Special Message for 2009 - Science of Turning the Body into Light

Uploaded by DattatreyaSivaBaba on 12.01.2009

This is my first video for the year 2009 and I am going to give you a message that I want
to give it to your from the very heart of my being. Up until now I have done many videos
for you, gave you many techniques but I have often tailored everything for you. Just wanted
to give you candy bars so that you can listen to me. Not that I am going to stop giving
candy bars but then I have to do something that I want to really do. That’s something
I really wanted to give it to you. What do I want to give it to you? I want to give it
to you something that is permanent. Not temporary, not a stop gap, but something that will fix
humanity once and for all. What is that? I have been talking about this light body versus
the meat body. What is going to give a permanent relief for human beings is evolution. The
evolution from an animal body and animal mind to a divine body and a divine mind. As long
as we have the animal body of flesh and blood which I call it as the meat body, there will
be problems because the meat body is subjected to decay, old age, diseases, pain and finally
death. Humanity as whole should prepare themselves to set this light body as their goal. There
have been many many saints who came here with this message. At least in India, some of them
were able to get the light body; some of them were not able to get the light body. Let me
tell you that those who gained the light body are those who were devoted to Lord Siva, the
highest being who has the ability to give you the light body. How did he give? He gave
through his own grace and mercy and that’s how I got my light body whenever I came to
the earth plane and I was so devoted to him and I was not wishy-washy and I was 100% devoted
to him. That is the pre-requisite for everyone to do that and I just want to mention that
this was not for the Yogis, the only path to gain the light body. There were many paths,
yoga, herbs, alchemy; all of these were used to gain the light body. But all of them involved
meditations. Meditations forms an inherent part whether you take herbs to turn the body
into light or you use alchemy or other forms of practices. One thing that is very useful
for the light body is the sound ah and oo. The sound ah and oo will give you not only
omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence but can give you the light body. But then
you have to hear the sound from a divine being, a God. If the God comes and whispers the sound
ah and oo in your ears, immediately without any lapse of time you body will turn into
light. But as long as you hear this sound through human voices and human Gurus, it’s
not going to happen. But when is God going to come and do that? He is going to come and
do that; he has done that to me and I just turned my body into light. But then I agree
with you that it is a rare and remote phenomena but we are nearing 2012 which is the end of
the world, not the end of this physical world but the end of this consciousness of the world.
During this time what is going to happen, some of the people will have the ability to
focus on God 100% without any agenda without any interest whatsoever in this world and
they will immediately be able to turn their body into light and go into another dimension
and that will be the end of their evolution. Their evolution comes to fruition at that
point. But what’s going to happen to the rest of the humanity, about 99.9% of the people
and that has been my concern. Again I want to use ah and oo but in a different way that
will suit humanity and what is that way? The yogis used ah and oo and then had some success
and then they were able to hear from the Divine and then they had full success. Now the ah
and oo were put in very different parts of the body by the yogis to prepare the body
to receive the light or to transform the cells of the body. This meditation is called Nyasa.
Nyasa is putting the sound waves in different parts of the body and stay in meditation for
throughout the day; for 24 hours or even months together. They will out this sound ah and
oo everywhere transform the cells of the body and it is a very very powerful meditation
but then there is another problem, how many of us are able to meditate, to put these sounds
ah and oo all over the body for extended period of time? In five minutes we just lose all
our concentration and then the mind goes everywhere. So I have come up with a method and that is
to use science. At least Russian scientists have done phenomenal work which proves that
through sound waves you can change your cells; you can change your DNA. One research says
that the scientists were able to radiate the sounds onto a frog embryo and the frog became
a salamander because the sounds that were radiating were that of the salamander. So
everyone has certain sound waves, every species. Now we know from yoga that ah and oo can give
us divine consciousness, can turn us into light so it’s a matter of radiating, converting
the ah oo, sound modulating into some kind of a laser beam and then inject it into the
DNA. Then the DNAs will change; that will give us a permanent relief because that will
turn the body into light. So the technology that we have has some promise but how long
will it take to do this, to develop this technology fully because they have only been able to
transform a frog into a salamander. This experiment has to be done on the humans before that we
have to do it on other animals. Maybe one interesting thing is to see is how a donkey
can be transformed into a horse. That analogy makes sense because our human body-mind should
be turned into the body-mind of the Angel or God just as the donkey is transformed into
a horse. This technology has promise and the Mind-Sound technology that I have been developing
for sometime would eventually focus into the DNA research. But until the technology is
ready, we are going to use the sounds through meditation, that’s the only way but you
definitely will have dramatic results as you use that, that’s why Grace Light mediation,
the one minute meditation which uses those sound waves ah and oo and the Mind-Sounds
too are going to do phenomenal work from this year onwards. I wish you well during this
New Year.