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What a life, huh? Acting.
We’ve met. Before. By the way.
I thought so.
Just in case you’re wondering
No, I wasn’t, I have a great memory so I remembered that we had. Met, I mean.
Yeah? Definitely.
Callbacks, huh?
Absolutely the worst.
Anyway. Hi.
It’s been awhile.
Yeah, I didn’t think you’d remember.
Really, are you kidding me?
Oh, you know, kind of feels that way. Not at all.
We got to stick together, us actors, don’t we? We do.
We need to trust each other a little bit
No question, all these people trying to bring us down. Yeah.
Even family, too, sometimes. Yep.
It really hurts when you give yourself to someone and then you find out you can’t depend on them. At all.
They say they’ll stay in touch, that they’ll call you back. But they don’t.
So true, I mean, so true. I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me.
You were saying?
About people who’ve let you down.
That’s—it doesn’t matter, forget it.
You just, you didn’t mean me though, did you?
You? No, god no. Why would I think that?
After all that we did together that night.
Positions I’ve never even thought of. Promises we made to each other.
That video.
And then nothing. No that, it’s not nothing.
Pretty much, yeah, I mean, I’d’ve been happy to call you but there Was something about you couldn’t give it out—your number.
Because it was a work phone. You said you’d take mine instead and then text me a different number where—
Yeah, that’s true, my cell is paid by my loan out corporation. So… You probably have one, too, don’t you? And LLC.
I do, but I still let people have my number.
But I gave you my email though, didn’t I? Or some— No, nothing.
You dropped me off, the next morning, this was after the opening of the last Harry Potter movie, not the second part, but the first one.
Yeah, the first part was better.
And you said you’d call, or text. Promised you would. But then you didn’t.
If I forgot to call it’s because I, I mean, you know I’m working on a series, right? Because, because, because I wasn’t, I couldn’t, I wasn’t able to—
Remember my name?
That’s not what I was gonna say, no.
But can you?
Even remember who I am?
Yes, of course. You did that, um, you did the, uh, that great turn on the soap, right? You did a soap? I remember that.
And, uh, that amazing Easter Law and Order Special, you played the Easter bunny that killed everybody. That was fucking amazing.
My name, Brad. Do you know it? Really, yeah. I do. Yes.
Ok, ok, I believe you. Thanks.
Thank you.
I mean, I didn’t not call you because I couldn’t recall your name, it was because, I’ll tell you I’m just going to be honest with you…
It was because I lost your number.
How do you know?
What do you mean, how do I know?
If you don’t know my name how can you be sure my number— Would you stop? Yes, I know your name.
Can I, can I just… No.
C’mon, give it.
Lots of girls. There’s guys, too.
Yeah, no, there’s guys, but lots and lots of girls. I get along with girls better.
Five Amys. Like six Brittneys That’s a really popular name, Brittney.
There’s like ten Christys. Who’s ‘Christy Don’t Answer’?
That’s this woman that gives Thai massages and she hit me like incredibly hard.
Me. Right there.
I knew it started with a ‘D.’ Denise. Denise.
Hello there, Denise.
Sorry, that was a test, try again.
So do you want to run lines?
You want to run the scene?
No, that’s ok, Brad. It’s the story of a girl who’s telling of a guy who’s been a complete and total asshole to her. I’ve got it memorized.
I said Denise.
I knew it started with a ‘D.’ It’s Denise. God. I said Denise.
Acting… what a life, huh?