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Episode 6
I'm sorry...
I'm really sorry.
I know how hard it was arranging to take this test.
Everyone was looking forward to it... But...
Because of me...
All because I needlesly tagged along.
You should have just left me and went on.
I should have, shouldn't I?
What you're saying is right.
I really am an obstacle in your life.
No! Even that word doesn't describe it.
I'm a disaster.
Oh, it's here.
Oh, Ha Ni!
Ha Ni!
Aigoo! What's happening here?!
What!? You even have a cast!? Aigoo! What to do...
Oh, Baek Seung Jo! You agai...
Joon Gu, drop it.
Hey! Whenever you're around Ha Ni, she's always prone to accidents!
I told you to drop it!
Oh? Ha... Ha Ni...
Just go.
Ha Ni...
I want to be alone now.
Hey, Ha Ni... Are you alright?
Come on, let go of me!
Ha Ni, is there anything you want to eat? I'll go buy it and come back.
Ha Ni! Let go of me, will you?
Should I leave as well?
Go and get some rest.
I'm really sorry.
I'm at a loss for words, Jae Su (sister-in-law) (He's referring to Seung Jo's dad as his brother)
Not at all...
That's right. After dropping her off at the hospital, he still had plenty of time to go, but he chose not to.
But still... He was reluctant to take the test before and now he was going to...
He must have something in mind.
Don't worry...
After all, a youth who doesn't rebel is not a youth. It's just a child.
Thanks, Unni.
Alright, now let's get to work! The customers should be rolling on in soon.
- Yes. - Yes.
Hey, Ha Ni, our family must have a knack for speedy recoveries.
Even the doctor said that there wasn't such a case like yours, where a patient left the hospital so early.
Shouldn't we leave Seung Jo's house?
Do you feel like we're being senseless?
There's no need to! Everyone is worrying about you more than they are for Seung Jo.
That's why it bothers me even more.
Why am I always like this?
Oh, welcome!
Hey, a customer came in now, so come on and get up.
I'll drop you off.
Is Ha Ni still sulking?
She won't move an inch from her room and she'll barely eat anything.
When everyone's asleep, she comes out and starts to walk around.
In the middle of the night, I was startled because I thought she was a ghost!
Baek Seung Jo.
You should treat her well.
Just a kind word from you will solve things. Why are you causing her so much grief!
I did tell her!
What did you say?
Thanks for not letting me do the interview.
Is that some sort of condolence? That's like slapping the face of a crying kid.
You don't get to eat either until Ha Ni starts eating again.
I heard you gave Seung Jo some sleeping pills on the morning of the test.
Even like this, do you think you still have any right to say that you like him?
Good luck on your test! FIGHTING!
I'm feeling uneasy so I'm going to at least make sure he goes inside of the building.
[From: Ha Ni For: Mother, Father... I'm sorry...]
Long time no see.
Are you leaving?
Is it because I didn't get into Tae Sung University?
That, too, but also because of the cough medicine incident.
I keep trying to do well, but I keep...
No matter how hard I think about it, I don't think I should be by your side.
I don't know what might happen because of me.
Don't hold me back.
I don't have any thought like that.
Should I help you? It seems heavy.
It's okay.
Alright then.
Take care!
Is it for me?
Parang University?
Oh... Enrollment fee?
Eh, zero won?
The enrollment fee is zero won!
Undecided major? Ah, this must be a mistake. It isn't for me.
It's addressed to "Baek Seung Jo".
Baek Seung Jo...?
Baek Seung Jo?!
Oh my...
You're really going to Parang University?
Who knows?
Because they begged me to go?
If you would enroll at our school,
we would offer everything and anything.
They're going to pay for me to study abroad, as well as combined masters and doctorate degrees.
If I stay within the school,
they said they would even give me a tenured position there.
For me, they were really pissed asking why they should pick me.
But, even if it's Parang University,
isn't priority admission the same for every university?
Through all of my life up until now,
I think I was the angriest last year.
I was anxious and pissed wondering what's going to happen today.
It was a complete mess.
But it was fun.
Falling asleep while taking the exam was fun.
Wondering what my score would be after taking the exam, that was new too.
Thanks to you, I experienced a lot of new things.
It was pretty exciting and fun.
So you're saying...
You're going because of me? To Parang University?
It's not because of you, but because of me!
Just until I figure out what I want to do.
I want to live an exciting life until then.
I thought your grandmother said to live a fun life!
Well then...
See you.
Does that mean I can stay here longer?
I won't be a pain anymore!
You won't?
Sure you won't.
I guess so...
...but I'll try!
I promise your life will be fun and exciting!
So you've been feigning ignorance this whole time even knowing about Parang University?!
Even after seeing how I was dying of guilt?
Because it was fun.
You don't like it?
If you don't like it, I can cancel it right now...
No, no, no!
I like it.
I'm happy.
I know.
See, I told you he had something in mind.
Parang University?
When did he apply here?
I'm sorry.
If my Ha Ni hadn't gotten into that accident, he would have just gone to Tae San University.
What's so great about Tae San University? It's probably full of kids like Seung Jo.
Ha Ni and Seung Jo at the same university...
No matter how you see it, don't you think those two are a match made in heaven?
Match made in heaven...
Hello, Father!
I came again! Oh, let me do it, I'll do it!
It's fine!
Look here, look here!
What chef does chores like this?!
If it's what I think you came here to say, then just go on your way.
Oh no, today I came to give you this.
What's this?
Oh yes, it's safflower seeds.
Safflower seeds?
I hear this is the best for healing broken bones!
Even after one has taken off the cast, stuff like this needs to be eaten like crazy!
Please mix it with some water and feed it to Ha Ni.
What are you doing?
Please don't be like this! Can't you just take me in?!
Sixty years of tradition, So Pal Bok Noodles!
That tradition can't come to end, right?!
How many times do I have to tell you? Do something you want to do. Don't decide because of my Ha Ni!
What I want to do is this!
When I first ate your noodles... heart felt like it was sinking!
Let go.
- Let go! - Please, please!
Excuse me!
Yes, welcome!
Oh yes.
Is this...
...the place that sells some porridge that helps people get accepted into university?
It's just that I hear that...
...eating your porridge helps even the 90th place students get into Parang University.
By any chance, do you mean Bul Nak porridge?
Yes, that's right!
This is it, this is the place! Come in, come in!
- Oh, this is wonderful! - Oh, yes, welcome!
So this is where it was!
Hey, hurry and get up!
No sir!
I will not budge from this spot today, not until you take me in!
You little...
Your act is an obstruction of business!
Obstruction? Oh, that won't do.
Excuse me, can we get some warm water here?
- Oh, yes, yes! - Yes, yes! It's fine, I'll do it!
Can we see a few menus?
Oh, yes!
Menu, menu, menu! Oh, here they are!
Here you go.
You look so hardworking.
There's even pine mushroom and oyster chopped noodles!
This is the best time for oysters, you know.
The aroma of the ocean is embedded in them!
Such a youngster, but you're great at business.
- Then I'll have the oyster noodles. - I want the Bul Nak porridge.
Alright, then one order of oyster noodles, and three Bul Nak porridges?
Got it! Please wait just a bit!
One Chopped Noodles and three Bul Nak porridges!
Are you looking for something in particular?
I was just...
Where are the mp3s and digital cameras?
They're in that corner.
How nifty!
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There are so many things I want to buy for him.
It looks so nice.
It'll probably look really good on Seung Jo.
Thank you, boss! I'll give it my all!
Do your best from now on.
Yes! I'll do my best!
I'll be right there!
This tastes really good.
It's 6,200 Won. ($6.20)
Oh, you're here?
I'm home.
Oh good.
She's constantly late these days.
She's probably lazing around now that she's been accepted into university!
Where did you learn to talk in such a way!?
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Oh Ha Ni!
You've been staying out late these days.
Were you worried?
Don't you know that my mom stays up late every day so that she can open the door for you?
I know.
But I have no choice.
Rice balls...
If it's 3,800 won (per hour) for 7 hours...'s 26,600 won.
It's 7,000 won.
I've received 10,000 won.
Your change is 3,000 won.
Come again.
How much is it?
It's 1,200 won.
Hey... Customer...
How much did you give me just now?
10,000 won.
I've received 10,000 won.
Excuse me...
From here...
Please take 8,800 won.
8,800 won?
Ah... Yes.
Please take 8,800 won?!
Out of all those other convenience stores, why did he have to come to this one?
Well, it must be our destiny.
Where could I make money?
It shouldn't be too late either.
[Tae Yang Chicken]
Ha Ni!
What to do? You're going to have to go on a delivery again.
It's okay! As long as you pay me, then it's fine.
It is here.
Ah good.
Ah stupid.
Why didn't I know while I was coming here?
I came already.
Yes, i am in front of the house.
Who is it?
Hello, i am the chicken...
I am really busy now.
I'll just leave this here.
So could you bring it in?
What about the money?
That's right!
The money!
You need to give it to me, the money.
Ah, what do i do!
Out of all those chicken places, why did he have to order from this one?
Our destiny must not be just some regular destiny.
Ah, Min Ah!
I can't get a hold of Joo Ri.
They said she left really early in the morning and her phone has been off all day.
Actually, after she found out we both got into Parang University, I haven't been able to talk or to get a hold of her.
So, that's why I came alone when you got in the accident.
Joo Ri, where are you?
Min Ah!
Where did she go?
Where have we not gone yet?
- At school! - At school!
Hurry up.
She is not here.
Let's go.
Jong Joo Ri!
Oh my gosh!
I thought I was about to drop my liver! (saying for when you get surprised)
What's up with you Jung Joo Ri? And your phone is off too.
What are you doing here alone?
You are busy...
Since you guys are college students.
Not yet.
We haven't graduated.
My mind was everywhere.
It is alright.
I said I was going to go to the academy (cram school) this morning and left.
I didn't want to.
But there wasn't anywhere for me to go but school.
You're going to retake your SATs?
My parents are telling me to retake them and try to get into even a 2 year college.
What will I do if I go to college? It's just a waste of money.
Why don't they know their daughter?
Then, tell them that you're going to do what you want to do.
I have to know how to do something in order for me to tell them.
Why would you not (have something you know how to do)?
What is there?
You're the one that made me this hairstyle.
You are right!
You always tie my hair and pin it too.
That's right.
Our teacher did also recognize it.
- Of course! - Right?
The best.
I'm not going to retake them!
I'm not retaking the SATs!
It is also the end of the annoying stuff.
Colleges that are concerned only with names, this dirty world!
You dirty world that only makes it easy for the pretty girls!
Jung Joo Ri is beautiful.
Dok Go Min Ah is pretty too!
Anyways, congratulations to you both on going to college.
Ah embarrassing! This isn't my style.
We know, we know!
So strange of you!
Don't do it.
What's the deal about life. You're filled with so many worries.
Change up that frustration.
A completely empty wallet.
You're drenched in despair.
I know how that feels.
But with your...
Heart afire!
Sometimes you have to face it head on.
Sometimes you've got to cry, that is youth.
Just kick it out.
Sometimes you have to face it head on.
Sometimes you've got to cry, that is youth.
That's what it is!
I'm not going to university.
Even if you wanted to, you couldn't go!

Ha Ni!
Baek Seung Jo, hurry and come down!
You know...
What is it?
Just because I feel bad for a lot of things...
And I'm thankful for a lot of things too.
You could call it a graduation gift too.
You're going to do an all-in-one, is it?
Want to see?
What the hell is this?
It's a head massager.
It seems like you're constantly talking about how your head hurts.
Where did you buy something like this?
Definitely a gift like Oh Ha Ni.
You don't like it?
Want me to exchange it for something else?
You're going to be late to your graduation? Why aren't you two coming down?
Oh my, what's this?
Is it a helmet?
It's a head massager.
Since Seung Jo uses his head a lot.
Oh this works as a neck massager as well.
It's a gift for Seung Jo?
Oh godness, you're so thoughtful.
Try it on Seung Jo!
I don't want to! Who in the world wears things like this!
He's so mean.
Goodness, this looks expensive.
Where did you get the money?
I took on a part-time job.
So that's why you were late these days.
Oh my.
Mic test. 1. 2.
What are you going to do if you're freaking out already?
Guys, I can't breathe very well.
I've never been up on stage!
Oh gosh.
Our homeroom teacher put on a real show in order to have you accept on behalf of our class.
- Really? - That's right.
Class 1's representative is Baek Seung Jo, and Class 7's is Oh Ha Ni.
So do a good job! Don't go up there and fall over! Crashing all over the place!
Don't say such negative things.
Be careful.
Hey Baek Seung Jo.
I hear you got into Parang University.
Speak up. What kind of intentions do you have?
That's right. There are hundreds of universities.
But I hear you've got the skills to get into Taesan University even if you took the exams with your eyes closed.
So why the hell are you going to Parang University?
So I could see you react like this.
You little! Till the very end I see!
Can everyone hear?
We will now be commencing with
Parang High School's graduation ceremony.
Ha Ni and Seung Jo?
Though there were SAT mysteries every year...
This year,
There were 2 events that were
so absurd you couldn't really call it a mystery.
One of them is...
Class 7's Oh Ha Ni getting into Parang University.
The other one is that Class 1's Baek Seung Jo is also attending Parang University.
Does this make any sense?!
It doesn't make any sense!
Next is the speech from the representative of the graduating class.
Class 1's Baek Seung Jo.
Oliver Wendell Holmes once said this.
The great thing in the world...
Is not so much where we stand,
As in what direction we are moving.
Today we graduate.
After 3 years, this is how far we have come.
Once this chapter of your life ends, where will all of you go?
To the Chinese restaurant?
Family restaurants?
Though I joke about it,
Even I didn't know which direction I was supposed to go.
Actually no, I've still yet to find it.
But I found something out.
It's thanks to a grandmother whose face I've never even seen.
She said that I just need to have fun, and others need to be happy.
She said that's how to live life.
But as you all know, I don't have the personality to make others happy?
So for the time being, I'm planning on at least living a fun life.
Though I still don't know how to yet.
I hope for all of you out there, despite which direction your life is headed...
I hope that road is filled with fun.
Thank you.
Just have a fun life.
Have fun.
My grandmother used to say it all the time.
Ha Ni, enjoy your life, have fun.
You have fun, and make sure others are happy.
She said living life like that is fine.
Oh Ha Ni!
Is Class 7's Oh Ha Ni not here?
Here! I'm here!
It's Ha Ni!
Along with Class 1's Baek Seung Jo...
Class 7's Oh Ha Ni...
They will be accepting the diplomas,
On behalf of the graduating seniors of Parang High School.
Please come up to the podium.
Do you, Baek Seung Jo, take Oh Ha Ni to be your lawfully wedded wife,
Despite rain, snow, wind, and flowers?
Do you vow to love and cherish her?
I do.
Do you, Oh Ha Ni, take Baek Seung Jo to be your lawfully wedded husband,
Yes, I do!
Ha Ni, I promise too!
You're the only one for me!
I'm going to look onto just you until my dying days!
Who says?! I'm against it! I'm totally against it!
Hey Seung Jo, you say something too! Tell him that you're totally against it too!
Is that Baek Seung Jo's mom?
Baek Seung Jo's got it rough too.
There's Oh Ha Ni, and his mom.
What are you doing? Hurry and come down!
Oh gosh, Oh Ha Ni.
You were so funny today.
I told you, you were going to fall.
Oh goodness Ha Ni, I'm sorry. I was just so worked up earlier on.
It's fine. Did Eun Jo leave too?
Yeah. He said I'm too embarassing.
What does it matter? Right? What's it matter?
It was totally like you, Oh Ha Ni.
- You think so? - That's right, if nothing happened you wouldn't be Oh Ha Ni.
Oh yea, but where is Seung Jo?
I told him I wanted to take pictures.
I want to start school again
And wear a school uniform like this.
Really? We're so tired of them.
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That's so cool!
That's what I'm talking about! That's what high school graduation is all about.
Oh, where is Seung Jo? Hurry up and find him.
Oh, he's over there.
Excuse me,
Looks like they want to take pictures.
See you later.
Aw, poor things.
Ha! It's Hong Jang Mi.
Seung Jo Oppa, let's take a picture. Teacher, Wait a moment please.
Ready? 1, 2, 3.
Hey, Ha Ni.
Go over there, let's take a picture quickly!
I don't want to.
I'm scared.
Scared? I'm just saying you should show her how it's done.
Baek Seung Jo!
You want to take a picture too?
Are you saying that you want me to take a picture with you now?
It doesn't.
Oh Ha Ni.
Come here.
Is this good enough?
It's fine.
Stay like that.
Ah, so pretty!
Thank you.
I'm going to take it now!
Customer, how much money have you given me?
Please take 8,800 won from here.
That's right Ha Ni! Today I'll make a night you'll never be able to forget.
Aigoo! Come on in! Please come this way!
Ah what's this?! Why are class 7 here?
I really hate this!
We hate you too!
Ah Ahjushi! How could you do this?
You're from the same school so it's okay if you have fun together!
Have a great time!
We don't get along with them!
Even on graduation day... Hurry, hurry!

Ha Ni.
These are my feeling for you. Do you understand? Listen well.
Hey Baek Seung Jo! Why are you here?
It seems like they got everything ready, so let's just stay here.
Okay! Great!
Oh, oh, oh!
Urgh! Doing as he pleases!
There is nothing we can do! Let's just start.
Don't you look at us!
You are my life's navigation
Bong Joon Gu!
You guide me through the road I have to take.
Please let me know about life's directions, speed
and locations.
If it gets too hard and I start shedding tears,
please hold me tightly.
if I get tired and fall,
Please reach out to me and hold my hand.
I love you, I love you, you are the one I love, I love you!
My life's navigation.
Boong Joon Gu
BulNak porridge for the examinees.
Aigoo! Congratulations!
Okay, right away! Wait a moment!
I'm coming! Did you enjoy your meal?
Ha Ni, you must be happy.
Yes father!, ah no, Chef!
I am at the gathering now.
Oh really? That's really good!
Oh, right now?
Oh really?!
Okay, I understand. I'll leave it to you.
That's right. I should look ahead into the future. Today's not the end.
Let's go!
I am very proud of you. Over the course of last year, you have stayed first and...
You guys,
you don't waste your lives on futile exams and colleges,
all of you are bright and talented in your own way
freedom of souls, personal best, that stuff is all just intimidation
that's why you kids...
What did you say!
I didn't mean to point out class 7. Why...did you feel intimidated?
Sending students who are smart to college isn't special enough to boast about
the happiness lies when a student on the bottom gets admitted to Parang University.
Do you know how worthwhile it is?
Do you know how sad it feels to have a student flying sky high get crumpled up in Parang University?
Teacher, I told you, that's not it.
it's not because of her
My life in the dumps, because of a stupid girl like her,
That's an insult.
troublesome- idiot
Baek Seung Jo!
You're right, it's true that I have been a little troublesome to you
Just a little?
A lot.
She really is an idiot.
I was taught to never boast about what you didn't earn
just because you were born smart, doesn't give you the right to look down on other people
nobody is putting anyone down, those people just put themselves down
You call that an inferiority complex.
Bad jerk.
A jerk that doesn't even have one grain of human feelings.
Rude... Icy... BAD LUCK!!!
But then why do you love that rude, icy, bad luck jerk?
You said that you're happy and that you liked it.
Even in your textbook, it was filled with my name.
Therefore, could you have even studied?
Really~ you want to take it that far, huh?
In that case, I have something in mind too
You are prepared for this?
Everyone! I present to you little Baek Seung Jo!
Oh Ha Ni!
Hey! What's this?!
Totally cute!
Did you really think I'd only have one picture? And you call yourself a genius?
You, come with me.
It hurts! I said it hurts!
What do you think you're doing?!
What are you going to do?
So you spilled the beans, huh?
Even if you try to scare me, I'm not scared!!
The feelings I had for you...
You made it the target of ridicule in front of all those kids.
I was getting revenge.
I want to quit now.
I don't want to like you anymore.
Can you do that?
I can!
Baek Seung Jo, your temper...
I've figured out how tiring it is.
With graduation, my crush will also come to an end.
I'm going to stop.
You're going to forget me?
I'll forget someone like you, and at college I'll meet someone...
Then try to forget me.
I don't know from when it was.
Since the moment I saw you.
Every minute, every second I think of you.
Looks like something else.
What are you doing
Merong. (sticking tongue out)
Where could you be right now.
Ooh baby.
Even when I look here and there.
Even this and that.
I keep on liking you that I'm about to go crazy.
K... kiss?
Did I... with Baek Seung Jo...
Baek Seung Jo kissed me.
I want to know only you and love you.
Although spending time in love can be a waste,
I don't want to do anything without you.
When I open my eyes in the morning, I want to see you.
Now I can't live a day without you.
I want to hear that you love me too.
I love you everyday.
I love only you. The two of us.
Ha Ni!
You said you have to go to school today!
Ah that's right.
What should I do if we see each other?
How awkward.
What should I say?
You already got up.
Ah come on.
So thick(headed).
Thick? Can you say that between people who kissed?
What is this?
I was the only one who didn't know what to do.
I'm like a dummy.
I was wanting to see you kids in your high school uniforms as high school students again.
But seeing you guys today, it's like seeing you as college students.
What's wrong with me?
Ha Ni ah.
What do you think about Seung Jo's hairstyle?
After he said he wouldn't go, I forced him to go and get a perm.
What do you think? It turned out good, huh?
Yes, it looks good on him.
See, I told you it looked okay.
I ate well. I'll be leaving first.
Why are you going already? There's still time.
Hey! You should go with Ha Ni.
After saying to go together, he just leaves.
Then why did he come to the same school as me?
Aigoo, what are you talking to yourself about?
Did you get a perm?
Beauty students get a 50% discount. How does it look?
It looks like you're wearing a helmet.
Yeah, you're right. It looks like I'm wearing a helmet.
Hey take it off. Take it off.
No, it's pretty!
Considering that it's done by only half price.
Hey when is Dok Go Min Ah coming? She's the one that wanted to get lunch together.
I'm here.
Are you Min Ah?
What's wrong?
Hey, I saw you earlier.
But I couldn't recognize you!
What's up... you look so cool!
You liked reading animation books so much... it looks like you jumped right out of one of them.

You're really pretty.
You like it?
Should I retake the SATs?
You threw away all your books.
What is it Oh Ha Ni...
Something happened didn't it?
What is it? Hurry up and tell us.
Why do you keep covering your mouth?
Actually... I kissed.
What did you say?
When? Where? How was it?
You're being too loud.
If you guys kissed, doesn't that make you guys a couple?
But... what should I call it?
It was like he was playing around.
What are you talking about? It's a kiss, a kiss. You said you did it?
I'm going to tell everyone.
Oh Ha Ni, you have some good luck.
You like it, you liked it didn't you?

Are you alright Ha Ni-ya?
Are you ok?
Are you okay?
You didn't get hit, did you?
Yes. I'm sorry.
Are you a new student?
Where is it?
It must be here.
Isn't this the car from earlier?
That girl was super pretty.
I saw her up close.
Her hair was really nice and thick.
"New student? Welcome!"
She must be an upperclassman
Yeah. What grade could she be in?
3rd year?
That's enough. Stop talking about the girl and let's hurry.
Hey, don't you have to go meet your husband?
yyaa~ husband!?!
You're coming later, right?
No, I don't think I'll be able to go.
He's over there.
Oh Ha Ni!
Hi. Hi.
What, is there something?
I just wanted to see what your class looked like.
I was curious.
did they really kiss?
she's so weak
Oh, we meet again.
Your girlfriend?
There's no way.
There's no way?
How he can say something like that?
So it's like that.
Seung Jo, do you want to go to the cafe and get tea?
No, I'm off now.
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Episode 7 Preview
Chef! Chef!
Joon Gu, do you like Ha Ni that much?
If it wasn't for ha ni, I wouldn't have even been able to graduate highschool
is that so
Is this your friend?
Yes... Oppa.
do you believe in love at first sight?
oh han ni, this all happened because you brought her here
you guys look good together, yes, keep it up
hey, are you talking about yoon hae ra?
i think it's a miracle to have two people both care about each other
do you think that miracle can happen to me too?
I'm so tired
it pains me to see you be tired like this
let's move
so spicy, I must hold back the tears