Profile: Verüshka Vázquez, Graduate Student in Speech-Language Pathology at IUP

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Well, I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and I grew up mainly in [***], Puerto Rico,
which is like thirty minutes away from the capital. From the high school years, I knew
that I wanted to, like, go to the U.S., to the mainland and pursue my bachelor’s or
master’s degree. I decided that I would go right into Speech Pathology because that
was my main goal, to have my masters in Speech and Language Pathology. The Speech and Language
Pathology program offers, like, a really diverse curriculum in which it will enable you to
experience the clinic setting and also the educational setting and hospital setting.
My first supervisor in my clinical experience was Dr. Price, and I had the chance to go
to the Head Start programs, the school settings, and also to go to my student teaching setting
through her mentorship. I got to go to the real world and experience how to work in school
settings with the kids and how it’s a whole day just working with our different specialties,
like language disorders, articulation disorders, and social skills, so I got hands-on, on everything
that I will be doing in the future. So, IUP trains you not only by being a professional,
but also to grow up as an individual and to develop your personal skills, professional
skills, and to network.