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Food and Beverage Managers direct, plan, and control
all aspects of food and beverage services in restaurants,
dining rooms, hotels, resorts, convention centres,
private clubs, and other institutions.
Food and Beverage Managers have excellent
sales and customer service skills, experience with budget control
and managing cash and inventory,
as well as a proven ability to work with staff
as competent managers and team leaders.
On the job, Food and Beverage Managers
learn new products, services, legislation and regulations,
regarding everything from
management skills to food safety and security.
As a Food and Beverage Manager my role here is
to make sure that we serve a quality product at a reasonable price
and keep our guests very happy and satisfied.
When we are busy in banquets,
which is where I spend about 80% of my time,
I am on the floor a fair bit talking to our guests
and making sure that things like food quality,
setups, and service is perfect.
Biggest challenge with banquets is the volume of people.
You get up to 4,000.
There is a lot of preparation involved.
You want to make sure that you're ready,
have everything available because you don't have time
to be running around looking for things.
Organization is the key.
To do this job you have to have a great attitude.
You have to be able to understand numbers.
You have to be able to forecast and do budgets,
and definitely you have to be able to understand people,
both from the customer's perspective
and from the staff's side as well.
I love my job. I love it because I get to deal with a lot of different people.
There's always new challenges
and this is not the stopping point for my career.
I'm hoping to go forward even further
on up to operations manager or even
general manager and who knows beyond that.
If you enjoy working with people
in a fast-paced work environment,
this is an important position in the accommodations,
food, and beverage industry that
will offer you a wide variety
responsibilities as a team leader
and the potential for personal and professional growth.
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