Se Hee
Jeong mi, what happened?
Nothing. Older sister.
Don't be like this. Open the door.
Jeong mi
I'm alright. I just want to be alone.
Jeong mi, I'm sorry.
I said that I want to be alone.
To think over.
Isn't that infringement to private life of people? Do we have to do like this?
You say that because you don't see Jeong mi.
I don't know how to tell you clearly.
Computer is attacked by virus. I'll help you to repair.
What to do with Jeong mi?
Seeing that uploaded video, everyone is shocked like this.
Need a little of time to back normal.
What about Jeong mi's room?
Give me your cell phone.
Using it as CCTV.
Using video call application of the cell phone...
to connect to camera.
Then, click on this button.
So you're able to use GPS.
Then all we need to do is bring that bear into her room.
I first help you to look at your computer.
Is power turned off.
It's not.
Maybe is power cut equipment, it's usually like this.
Are you ok?
Be careful.
What is that all?
There are something that my father didn't want to throw away.
This is so old. I should change a new one.
Are you Jeong mi?
Jeong mi, it's me.
That's gift for you.
Why do you give me a gift?
Nothing. I just feel it's so adorable.
What is the most adorable.
Then, where do you want to touch the most?
Or where?
Jeong mi
Open door. Hurry open door.
Thank you for your gift.
Give me a phone call if something happens.
There are 3 people in my family.
There are my father, my younger sister.
<i>Creat a new folder successfully.
<i>Unidentified video
I can't be...
I can't be...
I can't be...
If CCTV doesn't record anything weird, she's alright.
Or someone broke it down
You say that Jeong mi broke it down?
There maybe have some errors in system. Let's me check it again.
It's not like that. Jeong mi disappeared.
CCTV shot nothing.
Jeong mi maybe right about this video.
After watching this video, she becomes deranged.
The cursed video.
She said all people who watch this video have to die. But I don't believe.
If it's real...
People watch this video have to die? It can't be.
Maybe it's only a rumor.
She just has sensitive time now. Don't be worry.
- The bear also disappeared. - What?
If Jeong mi take it out with her...
Joon-hyeok, could you find exactly where she is.
Se Hee, clam down. When I finish...
Se Hee. Se Hee.
<i>Conecting to camera. Please wait.
Don't act like adult to me.
What? You brat.
The educate system surely has problem.
Still not graduated yet, they have disrepecting attitude to their teachers.
Really be annoyed.
Officer Chang, do you know about website seeking the truth?
It was locked last year. Why?
I just want to clarify something.
Don't say about that.
Just think about it make me scare.
There was a video uploaded, about a drunk girl was sexual harassed by a stranger man.
But that video was not full.
<i>Good. Awesome.
<i>It's not bad right?
<i>- It's my turn. - Ok
<i>How am I?
<i>Get out of the way.
At beginning they just shot drunk appearance of the woman.
But coincidence...
<i>What is it?
They cut the beginning and ending of that video to attract more viewers.
And make it a sexual harassment video.
<i>Should we upload?
He wanted to help that girl, but he becam a sexual harasser after video uploaded.
And so...
He was criticized, and then he killed hiself.
His wife had a stroke, and also died.
His daughter was much worse.
Netizen opened that website to seek the truth.
They posted his name, surname, photo, work, address.
even information about his family members.
<i>My father is not kind of that person.
<i>You must be piety. Your father did that to you right?
<i>Not answer. So what I said is the truth right?
<i>Don't say that stuff. That 's entrapping.
<i>Saying the truth is considered entrapment. Then where is justice?
<i>Deny the truth. Like father like daughter..
<i>So horrible. Don't want to watch it anymore.
Jeong mi?
<i>Why don't you go to die?
<i>Good. Open your eyes to look.
<i>You have to see now, and have to see in the future too.
<i>After I die, I will follow you and send you to the hell.
Afterwards that video was deleted. But it's too late.
All his family died. Wrongfully.
Don't do that.
She said "After she die, she will follow them and send them to the hell."
<i>- You just say that. Why don't you try? </i>- It's so scare.
She uploaded that suicide video to internet.
<i>Hurry go to die if you want.
But they got the announcement on time,
So at that time she suicided, the website was locked, and video also disappeared.
Don't do that.
In case that website wasn't locked on time,
we all also died surely.
<i>If I were him, I would feel ashamed too.
<i>Go. Don't waste time any more.
<i>- It's so cool. Why is it locked? - Society is full of devil.
Before suiciding, she uploaded incantation video to internet.
It is not an ordinary incantation.
It's incantation cursing oneself to become ghost.
Although it seems a bit superstitious, but...
It's really terrible.
Was he really a sexual harasser?
Who knows.
The important thing is that it's death angle of CCTV, so nothing's shot, and didn't have evidence too.
But people didn't care the truth was.
Jeong mi
Son of the bitch.
You shoot people that you want to kill right?
I'll not be taken in.
Now it's your turn.
Jeong mi, don't come in there.
Jeong mi
Joon-hyeok, Jeong mi, she surely wants...
absolve incantation, so she goes to suiciding girl's house.
But CCTV has error.
I just know that place is near by Kaesang.
No. 375.
How do you know?
That video....
I gave her that video.
Then that all is because of you.
I don't know that things will be like this. I'm sorry.
We first have to find Jeong mi.
Wait for me. I'll be right there.
I don't have time for waiting you.
My younger sister...
I'll save her myself.
Jeong mi
Are you in there?
Jeong mi
Is it you?
Jeong mi
See Hee
Are you ok?
Where's Jeong mi?
Where is it?
Jeong mi
Where did she throw it?
Jeong mi, are you alright?
Are you hurt anywhere?
Where is that doll?
What do you exactly looking for?
That doll.
That doll she used to make incantation.
I have to burn it if i want to live
That sexual harassment video.
The first time I watched is with you.
I don't even know she killed herself.
I'll not understand if I don't watch that video.
After experiencing it, now I know.
The truth I said, maybe people never believed in.
You even never believed in me.
I'm sorry.
I'll believe in you from now.
She did incantation over there.
That's it.
All because of me.
All because of me.
She wants...
let people know that her dad was not bad person.
You rest.
Let's go.
After that what to do?
What we to do?
I will try to learn harder.
My older sister, I rely on you.
<i>How is Jeong mi? Can I go to visit her now?
Who sent that?
Jeong mi's friend.
She really worried.
She said she want to visit Jeong mi.
How do you think?
Sorry. It's all my fault.
Really warm.
What's wrong?
<i>Older sister, watch this video. I'll be right there.
Person who sent that message...
is not Jeong mi's friend.
Who is that brat?
She's still alive.
She comes to kill us.
She's coming here.
Older sister, come save me. I don't want to die.
I don't want die.
Cellphone is also shooting.
It can't. Hurry to escape.
It's ok. Hurry up.
Sorry. It's my fault.
Save me.
Jeong mi, calm down.
Steady yourself.
Hurry up, Jeong mi.
Jeong mi
There's not enough time.
Jeong mi, calm down.
Jeong mi
We'll surely find the way out.
Jeong mi, did you finish that video?
Are there anything recall?
I don't know, really don't know.
Hurry think over it, Jeong mi
Are there anything similar when they died?
Yes, there are.
What is it?
They died when seeing the video shooting theirselves.
Tell me all details
All people who died...
They all be killed after seeing the video shooting theirselves.
That's right, people seeing the video shooting theirselves would be die.
That's why she comes to us.
Se Hee, we still have a chance. Wait here for me.
What do you want?
If power goes out, all devices will stop working.
Then, we will escape out there.
What to do if she follows you?
Nothing happens to you right?
You didn't watch that video, did you?
At least you can escape out.
I also watched that video.
Joon hyeok
Older sister.
Older sister, I'm afraid.
It's ok. Everything will be alright.
Older brother.
Joon hyeok
Don't. Don't, Joon hyeok brother.
Se Hee, hurry run.
Older brother.
Jeong mi, hurry run.
Hurry get up.
Older sister.
Older sister.
Jeong mi
Jeong mi
Jeong mi.
Older sister.
Jeong mi
I don't want to die.
Older sister.
Jeong mi, hurry.
Hurry run out of here.
Hurry, Jeong mi
Jeong mi
Jeong mi
Jeong mi
Jeong mi
Jeong mi
Jeong mi
Jeong mi
There is no way to absolve the incantation.
What do you exactly want?
Cursing you to die.
What wrong did we exactly do?
Exactly why?
Are you so lonely when going hell alone.
Do you want to be paid attention?
Then you're not different from those people.
Anyway this world doesn't even care a bit for you.
Nobody cares for you.
Don't be like this.
You and me just are the same.
We all are the victims.
So. You also go to hell.
Now you're fine. Relax.
Get out of the way�