Preaching 101-3

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immediately boom you're off the preacher
who can move the congregation
is the he or she
who can block out anything
and stay focused
and sometimes for me I have to mention things
to free myself of it
I have to mention it
so after good good argument on the way in
and I'm about to deliver the word
if you
know me well enough you know he got a problem right there
'cause I'm going to get up and say something like
you know sometimes we
we're just not quite right about
dealing with the people around us
but the Lord is gonna
help us
my subject today is uh...
you gotta get it off you touch somebody and say get it off you before you get to the pulpit subject
how do you do derive at
how did you get to your subjects
because again when I've outlined everything I gotta put them in place
then I've got to
restructure what I'm doing so I know what to say when
in that message
here's a point
you can not
instruct people
after you have inspired them completely
if you were preaching for folk to get happy
and they get happy to quickly
you can forget the instruction
and what will happen is you go home and say that i should have said this this this
I didn't say that that that that uh...
folk got happy quickly
when the folk got happy
they took control
of your presentation
that is why
if you listen to Bishop Jakes carefully and and and and
and and other preachers
my fathers said to me he said Noel you start so slow
people think you sick or something
in the beginning
is the place to deal with the philosophical theology and the
and and and and the psychological presentation as you deal with the
substratum or dot undergird that's holding up the text
it is here now where you can quote Tillic and you can quote Benjamin Warfield
you can quote as you build your subject
and now it also helps you to exercise in it
because your building it
and you're beginning to feel it
as you build it
is you not rushing into it because you not rushing to the shout
you're doing instruction
and then instruction leads to inspiration
so the first part of the sermon could probably well be manuscript
then as you move through the manuscript it gets to the outline
then after your outline you're on your own
you follow because right now you have fed into it
now if you notice
you might take a subject you might deal uh...
it's it's it's ridiculous to run from a defeated foe
and that's my subject it's ridiculous to run from a defeated foe but you can't
ride that
you know ride you know ride you can't ride that so you need a subtopic
something that speaks to that
but you can ride it
now why do I need to ride because after I have instructed
now I need to inspire
so in order to inspire I need audience involvement
I need you touching somebody you
you touching your neighbor high fiving your neighbor but I can't
high five your neighbor and say it's ridiculous to run from a defeated foe
you see so even though that's my overall theme
I add something short and catching
so that when I get to inspiration I can use that
now understand another thing too is that physicality
has a lot to do
the ability to push of a point through
the way we preach
sometimes you get up there
and you're half way through
and you're tired
oh I wish I could talk to you
I'm just going to ramble around here
and have me a good time
uh...uh... you tired
and tired affects articulation
I mean and now you got me worried sitting in the pew
I'm worried I don't know when you're going to fall over I forgot what you're going to say
worrying about
you better come help me I'm 'bout to lose my mind
this job is so demanding because sometimes
sometimes you're energy is depleted
because of the tension
of having to get up
to preach
and fear sometimes depletes your energy
because you're uptight
so you have to learn how
exercise enough
yes yes yes hear me
and work out a little bit
and watch what you eat
so that you can maintain
your physicality enough so as
to present the word of God intensely
and not feel like you gone fall out
and never let your audience dictate your pace never never
if you notice Bishop Jakes many times and others they sit people down
say all right ya'll sit down I'm not through yet
I do that and you can tell a congregation
that isn't used to a presentation of indepth teaching
you can tell
they're up on their feet
before you say hello
a congregation that is used to indepth
they know how to sit still and listen
and listen
until they get to the place where
it's it's it's it's it's it's like this it's it's like this
um... yeah
and now it's time to have some church
but you've got to have something to shout about
you ain't just come out here shoutin'
I didn't come here just to shout I came here to get something from God and after
I came to get something from God then I can dance all over the place because I already got
its critical to understand that the initial the significance of physicality
in the pulpit
especially those of you want to be on the field
and going from one church to the other
to the other to the other sleeping four hours a night
and the tension of this job
will get you a heart attack
if you do not take care of the body
amen you have to take care of your body
the danger of spiritualization
spiritual eyes in the text
how far can you go
I thing Spurgeon
helped to mess up a lot of preachers with that
'cause Spurgeon took it real far
I give an example
the man is in Jericho
and he's going down
he's in jerusalem and
Jerusalem is in the hill
Jericho was in the valley
the scripture said
and certain man left Jerusalem on his way to Jericho uh... he went down
to Jericho
when he went down and he fell among thieves alright
now the scripture is really giving us
a description
of the man going home
its a geographic description
Jerusalem is in the mountain
Jericho in the valley the man is going down
to go home
the preacher says
he had no business going down
how in the world
did a geographic description
relating to the topography of Israel
become a moral issue
he had not business
going down indeed if he was not going down he wouldn't have fell among thieves
your predisposition
that you take into the scripture
what you come out with
because the scripture needs open minded people
have an idea
and go to the scripture
to make your idea work
I wish I could talk to you
you let the scripture speak to you
instead of you trying to speak to the scripture
because then you will fill
people full of subjective theology that has no
objectivity to it at all after you'll get done preaching we can't even read the
scripture and come up with what you came up with because your came out of your feeling
out of your attitude out of your predisposed
predilection for some thought that you have
I have a manual coming out soon
it'll be in the bookstores next month and it's
it's its
Noel Jones manual for preaching I'm ninety percent finished and it's
and it's everything that relates to
how to
it's not a lot of philosophy I'm not theologizing I'm just
giving you just basic
how to
uh... the goal of preaching of course is to achieve conviction
that's what your goal is
one writer said it is
it is uh...
spoken communication of divine truth
with a view
to persuade
and conviction then is an inner manifestation of effective preaching
it is to get somebody to change their mind
get somebody to move to the next level to increase
their productivity in God
to produce
more of who God has made them
and of course its state of being uh... being convinced it's you you you're
now if that is so look at second Corinthians and see the attitude
uh... second Timothy rather two and twenty-four
the servant of the Lord the doulos has to do with us and this is a slave
this is the same word for slave
but notice now the generative
makes the possession the Lord's
the servant of the Lord
the difficulty with where you are and where I am is
we're between God and the people
it's not always a good place to be
you know in terms of of of our humanness
I'm trying
to be accepted by the people but I do work for God
and and I'm trying to be accepted by the people but
I don't belong to the people
neither do the people belong to me
uh... this is why we have we have striven so often
to cause people to love us
to love us
we want to be loved to be accepted by the people
but we cannot want to be accepted by the people to the point
where we are out of
balance with God
see see this is a difficulty because uh... God has sent me and given me an assignment
and when he gave me assignment
I have to fulfill that assignment
and oftentimes if I'm not careful I will allow the people
to distract me from the assignment
you see and and and cause me
certain resentments this is what he says now the servant of the Lord the doulos
the slave who belongs to the Lord who is working for God
he must not strive
that means he's not the Greek here means he's not a pugilist
he's not a fighter he's not a boxer
he's not a wrestler
and the question now becomes how do I not wrestle when I want this thing
so bad
and I think Bishop just explained that very explicitly and that is
actually the people belong to God and he's using you to craft them
how can you
want more could them
quicker than God
you see sometimes we get frustrated because
uh... we want something for someone who doesn't want it for themselves
and our proclivity then is to is to rush it
I've heard people say many times I'm not what used to be but I thank God I'm
not what I ought to be but I thank God I'm not what I used to be how do you
you know you're not
what you ought to be right now
because you are not the one who is setting the timetable
all of your
it is God who is setting the timetable of your transformation so how do you know
oftentimes the devil has this right with God wants us to be
you see again how you create tension
amen nobody's going to leave
uh... behind a remark like that
see how crazy this man is
uh... uh...
not to strive because striving now and I'll show you
he must be gentle unto all men
you see the gentility here
unto all men and notice
not apt to preach
but apt to teach
you never cut
like a mugger
if you've got to cut I saw a man with a scar