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HOST: Our dance-o-meter rates Burlesque and Broadway's Elf.
Brides, grooms, and Mickey Mouse show off onscreen and a
Hell Cat's hoedown that will have you hopping.
This is Just Dance for December 2, 2010.

HOST: Burlesque opened this past Thanksgiving weekend,
raking in $17.2 million.
We checked out the movie musical, which served as the
big-screen debut of Grammy winner, Christina Aguilera.
The former Mouseketeer showed off her acting chops in
emotional scenes with Oscar winner, Cher, and proved
worthy of triple threat status with those infamous pipes and
new-found dance skills.
The flick was nonstop dancing from opening to closing
credits, and we couldn't have been more thrilled.
Denise Faye and Joey Pizzi were faced with choreographing
nearly 90 minutes of production numbers, which
could have led to a lot of
repetition with these newcomers.
However, the duo's work was anything but repetitious.
Faye and Pizzi created nine full-scale burlesque music
videos that acted as building blocks for
the film as a whole.
They played with formations, camera angles, levels, chairs,
stairs, and staging, all of which yielded stunning,
captivating, and fresh choreography.
The talented and trained burlesque dancers did a
fantastic job personalizing the moves, which made each
number even more entertaining to watch.
Burlesque gets a nine on our dance-o-meter, because if
there was an Oscar for best choreography, Denise Faye and
Joey Pizzi would be the front runners this season.
HOST: If you're in New York this holiday season, head on
over to the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, where candy canes,
sleigh bells, and snowflakes are all aflutter.
Warner Brothers' popular holiday title Elf has been
re-imagined as a Broadway musical, filled with
toe-tapping tunes, Christmas cheer, and Santa himself.
Tony nominated director/choreographer Casey
Nicholaw lies behind the sugar-coated, big-budget
production, which is chock full of festive dance numbers.
One of the best is "Sparklejollytwinklejingley,"
in which Buddy and the staff of Macy's decorate the
department store for Santa's arrival.
[MUSIC - ELF CAST, "Sparklejollytwinklejingley"]

HOST: Nicholaw did a magnificent job using props in
his choreography.
The ensemble spins, kicks, and leaps with paper snowflake
chains, large presents, and hippity hops in hand.
We gave Elf a seven on our dance-o-meter.
The choreography was comedic and exciting but could have
been more difficult stylistically.
Elf closes on January 2, so get your tickets now and
spread holiday cheer for all to hear.

Just in time for the holiday season, Disney has released a
fun and fresh viral campaign starring everyone's favorite
mouse, Mickey.
The two-minute video features Quest Crew, the season three
winners of America's Best Dance Crew, as they open a
present that contains a dancing Mickey inside.
A dance-off between crew and mouse ensues, with
disco-inspired moves, the Rumba, and a
moon-walking Mickey.
Check out Disney's channel at YouTube.com/Disneyliving for
the inside scoop on the coolest and newest Disney
products and getaways.
With the wedding bells taking over last week's episode of
Glee and Buckingham Palace, we felt it only necessary to
showcase the top wedding dance viral videos on YouTube.
The first is called "JK Wedding Entrance Dance" and
has an astounding 58 million views on YouTube.
JK stands for Jill and Kevin.
The couple actually met at a wedding in 2005 and married
four years later.
We wonder if Glee got some inspiration from J and K for
last week's wedding episode.
Then, there is the original "Wedding Thriller Dance" in
which an entire wedding party busts out into the iconic
Thriller choreography at the reception.
In the competing Wedding Thriller, five dashing men
work the same moves, but with less of the clutter.
Both videos are neck and neck with over 12 million views.
Our personal favorite puts a whole new spin on a couple's
first dance.
In "Baby Got Back," John and Michelle break down the hip
hop tune, to the crowd's stunned surprise.
And the best part?
They choreographed the entire number themselves.
HOST: In last night's episode of Hellcats, the Lancer
University cheerleaders needed a way to blow off some steam
before sectionals.
And what a better way than hitting up a good
old-fashioned barbecue?
Little did our favorite college cheer team know that
there would be a dance-off against one of their top
opponents, the Cyclones.
Choreographer Paul Becker treated viewers to a hopping
hoedown, where the guys and gals of the CW series had the
chance to two-step to the song "Bring It On,"
by Brokedown Cadillac.
Becker did a wonderful job blending line dance, cheer,
and hip hop choreography into one upbeat and energetic
With cowboy hats flying, cowboy boots stomping, and
cowboys flipping through the air, we couldn't get enough.
Tune into the CW next Wednesday night at 9:00 PM for
an all new episode of Hellcats.

The highly anticipated Darren Aronofsky film Black Swan
opens in select theaters tomorrow.
Last week, the award-winning filmmaker delved into the
making of this sexy, psychological horror film set
in the ballet world, saying he wanted to capture energy,
effort, pain, sweat, and tears of how hard it
is for ballet dancers.
NATALIE PORTMAN: Well, we've had a lot of--
and still have-- a lot of love and respect for ballet and
fascination with this sort of combination of this great
beauty with a very, very dark underbelly to
how it's all created.
I mean, it's so, so vicious on the body.
And yet you never see it.
It's like you see this beautiful image and underneath
it is some really, really sort of grotesque detail.
BENJAMIN MILLEPIED: My role was to define their training,
finding out what really the right coaches would be, and
the right--
choreographing it, figuring out what-- but I think it was
really important.
It was also Darren's wish to keep truth of Swan Lake and to
have very clean classical training.
HOST: One of his biggest challenges was figuring out
the best way of photographing the elegant dance.
In order to capture the energy of it, Darren brought the
cameras out of the wings and onto the stage, so the
audience could connect with the difficulty
and beauty of ballet.
He also complimented Natalie Portman's discipline, saying
that it was a tall order to ask her to become a Prima
ballerina in a year, and that she did an incredibly
convincing job doing it.
MARY HELEN BOWERS: Natalie, when we started training
together, she was working on other jobs, on other movies,
on other sets.
So she was giving me hours outside of her 12-hour day.
HOST: Tune in to Just Dance next week for a review on our
This week, you saw a cheer crew hoedown, bride and grooms
get down, and a ballerina breakdown.
Tune in next week for a new episode of
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